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Unread 05-11-2007   #37
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Originally Posted by Taruby View Post
I still prefer wryyyyyyyyyyyyy!.
My DA account.

I should be drawing things.
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Unread 05-12-2007   #38
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I do too, but if Akirita was yelling "WRRYYYY!" then the piraters would have a lot more to deal with then words.

Like, a hundred knives flying at them, or a steamroller from above, or something...
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Unread 05-12-2007   #39
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Watch Nodame Cantible and you'll see "Mukii" done alot. Plus the anime is down right hilarious.
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Unread 05-13-2007   #40
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3 things..

Few things..
1- He's not racist.. By definition racist would be calling all Americans "red neck yankees jack-offs" or something to that extent. Instead, he's saying he's pissed off at everyone who's pirated his work instead of paying because he got dicked out of a ton of money. Now he just distrusts foreigners. If anything, he's prejudice.

2- The risk that artists run with digital media that's not encoded, encrypted or somehow write protected comes with the territory. There was really nothing keeping the file from being distributed with the ease it was. Some one paid for it a some point and like it or not, they can do whatever they want with it from there.
Granted, communities like this and PAWG (sorry to compare the two) make the spread of such things 10x worse. I think it's interesting that everyone begs to get these things, then they freak out when someone asks for a free copy.

3 - Fact of the matter is, this is a fetish manga that appeals to a smaller crowd and because of that we covet what decent things we can find. Anyone trying to make a profit off this usually meets with a rather lousy defeat.
Look at sites like expandemonium back in the Y!group days. They promised all these great things and then when people came they spit in your face with a lousy freebie section and then the rest of it was a glamorized pay site.
When you're dealing with a small group like us (people who like WG/Expansion) most people will take the cheapest route and often forsake the people who take advantage of it.
I applaud those who paid for it, and even those who spread the files (because I'm a pirate <_<) but in this case, Mr. Akira Agata got screwed by an unsafe system and over-reacted to something that he probably figured would happen. He's a great artist but he probably does something else for a living and shouldn't rely on casual internet art to be the most reliable source of income.

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