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Mixxi's Moment

A short fic based on the following pic by astarothathros!

Mixxis' Moment

Mixxi groaned softly, drumming her hoofed fingers on the bar top. This party was so BORING! She'd often been asked to cater up-scale parties and the paycheck was always good, but this was just too much. A bunch of stuffy old ponies in their stuffy old dresses turning their noses up at each other and gossiping. She rolled her eyes and contented herself with stacking wine glasses with her golden unicorn magic before thumping her head down on the wood out of sheer despair.

Suddenly, her ears twitched this way and that as she heard two familiar voices. It was Alice and Beth, two goats that she knew were always good for a laugh every now and then. Beth was dressed in a red suit jacket with black tie and skirt, looking lovely as always. Her long, slender golden horns matched perfectly with her natural bare hooves that clacked on the hard tile floors. Alice was dressed in a lovely ebony evening gown with matching shoulder-length gloves. She wore dark stockings that molded her slender legs and wore black slippers on her hind hooves with gold filigree.

Knowing just what to do, Mixxi pulled a box from beneath the bar she simply labeled as "The GOODS" before trotting over to the two young goats. She smiles at them, making a little idle chat before offering each of them a beaker of some sort of green liquor, winking as she told them it would help liven up the party a bit.

Alice looked skeptical but Beth tipped her drink back, drinking about a third of the contents. The effects were almost instant. There was a soft squeaking noise like a large balloon slowly inflating as Beth gasped, looking down at herself. Her hips were swelling outwards as well as her breasts, stretching her blouse and skirt to their limits before stopping. Alice, looking on suddenly grinned at this new development and chugged her entire beaker on the spot!

Alice began to expand as well, the creaking and groaning from her decidedly louder, drawing the attention of a few other patrons. She blushed a little as she gave out an involuntary bleat. Runs formed in her stockings as her thighs surged outwards, the top of her blouse dipped scandalously low while trying to contain her expanding bosom, and there was a loud rip as her gown's bottom split right up to her hip.

The two ladies laughed and smiled at Mixxi, who laughed along as well, grinning and giving Beth a big thumbs-up as the squeaking noise returned.

Beth gasped as she suddenly felt like she was being crushed by her clothing. She turned towards Mixxi and realized she was now looking down on the pale blue unicorn instead of looking her in the eye. Her blouse untucked and rose up, exposing her midsection as the seams over her hips began to shred. Her sleeves pulled tourniquet-tight over her biceps and forearms before bursting open in a few places, relieving the pressure. Her chest too, surged forth, scattering buttons to clatter on the floor far below as her bra broke apart with an audible SNAP, her breasts exposed to the cool air. Her glasses pinched the bridge of her nose tightly as she looked back and forth between the now waist-high pony and the still two-thirds full beaker clasped in her palm.

Alice, meanwhile, stared at her friend, looking back and forth between the growing goat, the grinning unicorn, and the now-empty flask clutched in her grip. She gave a soft gasp, feeling the flask moving in her fingers, seeming like it was dwindling away as the world started to lower around her rapidly. The noise coming from her body was more like an overstretched inner tube as she swayed unsteadily on her hooves. She felt like she was going up in a glass elevator until she looked down and saw her beautiful slippers shredding apart, being destroyed by her expanding hooves before the ruined cloth and leather vanished beneath them. Her gown all but exploded from her body, leaving her in silk gloves and a bra and panties that were cutting deep into her fur. She cried out in pain, stomping a hoof as the cloth pulled tighter and tighter, the long gloves squeezing her arms so tightly that she couldn't bend them to get at anything. She gave a shout, forcing her arms to bend and clenching her fists, shredding the gloves just as her undergarments broke free and fluttered to the floor. Such a sense of relief washed over her for just a moment until she looked down.

She was nude, and HUGE. Mixxi was barely knee-high to her now and Beth just came up to her groin. Once more, she was gazing back and forth between herself and the flask, now pinched between her thumb and forefinger, her horns almost bumping into the rafters high above the floor.

Mixxi, meanwhile was grinning from ear to ear, looking around at the reactions from the gathering crowd and wondering just how many of the others would like a flask of "the GOODS".
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