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One of A Kind (draccoon muscle macro, cock expansion, masturbation, soft vore)

Enjoy the fluffy muscle god! :P
__________________________________________________ _______________

One of A Kind

By manonthemoon

(CONTAINS: muscle growth, macro, mega macro, giga macro and beyond, cock expansion, masturbation, bukkake, and soft vore.)

* * * * *

A helicopter cut across a dark, moonlit sky, rustling the sea of treetops below as it zoomed by and sending leaves flying in a tumultuous whirlwind. The spotlight was fixed on a fugitive in a grey hoodie below gunning down a dirt pathway. The helicopter’s front guns opened fire, sending a volley of bullets to the forest below and spraying clouds of dirt in every direction. The fugitive tumbled to the right and into a thicket off of the path. A bullet singed the target’s bushy tail, and he flinched with a squeal. The helicopter zoomed forward, and he heard the roar of the engine dwindle as it passed him. Darting out of the bush with another tumble, the fugitive scampered behind a thick oak and pressed his back against the trunk. He yanked his bushy, striped tail in front of him and picked through his fur, assessing the damage. After a few seconds of digging through to his skin, he sighed and slammed into the side of the tree. He was covered in cold sweats. The frigid air burned his lungs as he desperately panted trying to regain his breath. The roar of the helicopter and rustle of the trees grew louder and louder.

“They just don’t give up,” the fugitive said. The spotlight passed through the thick canopy, illuminating the shadows where he dwelled. For a brief instance, his features were no longer obscured. Though his face was a typical dragon, he was covered head to toe in short navy blue fur with bright orange highlighting his eye ridge and the top of his pointed ears. He had a short, vanilla colored horn on the end of his nose and a pair of antlers on his head that curved back. As the blinding light filtered through the treetops, he covered his ruby eyes with his dexterous, padded paw. The backs of his thin, lanky arms were covered in orange stripes, which were also present in his bushy tail. His kind, the ancient draccoons, exists only in legends now. While there are raccoons sporting dragon wings today, the fugitive had never seen another of his own race. His heartbeat was a relentless drum. No matter how much he panted, he was still short of breath. As crippling fear overtook the fugitive, he prayed that the last of the ancient draccoons, an orphan and thief, would not die prematurely at a hail of gunfire.

“Marik Blitzer,” a megaphone-amplified voice blared, “come out with your hands up and relinquish the Crown Jewel!”

“It doesn’t belong in a museum!” Marik tried to shout above the whirlwind. The helicopter turned in his direction. The front guns whirred. Marik’s eyes widened, and he became cold. The draccoon retreated behind the oak before the spray of bullets rained down. Chips of wood flew off of the bark not a few inches away from Marik’s face. He held his breath and closed his eyes, praying for an end. The storm of bullets, thankfully, was brief, and he heard the helicopter pass overhead. Marik exhaled and slinked down the trunk. He pressed his temples. “What have you gotten yourself into, Marik?”

With a swift swing of his arm, he pulled off his backpack. He unzipped the top and dug through the contents in the dark. One by one he pulled out the spoils of his previous escapades: an ocarina, a silver ring, a boomerang, a cracked clay bowl, a vial of clear, unknown liquid, and a knife. “Great…” His paws started to shake in his panic. All of the tools he used to steal the Crown Jewel he had left at the Museum of Art and History. His infamous ingenuity was failing him, frightened by the thought of another deadly volley and dangerously ill-equipped. He darted his paw inside the pack and perked as he wrapped his fingers around a familiar object. He deftly pulled out a round orange jewel no bigger than a coffee mug. He gazed at the Crown Jewel in awe as he felt its radiating warmth and witnessed it glow in the darkness. In his paw was the legacy of his people, the gem they worshipped, the symbol of the draccoons’ reign, an object fabled to give someone ultimate power. Marik was spellbound, unable to remove his eyes from it. Ever since the Museum announced they had the Crown Jewel on display, the gem haunted his every waking moment. He lusted for it beyond all sense of reason. He had forgotten how many days he spent in the Museum taking the tours, eying the jewel, secretly investigating the security measures, watching. He knew this would put him on the Most Wanted list, but the jewel’s magnetism was irresistible. Now that he had it in his paw, he was paralyzed with wonder.

His trance was broken by the ominous sound of helicopter blades. Marik dug deeper. With a quick yank and a grin, he revealed a flare gun. “There you are.” Marik kissed the barrel before loading a flare inside. The helicopter was just overhead, and the blinding spotlight pierced the trees. Marik suddenly felt an unintelligible whisper in his ear. He turned towards the sound, on guard. The thicket before him seemed to bow and bend forward, revealing a narrow path leading to a silhouetted building. Marik squinted, convinced the darkness was playing tricks on him.

