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Unread 09-01-2008   #25
Yippee-ki-yay, ma****er!
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Re: Curvaceous Cardinal Vices

Jeezy-creezy, those are awesome. :0
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Unread 09-02-2008   #26
Pink Hair-Dye Guy
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Re: Curvaceous Cardinal Vices

Great work there hmmm! and thanks for putting up the descriptions aswell =D
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Unread 09-02-2008   #27
Sir Psycho Sexy
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Re: Curvaceous Cardinal Vices

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Unread 09-02-2008   #28
Death is Near
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Re: Curvaceous Cardinal Vices

I like lust. Guess why.
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Unread 09-02-2008   #29
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Re: Curvaceous Cardinal Vices

Originally Posted by Gaffenheimer View Post
I like lust. Guess why.
And I like Sloth. Now you guess why.

I guess I'm not entirely done with them just yet. I'm of the idea to ink and color them next.
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Unread 09-03-2008   #30
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Re: Curvaceous Cardinal Vices

L.O. Freak'n L.

Awesome work!
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Unread 09-04-2008   #31
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Re: Curvaceous Cardinal Vices

So, hey, here's Sloth again.

In new, sinfully sensational, shiny, scrumptious color!

All of the other sins will follow into this post as I color them.

EDIT: They're done! How did it go?
Attached Images
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File Type: jpg Greed Colors.jpg (487.6 KB, 395 views)
File Type: jpg Gluttony Colors.jpg (489.0 KB, 352 views)
File Type: jpg Envy Colors.jpg (434.4 KB, 330 views)
File Type: jpg Lust Colors.jpg (512.9 KB, 418 views)
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Unread 09-04-2008   #33
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Re: Curvaceous Cardinal Vices


Isn't she just?
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Unread 09-05-2008   #34
Process Disciple
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Re: Curvaceous Cardinal Vices

Okay, I couldn't help myself.

Beyond a deep, dark, impenetrable forest, down a dangerous, rocky cliff, through a set of sinister and imposing gates, lies the entrance to Hell. Across the Styx and the Acheron, beyond the walls of Dis, and further down to where few have ever tread and returned, lies a home. not like most residences of the Malebolge- no firey winds or pools of bubbling pitch- but a large house, tucked in a small corner of the scorched rocks. It was a large, plantation-style house, with coluns in front and a grand staircase in the foyer. Inside the gray-marbled building are demons- not an especially fascinating discovery in hell, but these are special demons. They are Pride, Greed, Wrath, Lust, Gluttony, Sloth, and Envy- the seven Cardinal Vices, or rather their executors. These seven demons had distinguished themselves as the craftiest, vilest, most ruthless and cunning at tempting mortals to their vices that they were elevated by the Dark One himself to oversee their respective specialties. But living in a house with the embodiments of six other cardinal vices does not make for an easy living situation- especially when they're all women...

"Greed!" Wrath yelled, throwing open the door to their room. "Where's my damn collar?"
"What collar?" Greed asked with an irritated voice, slamming shut one of the lockboxes on her desk with her upper pair of arms and clutching a piece of jewelry to her ample chest with her lower pair.
"MY collar!" Wrath yelled. "Leather! Black! Spiked! My favorite freaking collar! I know you swiped it you damn klepto!"
"I don't have your stupid collar!" Greed yelled back. "Ask Envy, I saw her eyeing it!"
"ENVY!" Wrath yelled as she spun on her heel and left out the door. "Envy, where are you?!" she repeated as she stormed down the cental staircase, her long shock of hair bouncing back and forth behind her with every step. Wrath crossed the grand foyer to the bedroom underneath her and Greed's, throwing the door open with a bang.
"Envy!" She yelled. "Where's my collar?"
Only envy wasn't in the room. Next to her nightstand, loaded down with binoculars, spyglasses, telescopes and other viewing devices, Envy's bed and desk stood empty.
"Lust!" Wrath said, snapping her head to the other side of the room. "Where's Envy?"
Lust tilted her head up from where she lay reading in her lounger, a stack of bawdry magazines resting on her ponderous bosom. "Haven't seen her," She said, leaning her head back down and thumbing through another magazine.
Wrath stormed out of the room, back across the foyer, and past Gluttony and Sloth's room, stealing a quick glance to confirm their room was empty before continuing on down the side-corridor to the kitchen. She entered just as Gluttony was leaving for the den.
"Gluttony!" Wrath yelled, causing the rotund demoness to spin around in fright.
"Whut?" She asked, both of her mouths already stuffed with food.
"Where's Envy?" Gluttony demanded.
"I dunno," Gluttony said, turning and heading through the door towards the den. "Try Lust."
"She doesn't know," Wrath grumbled as she followed after Gluttony, across the back of the foyer.
"Then try Sloth," Gluttony said, shrugging as she fed a handful of potato chips to her wormlike tail.
"Yeah, like *she* ever knows anything," Wrath said, rolling her eyes as she and Gluttony came to the den, where Sloth sat against the couch with the TV remote in one clawed hand, lazily nibbling on a candy bar.
"Hey, Sloth!" Wrath said, hands on her hips.
"Huh?" Sloth replied, muting the television and turning her head to Wrath.
"Has your fat ass seen Envy?" Wrath demanded.
"Sure," Sloth replied, turning back to the television and unmuting it.
Wrath slapped a hand to her face, running her claws over the two ram's horns that curled out of her head. "Well where was she going, numbskull!?" she exclaimed, throwing her arms to the side.
"Oh," Sloth said as Gluttony sat down next to her. "Upstairs, I think."
Wrath growled, her spiked tail thrashing back and forth with such vigor sparks flew up off the obsidian floor when the horns struck against it. Coming back up through the foyer, Wrath charged up the stairs three at a time, the wings on her head and ankles propelling her up the stairs even faster.

