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The Man With Lightning Fists (Illustrated Story)

Here is a new illustrated story written by myself. This first part has no GTS but the rest of it will do, thank you for reading and I hope that you enjoy. The art is proved by Caiman. Check out his work here.

Long ago in a land to the East a man who would go down in legend was born. His name was Huan Ling and his tale would be spoken not just in his native land but through all lands in the world. On the outside he seemed like any normal man but the feats that he accomplished would go down in history. There are many who believe that he never existed but some knew the truth about the Man With Lightning Fists.

Huan was not born into a wealthy family but instead lived a peasant’s life as he worked on his family’s farm in order to help them survive. He was the eldest child in his family and his father looked to him to continue the family bloodline. He did have a younger sister who was considered the light of the family as her beauty and kindness was known throughout the village. Her name was Lina and the siblings had been close all of their lives.

What made Huan stand out from his peers was is skills at hand to hand combat. It was said that he was skilled enough to take down a dozen men without a single out landing a blow. His kicks were so fast that many would only see a blur and his hands were said to move as fast as lightning itself. He didn’t teach these skills to himself. The village had an old Kung Fu master who first saw Huan as an angry young boy who was always wanting to fight.

The Old Master saw potential in Huan and eventually taught him how to hone his skills. Not only did he teach Huan how to fight but also taught him self-discipline that helped calm the rage inside of him and made him a level-headed adult. Eventually Huan’s skills had far outreached that of his master but rather than looking down at him he still held his master in high regard and often went to him for advice.

The good times for Huan seemed to end when his sister became very ill. At first it was thought to be a simple illness but when her condition deteriorated everyone realised that this bright light would be permanently snuffed out. The villages healers did what they could to try and help Lina but no herbs would heal her and they had told Huan and his parents to expect the worst to happen.

Feeling at a loss Huan visited his Old Master who was himself was staring death in the face. Over the years he had lost more and more of his movement to the point that he could no longer get out of his bed and a local young woman was tasked in taking care of him until his time came.

Huan found his master lying in his bed and at his request his carer left the room so that they could speak in private. He quickly sat down beside the bed on a wooden chair and his master looked at him and smiled. Many of his teeth were gone but he could still smile enough to show that he was genuinely happy.

“Huan, what a pleasant surprise,” said the Old Master. What was left of his hair was white and in his later years he had allowed her beard to grow. “What brings you to my humble abode.”

“Master I feel at a loss,” replied Huan. He bowed his head as a sign of respect to him. He was close to tears but he was able to keep them within himself.

“Is it because of your sister?” Huan looked at him with surprise and this made the Old Master chuckle. “Just because I’m stuck in this room doesn’t mean I don’t know what is happening in the outside world. I have heard about your sister’s illness and it saddens me to hear that such a young life is being taken so suddenly.”

“I don’t know what to do Master. I have the strength and skill to take down any opponent and yet I am powerless but to watch as my sweet sister is dying before my eyes. She looks at me as if I can save her but there is nothing that I can do.”

“There may be a solution to her predicament and I don’t mean caring for her in her final hours. I might just have the answer that you need.”

“Then please tell me master.” He got up from the chair and crouched down beside the bed. “I will do anything to save her.”

“There is a temple that is said to house an elixir which can cure any ailment. A man on death’s door can drink it and become the picture of health within a mere moment.”

“It sounds like a tall tale master.”

“Ah but it is real for I once attempted to acquire the elixir myself. In my younger days I ventured to this temple and I attempted to gain my prize. However, it was not as simple as I had anticipated, there are three great masters with superhuman abilities that guard the elixir. A man must defeat all three of them in unarmed combat in order for them to give you want you desire. My skill was enough for me to defeat the first master but the second proved to be too powerful for me. The third is even more powerful than the others and I was at my peak. Upon my defeat I knew that I would never be able to defeat them. But you, you are more powerful than I was in my prime. You might just have the means to defeat them and save your sister.”

“Where is this temple master, please tell me.” Huan’s voice sounded desperate as he knew that this was the best chance that he had of saving a life so close to himself.

“It is only seen by those who know that it is there.” Weakly he pointed toward a drawer set a short distance from the bed. “In the top draw there is a map that I used in order to find the temple. It will lead you there mark my words.” He watched as Huan quickly got up and went to the drawers, he opened the top drawer and discovered the map in question amongst some of his master’s other belongings.

“Thank you master, I promise that once I have saved my sister I will give you the rest so that you may live.”

“My dear pupil my time is up. There are a great many things that can be healed but time is not one of them. I have had a long and happy life and I am more than prepared to meet my ancestors. I have been able to watch you grow from a wayward boy to a strong and respected man. You have made me proud my boy now go, go and save your sister. I will not be going anywhere.”

Huan wanted to say how much he appreciated what his master had done. However, he knew that it was not their way and he simply bowed to him and quickly moved out of the room. He looked at the map again and he could see it pointing in the direction from the village to the temple that was some distance to the north.

Without much hesitation Huan took one of the farm horses and quickly made his way north. He packed enough food for himself and the horse for the journey. He left anything that he didn’t find essential behind and quickly he journeyed north.

It took three days for Huan to reach a valley that was where the temple was supposed to be located. His hopes seemed to dash as he couldn’t see any evidence of a temple, he began to think that his old master had pulled some kind of cruel trick on him but as he entered the valley itself he noticed the map had begun to glow. This caused him to open it and as soon as he did he noticed a light in the valley. It was so bright that it almost blinded him but when it subsided he could see a large temple that was completely made out of jade. It shone in the sun and he knew that his journey had more or less come to an end.

Huan wasted no time in entering the temple and he discovered that the interior was stone much like he would see in any normal temple. However, he was confronted a young man who turned out the be the first master that he would face. They soon found themselves fighting one another and Huan was surprised by his skill, he had not faced an opponent who was this skilled since his sparring sessions with his master.

He soon learned that the First Master had the ability to create duplicates of himself. It started off as a few but as the fight went on he created more and more copies. Huan did what he could but the numbers began to overwhelm him. However, he discovered the weakness in the fighter as he learned that he only needed to knock out the original in order to make the copies disappear. After much observation he was able to pick up the original fighter and with a strong series of punches and kicks he was able to knock him out. This caused the duplicates to disappear and a door opened in order to allow him to pass.

This led Huan to the second master who was a brutish who looked to be able to knock out a man with one punch. Their fight was intense as Huan learned that the Second Master had the ability to manipulate the earth around him. Using this he was able to launch boulders at Huan who was only just able to get out of the way. The Second Master’s abilities made it hard for Huan to get close to him but he began to see a pattern in his attacks. Using his superior skill, he was able to get by the Second Master’s rock base defences and knock him out. Another door opened and Huan quickly moved through it. His shirt had been torn during the fight so he removed it as he knew that it would only get in his way.

After going through an opening Huan found himself in a room that was larger than the others. It had a high ceiling and was almost featureless beside a jade door that was on the other side of the room. Standing between him and the jade door was a young woman who stood there with her hands on her hips. She was a short woman with short black hair and brown eyes. Her outfit led him to see that she too was a fighter and she looked at him, a small smile appeared on her face.