“Blitzer! This is your final warning.” Marik readied the flare gun and pressed his back against the trunk. His tail waved anxiously. “Surrender, and we will—“ Marik spun around, now face-to-face with the helicopter. He squinted, overwhelmed by the spotlight. Trying his best to aim, Marik pulled the trigger. His whole arm flinched from the recoil, and a bright glowing orb hissed and sailed in an arc towards the cockpit. In mere seconds, the orb burst, and the helicopter reared back like a frightened beast. Marik turned back, drawn by the ethereal whispering. Hoping he made the right decision, Marik dashed through the pathway.

When he reached the other side, he froze, recognizing the building before him from the museum tours. He panned up the height of the rigid stone pyramid. Even covered in moss and plants, the beautiful golden hue of the Draccoon pyramid peeked through. “By the Gods…” Marik whispered under his breath. The roar of the helicopter grew louder and louder. He looked back to see it gunning in Marik’s direction. The draccoon ran forward and panicked when he saw that the heavy stone entrance was closed. He banged desperately on the surface, nearly breaking his knuckles. “C’mon! C’mon! C’mon!” He heard the guns begin to whir. He quickly unzipped his bag, praying to find another flare. He yanked out pieces of useless junk one by one and threw them to the floor. The guns rotated faster. He grit his teeth. He began to sweat all over. As soon as he pulled out the Crown Jewel, the vascular markings on the door suddenly glowed orange. The stone began to rumble and shake. Marik witnessed as the slab of stone began to rise. The draccoon fell to his knees. “C’mon! Faster, dammit!” The guns grew higher and higher in pitch. The door was barely a foot off of the ground when Marik attempted to crawl underneath. His backpack pressed against the bottom of the door. He frantically clawed his way beneath. As he tumbled through, the bullets began raining down, narrowly missing the draccoon. His body was battered about as he rolled down a seemingly endless flight of stairs, grunting as he slammed against each step. In the darkness, he lost all sense of direction. All he could do was pray. A tingling, falling sensation overtook his bruised body as he continued to roll. In spite of everything, Marik held tight to the jewel against his chest.

Marik finally met flat ground. He rolled forward and slammed his back against an unknown object. He winced. He struggled to breathe. “I feel like I just took a ride in a washing machine,” he joked as he held his ribs and coughed. He opened his eyes. A yellow light from above blinded him, and he held his paw in front of it as his eyes adjusted. As he wobbled onto his feet, he felt up each of his antlers. “Thank God I didn’t chip anything. That’s how I get all the ladies.” He leaned on the illuminated object to regain his balance, and he got a close view of what he was touching. Upon a pedestal stood a ten-foot tall stone statue of a dragon with a raccoon tail reaching skywards. “Whoa…” Marik whispered as he scanned the hulking form. The statue’s pecs alone were bigger than Marik’s head, and its arms were thicker and taller than his whole body. His eyes then fixated on the statue’s hands. It appeared as though the stone draccoon was holding something small aloft, something missing. He then looked down at the glowing gem in his paw. “Definitely,” he said with a smile. He carefully hoisted himself onto the pedestal, wincing as he put pressure on his chest. He then rose to his feet, stumbling to keep his balance. He bent his knees and wagged his tail. With a sharp leap, he grappled onto the statue’s shoulder and stretched to reach its empty hands. His ribs tensed in protest. Growling behind his teeth, he lurched forward. Marik dropped the jewel its open hands as if he were dunking a basketball into a hoop. He watched eagerly as the Crown Jewel wobbled. The jewel shook as it tried to settle. Marik bit his lip. The jewel then stabled itself and ceased to move. Marik gave the biggest sigh of relief of his life. He leapt to the ground with a soft, graceful land. He stared at the completed statue proudly with his hands on his hips. “Right where you belong.” Marik flinched, for right before his eyes, glowing orange runes began to appear at the base of the pedestal. Marik bent on one knee, grunting as he lowered, to read them. The text was in Ancient Draccoon, and Marik labored to decipher it. Marik double-checked his translation, squinting as he tried to remember his late night reading. The draccoon concluded that the runes read: “ASK POWER, RECEIVE POWER.” Marik stood up and scratched his head. “Boy, they weren’t too big on the grammar thing, were they?”
Just then, the clamorous multitude of stomping boots caught his ear. Marik spun around to see a squadron of black armor-clad troops storm the pyramid. “There he is!” one shouted. “Open fire!” The soldiers raised their rifles. Marik squeaked as he darted to the side. Before the volley began, he tumbled behind the pedestal and ducked. The temple echoed with each bullet fired. Marik could barely hear himself think. He crawled into a ball, convinced his life would end here and now. He panted, despite the pain in his sides. He wanted to cry. The ancient draccoon legacy would end here and now.

