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Shrinking Pundit! Ha!
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The Party

Finally decided to start working on some old loose ends. You know, unfinished old stories.

Should I keep working on this one?

The Party Part 1

** Warning: Contains Shrinking ** (May eventually contain sexual situations and worse! Ha!) **
Dani shimmied to the pumping dance music, her wallet chain bouncing off her hip. The house warming party was getting crowded, so she made sure to stay close to her best friend who was also one of her roommates. The red-headed tom boy wore form fitting jeans and a Rock Star t-shirt just short enough to expose her navel, looking so sexy as she whipped back her hair, panting and trotting over to her friend with a sweat "Phew! I'm getting tired, we should get some more to drink," she giggled. "Hey, that cherry liquor stuff tasted really good! Wonder if there's any more."

Lacey replied, "yeah! that was delish!" Lacey grabbed her friend's hand and weaved through the crowd to the dark old bar where the drinks were kept. Poking through empty bottles, she declared, "Oh darn, looks like they're out!"

Then she rummaged through some older dusty bottles way in the back under the bar. As she reached behind some bottles at the back, she felt a loose piece of wood and pushed. She heard it fall down inside the bar. She had found a secret compartment. Dani heard the noise, and gasped, looking around to see if anyone heard.

With a worried smirk, Lacey reached back and let her fingers explore further, until she felt a little bottle in the darkness under the old wooden bar. "What's this?" she said pulling it out and showing it to Dani. It was dusty but it had the same color of the cherry liquor. "Wanna give it a try?"

"Oh wow, it looks like it's only enough for two shots or so, hehe, must be the good stuff! Yeah, let's do it..." Looking around again, she grabs two shot glasses and puts them out for Lacey. "You do it, you're better at pouring than me." Dani licked her lips, unaware of the doom they were bringing upon themselves.

Lacey smiled an "oh yes! Lets!" She placed the two shot glasses on the bar. She had a bit of a hard time opening the strange bottle, as it was very old, much older than she thought. Gripping the bottle hard in one hand, she wiggled the cork a while, and it finally popped off. Then she slowly poured the dark red liquid into the glasses, making sure she was fair about the amount in each glass. She handed one to Dani and lifted the other to her lips but then hesitated. She lifted it further to her nose and sniffed. It smelled odd but wonderful somehow. Then she suddenly tossed the whole thing down. It only tasted a little cherry-ish but good. But also so intense and tingly, she coughed, sputtered, and then laughed. "Wow... really strong!"

Dani watched as that thick cherry liquid was poured into those tiny glasses, too many people yelling and dancing to notice their actions. One hand on her hip, the cocky tomboy knocked it back without hesitation, even though it tingled very oddly on the way down, even for liquor. She sighed in relief and let out a shiver "Brrr! That was strong! Heh, feel light headed all of a sudden..." she then patted the other girl's rump playfully. Dani always liking to touch Lacey like that when she'd been drinking

"C'mon, let's go dance! Hehe, I feel pretty good!" She turns and tripped slightly "Whoa! Damn shoes..." she cursed, not knowing her shoes were getting a little too big.

Lacey flashed a faux angry glance back at Dani, as they marched back to the dance floor. Then she noticed something weird about the aftertaste of that liquor. Smacking her lips, "MMM, it tasted good but it had a weird finish... tasted a little like... pineapple and roast turkey."
Lacey secretly loved being touched by Dani. And was always trying to get her drunk. She giggled slightly as Dani tripped. "Maybe you had your limit." Then Lacey coughed again, her braless breasts shaking under slightly looser pink top. The couple walked back to the dance floor, a little awkwardly. Lacey chalked it up to the strong tingly liquid.

Dani chuckled at Lacey's comment "Oh please, I could drink you under the table any time!" she walked with her, groaning a little as she could feel that her jeans weren't clinging to the shape of her ass, rubbing said rear and feeling her jeans sagging "Dammit, I need a new belt, this one must be worn out..." With that, the two of them started to dance together, Dani throwing up her arms and swaying her hips, shaking her head to the beat as her fists pumped in the air, not noticing her slowly descending height.

As she swayed and thrust her hips, Lacey had her eyes alternately closed and alternately watching Sam's sexy moves - so she didn't immediately notice everyone else getting relatively taller. But she had to stop a couple of times to pull up her skirt which was loosening and approaching her knees. She also didn't immediately notice that the sleeves of her top were approaching her hands and would soon engulf them. Suddenly she squealed as her skirt fell to the floor! "AAAAAAH!" She grabbed and pulled them back up and screamed again when she realized everyone was at least a head taller than her.

Dani was hoping that Lacey was watching her dance, liking to bounce and jiggle her body for her friend, especially in her intoxicated state, not noticing her short sleeves where starting to reach her elbows until she heard Lacey schreik, then looks down to see her own jeans had shimmied down and fell to the ground just as she looked "Bah! Holy shit!" anyone looking would've seen her blue and white stripped panties, blushing deeply and looking around "Oh my God, that stuff... is it making us shrink!?" she starts to panic, feeling things starting to get bigger faster "W-What're we gonna do?! We'll be squished!"

Eyes wide open looking up at her growing friends, Lacey covered her mouth to avoid another scream, only to find her hands were covered by the sleeves of her top! Her panties fell to the floor and she tripped, giving Dani a little flash of her pussy as she fell. She stood, feeling a stronger tingling. "But - But Sam! people don't shrink, " she sputtered. Then she realized that she was obviously very, very wrong, as her top fell around her - her body now too small to hold it up with her shrinking shoulders. She tried to cover herself, arm over her large breasts, one over her pussy. She was about a foot tall now if that. She yelled in a high pitched voice to Sam, " Sam! Sam! What are we going to do?"