“Well this is unusual,” said the Woman. “It has been many, many years since anyone has gotten this far. I must applaud you. Before you ask, yes the elixir is through that door behind me.” She pointed to the jade door with her thumb. Her eyes were on him the entire time. “As you can see it has been here all this time. I think you know what that means.”

“That no one has defeated you in that time.” He could see that the woman wasn’t very intimidating and even a little weak. However, if he had learned anything it was not to judge someone on their appearance alone.

“So, you’re a clever one as well.” She gave a sigh. “Ok, let’s get this over with. All I ask is that you make this somewhat entertaining for me. It’s been a good long while since I’ve been able to have a decent challenge.” She chuckled to herself. “Actually, tell me your name before we fight, I like to know the names of whoever I’m fighting.”

“My name is Huan Ling and I will defeat you.” He stood firm as he was ready to fight. Although he was fatigued from the other battles he knew that he couldn’t give up now.

“Confident to the end I see. I am Yasha the Third Master.” She then moved into a fighting stance just as Huan did as well. “May you fight well.”
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Re: The Man With Lightning Fists (Illustrated Story)

For several seconds Huan and Yasha looked at one another as they waited for the other to make the first move. He could see the smile on her face but he was slightly confused. She was only a small woman and he was more than certain hat he could defeat her with some ease.
However, he knew that it wouldn’t be as easy as it seemed. She was the Third Master for a reason and he was about to find out why.

Yasha was the one who made the first move as she quickly darted toward him at a pace that he didn’t expect and she went to give him a thunderous kick. Huan was just able to block the kick at the last possible moment and he darted back. He heard her chuckle for a few moments before she darted forward again.

Rather than attacking with a kick Yasha unleashed a series of punches that Huan barely had time to block. He could feel each blow as he blocked them and he could see that her skill was almost on par with his own. Her attacks were so relentless that he struggled to see an opening but when one eventually came he took it without a second thought.

Huan was able to punch Yasha in her face which caused her to stagger back for a moment. He saw this as his opportunity and he responded with his own series of punches and kicks. Much to his surprise she was able to recover from the punch faster than he had expected and already she was blocking his attacks. This lasted for mere seconds before they broke off their fight for a few moments.

“Hmm seems that you’re not the pushover that I expected,” said Yasha. Her confident smile was still there. “I can see why my associates were defeated by your hands.”

“And your skills are greater than I expected,” replied Huan. Although this was an important fight he did remember to be respectful to his opponent. “Besides my master you are by far the most skilled opponent that I’ve ever faced.”

“A respectful man eh, a dying breed nowadays.” She chuckled to herself again before she looked at him. “We could continue our fight like this and it might last a while but from where I can see I’m no match for you. I might get a few good hits in but eventually you would wear me down and eventually gain victory.”

“If you know this then there is no point in continuing. Just give me the elixir and I promise that I won’t hurt you.” He was hoping to get the battle done as soon as possible so that he could take his prize back to his village.

“Hey now I didn’t say that I was giving up. Just that as things are now I wouldn’t be able to beat you. So, let’s change things up, shall we?”
This caused Huan to become curious and he watched as she began to clench her fists and she seemed to be concentrating. He didn’t know what she was doing but he began to hear a strange sound. He didn’t know what it was but as he looked at Yasha he noticed something odd about her. The sound was getting louder and she was also making a loud groaning noise but it didn’t block the initial sound.

It was at that moment that Huan realised what was happening. Yasha seemed to be inching up in height and the sound grew louder and louder. It was a stretching sound as her body stretched up and expanded. Her clothes seemed to grow with her and she was soon his height but her growth spurt didn’t stop. He took a step back in surprise as he looked at her growing taller and taller, rather than simply stretching up her body was in proportion. He could do nothing as the once petite woman continued to grow before his eyes.

Eventually the stretching sound subsided and Yasha stopped groaning. Her growth spurt had come to an end and Huan now found himself looking quite far up at her. He thought that she was at least eight feet in height if not taller. She loomed over him as if she was a parent and he was merely a small child.

“That feeling never gets old,” said Yasha to herself as she took a moment to adjust to her now larger size.

“What in the name of...?” asked Huan in surprise by his opponent’s increase in size. He could see her confident smile was still there.

“Surprised?” She chuckled again and raised her arms to perform a small pose. “I have to admit that you’re the first person who’s made me use this ability. In a way you should feel proud of yourself.” Her smile quickly disappeared and a serious look appeared on her face. “But now I’m going to put this battle to rest.”

Huan readied himself as he saw Yasha moving toward him. He still couldn’t believe what had happened and he began to think that it was some kind of optical illusion. That she had used some kind of trick to make herself appear larger but was actually still the same as he was before. His master had taught him had to move passed illusions in order to take down an opponent. This didn’t seem to be any different.

Huan decided to attack first this time as he went to punch Yasha in her hips since that was where her head would be if she were normal size. He was sure that it was all he needed to obtain victory, however before he could reach it she responded with a thunderous kick to his chest. This caused him to move backwards and he began to wheeze as the kick had done some damage. It felt much stronger than her previous kicks and he had felt the full foot on his chest even though it was for the briefest of moments. This was when he realised that her size was not for show and that her strength had increased as well.

Yasha saw the damage that she had caused and quickly moved forward and struck him in the head with a powerful punch. This sent him staggering back further and she responded with another series of punches and kicks. Some of them connected but a few of them he was able to dodge and he saw an opening to strike her face. He reached up strike her but her head was just out of reach for him. She did grab his wrist with one of her large hands and threw him across the room. He landed hard on the ground.

Huan was not unconscious and he could see Yasha confidently walk toward him. He realised that the only way for him to defeat her was to bring her down to his level so that his attacks would be more effective. He had been expecting to face larger opponents but it was not in the manner that he had been expecting. He slowly got back to his feet and he could see that she had reached him and crossed her arms.

“You’re a tough one I’ll give you that,” said Yasha. “But I’d stay down if I was you, I can keep this up all day, something tells me that you can’t.”

Huan didn’t respond with an answer as he darted forward toward her. She thought that he was being foolish and went to perform another strong kick. However, he was able to duck underneath it and he quickly got behind her. Before she had any time to reach he struck her in the back of the knee. She gave a small cry of pain and it forced her down to one knee. He then quickly moved in front of her and now she was close to his own height. He quickly punched her several times in the face and finished it off with a kick that would normally be enough to break the neck of an opponent.

Instead Yasha simply fell backwards and landed on her back. Although he was much shorter than her he stood over her like a giant and he was confident that the fight was over. He was tempted to kick her while she was down but he knew that it would not be the most honourable thing to do and she seemed to have been defeated.

“This fight is over,” said Huan. “You’ve fought well Yasha but the day is mine. You should feel no dishonour in your defeat.”

“I-I’m not done yet,” replied Yasha who began to sit up. She could feel more pain that she had felt in a very long time. At her seated position she did have to look up at him. “You’ve gotten a few lucky punches but that’s it.”

“You’re living in denial. You might have somehow made yourself bigger but you’re still no match to me. You’d have to be bigger than this in order to beat me.” He was sure that he had won but he heard Yasha beginning to laugh. This caused him to raise an eyebrow as she continued to look up at him. “What’s so funny?”

