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Unread 12-20-2019   #733
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Re: Growth Request Thread(Read First Post)

Curious if anyone by any chance knows what video this was made with. I've tried to look through the usual suspects of growth vid creators but can't make any headway. Would really like to purchase the original video, any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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Unread 12-29-2020   #734
magnus knight
Magnus Knight
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Re: Growth Request Thread(Read First Post)

Found this pic online, posted it on my deviant art page as I'm trying to find the video its from or its history. Any help would be appreciated, and if its belongs to you and want it removed let me know.


New info: Got a tip video was posted on you tube originally under the title "I want to break free" about 6 to 10 years ago. It featured a woman lying in bed reading when she starts to grow. She wore black heels, fishnets, a white top and skirt. She outgrew them I believe.

I am willing to pay for a copy of this video if anyone has it.
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Unread 02-13-2021   #735
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Re: Growth Request Thread

Originally Posted by Mr Wayne View Post

57 fem growth stories (7 of yours) plus 7 excerpts from stories and 12 She Hulk stories. Figured you were calling me out on that last comment so I added the authors of the fem growth stories that had the names. But don't let only 7 fool you. You were one of the first favs when I first discovered this stuff online. There are also a few unfinished stories started on this forum that I have bookmarked for whenever they are continued. Enjoy and feel free, anyone, to add the authors I don't already have listed.

After the Fact -- Doug Kulp
Always Liked a GTS -- royal762002
An Overly Hasty Demonstration -- Indra
And She Didn't Know Why** -- ???
At Last -- ZZZ
At Last Redux -- ZZZ
Attack of the Giant Hannigan -- Magnus Knight
Automobile GTS -- Code Name D
Big BJ** -- Magnus Knight
Break Alone -- Sho
Cassandra's Wonderful Adventure -- FrankEC
Choose Your GTS Destiny -- ZZZ
Cindy and the Macromizer -- Hi-Standard
Danielle's Debut -- Indra
Ebony's Rising** -- Magnus Knight
Erin's Growth -- Magnus Knight
Fantasy at the Expo -- Panther
Gem GTS** -- ???
Growing Anxiety** -- Magnus Knight
Growth Serum -- Dimbulb
Growth Story -- JBaller
Growths of Diversion1 -- Magnus Knight
Growths of Diversion2 -- Magnus Knight
Growths of Diversion3 -- Magnus Knight
Growths of Diversion4 -- Magnus Knight
GTS in the City -- ???
Halloween Cookies -- Merlin
Halloween Tricks or Giantess Treats -- Magnus Knight
Heather's Change** -- Terry
Infectious [incomplete] -- Spike/LinkG07
Kim -- Chelgi
Life on the Farm [incomplete] -- Panther
Lightning -- ???
Little Hillary and Ms. Hyde -- ???
Love Machine -- Panther
Lydia -- Solomon
Macro Obsession -- Magnus Knight
Maggie -- Solomon
Magic Candy -- Hi-Standard
Melissa in Wonderland -- Panther
Message Board PLUS -- ZZZ
No Meat Please -- ZZZ
Out of Los Angeles -- Panther
Out of San Diego -- Panther
Power Sauce** -- ZZZ
Prizes and Sizes** -- Magnus Knight
Right Wing Giantess -- Magnus Knight
Sizable Transmutation1 -- ???
Sizable Transmutation2 -- ???
The Bee (Part1) -- Indraguy
The Neighbor -- ???
The Play -- ???
The Rising Cost of Gas* -- Magnus Knight
The Trouble with Shadowlings -- ZZZ
Trial of the Obsession -- Magnus Knight
Trial of the Obsession2 -- Magnus Knight
Witches 2 The BIG Brew -- GrowSpaz

Growth Academy
Growth Fantasy
More Growth Fantasies
My Expansive Day
Small Town Giantess
The Amazing Colossal Interactive
When Good Girls Grow Big

Lust of the She Hulk
Savage Redux
The Incredible She Hulk
College Rampage*
Emerald Extasy
Fantasy in Green
Gothic Rampage**
Lindsay Lohan vs Hillary Duff
Power of Voodoo CH.3&4
Self Denial

10 years later, I know right. Anyways most if not at all of the she hulk stories listed here are by Terry. Infact it's what caused me to find this old thread. As Yahoo Groups is closed I am not able to find much of his work anymore. Does anyone still have these and more importantly the Savage Redux stories?
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Unread 02-11-2022   #736
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Re: Growth Request Thread(Read First Post)

Edit: Damn it, was thinking of something else. Apologizes

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