Marik then opened his eyes and growled. He punched the floor. “No! Not here! I won’t die here! And I’m not gonna hide either!” He turned, facing the pedestal. Determination burned in his ruby eyes. His hands grasped the stone. Gods, I hope I know what I’m doing, he thought. “Gods,” he said under his breath, “Watchers and Protectors of my people, lend me your aid. I am alone and without resources, and I will soon die without your help.” The gunfire continued. “Please. I beseech you. I beg you. Do not let me die alone. Do not let this be the end of the Draccoon people.” Marik raised his voice. Tears began to well up in his eyes. “I want to stop running. I want to defend myself. I don’t want to be small anymore.” The attack temporarily halted. “Grant me this wish, Gods!” the draccoon shouted. “Give me power! Give me the ultimate power!”

In that moment, Marik jolted upwards. The draccoon perked, confused. He then realized that he was no longer holding onto the pedestal but the statue’s thick calves. Marik blinked. His heart beat faster. His entire body experienced a warm tightness. He looked down at his arms. They began to swell, pushing against the sleeve of his hoodie. His biceps grew thicker and thicker, rounder and rounder, obscuring his view of his arm. He felt himself ascending like he was riding an elevator. With every thump of his heart, his chest pushed forward, and he could soon hear the fabric of his clothes strain. Marik grinned joyously. The growing draccoon tensed his whole body. The back of his hoodie ripped as he felt his deltoids and back bulge and grow. “More…” he whispered. “Give me more…” He raised his arms above his head, tearing his hoodie into pieces that dangled off his swelling body. He flexed both arms in a Herculean pose and admired his new, plentiful biceps. His pecs were as big as his head, and he felt his stomach tighten as a six-pack began pushing out from his orange fur. Marik could barely formulate a thought. He was too preoccupied gleefully watching all of his muscles grow in size and power.

“Yeah!” the 9-foot goliath cheered. “This is… amazing. I’m getting… big!” With his exultation, he shot up another two feet, now taller than the statue before him. His pants ripped in two, revealing his muscular thighs and hanging penis, which seemed to swell with the rest of his body. The soldiers surrounding him gasped, taken aback and perplexed by the daunting sight. Marik gazed at the large squadron with a cocky grin. The beefy draccoon bulged larger and larger every other second. Marik could feel each pulse of his pounding heart feed unbelievable energy into every muscle fiber of his body.

“Sir,” one of the soldiers nervously interjected, “orders?” The draccoon swelled to 18 feet. After another spurt, 20 feet then 23 then 25. His hulking frame would have made a bodybuilder green with envy. His instant six-pack was now an eight-pack, and his shoulders were like a pair of boulders. His biceps were bigger than truck tires. The squad commander was frozen with fear.

“Yeah,” Marik snarled devilishly. “What’re you…” Thirty feet. “…gonna…” Thirty-three feet. “…DO?” Marik’s voice developed a bassy tone as he pushed 36 feet.

“O-open fire,” the squad commander yelled. The armored men instantly sent a hail of bullets in Marik’s direction. The draccoon raised his bulky arm in front of his face. He closed his eyes on instinct but soon opened them again. He grinned. The bullets against his thick hide felt like dozens of tiny pinches. He let out a hearty chuckle as he felt another series of spurts well up inside of his body. A second passed, and he was 40 feet tall then 44 then 48. Each sudden surge filled his body with indescribable ecstasy, and his shaft began to pump further and further. The towering draccoon exposed his immense chest, letting the bullets bounce off his new, incredible pecs. His chuckling grew louder as he passed 54 feet. With each passing second, handfuls of soldiers broke formation and funneled out the exit, running for their lives. Another burst pressed his head against the ceiling of the temple. Marik blinked then smiled with childlike excitement. He bent forward, pressing his palms and back against the stone above him, just as the titan Atlas held the heavens. Regardless, his body continued to overflow with power, swelling his muscles to impossible sizes. Marik now had to bend on one knee to keep himself inside then temple. His shaft was now larger than the stone statue was, now a pile of rubble at his massive feet. The last of the armored men had retreated out of the temple.