“I'd have to be bigger, wouldn't I?"
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Re: The Man With Lightning Fists (Illustrated Story)

Huan felt a shiver run down his spine as he heard the familiar sound again as he saw Yasha’s body stretch and expand once again. He could see her smiling at him as her body continued to grow. She saw him step back and seemingly shrink before her. She also slowly rose to her feet as she knew that the battle was more or less hers.

Huan could only look up helplessly as he watched Yasha continue to grow. She chuckled as the process continued. He had thought that she was tall before but as she continued to grow she made him feel smaller and smaller. His master had prepared him for many different scenarios but nothing like this.

Just as Yasha stood to her full height her growth spurt suddenly stopped. Her height had practically trebled from what it had been moments before and it was likely that her strength had also been increased dramatically as well. Huan looked up at her and he could see that her confident smile had only grown as well. Her head was only around a foot away from the ceiling and once again her clothing had grown with her.

“Almost overdid it there,” said Yasha as she used her hand to check the distance between her head and the ceiling. “Any bigger and I wouldn’t be able to stand up in here.” She then looked down at Huan who did feel a little intimidated but with what was on the line he was still willing to fight this giant woman. “And you look a little different than you did before. Have you lost weight?” She chuckled to herself but Huan was not amused.

“Spare me your terrible jokes,” replied Huan. He brought his hands in front of him as he was ready to fight. “You may have increased your size even further but I’m still not willing to give up. You will have to kill me before that happens.”
“If that is what you want.”

With that Yasha took a couple of short steps toward Huan and she lifted her foot up and went to stomp down on him. He was able to dodge out of the way and he responded by kicking her shin. Unfortunately for him it had practically no effect on her. If anything, it just made her laugh as she bent down and swatted him away with her hand.

The impact sent Huan flying and he landed on the ground. Before he could get up he felt her foot come down on top of him. She placed it on his back and she put a small amount of pressure on it. Not to cause him any harm but instead to keep him in place. He tried to move but he found himself unable to.

“You’ve put up a good fight but this is where it ends,” said Yasha. She placed a small amount of additional pressure on him and he gave out a groan of pain. “And even if you somehow recover enough to fight again I can just make myself even bigger and bigger.” She was tasting the sweet taste of victory for the first time in a long time. “I can even make myself as large as a mountain if I wanted to. You see, from the very beginning you never stood a chance.”

“If you’re going to do it then do it. Don’t just talk about it,” replied Huan who thought about his next move.

“Very well, enjoy the afterlife.”

She lifted her foot up in order to stomp down on him. She knew that she would have to put some force behind it in order to deliver the killing blow so she lifted it quite high. This was the opening that he needed as he rolled out of the way and she slammed her foot down on the ground. This caused her a small amount of pain, but if anything, it annoyed more than it had hurt her.

As Huan looked up her and heard the same stretching sound again. He saw Yasha growing even taller but he soon heard a loud thud as her head struck the ceiling. Unlike the other growth spurts this one was much smaller in comparison as she only sprouted up by a couple of feet and it had looked unintentional.

“Look what you made me do!” stated Yasha in an annoyed tone. She raised her fist as she saw Huan climbing back to his feet. “I’ve had enough of these games, I’m putting an end to this farce right now!”

Huan could see that the situation was dire but not impossible. He had just noticed that his opponent did have a weakness, it seemed that whenever she got annoyed or angry it would cause her unintentionally increase her size. He didn’t think it was that much of a weakness but it was still one that he planned on exploiting.

Yasha ducked down and went to punch Huan but he did dodge out of the way and he responded with a strong punch to her wrist. This caused her a small amount of pain but she followed this up with a series of punches that he was just able to dodge. This time he didn’t try to attack as he completely focused on dodging. If just one of her blows struck it would be the end for him and all hope of saving his sister would be gone.

“It is pointless having such strength if you can’t touch your opponent,” said Huan in a manner that he knew would only annoy her further.

“Shut up and die already,” replied Yasha in her annoyed tone. She also unintentionally grew another couple of feet and it made her feel a little cramped in the small space. Huan began to move toward the doorway that he had entered the room through. It was still open and he could see that she was following him, just as he was hoping. “Don’t think that you can get away from me that easily little man!”

With that Huan made his way through the doorway completely and Yasha got down to her hands and knees in order to follow. She began squeezing through doorway but she couldn’t respond as he struck her in the face with a couple of punches. He made sure that they weren’t enough to cause any real damage for the time being. It only added to her annoyance and she let out a cry of anger but this caused her to grow again.

This growth spurt was to Yasha’s disadvantage. She had still been in the process of crawling through the doorway and she had only gotten herself halfway through. The growing spurt had expanded her body to the point that it was now too large to fit through. Her upper body was in the same area as Huan but the rest of it was in the previous room. She tried to force her way through but her body was wedged in too tightly for her to be successful.

“Damn it I’m stuck!”
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Re: The Man With Lightning Fists (Illustrated Story)

Yasha continued to move around as she tried to free herself from the doorway that she had found herself wedged in. Despite her great strength she was unable to move her body out and this only added to her annoyance. She tried to keep her emotions in check as she knew that it would cause her to grow again.

Huan watched on and he took the opportunity to catch his breath. He had her where he wanted but he didn’t think that he had the strength to knock her out. He was still thinking about how he was going to win, from her discomfort he knew that she was truly stuck.

“Looks like you’re in a bit of trouble there,” said Huan which caused Yasha to look at him with an annoyed glare.

“This is all your fault,” replied Yasha. She was finding it harder and harder to keep her emotions in check. “If you had just given up I wouldn’t be stuck like this.” She reached to grab him but he was just out of arm’s reach.

“Can’t you just shrink yourself until you can squeeze out?”

“No, it’s not that simple.” She gave a sigh in order to try and calm herself down. “It’s really easy for my body to grow but to shrink it is a different story. The bigger I grow the longer it takes me to shrink back down to my normal size.”

“So how long is it until you’re small enough?”

“It’ll be a good hour or so. Might take me a full day to shrink to normal size.” She gave a sigh but she could see Huan sitting down on the ground. He was still out of her reach and she was a little confused. “What are you doing?”

“We have come to a stalemate, you can’t defeat me while I’m sitting here and you’re still too large for me to defeat. So, all we can do is wait for you to shrink down enough to free yourself. I’d rather not sit in silence so let’s talk, we can at least pass the time.”

“Very well.” She had been silent for a few moments but she realised that he was right. His skill had at least earned some respect from her.

“What do you want to know?”

“I must know how you’re able to increase your size and why you’re protecting the elixir. You don’t mind answering such a question, do you?”

“Normally yes but you’ve at least earned an answer. I attained my ability to increase my size thanks to a technique that I had been studying for some time. At first I could only increase my size by a few inches but as I continued to practice I discovered that I could grow as large as I wanted.” She couldn’t believe that she was telling him this but he seemed to be genuinely interested it what she was saying. “I challenged many people but none of them were able to match my skills, eventually I got bored but that was when I discovered this place. I didn’t come here for the elixir but instead the challenge before me, as you might expect I was able to defeat the three masters. My prize instead was replacing the original Third Master. Over the years I have seen off a few people who have desired the elixir. None of them even made me have to increase my size, that was until you did. For that you should be proud.” She tried to move but she was nowhere near small enough to achieve her goal. “Now that I’ve answered you, you must answer a question from me.”

