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Post The Three Wish War (Issue #3)


The stranger calling herself Haley arranges for private meeting with Mike, one requiring a bed, candles, and lingerie, and times it perfectly for the lamp left back in the real world to call the genie away on business. Hijinks ensue.As for that lamp, Wally has it. He found it right where it landed under the seat in the strip club while cleaning. Thatís right, heís a cleaner. And now he has the awesome power of a genie at his disposal. Thing are going to change.And what is Dr. Bey up to? Well, it looks like he is buying a car.


The Three Wish War has been a labour of love for Bill Pratt and it shows. The story asks the question of why do genies do what they do and why stop at three wishes? Three wishes or whatever number it takes? Bill wants to know if they are willing to destroy two worlds to make up their minds? Picking up Where Three Wishes for Three Women left off, the reader is treated to more magic and mayhem and oh my god! Plot development! Bill lets us in on what Dr. Bey really wants and itís not what youíd expect. Then he sets about bringing the fire and the heat.

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