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The start of a Final Fantasy Story

In my idle time, I've been working on a FF7 story. I've set it after the end of the game and ignoring Advent Children. I love the movie, I'm just ignoring it for the sake of this story. The story isn't finished yet, but I'm curious as to general reactions. The more detail you can give me about what you like or don't like, what does and doesn't work for the story, etc. The more detail the better.
Tifa sat down heavily. There was no other way for her to sit down, their encounter with the flans had seemed to be the ideal situation to try out her new materia, with a town a mere half mile away should the test go awry. The bauble was reputed to bestow upon the user the strongest traits of the target. If used on an Admantoise, the user would gain the giant turtle?s sheer defensive power. But instead of granting her the flan?s ability to resist physical damage, the perfect complement to her close range combat style, Tifa?s new materia had apparently decided to replicate the flan?s physical features instead. The resultant effect being a significant increase in Tifa?s weight.
Cloud stepped in to defend her, and finished the enemy without hesitation. Taking a moment to examine herself, Tifa found that she was still growing. Slow and steady, her body continued to gain mass, all of it in the form of fat. The most noticeable amounts being in her stomach, thighs, hips and buttocks, and of course, in her already sizeable breasts. But not to be ignored, other areas were growing as well.
Looking at her hand for even a brief moment, Tifa could see a soft coating of fat spreading across it. Her attempt to make a fist, something which was normally second nature to the talented martial artist, proved difficult as her fingers had softened and plumped to the point that she was unable to squeeze them together tight enough.
The snapping of her bra brought her attention back to the rest of her body, as well as bringing about the realization that her breasts had already doubled in size. Freed from her brassiere, Tifa?s breasts settled down and sloped outwards. Despite their massive increase in size, they retained their fairly spherical shape. Tifa?s relief at this quickly dissipated on noticing that the reason her breasts were not sagging was because they were resting upon her stomach.
Tifa was about to pull her breasts apart in order to see between them, but this quickly became unnecessary as her stomach achieved its own goal of growing beyond her mammeries. As the formerly slim fighter watched, her stomach continued to grow until she was easily able to see the folds of her belly. Even with her still expanding breasts attempting to block her view, Tifa was able to see a great deal of her stomach, and had an excellent view as it continued it?s own growth, forcing her thighs to part and make way for the apparent ocean of belly fat.
This in turn brought Tifa?s attention to her lower body. Forced to look down and around her side in order to even see her legs, Tifa was treated to the sight of her thighs steadily plumping. Her once defined muscles having long since been lost from sight, Tifa?s thighs now resembled a smoothly rounded cylinder, tapering slightly at the knee, only to expand again at her lower leg. Moving to her feet without the slightest seeming hesitation created a, comparatively, dainty pair of cankles.
Unable to see her posterior, Tifa was forced to feel for how much her behind had grown. With no small amount of trepidation she reached around and found that her shorts, already tight on her previous size, were barely restraining her buttocks. Having grown an amount proportional to her breasts, Tifa could feel that her hips and buttocks were now at least twice their previous size. It was difficult to determine exactly how much they had grown, as her hands sunk deeply into the generous amount of fat that made up the junk in her trunk.
As her growth finally slowed and began to stop, more exploration by way of various pokes, prods and grabs showed that no matter how Tifa pushed at her bloated body, her hands and fingers sunk in to the layers upon layers of fat and pudge. As she had learned, her butt was more than willing to provide far more than a handful for anyone willing to try a piece. And her breasts, now more than twice the size of her head, were no less enthusiastic. Tifa?s breasts were hampered only by a surprising amount of inner firmness despite their size, providing her bosom with a fully rounded look that visually balanced her new rear, and literally balanced on her massive belly.
Tifa?s stomach, while somewhat firm as well, was so much larger than her breasts that, when pushed, her hands sunk so far in that her belly that the folds began to push over and around the sides of her hand. This was the case whether she pushed from the front, where her stomach nearly reached her knees, or from the side, where the layers of fat had stacked upon themselves like so many links of sausage.
Sausage was what Tifa?s fingers now resembled. While observing the rest of her body, her hands, arms, and legs had strived towards the end of their own growth as well. Her hands had grown to the point that Tifa now had difficulty even touching together the fingertips of one hand, as even the seemingly minor amount of fat that had accumulated on them forced her fingers apart. Tifa?s arms had gained such an amount of weight that she was unable to squeeze hard enough to feel what muscle had been buried.
Finally, mustering her courage, Tifa brought her hands to her face. What had once been a heart shaped frame for her features was now a rounded ball which melded seamlessly to her neck. Tifa?s face had expanded just as much as the rest of her body, becoming a soft sphere of flesh for her visage to rest on. Tifa could feel that her cheeks had swelled out, as had her neck, to such a degree that she no longer had a chin. Not one with a point to it that is. Further exploration showed that her face and neck had softened and grown so much that her chin was now a dual model.
In sum, Tifa was still clearly a very feminine young woman. But rather than matching the hourglass body frame that she once had professed to, Tifa was now a voluptuous, voluminous, and quite healthy example of femininity. From her sitting position her body easily spread itself out, yet it was still simple to see her soft, supple, extremely rounded curves.
Finally finding his voice, Cloud spoke the rather obvious question. ?Tifa, are you alright??
Taking a moment to get the feel of the new shape of her mouth, Tifa replied, ?I?I think so.?
Finding courage from the fact that Tifa was at least coherent, Cloud asked another standard question. ?Are you hurt??
Tifa paused again before answering, ?No. I just feel?different.?
The two stared at each other. Tifa, looking up at her companion, slightly fearful of what his reaction would be when he managed to fully process what had happened to her. And Cloud, looking down at Tifa and feeling much the same way about her eventual reaction.