“Go ahead, I will answer.” Her words had given him a lot to think about but he was still willing to talk.

“Why do you want the elixir? Are you trying to achieve immortality or do you want to sell it to the highest bidder?”

“My reason for what I do is for my sister.” This time it was his turn to give a sigh. “She is dying and no healer can save her, the elixir is my last hope of saving her life. I see now that my quest has more or less come to an end.”

“Why would you say that?”

“Because I can see now that I cannot defeat you, like you said if I somehow gained an advantage you’d just grow again. Even though the task is hopeless I will continue to fight you until I draw my last breath.”

“You are indeed an honourable man.” Her expression changed as she could see that he was different to the other people that she had fought. His quest was noble and she couldn’t fault him for what he was doing. “You put yourself at considerable risk in order to help another in need, there is no task greater than that.” She fell silent as she knew that she was likely going to regret what she was going to say next. “When I free myself, I’ll allow you to take the elixir.”

“Do you mean it or are you playing me for a fool?” This was a development that he couldn’t turn away from but he was understandably sceptical.

“I am a woman of my word, I have not lied to you before and I am not lying to you now. You will leave this temple with the elixir and save your sister. But there is one thing that I must ask in return.”

“And what would that be?”

“I wish to return to your settlement whether it be as expansive as a city or as small as a hamlet. When you take the elixir my purpose here will be no more, besides you’ve given me a greater fight than I’ve ever experienced. I wish to fight you again and this time I won’t be trapped in such an opening as this.”

“I agree to your condition.” He didn’t really have to think about it as he too wished to fight her again under more pleasant circumstances.
For the next several minutes they continued to talk and they each asked one another about their lives. Yasha learned that Huan had been a troublesome child before his master had shown him the way. He learned that she had been protecting the elixir for more than a century and this amazed him as she stated that she was as young now as she was when she had first arrived. She hadn’t left the temple since becoming the Third Master.

Almost an hour had gone by and Yasha began to move again. This time she could feel her body move a little as it had been reduced in size to the point that this had happened. She couldn’t help but smile as she knew that she was going to be free in a few moments. But she also had an opportunity to go back on her promise, she could finish off Huan if she wanted to and keep the elixir safely there.
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Re: The Man With Lightning Fists (Illustrated Story)

A few minutes went by and Yasha felt that the door around her wasn’t as tight as it was. With some effort she began to move her body through into the room behind her. It took a small amount of wriggling around but she was able to complete the task. She was glad that she was free and she watched as Huan re-entered the room. She was still too tall to stand up so she simply sat down and looked at him.

For Huan he could see that his quest was almost at an end. On the other side of the room was a door that would lead to the elixir that he needed to save his sister. With some confidence he began to walk toward it but he saw Yasha’s hand slam down in front of him. This made him stop dead in his tracks and he looked up at the woman who towered above him. His eyes widened as she looked down at him and he began to realise what was happening.

“What are you doing Yasha?” asked Huan. He couldn’t help but feel betrayed, he took a step back and waited for her to make the next move. At her current size he knew that if they fought that he would stand little chance. “You said I could have the elixir.”

“Yes, I said that you could,” replied Yasha. “But that’s not how it works here, in order to earn the elixir, you still must defeat me. There’s no way of getting around it.”

Huan still felt betrayed and he also had a strong sense of rage overtake him. Rather than acting out he remembered his technique to control his anger. As he did this he realised something, Yasha wasn’t betraying him or going back on her word. He saw exactly what she
was doing and he nodded to her in approval.

He quickly approached her and weakly punched her leg. This caused Yasha to seemingly scream out in agony and then fell back. He knew that his punch was nothing more than a tap to her but she was acting like he had just stabbed her with a spear. There was a loud thud as she struck the ground and she began to groan. She then muttered the infamous word ‘I give up’.

No sooner had Yasha admitted defeat the door to the elixir opened and Huan looked at it. For the first time ever, he saw the actual elixir itself. It stood on a small pedestal and was in what looked to be a ceramic pot. It looked to be quite small, small enough for a man to store in his pocket and it looked very plain looking. If he didn’t know any better he would have thought that it was a simple container.

Huan stepped toward it and picked it up, he could feel a liquid inside of it and he opened the top up. He took a quick whiff of what was inside and it had a smell that was unlike any that he had smelled before. He knew that this was the elixir that he needed and for a few moments he couldn’t believe that he was actually holding it.

“So, you finally got what you came for,” said Yasha. Huan turned to her and he could see her sitting up with her arms crossed. “I suppose that I should congratulate you.”

“Thank you for what you have done, but now I need to get back to my home as quickly as possible,” replied Huan. He began to walk forward, he had his eyes on the door that led to the exit. “Are you still coming with me?”

“And miss the opportunity to fight you again? I think that you already know the answer to that one.” She gave him a smile as the idea of finally being free of this place was at the forefront. “Lead away hero man.”

Huan walked through the door back into the previous room. Yasha was able to squeeze through the door. Every moment that went by she shrank smaller and smaller, however the process was so slow that it didn’t look like it was happening at all. She could tell the difference as she squeezed through the door easier than she had before.

On the way to the outside they went by the first and second masters who were both recovering their prides after their defeat. They were sure that Huan would have been defeated by Yasha but they were surprised to see that they were leaving together. She informed them that she had been defeated and that they were free to go as they wished. They had no idea where to go as this temple had been their home for many, many years.

Eventually the pair found themselves outside and Yasha found felt an odd feeling. It was the first time that she had seen the sun for a very long time and the fresh air filling her lungs gave her a satisfied feeling. She could also stand up to her full height again, she thought that the area hadn’t really changed that much since she had last seen it.

As Yasha was taking in the fact that she was outside Huan was able to retrieve his horse that had been foraging on grass nearby. He quickly climbed onto it and made his way back to Yasha who was still taking in the scenery.

“Yasha it’s time to leave,” said Huan. He made sure that the elixir was secure in his pocket as if he lost it his sister was done for. “Follow me and try not to fall behind.”

“Actually.” She turned to him and looked down so that she could clearly see him. “I have a better idea.” She began to concentrate and Huan could hear the sound again. His horse could hear it too and they both saw her already incredible height beginning to increase once again. She groaned a little as her growth spurt continued. This was by far the largest that she had been for some time and by the time she had stopped growing she was easily as tall as the temple if not taller.

“Woah.” He had seen her large before but now he was truly in awe of her. He remembered how she had said that she could grow as tall as a mountain if she wanted. He thought that she was exaggerating but now he thought that she might very well be telling the truth. He watched as the truly gigantic woman knelt down to her knee and placed her hand down on the ground. His horse was a little panicked by what it was seeing and he did everything he could to try and keep it calm.

“I’m sure that your horse is very fast but at this size I can travel even faster,” said Yasha. “Just point the way and I’ll take you there. Just climb onto my hand.”

