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Autumn's Werewolf Cock (skin rip TFs, werewolves, futa TF, anal sex)

Heyo! Copy on FurAffinity here:
Copy on Hentai-Foundry:

The full text is below.

Autumn reluctantly discovers her desires to have hot anal lesbian sex with her best friend, Jenny, and aroused beyond control, she spontaneously unleashes her inner beast. But the werewolf within Autumn is a little more endowed than anyone might've guessed...

Comment if you enjoy it or send me a note! Feedback is always welcome as well. Like it on FA or HF as well! It means everything to a writer to get comments, so I appreciate anyone who takes the time to express their thoughts.

Warning: Lots of hardcore anal content, TF from F to H and so on.


Autumn Barkley first felt the twinge in her belly when her best friend Jenny mentioned anal sex.

Jenny was seated on a flat gym bench in the middle of the room, removing her tennis shoes. Normally, she wouldn't have dared talk about something so sexual in a public place, but it was a little past two in the morning, and the hotel gym was empty. They'd retreated to the locker rooms a few minutes before, slicked with sweat, and Jenny had wedged a trash can under the door handle, telling Autumn that she didn't want someone walking in on them while they showered.

Now Autumn realized that Jenny had wedged the door because she wanted to be... gross. "We're in public," Autumn whispered.

Jenny smiled. "It's the off season. There are maybe five people in the hotel." She leaned forward and grinned mischievously. "We're the only women."

"Why jam the door then?"

"Insurance!" Jenny said. "I wanted to tell you about Michael." That was Jenny's boyfriend, who was currently asleep in a distant room on the second floor. Nate, Autumn's boyfriend, would be sleeping a little down the hall from there.

"Wait--you think he'd come into the girl's locker room?"

Jenny shrugged happily. "Maybe he'll come looking."

"No." Autumn shook her head. "Not Mike."

"After the ride I gave him?" Jenny playfully bit her lip, bent forward a little on the bench, and lightly slapped a round buttock in her taut exercise shorts. "He'll be missing me."

Autumn felt another twinge in her belly, a kind of strange nervous ache that she'd never felt before. She'd wanted to tell Jenny to stop talking about anal, but that feeling... it silenced her.

Jenny took the measure of her best friend's silence, then asked, "Are you bothered?"

Of course she knew Autumn was bothered, but the question was really a request to keep talking anyways. Autumn shook her head and leaned back against a bank of lockers. She didn't want to hear about her best friend's anal escapades, but this new feeling encouraged her to listen. "I'm not bothered," she whispered, clarifying.

Jenny pursed her lips thoughtfully, then started pulling off her socks. "You should strip too. We'll shower together." She patted the seat next to her. "Come."

Autumn came and sat beside her friend but crossed her arms over her stomach, hiding that tense, butterflies-flapping feeling, covering it up as if Jenny could see it.

"You're so cute when you're nervous," Jenny said playfully, then tossed her socks on top of each other by the end of the bench.

Cute was an understatement. They were a beautiful pair, friends since high school. Autumn Barkley was built like a 13 year old's idea of what a woman should look like. Five feet tall, hair dyed wheat blonde, a petite build, thick red lips, wide hazel eyes, and a massive rack. When wrapped up in a bra, her D-cups were broad enough on her little body to fill up her chest and spill over to the sides. Her ass and hips were feminine but relatively svelte, giving her an over-young appearance like that of a teenager except for her porn star tits.

Jenny on the other hand was a natural redhead with blue eyes and freckles. She was a few inches taller than Autumn, adequately endowed on the front, but especially endowed behind. Her ass was muscular and deep, with exceptionally round buttocks and broad hips. She was the kind of girl who filled out hot shorts like a nude sculpture, and if she squatted, one could see the cloth curving up into her crack or wrapped tight to her pussy mound, and that was how she liked it.

Autumn started pulling off her shoes, unsure how to answer Jenny's accusation of cuteness. "I'm not nervous," she said, deciding on a defense.

Jenny gave a teasing smile and said what Autumn thought was the grossest thing she could've. "Are you turned on then?"

"Jesus, Jenny!" Autumn said, blushing.

"Anal turns me on," Jenny said in a low, pleased whisper, like a young girl confessing she'd stolen candy."You should've seen it."

"Seen it?" Autumn could hardly believe what she was hearing, and the feeling of butterflies in her gut was spreading, filling up her whole groin. Jenny started laughing. Autumn put her head down and pulled off her socks. To her shame, she was unwillingly picturing Jenny on hands and knees, her beautiful ass raised, round cheeks pushed apart, and a humongous penis slowly, wetly packing itself up Jenny's lubed asshole.

