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Lightbulb Lion's Pride: a WG/Anthro Illustrated, Crowdfunded Story

Lion's Pride is my first illustrated story project - a traditional story, with a series of pictures detailing the the changes.

Meek and mild Cleo is an underpaid and under-appreciated political campaign worker who is sucked into a world where everyone is anthro, including her. But that's not the only change she needs to worry about. As time goes by, Cleo finds herself increasingly tempted to turn her back on her old ways, embracing selfishness, corruption, power, hedonism, gluttony, and of course, pride.

My artist and collaborator for this project is Volkenfox, who recently created the amazing cover image for my ebook Going Bananas, and has over 700 anthro/transformation pictures on Fur Affinity (registration required.) My own site has about 50 free stories for you to read.

Our goal is to regularly produce a collaborative, illustrated, anthro/transformation themed story every 2 months. If you are interested in helping with these projects, you can support the Patreon page we have set up. The more support it gets, the longer and more detailed the transformation will be. Similar to The Transformation Mall (my previous crowdfunding project), there are many pledge levels, some of which allow for creative control, including custom artwork and written scenes.

Since this is a new idea, I wanted to address some questions you might have.

Why should I pledge for this project?

The more support the project gets, the longer and more detailed the story will be, the more pictures will be drawn, and the further the changes will go. At the higher levels, pledges can also allow you influence the finished project, like creating an alternative ending with a custom-commissioned scene and artwork.

Can I get the stories and pictures without pledging?

The illustrated stories will be eventually published on Amazon, Smashwords, or another platform which is conducive to illustrated stories. However, similar to The Transformation Mall, Patrons will receive the stories well in advance of their publication.

Can I make a 1-time pledge?

Yes. Patreon, the platform used to provide funding for Lion's Pride, is designed to provide ongoing support for artists and authors who do ongoing work. But if you want to contribute to a single project only, you can sign up, and then cancel after you make your first pledge.

Will these illustrated projects all be anthro-themed?

Yes. All of the illustrated projects we create will be anthro-themed, and will contain transformation themes such as weight gain or female muscle growth.

Let me know if you have any other questions! And to those of you who are already Patrons, thanks so much for your support. We hit our first goal yesterday. I'm hoping we soon hit many more.
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