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Unread 08-06-2013   #1
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Star Trek: Rascal Crew.

An idea jumped into my head an expected me to take care of it. I had to explain to it that I am still trying to get Gallifrey Girls done, but I'd try to find a home for it here. Any takers?

Star Trek: Rascal Crew

This is set at the end of the ST:NG & DS9 era. I understand things had taken a darker tone in this period.

Some scientists and engineers have discovered a way to build a ship that can transport itself across the galaxy instead of using warp drive. They plan on using this ship for exploration of distant areas before sending ordinary starships, which would take weeks or months to reach these worlds.

Problem 1) The energy required for self-transportation grows exponentially with size, so the ship is tiny - about the size of a shuttlecraft. The interior is very cramped and requires a crew of 10 to maintain and run. A researcher who wasn't going to be on the ship himself read about the transporter error seen on the ST:NG episode "Rascals" and decides that a crew would be able to fit in the ship if they were ARed in this way.

Naturally there were major objections to this from the personnel department, but Starfleet's top brass were unexpectedly enthusiastic. The researcher explained that because the mission was long distance scouting, the crew would never have to deal with full sized beings, only other crew ARed to the same age. Everything in the ship would be reduced to suit them so the psychological effect ought to be minimal. They still needed to profile a lot of personnel before finding a crew willing to be subjected to this. They are qualified, but not the best of the best like the Enterprise crew.

(Technical note: A person can only be ARed and restored two or three times safely, and it requires a different kind of transporter then the Rascal ship uses, so they have to stay small for the whole mission.)

Problem 2) The top brass at Starfleet approved this ship and mission, but not because they were interested in exploration. They immediately saw this ship's utility for espionage and spying on the federation's enemies. The Rascal crew would only discover what their real mission was after some token scouting had been done. The Captain had her suspicions about starfleet's motivations, but was never actually told anything.

Episode One: The crew set off to explore new worlds but immediately receive a distress call from a nearby federation ship. Being the nearest, the Rascal crew respond, revealing themselves and their ship in the process. The news of them spreads like wildfire.

Problem 3: According to Starfleet protocol, the nearest ship to a distress call must respond. But "Nearest" is in terms of time, and because of it's unique capability, the Rascal is always the "nearest" ship to any distress in starfleet territory! The starfleet brass is angry at the captain for revealing the ship's existence, thus undermining the espionage missions that they never actually told her about. So they choose to be uncooperative about dealing with this.

What is the crew to do now?

More technical notes:
The Rascal ship doesn't actually have a transporter room, they can beam down from anywhere in the ship. Once the ship has transported itself, it takes a couple of days before it can transport itself again, but crew can transport on and off normally. The mess hall is the only part of the ship where a full sized person can fit comfortably. The table doubles as an operating table if someone gets injured. The only replicator on the ship is also in this room.

I tend to picture this series as being animated, due to the unrealistic demands on child actors.

What do you think?
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Unread 08-07-2013   #2
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Re: Star Trek: Rascal Crew.

Hmmm... Maybe my stories would be better if they had characters in them?

Poor Captain Kayn and her kiddyfied crew are in it now. But it's Dr D'mTails who is on every away mission, endlessly having to explain that he isn't some kid with a tricorder, but a trained trauma specialist! Lieutenants Marth and Imonji are particularly upset. They were supposed to be the mapping specialists, but end up on the away crew trying to do the heavy lifting in the emergency situations that the crew of the Rascal find themselves in.

Will admirals Dalek and Gladewalker put their wounded pride aside and let the Rascal pursue it's intended mission? Will the crew rebel, knowing that Starfleet is the only place they can be restored to adulthood?
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Unread 08-10-2013   #3
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Re: Star Trek: Rascal Crew.

Sounds very kewt!
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