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Whatever Happened to Minikisa? OR Why You Should (re)Read Of Heroes and Villains

Been diving down some rabbit holes recently, and came across the series Of Heroes and Villains on TGStoryTime in a r/Transformation post asking for the best TF fiction out there. This is one of those mythical great combinations of exquisite character writing and steamy smut evasive on most searches. Normally, aggregators of TG fiction boil down to user taste, but the Paragon Verse that Minikisa set up back in January of 2014 seemed poised for some great storytelling. It even deviates from the normal smut tendency by being an awesome superhero tale while still clearly something to get off to. After wrapping up one sequel series, adding an in-between chapter or two to the original tale, and penning 4 chapters of a threequel, the updates stopped. Not an additional word to be found on their situation. Basic internet searches turn up nothing. The forums where they published have no attached social presence. And sending a message into the void of a TG story forum with no visible activity in half a decade seems a fool's errand.

Before anyone tells me, I know it's none of my business to check in on an anonymous author of TG fiction. Their lives are their own and they owe us, the readers, nothing. But with such a promising start, with such a jarring halt, I got curious. Even if they're doing fine, I also hope to raise awareness of a genuinely excellent piece of writing that deserves some necromancy.
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