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Unread 07-22-2019   #1777
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Re: TG Request Thread(Read First Post)

Do you mean Tail Sighting? I have an unfinished story I saved years ago by that name, but no idea where I got it from and the file had no author listed in it. The story starts out with two guys, one of which goes 'tail sighting' and sees a goth girl with a whale tail peeking out, the other guy gets caught following his gaze and the girl ends up cursing him with a progressive curse that changes him the more his own 'whale tail' gets exposed/seen.

The version I have ends after 12 chapters, and included 'Chapter 13' in the file, but no text after it like the author never got around to continuing it.
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Unread 07-27-2019   #1778
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Re: TG Request Thread(Read First Post)

This is dump by the author of whale tail. Doesn’t look like they ever finished it though.
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Re: TG Request Thread(Read First Post)

Long time lurker looking for a old book.

It is a story about a hunter with several dogs, who goes to get a (stone) from a demon. The demon curses the hunter that every time he uses the magic, he becomes more feminine. Dunno if he ever completes the change though....

(One line was something like "I wonder how long it will take (for my companions) to notice" or "I wonder how long I will be able to keep this secret")

The book cover I remember very clearly, had a Women with claws and Wings sitting atop a tree (or branch of a tree) and the Hunter (I presume) under it with his dogs in a semi-barren wasteland.

The hunter was wearing a fur hoodie (complete with animal head) It had a very "connan" feel to the front cover. I know the hunter was from a specific tribe (named in the book)

I was very young when i started to read the book (Middle school) and I cannot remember the tittle, and I never finished it.

I originally posted this on another site (metamorphose) but then I remembered this site...
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Unread 4 Days Ago   #1780
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Re: TG Request Thread(Read First Post)

Lurker looking for an old story. It's about a guy who installed some sort of media player in his arm which caused the side effect of TGing him. The more songs he puts in, the more his(hers) breasts grows
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