Huan was in silence for a moment but he forced his horse to step onto the hand of the giantess. It was a little small but he was sure that she would simply make herself even bigger if she needed to. No sooner had they gotten onto her hand she stood up to her full height and he pointed in the direction of his village. She nodded her head and began to long walk.

Each one of her footsteps caused a small tremor through the ground but for Huan he was seeing the world from a vantage point that he had never seen before. He knew that Yasha would take care of him during the journey but he knew that if they didn’t get the elixir home soon his sister would surely perish.
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Re: The Man With Lightning Fists (Illustrated Story)

For the next few hours Yasha walked at a steady pace toward Huan’s village. He remained on his horse that was currently standing on her hand. She was mentally forcing herself to maintain her size as she would have begun shrinking back down to her normal size. This was fairly simple for her as over the years she had mastered her ability to maintain her size.

For Yasha it was a joy to be able to leave the temple but for Huan he had mixed feelings right now. Despite the fact that the worry for his sister was great he couldn’t help but feel a sense of wonder as he could see the world from a vantage point that only a bird could see. From where he had been everything had seemed so far away from him but up here it was a different story. He felt like he could simply jump off Yasha’s hand and reach the mountains that were miles away. Life just seemed different from up here.

“Quite a view isn’t it?” asked Yasha. This caused Huan to turn his head and look up at the giant woman who literally had his life in her hand. “I still remember the first time that I became big, you never forget your first time.”

“It’s just a lot to take in,” replied Huan. He tapped his trousers to make sure the elixir was there. If it fell to the Earth below it was unlikely it would survive the fall. “When I woke up this morning I didn’t believe it was possible for people to become your size. And yet it has happened despite my knowledge of the world.”

“Then your mind would be blown if I became my largest size.” She paused for a moment as she thought. “Actually, I don’t know what my largest size even is, it’s possible that I could grow until I reached the heavens.” She felt something wet around her foot and she looked down to see what it was. To her surprise she discovered that she had stepped into a lake, the conversation had distracted her enough for her not to notice it. She gave a small grunt of annoyance as she realised her mistake.

Yasha continued to walk but she hadn’t noticed that many animals were moving away from her as she walked by. Each of her footsteps created a tremor that ran throughout the ground. This caused the animals to sense her approach and react accordingly. The last thing they wanted was to find themselves underneath her foot.

Eventually just as dusk was approaching Huan spotted his village over the horizon. The sight of it caused Yasha to increase her pace. She knew what was at stake but she was also cautious, she knew that her gigantic size would scare the villagers. Instead she waited just outside of the village and placed Huan and his horse down on the ground. It took the horse a few moments to regain its bearings but as soon as it did it began to gallop into the village.

Huan was able to steer the horse toward the building that currently housed his dying sister. Quickly he dismounted his horse and made his way inside without wasting a single movement. He soon discovered his sister in a weak state, so weak that he thought that she had almost passed on. However, her eyes seemed to light up when she saw him enter the room, she would try to speak but she was too weak.

Quickly Huan knelt down to his sister and took the elixir out of his pocket. He uncorked the bottle and began to tip the contents of bottle into her mouth. Thankfully she was still strong enough to swallow it which she did quickly. The taste was unlike anything that she had tasted before and not particularly for the better.

For the next hour Huan stayed by his sister and he watched as the strength began to return to her body as she was able to move around more. She was finally able to speak to him and by the end of the hour she was strong enough to get out of the bed and stand up. Her illness seemed to be disappearing like magic and nothing gave Huan more joy than to see her back to health.

Meanwhile just outside of the village Yasha was sitting and waiting. She would occasionally spot one of the villages peaking at her from afar but none came too close. They were all afraid of her and she could understand why, to them at her size she was like a monster to them. It was something that wasn’t particularly nice to think about for her but she remained where she was. She didn’t even know what she was actually waiting for.

Just as she was considering leaving she saw Huan approach her and this seemed to lift her spirits. The mighty fighter looked up at her and he could tell that she was a little smaller than she was before. The shrinking process was already taking place but it didn’t seem to be at a very fast pace.

“How is she?” asked Yasha. She was careful not to move as she still thought that her size might scare him. “Your sister.”

“She’s fine,” replied Huan. He took a deep breath. “The elixir worked and she’s up and about again, it’s nothing short of a miracle.”

“That’s not surprising, there was a reason why I’ve been guarding it for all of these years. At least we know that it works.” She gave him a smile and she saw him take a step closer to her.

“How long will it take you to shrink down to a more manageable size?”

“At this size it’s going to take at least a day, give or take an hour or two.”

“That’s too bad, it’ll mean that you’ll have to sleep out here tonight.” He paused for a moment and took another step toward her. “I haven’t truly thanked you for helping me save my sister, without your help I shudder to think what would have happened.”

“You’re welcome and thank you for allowing me to stay, it’ll be nice to live somewhere that isn’t just a single room.” She lowered her finger toward him and outstretched it. “To our new and hopefully long friendship.”

“To our friendship.”

Huan grabbed onto Yasha’s finger. He could feel its warmth which was a little surprising to him. However, what he was feeling was nothing like what she could feel. She looked at him and rather than seeing a little man she could see that he was truly special. Not only was he allowing her into his life but he didn’t seem to be treating her any different because of her current size. She felt a warm feeling inside of her that she hadn’t felt for many, many years.

One thing that Yasha did feel was a small growth spurt overcome her. The spurt was only small, adding roughly an extra ten percent to her height but Huan could see it. This was the first time that she had ever grown uncontrollably when her anger wasn’t involved. It was something else that had triggered it but she didn’t know what it could be.
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Re: The Man With Lightning Fists (Illustrated Story)

True to her word it took Yasha a full day for her to shrink down to her normal size. When Huan saw her, he thought that it was a little odd since he was used to seeing her as a giant. He had almost forgotten that her normal size was actually quite short. Also, her normal size was much more soothing for the villagers although they knew that she could grow in size at any moment that she wanted.

Originally Yasha thought that she was going to move in with Huan but unfortunately there was no room for her to stay. Thankfully a solution did present itself when a neighbour with a spare room allowed her to live there as long as she paid her way. This was the most difficult aspect of moving back to a village. She had spent so long in the temple that she had almost forgotten what it was like to live like a normal person.

Yasha did take several odd jobs that allowed her to use her size increasing abilities to their most effective. This included moving heavy objects, cleaning second storey windows with ease and picking fruit from the tops of trees. One thing that she made sure to do was to not make herself too big, she knew all too well that the bigger she grew the longer that it took to shrink back down to normal. One thing that she did do in her spare time was continue her training, Huan had promised her a rematch and this time she was preparing to win without using her extraordinary abilities.

However, Huan was not in the best of moods, shortly after returning to the village his master died peacefully in his sleep. Although he knew that his master was at peace he still upset by his passing. There was a pretty sizeable funeral that most of the village attended, some including Huan said their words about him before lighting a pyre to cremate the old man on. It was a difficult time for the young man but he knew that he had to persevere on.