“Where are you all going?” he joked. His voice became deep and resonant from the gallons of testosterone pumping from his wrecking-ball testicles into his gigantic body. “You’re gonna miss the rest of the show. I’m gonna grow bigger. Much…” The temple walls cracked, straining to hold back several tons of muscle. A shower of stone debris crashed to the floor below. “…BIGGER!” Marik roared as he pushed upwards with all of his might. The ceiling caved into the massive draccon’s power. The whole temple rumbled. Marik’s upper half exploded out of the pyramid and demolished the peak. Marik flexed and watched his bicep bulge with untold strength. “Don’t stop! This is incredible!” Marik’s pecs emerged from the destroyed roof soon followed by his rock-solid eight-pack after another burst of growth. The giant draccoon stepped over the remains of the pyramid and tried not to bash the ruins with his shin. Each step he made shook the earth and echoed through the surrounding forest. Marik grinned, amused that the trees that used to tower above him barely reached his knee now. He breathed in deeply, causing his chest to push forward even further, before releasing a long awaited sigh. His voice rumbled inside his thick neck. The draccoon’s growth halted at 92 feet as she stood triumphantly as a paragon of power.

Marik’s ears suddenly perked as a hissing approaching from the right became louder and louder. Before he could turn to see, an explosion impacted his cheek like a fiery sucker punch. His feet frantically tried to find solid ground but failed. The giant slammed his back on the ground, quaking the earth under his weight. Marik grimaced, rubbing his jaw and sitting up. He barred his teeth at sight of his old pursuer, the helicopter. “You!” A fire began to rage in Marik’s chest. He shifted forward, now crouched yet still taller than the forest around him. The helicopter was a toy compared to him. As the muscle-bound giant rose to his feet, he witnessed the vehicle turn and saw a troop aiming through the open hatch. A missile launcher was hoisted on his shoulder. “You little sh—“ There was a thunderous boom, and another missile struck Marik’s right shoulder. He spun, losing his balance, and fell face-first, causing another tremor with his crash. His left arm crumbled through the wall of the ruins. Marik winced and held his throbbing head. The fire inside him grew, and his snarl resonated menacingly in his deep voice. “Dammit…”

Then an orange glow amidst the rubble caught his eye. Marik could not help but be drawn to it with insatiable hunger. He slammed his hand against the glimmering ruins, razing the earth under his mighty paw. “It’s not enough. Gods, I need more power. Give me more!” His body responded immediately with a surge of tension and warmth. His member instantly added in length. Each second yielded a pulse of heavenly growth. He smiled as he watched the ground move further and further away from his face. He grunted with each generous spurt. Marik was overwhelmed with size and power. Not a few seconds after his wish, he was already 140 feet tall and continued to grow bigger. His rock-hard cock expanded to reach the top of his developing 12-pack, and his testes bulged with every waved that passed. “Gods, I can feel every muscle pressing against each other,” he elated as he passed 180 feet. “So… fucking… gooooood…” Marik just then passed the 220-foot mark then instantly expanded another 20 feet. Marik felt an explosion hit between his shoulder blades. A mere scratch. He gave a guttural grunt as his body responded with an extra dose power surge, pushing him beyond 280 feet then 320 then 360. The draccoon beast, overflowing with muscle, roared. The moon silhouetted his mountainous form. Even on all fours, he loomed over the vast forest below. He turned to his foe with a devilish grin on his face. “What are you gonna do now? You’re an ant to me now!” The helicopter began to turn in the opposite direction. “Oh no you don’t!” With one wide swipe, he snatched the palm-sized vehicle from the air and felt it burst into flames in his gigantic paw. The 400-foot titan looked down at his prize victoriously. “You’re like a snack to me,” he chuckled in his unrecognizable beefy voice. He licked his lips. He dangled the crushed vehicle over his open maw, a canyon of teeth. “Bottoms up,” he joked as he dropped his opponent into his mouth. He slammed his jaw shut, chewed, and swallowed, sighing as his prey plummeted down his gullet. The enormous muscle monster hiccupped, surging another 50 feet instantaneously. “Whoops.”