Dani tried her best to try to make a path for them to run to, but everyone in the party was so tightly packed together, and it became more difficult the smaller they got, the crowd closing in on them as they dwindled away. Sam's shirt wasn't short enough for a skirt yet as her panties fell clean off, flashing her butt as she too tried to cover up, but once the shirt was long enough to cover her, it was slipping of her shoulders "O-Oh God, whyyy?! I don't wanna be crushed!" Soon it was pointless, letting her clothes fall off as they both stood naked as the day they were born. Dani tries to squeeze her thighs closed, one hand over her butt and the other across her chest "O-Oh man, oh man, w-we're gonna have to run for it!" She leaves her modesty as a boot slams down next to them "Eek! Noo!"

Lacey jumps at the sight of the boot next to them and forgets her modesty as well, letting her large boobs bounce, as she runs to Sam, looking for a path for them to escape. She grabs Sam's hand and says, "this way, " wincing at the tiny high pitched sounds coming out of her mouth. A stiletto crashes down next to them and they jump back and try to dash another direction through the maze of giant feet landing around them.

Sam's uncovered body now jiggles and bounces in the open as she stood with her arms and legs splayed, ready to run as more shoes drew closer, her taut, athletic form flexing as she quivered in fear, watching that boot fly high into the air, having left a large print in their discarded clothes, gripping her friend's hand as tight as she can as their naked, jiggling bodies go running around on the floor, a converse shoe crashing down were they where just standing, dodging the stiletto, screaming and holding Lacey's hip as they huddled together. She looks up and sees up a giantess's dress, a huge red high heel coming right for them "N-No, noooo!!" she cowered, but the heel slams down, just barely missing them as they're under the heel's arc, Sam's naked body trembling "O-Oh God, oh God..." Dani could barely move, her body shivering as she clung to Lacey "O-Oh God, I don't wanna be squished, I-I don't wanna die like a bug..." she sniffed.

Lacey suddenly froze in fear, holding tight to her friend, as the heel almost crushes them. She squeezed Sam's tight body, and said, "let's scream for help!?" She began to scream, but their tiny voices were so weak, especially with the loud music. While they were, screaming and jumping for attention, Naomi, a short skinny freshman, already feeling a little out of place at the party, trips over the shrunken duos abandoned clothes. She curses lightly to herself, but then notices some odd movement at the height of her reclined position across the room. Tara, head of the mean girls, laughs and kicks at her small ass, but Naomi just ignores it and points at the tiny girls. "What the freak are those?"

Dani was still trembling, holding onto Lacey was the only thing keeping her sane at the moment. She nods cautiously and then looks up, trying to cry for help, but all she managed to do was fight the urge to actually cry, her faint little squeaky voice so small and pitiful "H-Help... h-help us, p-please..." But then seeing Naomi trip over their clothes, now looking at the ground, Sam's eyes shot open and she got up, jumping and waving frantically "H-HEY! Hey, we're down here! Help, heeeelp!!" She kept screaming, then noticing the notorious "mean-girl" Tara was with her, squeaking and stumbling back. "O-Oh lord... I th-think we just made a mistake..."

Lacey gulped at seeing the Tara and backed away too. But there wasn't far to go with a forest of dancing feet and lets around them. Now Tara followed Naomi's pointing finger - and saw what looked like two tiny toys. She looked confused a moment, but somehow felt her instinct of cruelty overwhelm her confusion and disbelief. She pushed away dancers until she was hovering over the shrunken couple and bent down and laughed. She stood, and announced to the party, "look what we have here everyone! A couple of living dolls!" She bent done again, and quickly swept up both girls in her hands. Most of the party gasped. The mini-couple screamed. And, of course, someone turned off the music!

Dani and Lacey were trapped. The tan-skinned giantess loomed over their tiny naked bodies, as they cringed at Tara's evil laughter, only to watch her stand back up, announcing their tiny presence to the whole party! "Wh-What?! T-Tara, no! We- EEP!" They were scooped up like they were nothing. As Tara opened her hand, the tiny couple rolled around helplessly in the tall blond's palm. A crowd of their closest friends and worse enemies gathering around their tiny, presented bodies. Everyone around was shocked. A couple of them screaming in fright. Dani rushed to Lacey's side and held her tight "I-I'm scared." Others started to loom in closer, especially the girls, giggling and reaching out to touch their little bodies "Oh my God, Sam?!" one girl gasped, recognizing her friend. Another of her friends, giggling "Aww, you both look so cute... hehe, and naked." Naomi puffed her cheeks "This is serious guys!

"Shut up, Naomi!" Tara says, and lets the other girls poke at them for a while. Then she smiles down at the couple and brings them to her face. "I am now your goddess!" She blows at the two and they feel a hurricane hit them and almost knock them over, as they cling to each other. Others, say, "no fair!" and "share them" One girl grabs at Tara's arms and almost makes her drop the two. Lacey screams in fright. "Dani how - is this a dream? It can't be real." But Tara, not wanting to lose her new toys, screams, "stop!" She walks over and puts the girls on the DJ table next to a spinning record. Here! Everyone can see my new toys here.

((More to come?))

I'm also working a little on my "Wand Envy" mega series, Shrinknanigans, "Wishes Gone South," and a little fantasy audio thing, where I mention some of my fav members here but I shrink every time I do. ha.

But if I do it, I will post it under my new user and maybe be in competition with comicbookbabe.

Oh, and some followups to various interactives that need help. ha.

((Yeah, Julie is out of town. ))
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