Tifa was first to break the silence, timidly asking, ?Could?Could you help me stand up??
Cloud quickly shook himself out of his reverie and, nodding his head, reached down to grasp Tifa?s hands. As Cloud helped her stand, there came a sudden snap. After a brief moment Tifa flushed bright red in realization.
Confused, Cloud asked, ?What was that??
Tifa blushed further before answering. ?I think my panties just broke.?
Flustered at the source of the sound, Cloud could only stammer out a quiet ?Oh.?
Now that Tifa was standing, the full scale of her growth was made clear. Much like her claves and ankles merging seamlessly together, Tifa?s thighs and buttocks achieved the same feat. Tifa?s thighs had expanded to the point that they pressed together almost to reaching her knees, making it impossible for Tifa to place her feet together even should she try. Moving upward, her thighs were simply so plumped and rounded that they merged with her butt cheeks, which themselves had pushed out both backwards and to the sides as it grew, forming a sizeable shelf which reached proudly behind Tifa as she stood.
Tifa?s shorts had been stretched to the point that they had ridden up severely, turning them nearly into an undergarment. The shorts had ridden up so far, that they only covered half of each of Tifa?s buttcheeks. Exposing the rest of her plumped posterior to all and sundry. Tifa?s modesty was somewhat spared by the fact that her belly hung down and blocked the view of the front of her shorts. It was less a matter of her stomach sagging, as much as a matter of their being so much girth that it was forced to go somewhere.
While it had not been torn apart, Tifa?s shirt was in much the same condition her shorts were. Her growth had stretched the shirt to the point that it was unable to cover her stomach at all, and was barely able to contain her massive breasts. The shirt could almost pass for a bra, except that it neither restrained the movement of Tifa?s chest, nor was it capable of shielding her breasts from view. The white shirt had been stretched to such a degree that not only were Tifa?s nipples plainly visible, but with no effort a viewer would be able to see the curve and color of her breasts as well.
Attempting let her arms hang to her sides, Tifa found this impossible as well. Instead of hanging, her arms ended up resting on her hips and belly. The size of her posterior had forced Tifa?s hips outward as well. With each rear cheek being a rough foot across, this was unsurprising. Instead trying to cross her arms in front resulted in a similar issue in that Tifa?s breasts had indeed grown to the same degree her rump had. With each breast also being over twelve inches in diameter, Tifa?s efforts to cross her arms forced her busom upwards. Pressing her breasts further together and creating a veritable chasm of cleavage.
Finally giving it up as a lost cause, Tifa turned back to Cloud. ?Can we just return to the town for now? Please??
Cloud shook himself out of the reverie Tifa?s self-examination had induced. Not trusting himself to speak just yet, he settled for nodding his head he stepped aside and let Tifa pass.
After a few shaky steps, Tifa was able to adapt and settled into a manageable gait. The sheer size of her hips created a pronounced sway to her walk. Tifa?s buttocks swept from side to side as she moved resolutely forward. With her breasts matching the motion perfectly, sliding back and forth across her stomach. Which itself attempted to hinder Tifa?s forward progress by hanging almost halfway down her thighs, requiring Tifa to either take shorter steps or push past her belly folds with each step. Each option had its own effect.
Experimentation showed Tifa that taking shorter steps resulted in far more jiggling in her butt, breasts and thighs. Whereas pushing past her stomach folds sent waves of motion from the fat of her belly all the way through to the folds on her back. Finally settling on the longer steps, in order to reach her destination, Tifa pushed forward. All the while unaware of Cloud?s eyes, glued to her hypnotic sway.
Following the defeat of Sephiroth, the group had finally been able to move on with their lives. Barret promptly moved back to Midgar to assist with the restoration, Cait Sith used his company connections to provide aid and materials to the effort. Cid returned to tinkering with his airships, while Vincent and Red XIII went back to their travels. Yuffie flitted hither and yon, somehow always able to find her friends regardless of where they happened to be.
Cloud and Tifa had settled on becoming freelancers. Bounty hunters, monster killers, treasure seekers. The two worked quite well together. Cloud was more than capable of handling any danger they came across, while Tifa was adept at the interpersonal aspects of their business. She was often able to coax a higher fee out of even the most reluctant client, or convince a tight-lipped source to let slip the newest rumor of forgotten treasure.
Between the two of them, Cloud and Tifa were quickly amassing all they would need to live comfortably for the remainder of their lives. They maintained a low profile, as neither had much taste for notoriety. This in turn allowed them to relax when they were not on a job, which itself was a mixed blessing. Having avenged Aerith, saving the world was simply a side effect in Cloud?s perception, Cloud turned in upon himself. Withdrawing again, despite his awakening in the Lifestream, Cloud still blamed himself for Aerith?s death. Preferring to spend his free time either training himself to exhaustion, or drinking himself into a stupor.
Tifa took it upon herself to once again bring Cloud out of his depression. Having learned from her previous experience Tifa did not ever confront Cloud, she simply made sure he knew that he was not alone. In the three years time since the destruction of Meteor, it seemed that progress had been made. Cloud would never be a people person, but it seemed he had been able to leave the past behind him. And while Cloud still would not let himself become involved with anyone, the renewed friendship between he and Tifa strengthened their effectiveness in their work.
The two returned to their freelance work, selling most of their findings, and depositing the proceeds in ever larger bank accounts. A few items they kept for themselves, a new sword here, a priceless artifact there. And of course, new materia.
That's it for now, I have started the next scene, but I've hit a mild block. Hence why I'm seeking input. Let me know what you all think.
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Re: The start of a Final Fantasy Story

It was a great story ever. =D
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Re: The start of a Final Fantasy Story

I really want to see a continuation of this
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