"Don't you watch porn?" Jenny asked.

Startled, Autumn looked up at her friend. Jenny had her hands at the hem of her t-shirt.

Jenny kept talking. "I know you do, and you should've seen me. I put on a show."

Autumn squeezed her legs together instinctively, as if she had to hide what was happening in her panties. Her pussy was wet. She couldn't believe it, she felt so embarrassed, but she was dripping. She wouldn't have told Jenny in a million years, but now that she'd imagined it, she absolutely wished she could've seen it. She just... she had to see a guy on top of Jenny. That's all, she thought. She wanted to peer over Michael's shoulder, down to the top of Jenny's raised rump, and watch from his perspective as he pushed his hips into Jenny's rear, forcing his dick into her naked asshole.

She would've masturbated to that, yeah. She might yet, if she could get a few minutes alone.

Jenny smiled at Autumn's stare and pulled up her shirt. The sight made Autumn shudder. Jenny's white bra was soaked with sweat from their workout, and her dark nipples were clearly visible through the cloth. Autumn's clitoris stiffened, becoming fully erect, and that tight butterfly feeling began to bloom into something Autumn had never felt before.

She pulled up her own shirt, trying to hide her deeply blushing face before Jenny could see her. Somehow, all this talk of anal sex had awakened something animal inside her. She closed her eyes, trying to repress this new hunger, but instead she unwillingly recalled Jenny in a bathing suit, an image from a few weeks back, bent over by a pool to impress onlookers, and memories of that jutting girly ass just turned up the heat in Autumn's pussy mound.

Come on, there was no denying it! Where was the guy in this thought?

Nowhere, because she didn't give a shit about the guy. Her pussy was filled with honest to God lesbian lust for Jenny. She wanted to suck her best friend's nipples. She wanted to kiss those broad buttocks. She wanted to... stop! Autumn had to stop herself before she actually made a move on Jenny. They had boyfriends. Jenny was straight. Autumn was straight. Nothing would happen. Whatever had caused this feeling would pass. Just... calm down.

She pulled off her shirt the rest of the way, having sat there for 10 seconds looking like an idiot with her head buried in her clothes. Jenny was grinning like a dog and on her feet, her thumbs hooked around the elastic of her exercise pants. "Something on your mind?"

"No," Autumn said, blushing again, eyes open wide and drinking in Jenny's breasts. They must've been cold, the sweat drying. Jenny's nipples were so puffy and stiff, tenting the cloth of her bra very slightly. Erect, Autumn thought. Jenny's nipples were erect.

Jenny wiggled her broad hips back and forth to shimmy her exercise pants down over her ass. They popped loose after a second and fell down to Jenny's knees. She kicked them off, laughing, then launched back into her story. "As I said, you should've seen it. I'd cleaned up and lubed up already, and Michael was babbling about my thong. Look at this thing." Jenny spread her legs a little and stood in front of Autumn, just to let her look.

Autumn had a hard time believing that her clitoris could get harder, but she swore it did. Jenny was wearing this white thong that Autumn had never seen before, and it was half-clear with sweat. Jenny's fat pussy lips were in plain view. Her trimmed pubes were dark red through the cloth over her pussy mound. Her pussy lips were blushing. God, was she looking that closely?

Autumn forced her eyes up to meet Jenny's clear blue beauties. Jenny was more beautiful than Autumn could remember. There were these light freckles all over her smooth cheeks and petite nose. Autumn wanted to lick them. That was so weird, but that's what she wanted. Then she wanted... No, Autumn tried to clear her mind--to not think too far, to not assume too much. Jenny's pupils were so wide. Autumn was drinking in every detail. Their gazes were locked.

Autumn's lip twitched.

"What is it?" Jenny asked suddenly.

"Well..." Autumn swallowed to gain a moment. The question was a bad idea. Asking it was almost certainly too much, but maybe... "What's the back look like?" She smiled nervously. "Like, what was Michael freaking out about?"