A familiar clamor caught his ear, something approaching fast. He rotated his head as much as his bulging neck could allow. In the distance, a fleet of helicopters gunned towards his position like a swarm of bees. Marik sneered. “That’ll be annoying.” He looked below at the orange shimmer under the rocks. The draccoon scooped up the pile with his humungous paw. Lustfully watching the spec glow, he nervously whispered, “Ancestors, forgive me. But I need all the help I can get.” He brought the rubble to his mouth and scarfed the rocks and the Crown Jewel down his gullet. His gulp could be heard a mile away. With a muffled hiccup, he grew another 25 feet. Marik flexed his massive biceps. “They’re rock solid,” he admired with pride. “Who needs to go to the gym anymore? Heh. I could get used being this b-b-biii… Ohhhhh…” His heart thumped faster than he ever felt before. His body was numb with warmth. His cock tingled uncontrollably before surging forward, causing Marik to grunt. He looked down, bewildered. His huge shaft throbbed with burning lust. Suddenly, his pecs burst forward, overshadowing the rest of his body. Each of his round deltoids followed. His neck nearly swallowed his head. His arms and legs bulged in size soon afterwards. “Ohhhh, Gods…” Marik groaned, stroking the tip of his incredible cock. The swelling giant surged past 550 feet before growing beyond the 620-foot mark. His unstoppable body tingled with electric ecstasy. His member had grown well beyond his 16-pack. Six hundred-seventy feet became a memory, and after a few seconds, so did 730 feet. The tall forest could only tickle his feet now. Marik bent forward and bucked his hips as he furiously jerked his cock. The muscle titan soon passed 810 feet then 890 shortly thereafter. The fleet unleashed hell onto the horny muscle monster. No matter what they used, though: machine guns, missiles, mortars bounced off Marik’s godly, growing body. “Mmmm…” the draccoon moaned, growing past 950 feet. The helicopters pressed harder with more explosives and gunfire. Marik stuck a powerful bodybuilder pose, flexing his biceps and showing off his enormous pectorals. “Keep at it, boys,” he taunted, now 1,000 feet of unstoppable muscle. “I’m sure it’ll work eventually—“ A missile hit his testes. Suddenly, an incredibly sharp pain shot up from his crotch to his stomach and the rest of his body. Marik doubled over, gritting his teeth and holding his nether region. Infuriated, the inferno blazed violently, filling his stomach, his chest then his throat. “What the… FUCK!!” He glared at his assailant, and from his open maw erupted a fireball as big as his head. The flames engulfed a group of helicopters, and metal debris plummeted to the ground. Marik blinked. D-did I just… do that…? he thought. Marik was so large he could barely feel the assault. The blazing warmth began to recharge in his stomach and elevate to his chest. “Interesting...” Marik inhaled, filling his lungs to the brim. He could feel the fire move up his throat. He roared as he exhaled a stream of fire that swallowed a dozen helicopters. He turned and engulfed a few dozen more. With one breath, he demolished a quarter of the fleet. Before the rest could turn, the draccoon sent out another wall of fire, and another couple dozen helicopters disappeared. As the remainder of the fleet retreated, Marik laughed loudly and triumphantly.

“So much power!” he reveled. “I’m invincible! I can destroy anything, and no one can stop me!” His eye fixated upon the glowing city a few miles away with malevolent intent. “I can destroy anything…” As if in a trance, Marik glared at the city and took a huge step forward. His foot left a massive crater, and each step made the earth tremble. His sickening grin grew wider and wider as he approached the unsuspecting populace. Within only a few seconds, he was looming over the city. The highest skyscraper only came up to his abs. Marik inhaled deeply, and the flames grew inside his chest. Just then, a wave of cold terror overtook him. What am I doing? The Gods didn’t give me this power to kill innocents. He felt the fire peter out. He slowly backed away from city. With shoulders slumped, Marik turned around and followed the trail of craters and crushed trees back to the ruins.

I’m not a monster, and I’m not gonna abuse my people’s power for these… sick impulses. His heart was then overwhelmed with numbing warmth, and his member throbbed for release. “Although… I think it’d be okay to indulge a different impulse.” He wrapped his paw around his rock-hard shaft, and he shivered. His muscles began to expand once more. “Yes…” Every stroke magnified his unbelievable pleasure, and his whole body tensed. The muscle titan grew beyond 1,150 feet in quick bursts every second. Marik stroked faster and faster, trapped in his world of ultimate arousal. He ascended higher and higher with each stroke. A thousand-three hundred then 1,400, 1,500, 1,600. “It feels so good with the growth,” he muttered. His immense form could be seen from miles away. He was the king of the world, and he could do anything. “So huge…” Two thousand feet. “So powerful…” Two thousand-four hundred feet. “So… Ohhh, fuck…” His enormous cock pulsed and throbbed. His shaft pumped with amazing force as gallons of cum shot out like cannon. His entire lower half tensed with each wave. Marik raised his head to the sky and unleashed a roar that shook the very mountains. Panting, the 3,000-foot draccoon lowered his head, scanning the landscape around him. The entire forest and even part of the nearby city was caked in his hot, white seed. “Sorry about that, folks,” he sighed, trying to regain his breath, “but that was too good.”

