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Unread 01-19-2011   #1
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Regressing to the Mean (new AR/AP Comic)

New website address! Update your bookmarks!

A new 41 page Betsy and Lauren comic by Palcomix. Follow the adventures of the two siblings as they spend the summer at an all-girls camp. This is a brand new story that does not continue the plot of the previous comics.

Plot Synopsis: When Lauren rebels against Betsy?s domineering personality, Mom sends the girls to a summer camp. Betsy is mistakenly put in with the youngest girls, while Lauren is placed with the oldest. Soon each girl starts to act and look like their new friends, with Lauren growing to a young adult and Betsy shrinking to an innocent child. How does Betsy react when her once-obedient little sister becomes an authority figure?

You can get more info and buy the comic here.
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Unread 01-20-2011   #2
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Re: Regressing to the Mean (new AR/AP Comic)

That was the most watered down AR comic I've ever seen. Read and deleted within minutes. I have to say, in all honesty, your stuff is just too damn tame now.
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Unread 01-20-2011   #3
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Re: Regressing to the Mean (new AR/AP Comic)

I agree. The Betsy and Lauren concept has got you in a rut.
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Unread 01-20-2011   #4
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Re: Regressing to the Mean (new AR/AP Comic)

I completely disagree. For 10 bucks you are getting almost a 50 page comic that is a continuous story, not a 13 page story like most of them. The story had AR and AP, what did you want to happen. Jesus Dreamtales just take crap for no reason. He puts out content that next to Lore no one else is (and most of the time they in conjunction).
So instead of armchair quarterbacking and trashing it, offer up something. Post here what you think would be a good story, if you don?t have anything, or anything to say then just shut up. The bottom line is if you did not like this comic, sorry, but to try to deter other from getting it without even an honest review is just ensuring that it wont get bought and he cant fund future comics.
I thought the story was great, the animation was superb, and going from all the crap he took with past comic it is no surprise the plot was ?tame.?
So, what would suggest for a story line?
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Unread 01-20-2011   #5
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Re: Regressing to the Mean (new AR/AP Comic)

I was torn, because I did like the 50 page content, and I love the Betsy-Lauren Tandem. I have to disagree with the others here that say those two are played out. They are great charachters i believe. maybe introduce a third girl though.

But I do have to agree, this wasnt the best of the stories. Now keep in mind a 6 scale story on a 1-10 for you is better than 99.9% of everybody else out there.

But, my "constructive criticism"
1. The artwork wasnt as detailed as past stories. But it was still very very good. To get more pages, I am very onboard with this artwork. a definiteive 8
2. The premise, good. Girls psychological fears manifest themselves in physical changes. a 9
3. However the execution was a 3-4 on my scale. Betsy should have been more upset and more scared at the changes she had. Lauren should have gotten a little more paybeck for Betsy's past behavior. In fact in many of the stories, Lauren completely forgets how Betsy has treated her and is all nicey nicey at the end. The one spanking scene was eh, it had been done before. The ending, WAY too happy.

Now what I would be looking for. And again, these are just my personal wants and likes. Everybody has their own.
1. More Humiliation in the story, Betsy needs her comuppance and Lauren has a chance to right things
2. Less happy endings. Granted if you read my stories at I almost never have happy endings. I think the transformation of someone to such a degree shouldnt be happy. Plus a good act of cosmic justice to an arrogant charachter is always fun to see.
3. Go a little farther. What happens when Betsy sees her old school mates, or comes across some of her clothes she cant wear anymore. One thing in an old Hal story and in your Visit to Aunt Millies was the loss of her car keys and driving privlidges.
4. Diverge a little bit, add some weight gain, and other items to make their situation a little worse. Yeah Betsy got smaller, but all the charachters for the most part are still pretty good looking. What happens if shes younger and is a little butterball at camp and the other kids begin to pick on her too? Just a suggestion is all.

Anyway, I still love your stuff, and will Buy ALL of your work you do. There is no fear of me stopping being a customer. But I would love to see some of that stuff done.