"It's hot. Look at this." Jenny turned around and bent over very slightly, as if showing off. Autumn leaned forward with equal subtlety, sucking in her lower lip to suppress any sounds from escaping her throat. Jenny's ass looked almost bare from behind. Her deep, muscular buttocks completely enveloped a very soft, very small cord of thin white cloth that finally rose out from between her cheeks at her rump, connecting tautly to to a thin, lacy elastic band hooked over Jenny's hips. There were freckles on her ass cheeks though. Autumn wet her lips with the tip of her tongue. She... she wanted to lick those too. Oh God, her knees were shaking, and her clit ached with acute lesbian desire, because Jenny's strong ass looked unbelievably hot and fuckable, and Jenny liked anal sex, and Autumn wanted to bend Jenny over, spread her asscheeks and lick her best friend's rear from clit to asshole in a single gay slurp.

"You almost look naked," Autumn said quietly, before wincing at the tone in which she said it. Her lust had snuck in as a slightly husky, hopeful lilt on the word naked, giving it far too much emphasis. She had to change the subject. She had to say something now. "Is that comfortable?"

"It is," Jenny said eagerly, "I wore it while Michael buttfucked me."

Oh God, just the word buttfuck made Jenny's ass look even more inviting. She stuck dicks in between those girly buttocks. She was so curved, so soft. Unnngh, Autumn felt almost pained. How had she never really noticed how beautiful Jenny was? How fucking sexy?

Jenny wiggled her hips and ass. "Do you like it?"

You're really, really hot, Autumn thought, but she amended as she spoke. "It's really, really hot."

Jenny let out a cute little squeal of delight, straightened and turned around, clapping her hands together and looking at Autumn. "Thank you! I just..." She hesitated, then pushed on, speaking very fast, "I had to tell you. I had to show you! I'm sorry, I know I'm freaking you out, but it's been stuck on my mind the whole time, and you're the only person I trust. You don't mind, do you?" She paused and took a short, nervous breath. "Should I stop?"

"No!" Autumn said a little too forcefully. She repeated herself with a little more control, feeling another blush creep up her throat. "No, it's fine." Autumn looked down to slide off her gym shorts, using that as an excuse to dodge Jenny's searching gaze. "Tell me anything," Autumn said, turning down the heat in her voice from open lust to gentle encouragement. "I'm curious."

"Autumn, oh my God!" Jenny wiggled her hips again, a sexy little dance. "You have no idea. It felt really, really good. He bent me over the bed, pulled the thong out of my crack, and gently, so gently... Oh God, Autumn, it felt amazing, my ass felt so full!"

"It didn't hurt?" Autumn asked, dropping her shorts to her feet, still not looking up. She was trying to keep her mind clear of desire. She needed to control her feelings and just let Jenny vent. She'd masturbate later. She'd take care of this hunger later! Later!

"Nope! I used a lot of lube, and Michael's a lot smaller than the dildo I trained with." She laughed. "He's not too small, I just mean, I was ready for him. I cummed a lot too. My ass cummed."

Was Autumn gay? She supposed so, because this wasn't some random heat in her crotch. She wanted Jenny to have a reason to tell her about assfucking. She wanted Jenny to want to tell her about sex. She wanted... she wanted Jenny to care about turning her on.

"Autumn?" Jenny asked, her voice cracking very slightly.

"Oh," Autumn forced herself to look Jenny in the eyes. There was... worry there? Autumn had been silent, after all. She pawed through memory, looking for a way to keep the conversation going for her friend's sake. "Sorry, just thinking. Did you clean yourself first?"

Jenny's face filled with relief. "I used an enema before hand, and he used a condom. There's not a drop of Michael in me. Just a little lube." She laughed, as if that fact was funny. "I was ready."

"You're not like, stretched out?" Autumn asked.

"Don't worry, I know how to relax my asshole. I can handle a really big dildo," Jenny said proudly. She spun around on her heel and sat beside Autumn, then scooted closer to her friend, their bare hips slapping gently together. "It was easy practice. Anal masturbation is fun."

Jenny's skin was warm and sweaty, and her touch was like electricity. Whatever flagging Autumn had felt in her libido was instantly overcome, her gay lust ignited. Her heart hammered in her chest. "How big is your dildo?" she asked, unable to restrain herself. She wanted to hear more. She needed to hear more. Jenny had been fucking her own ass! It was hot!

"Well, how big do you think?" Jenny said, looking very closely at Autumn. Their faces weren't very far apart. Autumn thought she could smell Jenny's warm breath, vaguely pleasant. Jenny settled a hand on the bench behind Autumn, leaning in towards her best friend a tiny bit.

"A foot?" Autumn guessed, throwing out that big, slutty landmark number, just hoping.

Jenny's grin widened. "A whole foot, and it was thick too."

