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The New Neighbor (Gay Male WG/AP)

I've released a new ebook, called The New Neighbor. Effete, cultured Malcolm wants nothing to do with his bear of a new neighbor, Aslan. But the more he gets to know the older, heavier Turkish gentleman, the more Malcolm finds himself attracted to him. Soon, Malcolm finds he's transforming, becoming a big, older, hairy bear of a man himself. This is a gay male erotica transformation story, featuring weight gain, age progression, cultural changes, elements of body-swapping, and much more! This 17,000 word story is available on Amazon. A reminder: you do not need to own a Kindle to read Amazon ebooks, you can read them in browser with Amazon's Cloud Reader.

I've also released a podcast with my co-author on this story, Mickey Bamboo, about this book and about self publishing, generally. Except below:

My problems didnít end there though as I caught a look of myself in the mirror. Other than a thicker then normal morning stubble covering my jaw, I looked horrible. Was I really looking that old? I was only twenty five but perhaps my job was stressing me out more than usual. I looked thirty. Even worse was what I saw when I looked down.

I knew I wasnít still bloated from the evening before, but my hard worked abs were gone, replaced by a small beer belly. That might have explained why my face looked a bit...fuller than usual. This...this wasnít possible as I kept rubbing it, shaking it, willing it to disappear, and the only response was my member giving a few twinges of pleasure. Even with that impossibility, my thoughts continued on remembering I needed to shave my body again, the start of a treasure trail was just coming in. I shook my head as I remembered I really needed to focus on that gut. How the heck did I gain that much in one evening?

Even weirder, after my awkward shower, I found out that my wardrobe seemed to be tailored for someone larger, well, for my current size that was. It was as if everything I had was made with my newer expanded figure in mind, as if Iíd been this big for more than a while.

What scared me though was that nobody at work had any idea there was any change. They all thought it was caused by some early midlife crisis, or just me stress eating. It worried me because the onus was now on me. Was this all just a bad dream? Had I deluded myself my body was a prime example of perfection. No, that was impossible. Something else was going on here behind the scenes.

As I returned home from work, Aslan was just coming home from with a package of groceries and some fast food. I was completely exhausted and starving and even after last night's indiscretion, the thought of eating a burger instead of a salad secretly thrilled me... I just felt so slow and knew I needed to make quite the gym run but my eyes were drawn to the shorter bear...Was he a bit...trimmer? I shook my head as I walked by.

ďOh hey, Mal. Look, sorry I exploded at you the other day, mind coming in and talking about it?Ē He gave me the same open smile as I thought about it. Why not?

ďItís Malcolm and sure. We really do need to talk and I donít like how we left things. Let me do one thing.Ē After putting my briefcase in my own apartment, and glaring at the mess of beer canís and the pizza box still resting on my coffee table from the previous evening. I had to have my little hedonistic indiscretion the evening before my maid was to have her day off. I sighed and quickly returned back over to Aslanís place, wanting to keep this mess out of mind for now.

I was actually a bit pleased with some of the changes Aslan initiated. The scent of cologne and Turkish spices mixed with the various incense still lingered but it was nowhere near as powerful as it was when the fireplug of a man had first moved in. The apartment also seemed a bit cleaner as beer cans were no longer laid haphazardly across the rooms.

The furniture seemed to be arraigned much more elegantly as well, a lot more thought had been put into style. Oh, there was still quite a bit of cultural influence scattered around the place, but it now fit the design and flow of the area much better. Perhaps he had took my criticism to heart?
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