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Todd and the Book of Pure Evil - Monster Fat (s01e05)

A horror-comedy series exclusive to Shudder has an episode involving a monster that makes people fat. I took a little time to review it; sadly all the process is off-screen. It's not a kind episode either, and definitely plays being fat for grotesque laughs.

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Re: Todd and the Book of Pure Evil - Monster Fat (s01e05)

I've seen it. It's a bit interesting for mental writing fodder (a spell where fat drips off like you are wiping away caked on snot) but it honestly does come off as rather disgusting how they play the fatness for hideous laughs.

Also there is the fact that they are highly sexualizing what is supposed to be a high school girl, although it's clearly a 20 something actress.

I'm not exactly sure what the target audience is for this show considering how bloody it gets yet has tweens style humor.
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Re: Todd and the Book of Pure Evil - Monster Fat (s01e05)

It was on netflix several years ago, but I missed finishing the full series before it rotated off - will hopefully come back sooner or later.

It's Canuckistani - so....basic cable level humor? More violence/language in general, but thematically also kinda more like Buffy? But yeah, kinda weird tonally.
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