Eventually Huan agreed to a rematch with Yasha. However, she knew that she needed to train herself even more in order to defeat him without using her abilities. Every spare moment of time and no matter what size she was at that moment in time was spent on training. She even purposely avoided seeing him until she knew that she was ready. She thought that it was best for a fighter to not see their opponent from when their battle was agreed to when it actually took place. This time however it would be on much friendlier circumstances.

Although Yasha didn’t want to fully admit it to Huan she had begun to develop feelings for him. Every man that she had come across had not been able to measure up to her fighting prowess. He was the first one who was able to get the better of her enough for her to significantly increase her size. Her respect was turning into affection and unbeknownst to her it was causing a change in her body that she couldn’t have suspected.

Eventually the day when their fight was to take place. Huan to had prepared himself and waited in an open field that was just outside of the village. A couple of buildings were just on the edge but in his mind, this was the best place for his fight with Yasha just in case she did use her size increasing abilities. He knew that it was unlikely that she would but it was still for the best and it was also away from the other villagers. It was still early morning and there was a mist in the air. A light breeze greeted him and he knew that it would be a beautiful day.

Right on the time that was agreed Huan saw Yasha approaching him. It was the first time that he had seen her for a few weeks besides a couple of times when she was working. She looked to be different somehow and at first, he couldn’t put his finger on it. This changed when she finally reached him, gone was the short woman that he had expected and instead he could see that she was head and shoulders taller than him. She also had a somewhat worried look on her face but he could tell that it wasn’t the fear of defeat that was concerning her.

“Greetings Yasha,” said Huan. Before any other conversation could start he knew that it was wise and respectful to greet an opponent, especially one that he considered a friend. “It is nice to see you again after these last few weeks.”

“Err hi Huan,” replied Yasha with a timid voice. She seemed to be fidgeting her fingers as she seemed nervous. “How is your sister?”

“She’s fine, that elixir that she took cured her illness. Almost like magic.” He smiled a little and then looked up straight into her eyes. “I thought that we agreed that you weren’t going to use your powers?”

“That’s the thing, I’m not.” She was trying to think about the best way that she could put it but it still seemed silly in her mind. “I can’t really explain it but ever since I’ve come here I’ve been growing, not like you think though. It’s like my natural height is increasing.” She began to rub the back of her head and she began to blush. “When I measured myself just before I came I was six foot three and a half.” She suddenly saw her vantage point increase slightly as her body lengthened a little. “Make that six foot four.”

“Hmm.” He stood there and thought about what Yasha was saying. When he looked at her body he could see that it was definitely different. When they had fought before whenever she increased her size her proportions looked the same, just enlarged. This time her body looked longer, as if she was a naturally tall woman rather than a short woman who had increased her overall size. “Somehow I believe you.”

“Yeah, if I grow any taller I’m going to have to duck under my doorframe. I’ve tried to stop but my body keeps saying no.” She continued
to rub her head and blush. “It’s doing a number on my appetite.”

There were a few moments of silence as both of them chuckled. They seemed to be genuinely enjoying the company of the other and even though they had met as enemies they now seemed to be like old friends. But they were still both there for a reason and neither of them were leaving until it was done.

“So, are you prepared for our fight?” asked Huan. “I know that’s why we’re both here on this beautiful morning.”

“Yeah, I’m still up for it,” replied Yasha. Since the conversation had shifted she lost her nervousness and she focused on what was happening. “But may I make a suggestion?”

“You may.”

“Let’s have a little something at stake, nothing that’s going turn the fight ugly. Just something to make it a little more exciting.”

“Ok, sounds reasonable. What kind of wager are you suggesting?”

“How about the loser has to make the other dinner?” She chuckled as she thought that it wasn’t a good idea.

“I don’t think that would be a wise choice on your behalf.” He smiled at her again and this caused her to blush again. “I might be incredibly gifted when it comes to martial arts but with cooking, I’d probably give you food poisoning. That is of course if you could beat me.”

“So, are you agreeing to the wager?”

“Very well, but if you do win this fight you will lose in the long run.”

“That’s a risk I’m willing to take.”

This was all a ploy in order to get something that was more valuable than Huan imagined. These thoughts in Yasha’s head had to be pushed away for the time being as they took a couple of steps back from one another. Before the fight could begin they went through a few rules like no killing and no attacks that would cause the other serious injury. For Yasha she also had to agree not to using her size increasing abilities at all. With the rules set and both combatants in position they were ready to fight.
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Re: The Man With Lightning Fists (Illustrated Story)

Huan was the first to make a move as he attempted to punch Yasha in the chest. Since she was now taller than she was when they first met he thought that it would be an easier target rather than going for her head. It wasn’t too big of a surprise for her to block his attack and try to respond with her own punch. He was able to dodge backwards and just missed her fist by a matter of a few inches.

This caused a small smile to appear on Yasha’s face as she tried to use a powerful kick to knock him down. Thankfully for Huan he was able duck under the kick and respond with a punch to her gut that winded her. It caused her to go down to one knee and gasp for air. Huan knew that it was an excellent opportunity to deal the finishing blow but he knew that she would be disappointed if the fight was too short.

“Didn’t think that it be this soon that I’d get the better of you,” said Huan. He kept his distance so that she couldn’t unleash a sneak attack.

“I-It’ll take more than that to defeat me,” replied Yasha. She was still struggling for air but she did slowly rise back up to her feet. She was more than tempted to use her powers to make herself larger and thus stronger than she was at that moment in time. However, she knew the rules of the fight and she was too proud to break them. “When all this is done you’ll be making me dinner.”

“In that case I’ll do everything in my power to beat you, for your own health.”

The fight started up again as they both unleashed a flurry of punches and kicks to one another which was being blocked by the other. They attacks were coming so fast that it was hard for anyone watch to keep track of what was happening. It seemed that they were evenly matched to one another, that was until one of Yasha’s punches struck Huan in the face and caused him to take a step back. Yasha saw this as her opportunity and went for another strong punch.

Unfortunately for her Huan was expecting this and was able to grab onto her arm. Using her own momentum, he was able to toss her to the ground. This caught her by surprise but he didn’t let go of her arm at all. Instead he wrapped his legs around it and performed an armbar which caused her intense pain. If he locked it in fully he would be able to break her arm but he didn’t want to go that far. He did think that she would be able to break out of it hold.

“I give up!” said Yasha. The moment that she said this Huan released the hold and got back to his feet. He saw her get up to a seated position and nurse her arm. It was still hurting a little for now but it wasn’t anything that was going to last too long. She did see him hold his hand out to her and give her a smile.

“Do you need a hand getting up?” asked Huan. He was disappointed that the fight hadn’t lasted as long as he had hoped. But since she had given up there was no point in continuing.

“T-Thanks.” She grabbed onto his hand and he pulled her up to her feet. She still towered above him but he could see that she hadn’t grown at all. He was glad that she hadn’t used her powers. “That was a little embarrassing.”

“Indeed, you fought well but to tell you the truth I’d thought that you’d last longer.” He gave her a small chuckle.

“I’m still adjusting to my body. My recent growth spurt has made me feel a little uneven. When I’m adjusted you wouldn’t stand a chance against me.”

“In that case we’ll fight again when you’ve adjusted. And now I believe that due to our wager you have to make me dinner. It should hopefully taste a lot better than anything that I could cook up.” This caused Yasha to smile at him.