"That..." Autumn trailed off. Her bottom lip began trembling. She breathed, in, out. It was queer agony pulsing in her entire pussy mound, crying out for her to fucking say it! Jenny's eyes were open wide. Autumn felt lost in them. She couldn't turn away, or wouldn't.

Jenny breathed in, out. She seemed to be waiting for more. The moment filled with energy.

"That turns me on," Autumn said, and before there could be any time to regret it, she tilted her head, closed her eyes, and leaned in for her first lesbian kiss.

It was like fireworks in her soul when Jenny kissed back.

Autumn could feel the fullness of her best friend's lips. Their tongues brushed, circling, then flicking against one another, little strokes of lesbian arousal. Jenny reached out with her spare hand and rubbed Autumn's inner thigh. Autumn reached behind Jenny and cupped one of those incredible buttocks, groping. She rolled her hips to push Jenny's hand closer to her pussy. Their kiss broke for a moment of aroused gasping, then resumed with more wet, sloppy tongue jousting. Autumn was flooded with joy. She'd never kissed a girl, but it was wonderful. Jenny was softer, rounder, wetter, and so gloriously, sensuously gay!

Just a few hours ago, they'd been straight best friends for sure, but Autumn knew now--something about anal sex had unlocked a lesbian lust in Jenny, an urge to share her pleasure with her best friend, and in turn Jenny had seduced Autumn, summoning a brand new lesbian out of her.

But instead of bringing release, their kiss only doubled the ache in Autumn's pussy.

They broke their embrace, and Jenny swung around, back turned to Autumn. "Unhook my bra."

Autumn didn't even fumble. She deftly unhooked the straps and peeled it off Jenny's sweaty body, then ran her fingertips gently down Jenny's bare spine, feeling her best friend's body curl with pleasure at her touch. Then she swept around herself and said, "Strip me."

Jenny ran her fingers underneath Autumn's bra straps, then unhooked them gently and let go. Autumn's D-size breasts spilled out as she shed the restrictive cloth, the sides of her broad breasts surely visible to Jenny from behind Autumn's slender back. Her nipples, finally relieved of confinement, began to stiffen on each tit. She turned back around and arched her back, pushing her massive mammaries at Jenny. "You've never touched them, have you?"

"I've looked." Jenny reached out and slowly cupped Autumn's right breast. Her erect nipple gently scraped Jenny's sweaty palm, and Autumn let out a little gasp of pleasure.

Jenny let go, then straddled the flat, backless gym bench and faced Autumn head on. Between her legs, her pussy was literally soaking her panties, liquid now dripping in thin lines down her thighs. "Want to fuck before we shower?"

Autumn reached down to her own breasts and gently stroked her puffy pink nipples, one in each hand. She felt them swell even more, becoming fully erect under her own touch. "Do best friends fuck?" she asked, clearly playing with herself to excite her new partner.

"Girlfriends fuck."

Autumn straddled the bench as well, reached down to her own white panties and gently rubbed the damp cotton, smushing her pussy lips around, masturbating slowly. Her camel toe felt so full, so fat. "Are you asking me out?"

Jenny watched raptly while Autumn played with her pussy. "Will you be my girlfriend?" she asked, meeting eyes with Autumn when she said girlfriend.

Autumn suddenly scooted forward and threw her arms around the taller girl, pulling their naked chests tight into a hug with lots of wriggling, with big tits smushing and rubbing together. Jenny hugged back, squeezing, and they felt each other's breathing, their heartbeats, their stiff nipples and soft warm breasts. They felt the other woman's bare, damp skin pressed tightly into their own, burning up with lust for the other girl. Autumn kissed Jenny again, then shouted, "Yes! I love you!"

"I love you too," Jenny said, squeezing tighter. With only a smidge of homosexual contact, their friendship had instantly evolved into something deeper.

Autumn's hands began to wander, rubbing down towards Jenny's waist, then onto her hips, thumbs finally slipping into the elastic band of her incredibly hot thong. Just below that, her fingertips could just touch the softness of that freckly ass she lusted after. She leaned in to whisper in Jenny's ear. "I want to stink of lesbian sex."

Jenny kissed her again, shoved her hands into the back of Autumn's panties and started groping her soft ass, cupping, rubbing sweaty cheeks with her palms. Autumn pulled the elastic of Jenny's thong over her hips. Jenny writhed, trying to brush their tender nipples together as they kissed. Then she pulled down Autumn's panties, and she broke their kiss and stood up to help pull them off Autumn's legs. Autumn turned, legs together, and posed like a mermaid on the bench as Jenny pulled her panties over her feet. Jenny laughed and blew her girlfriend a kiss before grabbing her loosed thong and peeling it off her sticky wet pussy. It fell to the floor.

