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Camgirl Weight Gain Progression: POV Facestuffing and Weigh-In Sessions - 32 Min

32 Minutes - HD - 1080p MP4 - $15.29

Camgirl Weight Gain Progression: POV Facestuffing and Weigh-In Sessions -> Watch Preview and Purchasing Info

Part 1: I know itís not that much, but Iím going to work my way up for you, as long as you keep doing these private chat sessions with me. Here, this is how Iím going to start, too. Little Debbieís red velvet cakes. Oh yeah, and I have soda. Honestly, I LOVE eating this stuff, but I have to keep hiding it from my boyfriend. Itís really goodÖ

Part 2: Alright, so, Iím going to show you what I look like now. Iím pretty sure Iíve gained a lot of weight. Hereís my stomachÖ Look at that bulge! Oh my god, this is why I have to wear baggy shirts. My stomachís not flat anymore. And I actually have something I can grab onto now! How many times do I have to tell youÖ You should never ask a girl how much she weighs, but yeah, Iíll step on the scale for you.

Part 3: This is a lot! Oh my god, look at that whip cream and fudge. I have totally been sneaking around just to have these private sessions with you. This is so goodÖ Fudge, cream, cakeÖ My boyfriend has no idea that Iíve been doing this, and he even said that heís noticed that Iíve been gaining weight. Heís been really strict about what Iíve been eating, but I donít care. Heíd be so mad if he knew I was stuffing...Read More
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