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Unread 05-24-2021   #1
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TG Transformy chat?

Would anyone like to chat?

I mean, like a proper chat about TG?

I love magical changes, curses and detailed, juicy, descriptive process. It's amazing to discuss the process of how a boy would change into a girl against his will with others... but - and I don't blame them - mostly people just want me to come up with sexy sentences and images for them... which is a bit unrewarding. Not sure if I want to RP as such because it's one sides - but much prefer a two way conversation. If any of these tick a box with you - drop me a line: Magical TFs, curses, detailed change, slow change, pantyhose, slowly becoming a straight woman, public changes, vengeful ex girlfriends or witches. I really only like unwilling changes, but also like it if there's a certain acceptance of the new womanhood by the end, be it with an element chagrin.

Anything to do with a feminine life, from clothes to pregnancy is so exciting if done right. Not a huge fan of tf'd people immediately turning all slutty - it's much more appealing if their sexuality slowly-oh-so-slowly changes. Let's dive in. Would love to hear your fantasies and details... and I'll share mine.

I'm on Discord - but please feel free to DM me here first. :-)
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