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Unread 10-12-2012   #1
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Exclamation Blueberry inflation clip at Taylor Made Clips

Okay, so. I just checked as I do on occasion, and saw that they just posted a new clip - a blueberry inflation. Not a blueberry *tease* clip, as they've done several of already, but an actual *inflation* clip - expanding suit and everything. It's up now, and there are some comments on the site forums of people's reactions.

While it's not perfect (first attempts rarely are), it seems as though most of the complaints lie with the actress rather than the mechanics of the process itself. Has anyone else downloaded the clip who wants to offer their opinions? I'd do it myself, but sadly, there's no preview clip available (yet).

According to this thread, there's a second video in the works, this one starring Holly (who is generally regarded as one of TMC's better actresses). With any luck, we could end up with a real prize on our hands here.
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Unread 10-13-2012   #2
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Re: Blueberry inflation clip at Taylor Made Clips

I haven't seen this yet, but if one is coming with Holly, I'll wait for that one. Holly is easily one of the best (and also a personal favorite of mine.)
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Unread 10-13-2012   #3
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Re: Blueberry inflation clip at Taylor Made Clips

I'll throw out my two cents I guess. I'm not the biggest fan of the inflation stuff, but it has it's little place in my heart due to Willy Wonka! The thoughts and comments on TMC's forums pretty much sum it up. The actress didn't really sell the whole idea as well as she should have, but this is their first real inflation video with the prop and Violet is surprisingly close to the looks of the original actress from the film, only older. I was surprised at that fact, though my memory might just be playing tricks on me! Some people didn't like the fact that she was standing up inside the prop, giving her a pear shape and not a round blueberry shape, some people didn't like how fast she inflated, etc. But honestly, it's not the first clip they will do with this idea, and some people like one way it's done, and others enjoy a different way, as Bud points out in one of his replies on the forums. The idea I guess for this is, if you like the Blueberry type inflation, then this would be a good clip to get as it actually uses a suit and it's not just a tease like the others, and the money will go toward supporting more clips of it's type. At only $10 it's hardly a bad deal honestly, so either way, it's worth the money in my opinion.
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Unread 10-20-2012   #4
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Re: Blueberry inflation clip at Taylor Made Clips

The second blueberry clip (the one with Holly) just went up on the store. Sadly, I won't be able to get it until the bank opens on Monday. It's twice the length (and price) of the first clip, but again, there's no preview clip posted. Grah.

On the bright side, the preview pictures indicate they used some of the fan suggestions (such as blowing up the suit bigger for that classic "limbs and head mostly buried" look). I'll definitely get it when I can if only to support continued Taylor-made clip awesomeness, and post my impressions here.

As for the first clip? Not bad, but OW, MY EARS. Apparantly, the actress was trying to channel Violet by speaking in a very loud voice (ala a surprised child). I can see the parellel to the film(s) they seemed to be trying for, but my ears will be thankful if Holly's clip features more natural volume levels.
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