“Ok, a deal’s a deal. If you come to Ms Zeng’s home at around seven o’clock this evening I will prepare you dinner. But there’s a small catch to this, you have to wear something formal, the old woman is pretty strict on that kind of thing.”

“I believe that I have something that will be suitable.” He knew that Ms Zeng was the old woman who had been kind enough to allow Yasha to live with her. For that he had been very thankful to her.

“Great, I would love to stay and talk more but I still have work that I need to do.” She gave him a small bow. “I will meet you later.”

“Farewell for now.”

With that they both turned around and walked away from one another. One thing that Huan didn’t see was the huge smile that was on her face. It seemed like everything was happening just as she had hoped. Now she rather than actually working she was going to make sure that a few things were in order before the events of that evening.

For the rest of the day Huan carried on with his work on his family’s farm. It was hard work for him but he felt like he had made a lot of progress over the day. It took him hours to get it all done but it also made him very sweaty, not very appealing to go out for dinner. He did make sure to thoroughly bathe himself before he began to put on a suit that he had for very special occasions. In his mind this was the time to put it on.

Huan was too engrossed with putting the suit on properly that he failed to notice his sister enter the room. She was going to say something to him about the farm but her words seemed lost when she actually saw him. She stood at the door way with her arms crossed and looked at him. For a few moments he didn’t notice her at all.

“What are you doing?” asked Huan’s sister.

“Xinyue,” replied Huan with surprise in his voice. “How long have you been standing there?”

“Long enough to know that something must be happening. You only wear that thing on special occasions.”

“Well if you have to know I made a deal with Yasha during our fight. Whoever won made dinner for the other, I defeated her and now she is making me dinner. She told me that Ms Zeng was a real stick in the mud over being formal.”

“Let me guess, did you defeat Yasha quite easily?”

“As a matter of fact, I did. A little disappointing if you ask me.” He was just putting the finishing touches on his suit when he heard his
sister chuckle.

“Oh, my sweet brother. You don’t realise what’s happening, do you?”

“Yeah, I won a wager and now I’m going to enjoy it.”

“It’s more than that. I’ve seen how that woman looks at you, she was planning this from the very beginning. I can guarantee you that she had no intention of winning that fight this morning, just to get you to dress up and have dinner with her. She’s basically tricked you into going on a date with her.”

“I doubt that, you don’t know her like I do. She wouldn’t just throw a fight, she’s too proud to do such a thing.”

“I don’t know, love does make women do some odd things.”

Huan didn’t pay much attention to his sister and instead made his way out of the house. Thankfully it was a short walk to Ms Zeng’s home but he was surprised to see Yasha standing out there waiting for him. Ms Zeng was standing there along with the tall woman, she was a little old lady who required a walking stick in order to get around. She was always known for being the source of much wisdom amongst the village. It was said that she was a hundred years old but Huan thought that it was an exaggerating.

He was taken aback by Yasha though. He could see that she was wearing a long dress that almost reached down to the ground. It was a beautiful purple colour that really brought out her eyes. When he looked at her face he could see that she had put some lipstick on and had thoroughly washed and styled her hair. She looked like a completely different woman and in his mind, she was the most beautiful woman that he had ever seen.

Huan began to realise that Yasha had been planning for this for a while. The dress that she was wearing must have been specially made for her since she was definitely the tallest woman in the village. Her appearance also looked like there was careful planning and that it took hours to prepare herself. It seemed like Xinyue had been telling him the truth.

“Thank you for coming Huan,” said Yasha. She had her hands behind her back and she bowed her head a little to him. “I am pleased to see you.”

“It is a pleasure and thank you for inviting me,” replied Huan. He also focused on Ms Zeng who looked very small in comparison to the near six and a half foot Yasha. “And thank you for allowing my friend to stay with you.”

“You’re welcome young man,” answered Ms Zeng. “It is a treat having someone like Yasha staying with me. She helps me around the house and it is nice to have someone to talk to. Now I suggest that we go inside, the food is going cold.”

With that Yasha gestured her hand toward the door as she wanted Huan to go inside first. He agreed to this but he didn’t know what was going to happen this evening. He now realised that they were basically going on a date, this made him a little nervous but he was sure that everything would go well.
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Oops...she did it again.
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Re: The Man With Lightning Fists (Illustrated Story)

Really nice series you have going here. Very enjoyable.
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Re: The Man With Lightning Fists (Illustrated Story)

Thanks, I appreciate it. Hopefully you'll like what comes next.
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Re: The Man With Lightning Fists (Illustrated Story)

When Huan entered the house, he could see that there was a table that had food already set up on it. The first thing that hit him was the smell which took him aback for a moment. He thought that it smelled delicious and he would have wanted to do nothing but stuff his face. However, he remained composed and sat down at the table itself.

One thing that he noticed was that it was a low table and that there were no chairs. He didn’t mind sitting on the floor to eat as he was more or less used to it. This was when he saw the food for the fist time, they had been plated up already and he could see that it had all been flavoured with spices. This included noodles and cooked chicken amongst other items of cooked food. It looked to be a feast fit for a king.

With Huan seated Yasha too began to sit on the floor next to the table. Even sitting down, she was noticeably taller than Huan and she began to think that this might be a problem. Even though she had been away from civilization for some time she knew that traditionally men were taller than women and it was somewhat rare for a man to be with a woman who was taller than them. When she had first come to the village and been her normal size she thought that it would be fine. Now that her body’s natural height had increased significantly she thought that it might work against her.

“Now that you are both seated I will take my leave for now,” said Ms Zeng. She began to walk out of the room but thanks to her short stature and age it would take her a little longer than a young person. “I need to rest, call me if you need anything.”

When Ms Zeng had left the room Huan lifted the chopsticks that had been placed by his plate and began to eat. It tasted better than it had smelled and he didn’t think that it was possible. He was experiencing flavours that he didn’t know existed. He looked at Yasha who too was eating but one thing that he noticed was that she was eating a lot more than he was. He wasn’t surprised since she was taller than him but he still looked for a few moments.

“I’m sorry,” said Yasha as she realised what she was doing. “When I get a good meal in front of me I can sometimes lose myself.”

“No, its fine,” replied Huan. He found himself looking into her eyes that although were above him still looked to be beautiful. “Did you make all of this by yourself?”

“Yeah, I slaved over that stove in order to make everything just right,” replied Yasha with confidence in her voice. She saw him raise an eyebrow and she knew that he didn’t completely believe her. “Actually, Ms Zeng helped me out a lot with it. To tell you the truth I couldn’t have done it without her.”

“Just as I suspected.” He paused for a moment as he looked into her eyes again. “You do look very beautiful tonight.”

“You think so?” There was a slight groaning noise as Yasha sprouted up a little. It made the height difference between them increase. She grew by around half a foot or more as she had accidentally used her enlarging powers. “Sorry about that, I’ve been having a couple of problems with my powers recently. As you’ve seen I’ve grown taller recently and my powers have been activating like this a few times. It does get annoying.” She chuckled for a moment although she was telling a half truth. Her height had increased but her sudden growth spurt had only happened while he was around her. For now, she didn’t want to tell him.