“Enjoying yourself a little too much, I see,” an amplified voice queried. Before the impossible giant’s feet was what appeared to be a satellite dish on tank treads. He could barely make out the details of a burly bear in military camo in front of the strange device.

“You gonna try to blow me up too?” Marik grinned at the prospect.

“After what you did to all of my men, you bet your ass!”

“They attacked me first.” Marik’s tone became sterner. “I acted in self-defense.”

“And I suppose you were acting in self-defense when you threatened to destroy that city?” the military man retorted.

Fire welled in Marik’s stomach. “I didn’t threaten anyone. I wasn’t going to destroy the city.”

“Don’t give me that!” There was such anger in his gritty voice. “You think you’re the first macro I’ve dealt with? You either want to destroy everything or get wrapped up in your growth that you end up destroying everything anyway!”

Marik sneered at the tiny man. “Look, I’ll find somewhere remote where I won’t bother anyone.”

“Oh no, you won’t! You’re coming with me.”

Marik crouched down, still towering hundreds of feet above the military man. “Really? And how will you do that?”

“With this!” A crackling bright blue beam shot from the dish. The unknown energy stuck Marik square in the chest, and the giant fell on all fours with a worried grunt. He felt as though gravity increased tenfold. A blue aura enveloped his entire body. His muscles began to dwindle in size.

“What’re you doing…?” Marik wheezed. He struggled to keep his eyes open.

The military man cackled over his megaphone. “Impressive, huh? Don’t worry. You’ll be unconscious very soon. Then you’re gonna pay for what you did to my men, and I’ll make sure you never see the light of day ever again.”

The bear’s howling laughter drilled into Marik’s brain. He felt something swell in his stomach. His arms, a fraction of the size they used to be, buckled, fighting the temptation to collapse. “No…” he whispered. His elbow bent, sending him closer to the ground. The pulse inside of him grew stronger, despite his sudden fatigue. “No…” His ruby eyes widened. The military man flinched. He pushed himself back on his hands as his stomach grew hotter and hotter. The draccoon scowled and gave a great inhale. “NOOOOO!!” he shouted, raising himself up, chest pointing to the sky. Instantaneously, his muscles regained their massive size, and his aura burst into deep orange. The bear practically turned pale as he witnessed Marik grow even more enormous. The beam moved down to his abs. and the aura began to bleed orange into the stream. Marik flexed, celebrating the incredible feeling of growth once more.

“How’re you--?! That’s impossible!” the burly bear stammered.

“Not with the Crown Jewel, it isn’t.” Marik proudly patted his stomach. “Goes to show you…” The biggest surge he ever felt built up inside of him. “…I’m not…” He expanded 150 feet. “…like other…” Another 150 feet. “…MACROS!!” His growth exploded. Countless trees were crushed beneath his knees.

The bear ran to the device and frantically mashed the button on his remote control. “Turn off! Turn off! Why won’t you turn off?!” A vast shadow loomed over him. He gazed up to see a massive orange palm getting closer and closer. “No! Get away! Get away!” The bear was shrouded in darkness. He lost all sense of direction, tossed about and experiencing a disorienting amount of G force. Before long, though, silver moonlight peeked through. With the return of his sight, he saw a giant snout and two angry red eyes glaring. The military man prepared for the worst. “So what? You’re gonna kill me now?”

“Only because you attacked me,” the draccoon snarled. His mere speech was like a gust of wind. “I wanted to be left alone, but you had other plans. So you leave me no choice.” Marik tilted his palm toward his opening jaws. The bear screamed and tried to crawl upwards in vain.

“You won’t get away with this! You monster!” The bear succumbed to gravity and plummeted into the draccoons mouth along with the still active device. The clamping of the titan’s jaw muffled the bear’s final scream.

