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Unread 03-06-2015   #25
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Re: SW Story: Stale Meal [Part 2/?]

Originally Posted by whyamihere View Post
I admit, I didn't proofread as much as I should, and that picture isn't me. Its a random guy I found on google images. Thanks for the critism, I'll try to improve myself and well, not make it all about my fantasys.
That's Jontron's pic. Not "some random guy." Ex Game-Grump, Youtube content creator; the real question is why you wanted his pic as your avatar for a fetish site.

Originally Posted by LK View Post
Are you even 18? Don't answer that, too easy to lie, they don't care if you are a minor.

You think I'm a dick, I think you guys are gullible, ignorant, and lacking critical thinking skills because you listen to what your dick tells you and are that fucking starved for material to stoke your imagination.

You'll swallow shit and think its steak so long as you can pretend and the marionettes you fantasize about are reasonably attractive, teehee.
I have never seen Lorekeep this mad before. Why are you going to town on this guy? It looks like you're taking this super personally/serious for whatever reason.
I can't fail the mayor. Not ever
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Unread 03-06-2015   #26
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Re: SW Story: Stale Meal [Part 2/?]

I have no idea, that specific picture looked fettishy idk. I like JonTron.
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shrinking out of clothes, shrinking woman, shrinking women, shrunken woman, shrunken women

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