I still would LOVE LOVE LOVE if you ever did Greinskyn's Pieces of You story. Id pay $50 for that comic series in aheartbeat. Or do the one by Mr. Carl called a Small Addition. Where a full grown woman is shrunk to about 2-3 feet tall, and ends up being treated like a baby. because of her height and babysat and treated like a doll. Humiliated and wearing diapers because she is still physically an adult. BUT and heres my ending to the story that never got finished. Have her go through the same thing that Betsy did, where being treated like a baby causes her to physically regress. NOT mentally, shes still angry at the situation. But eventually her boobs shrink to nothing, and she piles on the pounds and resembles a baby almost. THEN she gets the cure and is changed back to an adult, but a lot of the changes from when she was shrunk still are there. Shes now much shorter than she was before, her chest is flat and she has all this baby weight as a full-grown adult.

Anyway, just some suggestions is all. Thanks for the fgood work
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Unread 01-20-2011   #6
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Re: Regressing to the Mean (new AR/AP Comic)

BTW, I would reccomend EVeryone buy this work. It is very very well done and a credit to the genre. A few minor criticisms mean nothing. Citizen Kane is still Citizen Kane. For 40 pages? that works out to .25 a page. MORE than a value, and more than worth trolling deviant art or other sites for related work. A coherent story is worth its weight in gold

For all who like AR, buy this story.

And no offense to lorekeep, and I do love the process site and buy 90% of the material on it. Im generally nowhere near as happy with the work as I am with yours. The artwork suffers in comparison, the story genrarlly goes way too far. (Just my preference, I dont need to see badly drawn penetration) Keep mine R rated, not X. Its like comparing Steven Spielberg to Ed Wood. Ed's stuff is good to see, but its not classic like stevens (Dreamtales). But much love to Lorekeep, I support him, the site and his stories on BEstory club as well.

Anyway, Dreamtales you put out a great product. And it was a very pleasant surprise this evening for myself. Hopefully YOU DONT do any more giantess stories anytime soon. Im sorry but that genre has WAY too many sites and a story club too. A girl gets big.... its been done a million times over. Rent 50 foot giant or whatever. When do we get a Hal or a dreamtales like story on celuloid? With shrinking and Ar'd women? Huh?
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Unread 01-21-2011   #7
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Re: Regressing to the Mean (new AR/AP Comic)

Thanks so much for the comments ? all the comments. My feeling is that if you pay money for something you are certainly entitled to voice your opinion. So I really respect your thoughts and appreciate you taking the time to tell me. It?s really helpful to know what works for people and what doesn?t.

That said, obviously I can?t satisfy everyone, and so I have to basically do what I would like to see myself. Even though I usually have happy endings, I have still gotten comments about how ?mean? I was to the characters. I spent a LOT of time on this story and am still not 100% satisfied with it myself. There are lots of directions this could go in, and I definitely considered some that Adobemman10 suggested (and I?ll look up those stories you suggested). Maybe I should do a sequel with an alternate ending?
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Unread 01-21-2011   #8
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Re: Regressing to the Mean (new AR/AP Comic)

I was hoping the more childish they treated Lauren the younger she got. Till eventually she was a baby, and vice versa, Maybe even Betsy realising this and inviting her mother and making her young as well.
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Unread 01-21-2011   #9
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Re: Regressing to the Mean (new AR/AP Comic)

I am a big fan of growth, AP, and increased beauty. Any clothes ripping when Lauren gets older?
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Unread 01-21-2011   #10
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Re: Regressing to the Mean (new AR/AP Comic)

Sorry, but this wasn't worth the money.

The script with two sister getting their roles inversed is reallyoverused.

There's plenty of differents and original story involving AR and AP. Here we're basically seing the same one over and over. And this one don't even have a proper justification of the changes !

The drawings aren't very good eithers. I mean, the scales of each characters at differents ages are all wrong, you should really look at some growth charts. Sometime it just look absurd.

Thanks for drawing us AR/AP contents, it's much apprecied. But this one's clearly lacking quality.
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Unread 01-21-2011   #11
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Re: Regressing to the Mean (new AR/AP Comic)

Guess I'll delurk to support Dreamtales here, since there seems to be a lot of flaming. First off, thanks for making this available- for $10 this was definitely worth it. The idea is interesting, and definitely new. I liked the execution. Although I admit, it would have been nicer to see them pass each other unknowingly during different stages of the AR/AP. Seeing comparisons as they change would have been amazing. While yes, the characters are kind of repetitive, what did you expect- it's a Lauren and Betsy comic. Buyer beware.

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Unread 01-21-2011   #12
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Re: Regressing to the Mean (new AR/AP Comic)

I wouldn't mind seeing your art applied to a solely AP comic.

I know it's not likely to happen If it did, it'd be the first one I'd buy!
Meh. Cranky and old.
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