Marik licked his lips happily, and a pocket of air bubbled inside of him. “Here it comes!” he celebrated. With the biggest hiccup yet, he rocketed 200 extra feet, groaning with pleasure. He felt his body begin to bulge and tingle once more. “Oooohhh… T-the device must still be w-working… Oh wow…” He stretched to the sky, and his body expanded unapologetically. With each violent, heavenly wave, Marik gave a guttural grunt, letting none of his inhibitions interrupt his ecstasy. Marik made a bodybuilder pose as he skyrocketed to 4,600 feet. His muscles swelled to untold size, and just thinking about the sheer amount of power stored inside them made Marik hard. He passed the 1-mile mark in no time and showed no signs of stopping. “Gotta… get away… from the city…” he said to himself between pants, turning in the opposite direction of the bustling metropolis. Every single movement he made was erotic bliss as he could feel each god-like muscle move against each other. He grunted as he passed 6,000 feet and again when he hit 6,600 feet. Even treading lightly, his immense weight could small earthquakes with each step. Regardless, he continued trekking, growing even more gargantuan the while. A step. Seven thousand-eight hundred feet. Another step. Eight thousand-six hundred feet. The pattern continued with the rate of growing increasing with each passing second. He was becoming a god of power and virility, and he loved every minute of it. “Gotta… grow… more…” he groaned as he became a 2-mile high titan. “More… power… More… size…” Marik was a walking mountain of muscle growing even more powerful with each passing second.

Suddenly, he felt an uncomfortable pressure under his shoulder blades. He wiggled his upper torso and stretched to try an alleviate himself, but the pressure only grew into piercing pain. Marik winced and buckled forward. He tensed his back and growled. Relief finally came as something sprouted from his back. He turned to see two elegant blue dragon wings. “W-whoa… I’m almost like… a dragon.” He flexed his shoulder blades laboriously. He watched as his wings flapped in response, albeit slowly. He tried again, and his new appendages responded faster. He felt his feet leave the ground. Chest pointing to the sky, he flapped his wings again and again, beginning his ascent. The feeling of growth and flying combined was almost like a dream. He closed his eyes and reveled in his gifts, continuing to grow and climb higher.

Marik, the winged draccoon, gazed below, amazed by how high in the sky he was and how much he could see. Now over 15,000 feet tall and 30,00 feet in the air, he marveled at the beauty of the wide forests, the vast mountains, which he dwarfed, and the sparse pockets of bright cities that glowed like embers. What was most fascinating to Marik, however, was the nearby shore with endless amounts of water that sparkled with moonlight. “I do need something to wash down all that I ate,” he said licking his lips. With thirst in his eyes, he glided in the direction of the ocean, smiling as he felt currents of air tickle his entire body. It did not take long before he began his descent. He reared back and flapped his dragon wings as hard as he could. His inexperience at flying, however, caused him to drop too fast, creating an earth-shaking impact as he landed and creating two deep craters on the beach. “Whoops,” he nervously chuckled. “Sorry.” Immediately, he dropped on all fours and slurped the ocean waters. Despite being incredibly salty, Marik did not mind the taste, for, as he expected, his body responded with trembling growth. “Mmmmm… that’s right. Time to grow… even… bigger…” In huge, unpredictable spurts, Marik grew beyond 27,000 feet then 40,000 and broke the 10-mile mark shortly after. He lapped the water furiously, hungry for even more growth, more power. He practically submerged his head as his growth accelerated, pushing him past 65,000 feet and 80,000 feet. The world that used to tower over him became nothing more than a miniature model. With barely any effort, he could level any city, any mountain. He erupted in growth, becoming over 18-miles of pure muscle. Marik then made the ultimate wish. “Give me more power! All of it! I wanna outgrow this planet! Make. Me. A. GOD!”

He sighed as his entire body shivered with pleasure. “Yeeeessss… Make me huge.” In one sudden burst, another mile was added to his frame. “Yeah! That’s it! Even BIGGER!” He dug his paws into the earth as he grew another mile taller and another and another. Nothing on Earth could stop him now. His penis shot up in length and was now brushing his rounded pecs. He rose onto his knees and let out a mighty roar that shook the very foundations of the planet. He was brushing the stratosphere. He could see the curvature of the Earth, and he wanted more. Mile after mile added to his gargantuan frame. With another roar, he stood to his feet, standing 28 miles high. He struck another pose, sticking his elbows skyward to show off his arms, and immediately grew 5 miles at once. His head was now deep into the mesosphere, and he was larger than most countries, but he was still unsatisfied. Grabbing his shaft, he rumbled in his bassy voice, “Is that all? I want more! MUCH MORE!” He rubbed his hand down the length of his engorged penis, and the ensuing wave of arousal pushed him another 5 miles higher. He moaned and added 6 more miles to his height then 8 then 12. Nearly outgrowing the thermosphere in mere seconds, Marik flapped his wings once, propelling him off of the Earth’s surface. There he had the freedom to ascend to astronomical levels. He stretched his body as he expanded 20 more miles then 30. His cock was throbbing in his hand. He bared his teeth, overwhelmed. He had only one goal in mind at this point. He stroked faster and faster, becoming the pinnacle of perfection as he did so. “That’s it,” he groaned. “More…” From Earth, everyone witnessed as a giant pair of pectorals eclipsed the sky. Before long, the planet was as big as his head. Thirty seconds later, it could fit in his palm. “Mustn’t get too carried away.” Marik flapped his wings once more, retreating from Earth, keeping the tennis ball-sized planet a safe distance away from him. Within a few seconds, Earth was nothing but a marble to his godly form, which aroused Marik even more.

