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Junk Food Model: A Documentary of Weight Gain - 1080p mp4

Junk Food Model: A Documentary of Weight Gain - 1080p mp4

24 Minutes

This video is currently (5/22/15) the #15 top clip overall on Clips4sale!

Part 1: So, I have a big modeling gig, and the thing I love about modeling is that I don't have to workout, I don't have to exercise... and I can eat ANYTHING I want, and I just stay thin and fit. Let me show you...

See? Nice and thin. And all of these other models, they always worry about what they're eating, they exercise, they diet... Not me, though. I can eat whatever I want... Look at how thin my stomach is, how flat it is. It's just perfect for modeling... And I really... gosh, I really, really enjoy fatty foods. Pizza, burgers--it tastes so much better than healthy foods. These girls are eating salads, and I get to eat pizza, and still look this good... I love having a flat stomach... My favorite foods are the most fatty foods, and I ONLY drink soda. And I don't gain a pound! Not one pound!... And it has so much sugar in it... All these models have to drink water, or tea, and I get to drink soda. I can make myself huge plates of pizza... It tastes sooo good... You know, I bet I could eat fatty foods every day for the next six months, and still be thin and fit. You won't even be able to tell I gained a pound.

Part 2: So, it's been about three months since I made that bet to myself, and... I've been eating fatty foods EVERY DAY for the last three months... and I haven't gained any weight! I'm still thin! Thin and fit. Let me show you!...

Completely flat. I'm actually amazed that I could eat that much fatty food, and not gain any weight at all... I still look great!... Nice and flat. This is going to be easy... I knew I could do it... You know, I just love eating whatever I want, and not gaining any weight. See! I look so fit, don't I? And I was able to get some burgers today. I love cheeseburgers... Fatty foods just taste so much better... And soda, I drank soda every day... Another three months until I can win my bet... Gonna be easy.

Part 3: So, it's been six months, and I've been eating fatty foods every day... and I haven't even gained that much weight... So, that means that I won the bet because I'm still thin, and I'm still fit. I've been drinking pop every single day, for every meal, and have been eating the worst fatty foods... and I have this huge modeling gig coming up, and I'm not even worried about it. In fact, I'm even going to try on the clothes that fit me before I even started eating all of this food just to prove it...

The outfit that I started in... Alright, here we go. I don't know... I feel like, maybe I just, like, accidentally shrank those in the wash or something... Let me try on a different outfit. This would look really good for my shoot. I don't know... it looks kinda different. I don't know if that really looks that great for my modeling shoot... Maybe I should wear something else.

Oh gosh, why can't I find anything that fits!? I'm getting a little bit frustrated... I just don't understand why nothing fits. I have a huge modeling gig coming up... Ugh. One more shirt... I mean, this is a small, it should fit. It's really tight up here. This is really uncomfortable. It's too tight. I mean, I haven't gained that much weight. It's not that much... God, this is so dumb! I just don't fit into anything! UGH!

The clip includes: thin model gaining weight over 6 month period, showing 3 month and 6 month gain, models her clothes in each segment, 3 month outfit showing her fatter body, overeating/facestuffing, food stuffing, soda pop cans/drinks/2 liters, McDonald's, fatty foods, junk food, fast food, pizza, cheeseburgers, burping, 6 month gain--model hides her body underneath baggy dress, struggles to put on her normal clothes and various outfits, frustrated she can't fit into clothes, closeups, flat stomach to huge stomach, fat

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