“I guess, but still you look fantastic. You’ve really gone all out on looking your best tonight.” He saw her sprout up a little more and she smiled at her.

“Do you think so? I wasn’t sure if I hadn’t done my hair right or if I put on too much make up or not enough.” She seemed to be talking very fast and Huan was having problems keeping up with her. He just held onto her hand.

“Don’t worry, you look great. This dinner has been lovely and you’ve really outdone yourself. Everything is fine.”

Yasha didn’t answer as she took in everything that he had said. Going into this dinner she had been worried about several different things. Now that she could see that Huan was perfectly happy with both her appearance and the food it was almost too much for her to contain. She shed a couple of tears and went to stand up.

Huan watched as Yasha stood up more and more and he had a smile on his face as well. He had realised that this was more or less a date but he didn’t want to say anything about it yet. Instead he wanted t make things seemed naturally. But his smile soon disappeared when he heard a loud thud sound.

It was only then that they realised that Yasha had grown too tall to stand up properly. The suddenness of her head striking the ceiling had caused her some pain. As a knee jerk reaction her leg accidentally knocked over the table sending both the food and the plates crashing to the ground. She realised what had happened and it caused her to panic.

Huan quickly got up to his feet and assure her that everything was going to be alright. tears were still forming in her eyes as she knew that she had just ruined the night. As she looked down she could see the tipped over table and smashed plates and she saw Huan leaning down to try and clean it up. For the moment she was still too flustered to react and she felt another surge run through her body.

Huan continued to try and clean up but he heard a crashing sound. When he looked over to Yasha he could see that her head had gone clear through the ceiling. Her head was completely gone as he could only see a small part of her neck and the rest of her body. The house was a single storey building with a relatively weak roof because it was only expected rainwater. Because of this her head and gone through with ease.

There were several moments of silence as Huan didn’t know how to properly react to what had happened. Yasha too was dumbfounded as she could see that her head was outside while the rest of her body was in the building below. Tears rolled down her face as she realised that her night had gone from a success to an utter failure.
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Re: The Man With Lightning Fists (Illustrated Story)

After several seconds Yasha seemed to regain her mind in a manner of speaking. She was well over nine feet tall and she crouched down so that her head was finally back in the home that she was currently sharing with Mrs Zeng.

Standing below her was Huan who couldn’t help but look up in some amazement. Although he had seen her grow in size several times he always found it breath taking. He didn’t want to make the situation any worse and the first thing he decided to do was to pull up a chair. He gestured for her to take a seat and in silence she did.

As soon as Yasha sat down on the chair and there was a loud groan as it seemed to struggle to support her weight. For a moment Huan feared that the chair might break but it seemed to hold, that was unless she grew again. She put on a disappointed face and he couldn’t help but his hand on her shoulder. He did notice that even sitting down she was still looking at him eye to eye.

“Don’t worry Yasha,” said Huan. He had taken some care in thinking about what he was going to say. He wasn’t sure if he had said the right thing but he still thought that it was the best thing he could say. “Everything is going to be fine.”

“No, it’s not,” replied Yasha with a disappointed voice. “We were having such a nice dinner and I let my powers get the better of me. Now the night is ruined and I damage Mrs Zeng’s house. What kind of gratitude is that? The woman takes me in and treats me with care and respect, then I go and put a hole in her roof.” She gave a sigh. “I should have stayed at the temple, then something like this wouldn’t have happened.”

“But if you had stayed there then you wouldn’t have seen me again and we couldn’t have shared this night.” He smiled at her in the hopes that it would pick up her spirits. “I can say without a doubt that I’m glad that you came to live here.”

“Do you mean that? You don’t think I’m just some kind of giant freak?”

“Of course not, why would you think of such a thing?”

She was about to answer his question but she remained silent. It seemed funny to her that not too long ago they had been fighting to the death. Now he was the greatest friend that she could have asked for. Not only was he a kind-hearted man with enough martial arts skills to keep her on her toes but he didn’t seem to think differently of her because of her powers. She knew that most people feared her because of her ability to grow as large as she wanted. The fact that he treated her like any normal woman was something that she was thankful for.

“What’s happened in here?” asked Mrs Zeng who entered the room after hearing the commotion. Due to her advanced age it had taken her a while to reach them but when she did she could see that the table had been knocked over and the hole in the ceiling. She fell silent for a moment and Yasha felt a huge amount of guilt. Huan turned to her and he knew that an explanation was needed.

“My apologises Mrs Zeng,” replied Huan who bowed to her a little. We were enjoying this lovely dinner that you had helped to prepare when Yasha’s abilities got the better of her. We are both very sorry by what has happened and we promise to repair what has been damaged.”

“I suppose such a thing was to be expected.” She took a few steps toward the pair. When she looked at Yasha she truly felt small in comparison to the nine-foot woman. “What is important is that no one is injured. My roof can be repaired and my plates can be easily replaced.”

“I’m so sorry,” stated Yasha. She lowered her head as she felt ashamed by what had happened. “I never intended for this to happen.”

“I know you didn’t my child. You shouldn’t look so sad, it’ll smudge the make-up that you took such care to apply.”

Yasha couldn’t help but chuckle. She then looked at Huan and it made her feel happier in an instant. She could feel a small growth spurt coming but she was able to push it to one side. The night hadn’t been as ruined as she had thought. She was in the company of people that she truly felt as her friends. One she was hoping to be more but despite the evidence before her she hadn’t put two and two together just yet.

Eventually both Huan and Yasha found themselves outside. She had shrunk a little since the incident but she was still too tall to stand up in a room properly. She looked down at Huan who seemed like a small child in comparison to her. This did embarrass her a little as she knew that it was the norm for the man to be taller than the woman. She blushed a little but she knew that their night together was ending. But something else might have begun.

“Well that was an interesting dinner,” said Huan.

“Yeah, I guess it was,” replied Yasha. She smiled and chuckled at him. “I had hoped that tonight would have gone off without a hitch. Guess that was too much to hope for.”

“It’s alright, tonight was very nice and I’m glad that I spent it with you.”

“And I’m glad that all of the planning hadn’t gone to waste.”

“Planning?” He truly realised that what his sister had said to him was true and that Yasha had thrown the fight that they had earlier. “Wait a minute, you took a dive, didn’t you?”

“What?” If she hadn’t be blushing before she certainly was now. “Of course not, I would never intentionally lose a fight against you.”

“Oh really, but you just said that you had planned tonight, that meant that you never intended to win before.” He wanted to laugh about the situation but he wanted to make her feel a little more antsy first.

“How could you suggest something so preposterous? I’m Yasha, the Third Master with the ability to grow as tall as a mountain. I don’t throw fights so easily.”

“I’m sure you don’t, anyway I’ll see you later Yasha. I will return tomorrow to help with the roof. Take care and rest well.”

"Y-Yeah, you too.”

With that Huan turned and walked back to his farm. Yasha remained where she was and looked at him. She couldn’t help but admire him more and more with each passing day. Indeed, the night had not gone exactly as she had planned but she knew that it could have been worse, she was just lucky to have a man like him in her life.
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