She strode towards the door opposite of her and Lust's room, but paused as she reached for the handle. Wrath scowled, then gingerly took her hand from the handle and rapped a knuckle on the door.
"Yes?" Came Pride's voice through the door, sounding bored.
"Uhh... have you seen Envy?" Wrath asked, grabbing her horns and jerking them to either side, popping her neck nervously.
"Not recently," Pride said from her room. "Is there something the matter?"
"No! No, just a, uh, little something. No big deal."
Wrath waited by the door, but didn't hear anything more coming from the room. She paced the catwalk between their rooms, thinking. If Sloth said she went upstairs, she had to be upstairs- making up a lie was too much effort for her unless she was on a job. But if she wasn't here, where was she?
Wrath's head snapped around to the first floor as the front door opened, Envy slinking inside.
"Envy!" Wrath yelled, vaulting over the handrail and dropping to the floor, landing on all fours like something feral.
"Wrath!" Envy said, pressing herself against the door. As Wrath rose to her feet, Envy's skin was already starting to change color, patches on her knees, hips, and shoulders turning grey to match the Ram's wool Wrath sported on her joints and her hair tinting red in an imitation of Wrath's firey mane.
"Did you take my damn collar?" Wrath demanded, jabbing a finger at Envy. Envy's wings subconsiously drew in around her, the eyes near the joint on each wing still looking at Wrath and matching her colors. Even the gooey consistency of her skin changed, mimicing the buldges and ripples of wrath's finely-toned physique, though not conferring any actual strength.
"N-no, I didn't take anything of yours," Envy said, cringing as she smelled sulfur on Wrath's breath. "Did you ask Greed...?"
"Yeah I asked her!" Wrath yelled. "She said she saw you eyeing it! Thought it looked good, did you? Good enough to swipe?"
"No! That's- I didn't take it!"
"But you were eyeing it!"
"I thought it looked good on *you*," Envy said, shoulders slumping. "Not on me."
"Well so where is my collar?" Wrath demanded.
"I didn't take it!" Envy said, hugging herself tightly, trying to curl up against Wrath's verbal assault. "What about Lust?"
"She's got fake spikes already for her kinky bondage nonsense!" Wrath retorted. "She doesn't *want* mine, the sissy." The smell of sulfur became even heavier, and Envy was sure Wrath would ignite in infernal fire at any moment. "You're the one that always *wants* my stuff! You're the only one that would *want* to-"
"Yooo-hoooo..." Greed's voice came from the upstairs catwalk. Wrath and Envy both looked up to see Greed leaning on the handrail with her lower set of arms, watching bemusedly. She rested her head in the palm of her third arm, and in the fourth she dangled a black leather collar studded with wicked-looking metal spikes on one finger.
"So you *did* take it!" Wrath said as she charged up the stairs.
"It was hanging on the inside doorknob," Greed countered as she turned to the stairs and backed up a few steps. "If you ever bothered to shut the door to our room you would have seen it before you ever left."
"Fine, fine, so give it back already," Wrath said as she came up to Greed. As she reached for the collar, Greed pulled it back, wagging a finger at Wrath.
"Come now, as much as you wanted this, surely I'm entitled to a bit of a reward, hm?" Greed asked.
Wrath's eyes narrowed, and then her clawed hand darted out, snatching the collar away from Gred before she could so much as flinch away. "Your reward is me not beating that smug grin off your shiny face," Wrath said as she slipped the collar on, shaking her head a few times to make sure the fit was right.

Envy stood back up from where she was leaning against the wall, her colors returning to their normal clay-and-stone look, save for her green hair and wings. She sighed and went to her door, leaning against the doorjamb. Envy looked at Lust, laid out in her lounger with her seemingly inexhaustible collection of dirty magazines perched on her bountiful breasts.
"Well, hellooo, darling," Lust said, knowing as she did whenever anyone looked at her. "What can I do for you, hm?"
Envy looked at The deep, swooshing curves of Lust's figure, her own meager measurements mimicing them as best her body was able, which really only served to contrast her plain figure against Lust's voloptuousness even more sharply. Sighing, Envy turned and walked away, one of the eyes on her wings lingering to get just one more look at the body she'd never have.

Not 100% sure where this is going yet, but Hmmm!'s lineup inspired me.
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Unread 09-05-2008   #35
Hellstromm, Son of Satan
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Re: Curvaceous Cardinal Vices

"Seven" (or "Se7en" if you take movie posters as canon) gave us a more accurate depiction of what the Seven Deadly Sins would be if they would be corporized.

Sins are not supposed to be "sexy", otherwise they wouldn't be sins in the first place.

I think portraying them as the murder victims of John Doe (Kevin Spacey) do more justice to them than using them as a means to wank off.
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Unread 09-05-2008   #36
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Re: Curvaceous Cardinal Vices

Originally Posted by Hellstromm, Son of Satan View Post
"Seven" (or "Se7en" if you take movie posters as canon) gave us a more accurate depiction of what the Seven Deadly Sins would be if they would be corporized.

Sins are not supposed to be "sexy", otherwise they wouldn't be sins in the first place.

I think portraying them as the murder victims of John Doe (Kevin Spacey) do more justice to them than using them as a means to wank off.
Milton gave us the idea of a beautiful Satan four hundred years ago. Thousands of years before that, the fall of Adam and Eve was written and that fruit did look rather pleasing. The idea of sin seeming appealing has always been around (hence succubi). Depicting them as sexy makes is not all that different.

Aaaaaand, this is a fetish forum... Sooooooo... I'd be the first to encourage creative works like this one. It's very creative, quite sexy and all around good. You may like dead bodies, but I like hot girls more.
"Because we're made out of wishful thinking and puppy farts!" -- Jack on why banality is bad for changelings
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