“Make me a galaxy!” Marik yelled facing the heavens. “Hell, make me bigger than that! I want all the power you can give me!” In that instant, a river of solar energy erupted from the Sun. Snaking past planets, the stream of fiery hydrogen and helium was absorbed into Marik’s chest. He grunted then grinned as he felt an unbelievable well of power infuse with his body. He watched as his pecs and biceps and quads began to swell beyond average proportions. “YES! This is perfect! Give me more!” From all corners of the cosmos, streams of bright light began converging towards Marik. He watched eagerly as they approached and prepared himself for the rush of his life. A dozen streams hitting him at once felt like a punch to the chest, and he was paralyzed with ecstasy. In mere seconds, the solar system became a bunch of bite-sized candies to him. His muscles ballooned beyond mobility, but he did not care. He purred as his neck began to swallow his head. More and more swirls of cosmic power attached to Marik, and he continued to pleasure his astronomical shaft. He outgrew the Milky Way, wearing it like a belt, and began absorbing energy from other galactic bodies. The draccoon had lost all sense of self as his body extended to the unreachable corners of the universe. Only three things occupied his mind at this point: size, pleasure, power. Marik, the once skinny draccoon, was now a mass of muscles spanning hundreds of galaxies.

His groin then began to tense. He could feel his testes pump profusely. His cock began to fill. “I AM THE BIGGEST THING IN EXISTENCE. I’M ALL-POWERFUL. I’M A GOD!!!” With one last stroke, his member overflowed with pleasure. His whole body tensed and stretched with every wave of cum that shot out of his cock. Marik expanded exponentially beyond all sense of measurement. Pump after pump strayed galactic amounts of cum into empty space. Marik’s heart felt like it was going to burst. Then, much to his surprise, he felt as though he hit a wall, and he blinked. He saw the fabric of the universe bend around him. “I DIDN’T GROW THIS MUCH TO STOP. MAKE ME BIGGER!” He pressed harder, but still no give. He felt trapped, and he disliked it. “BIGGER!” With all the power in the cosmos, he pressed against the universal barrier. It was the ultimate test of strength, and Marik did not plan on failing. “BIGGER!!!” He felt the edge bend. The barrier tried to compensate and adapt to Marik’s incalculable growth. He closed his eyes and grit his teeth. The edge of the universe gave in more. Marik could feel a point of immense pressure near his elbow, and with all the strength he could muster, he concentrated on that single point, an unstoppable force against an immovable object. Then, there was a tear.

. . . . .

Marik opened his eyes. There was white as far as the eye could see. He frantically surveyed his new surroundings. Nothing could be found. He noticed that his muscles had diminished drastically, leaving him with only an athletic form. He tried to think of an explanation to no avail. “Where… am I?” he said. His voice had returned to normal.

“YOU HAVE ASCENEDED,” a booming voice echoed behind him.

Marik turned and gasped. Floating in the nothingness before him was a muscular draccoon hundreds of times Marik’s size. “I’ve what?”

“YOU HAVE DONE WHAT THE REST OF YOUR KIND HAS DONE: ASCENDED BEYOND THE UNIVERSAL BOUNDRIES,” the new draccoon responded. From beneath Marik, a beige orb the size of his head containing cosmic bodies floated upwards. Marik was speechless. “AND YOU DID SO WITHOUT TAKING INNOCENT LIFE. YOU ARE WORTHY OF GODHOOD.” The new draccoon smiled proudly. “CONGRATULATIONS.”

Marik looked around. “So what do I do now? I don’t really see a ping pong table in here or anything.”

The enormous draccoon chuckled. “NOW I’LL TAKE YOU TO THE DRACCOON PARADISE.” He leaned forward with an excited grin. “YOUR MOTHER AND FATHER ARE WAITING THERE FOR YOU.”

“My… parents?” Marik felt tears well in his eyes and stream down his cheek.

“AND DON’T WORRY. THERE’S MORE THAN A PING PONG TABLE THERE.” The larger draccoon’s smile was infectious to Marik, for he smiled back through the tears. Both floated away into the distance.

For the first time in his life, Marik was not alone.

The End.
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