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Jessie's Lesson (Anthro Were-Skunk) by Corvis

Jessie's Lesson
By Corvis (poweron)


Jessie was impatient. Dora was taking too long to come back. Turning in her seat she reconfirmed what she already knew, she was the only one being asked to stay after class. “After class” meant that Dora or one of the other teachers wanted to spend some one-on-one time with a classmate. It wasn't because of failing grades or discipline or anything like that. Well, maybe a little about discipline. Jessie idly tapped her fingers on the desk as she waited.

Scoldings were a pretty regular thing with her. Even in her own family, her mother had told her that she was too promiscuous and “reckless” with her gifts. This wasn't about those incidents… she was at least….40% sure. This had to be about letting herself go during normal class lessons, the most recent…she was trying to remember…was probably Monday…or was it Tuesday? Anyway, it didn't matter to her that much. Jessie didn't understand why they got so upset, they were there to learn about themselves. The whole series of classes was how were-creatures like her and her fellow were-animals fit into the world. There wasn't any shame in being her true self in class. In fact, at many times they had encouraged it as part of the lessons.

The teachers had paraded her to the front of the class and instructed her and others to take themselves to varying degrees of animal-ness. Just short of sprouting fur, fur but no tail, tail but no muzzle, and so on. It was too easy for Jessie, she wanted to go all the way to the edge and come back, but too many classmates had ruined it for everybody. They never focused on the fun things either, she rarely got a chance to show off her huge gravity-defying bosom, how her nipples were always so uniquely erogenous, or how wet she could make her pussy without cumming.

She had seen some classmates go completely wild and tried (mostly successfully) to mount the teacher or classmates with frothing lust-addled savagery that most of them loved to watch and sometimes jump into. Their last school-wide orgy lasted for three days, involving the whole student population. It was so long ago though that Jessie could barely remember how many lovers she had taken. But episodes like that also caused the class no small amount of grief. There weren't any janitors in their small school building so it was up to the students to clean up their own messes, which had the side effect of discouraging most students from letting themselves go too much. After the “big ones,” they had sometimes weeks of repair and refurbishment before classes could resume.

It was a running bet to see what teacher or student would be found during mop-up still pleasuring themselves or cumming in some unforeseen corner of the school. Jessie had once found three students and a teacher under the bleachers in the gym, because of their similar fur colors she couldn't tell where one began and the next ended. She had fun with that pile of writhing furry bodies for a few hours before the rest of the faculty discovered them churring and yipping uncontrollably in their heat-addled ecstasy.

She was sure this wasn't related to any of that, it was given at this new school that such things would happen. But after she had made herself…ahem…available for the fourth or fifth time in a week she noticed that the teachers were starting to lose patience with her. It was inevitable that she would be asked to stay late for one of Dora’s famous lectures about responsibility and self-control blah blah blah…

Jessie wasn't one to just sit around and hear an adult rant at her about responsibility. She wanted them to take her seriously. And she only knew one way. She had to show them she could go to the edge.

It didn't take much to get her going these days. Besides her initial encounters with James and his…family… she had bed more than her fair share of weres of various shapes and sizes. She knew what she liked and how to trigger…everything. Closing her eyes Jessie began to think about huge drooling cocks. She was a bit of a size-nut she had found and after James and Jake’s massive tools invading her, she was hard-pressed to find anything that could satiate her more.

The tools in her mind were mostly flared, fine muscles and ridges at the ready as streams of pre-cum coursed down the shafts. Their thick cock meat shivering and bobbing just for her. And just like that, she felt her own loins stir. It was a beautiful, familiar, and all too welcome feeling of unbridled lust that threatened to only let her rest once she had filled herself with as many tree-sized lovers as she could take before passing out, waking up, and doing it all over again.

Panties were nowhere near on her radar as she had long forgone the undergarment, along with bras, as part of her regular dress routine. She had given herself too many wedgies in her cooch, and although she enjoyed the feeling for a time, it got old trying to dig it out of herself while pleasuring her beastly mate at the same time. All too often he (or even she) would have to ram through the underwear to get access to her gaping throbbing folds. Small rivulets of her lubricating juices began to leak out of her quickly puckering lower lips as she bit her lower lip, fingers gripping the desk for support. It was coming on hot and heavy as she felt her bosom began to push into her school blouse. Her normally modest breasts were an embarrassment for her compared to her two howitzers when fully changed, their tiny nipples dragging over the blouse as they hardened and thickened into her familiar titular and monstrously erogenous zones. Each of her pencil-eraser-sized nipples lengthening to more than an inch as they swelled and puckered in size, throbbing in sync with her pussies continuing convulsions.

“Ahhhhhh…ggawwwddd….” Jessie moaned as her ass began to plump, forcing her body higher and higher into her seat as her hips widened immensely with a series of cracks and creaks. Her body on the fast-track to outpacing the already oversized desks.

“C…come on I can take it…I cannhhhhhhh” she practically begged her body as her pussy began to burrow deeply into her body, her ovaries swelling as her birth canal convulsed and grew thicker, able to take on all but the largest of were-animals into its wet pulsing folds. As her fur grew in she moaned uncontrollably in her desk, thrashing her body side to side but still remaining somehow upright. Her juices were splashing out of her now as her feet ruptured from her sneakers, long tears in her leggings erupting with black and white fur. Her breasts were growing larger with every breath, their immense cleavage splitting her blouse in two as it rubbed her nipples sensually, making her squirm.

Jessie couldn't catch her breath, she knew that she was going too far. This wasn't what she wanted to show her teacher or anyone. All her classmates would be angry at her if they had to clean up after her again, they would be…would be…she couldn't remember what she was even worried about as her muzzle pushed out. All she wanted was pleasure. Her body taking control as her breasts continued to billow outward, thick nipples turning dark black as beads of white milk began to seep through their throbbing flesh.

With a “RIIIIPPPPP” her breasts ruptured her blouse, splashes of breast milk cascading out of the freed mammaries as they began to leak in earnest, the trickle turning into a flood. Her hands had become thick claws as she heaved and squirmed in ecstasy, her objective to show her teacher how in control she was completely lost on the transforming were-skunk. Scalding hot splashes of her lubrication soaked her thighs as her pussy swelled even larger, its thick lips pursing and separating to reveal the hot throbbing insides of her skunk-hood. The juices pooled as much as they could in the seat of her chair before finding the edge of her seat and forming a small waterfall of pungent female sex juices. Her tail ruptured out of her now ample posterior snaking its way through the seats back before brushing against the floor, jerking as her pussy, with the help of her leaking nipples was nearing a massive orgasm.

“Ahhhhh!! AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!” Jessie half-moaned, half-screamed in the throws of orgasm as Dora opened the door to the classroom, two steaming-hot arcs of fresh skunk milk slapping the chalkboard on the far end of the room.

Dora didn't skip a beat as she turned, locking and bolting the door behind her before sitting down at her desk, her breasts beginning to push into her cardigan as small horns pushed from just above her temples.

“Mrrahhhh…it looks like I will have to teach you personally how to….urghhh… control yourself in maahhhhhhh c..classroom” Dora moo’ed her face already flush red in heat as her own sweet white liquid began to leak through the thick sweater.

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