Autumn spread her legs towards her girlfriend, licked two fingers and started rubbing her hard clit through her swollen, ruddy labia. "That's how you make me feel," she said, letting her lust show on her face and in the shortness of her breath. She stopped, then closed her legs and licked those fingers again, as if tasting herself. There was a hint of her own pussy--and the urgent, lesbian hunger surged up through her belly. "Oh God," she muttered happily, shuddering with arousal. "I feel gayer and gayer every time I look at you. You're so fucking hot!"

Jenny wiggled her hips playfully, then glanced around the room. There were a few yoga mats rolled up and stored on top of one of the lockers. "I don't know why," she said, quickly stepping over to pull a couple down. "After having anal sex for real, I felt weirdly kinky. Like, I felt free." She unrolled the first mat. "There were all these things I suddenly felt eager to try." She unrolled the second mat on top of the first, then flattened it out with her feet. "All these sexual feelings I'd felt little bits of, now and then, that I didn't want to ignore anymore."

"So you seduced your straight best friend?" Autumn asked, casting her girlfriend an animal grin. Her pussy was so fucking needy, but she resisted masturbating again. She wanted to have sex with Jenny, to cum because of Jenny.

"Last week." Jenny glanced down at her nude body. "I kept showing you my ass at the pool, but I wouldn't admit to myself why. I just felt good bending over in front of you. Then after getting fucked tonight, I imagined telling you about anal." She started to blush. "I couldn't stop thinking about it. I wanted you to lust after my ass, more than I wanted Michael to. I realized, I slept with him because it was expected of me, but I kept showing you my ass because, well..." She took a deep breath, summoning up the energy to say it out loud. "I'm bi. I always have been." She sat down on the mats in the middle. "Now come here."

Autumn rose and trotted gracefully over to the mat, sitting down just in front of Jenny. "You were showing me your butt on purpose?"

"Anal is my fetish," Jenny said. "It's what I want. Even from you."

Autumn felt a massive pulse of erotic pressure in her already swollen pussy. Fresh sweat was beginning to bead all over her skin, as if they were exercising again. The room felt hot. She wanted to assfuck Jenny. She wanted to pump that fat butt and slap her hips on Jenny's buttocks. "Oh fuck, that's so hot," she muttered.

Jenny suddenly turned around and scooted back between Autumn's thighs. "You like this butt then?" Her hips were spreading Autumn's legs, spreading open her pussy, baring Autumn's raging clitoral erection towards Jenny's round, freckled buttocks.

Autumn grabbed onto Jenny's waist and pulled herself tighter, folding up her legs to either side of Jenny. Her heavy breasts pressed into Jenny's back, and she leaned into the larger girl, putting her weight on her, bending her over a little between her legs. "I love your ass," she said huskily.

Jenny rolled her hips, grinding her jutting ass cheeks into Autumn's inner thighs, almost brushing her buttocks against Autumn's lightly engorged labia. "How does that feel, getting a lap dance from your best friend?" She ground her ass again, and Autumn groaned with anal lust.

She couldn't take it. This big fat girl ass was so hot, so goddamn gay. Autumn slid down, rubbing her squished breasts over Jenny's back, and she pushed her crotch up under and into Jenny's rolling rear, using her arms to hold herself tight as she split her legs as wide as she could. On the next press down, Jenny's warm, sweaty rear finally smushed into Autumn's dripping, swollen pussy mound, and with gay little gasps escaping their lips, Jenny smeared a long, hot, slick trail of Autumn's pussy lube onto her gay ass. "Holy shiiit," Autumn cried, feeling as if Jenny's butt was filling her up with lesbian lust from her toes up to her ears.

"God, I wish I had a strap-on," Jenny muttered. "I need you in my asshole."

Autumn's pussy mound was thundering to her heartbeat, but somehow, she couldn't get her pussy to cum. Somehow, this wasn't even enough. "I wish I had a dick," Autumn said through gritted teeth, her whole universe concentrated on her genitals as she felt Jenny's sexy rear mashing into them. "Your ass made me gay. I'd buttfuck you."

Jenny rolled her hips back up, and another long, wet streak of lube was pressed into Jenny's crack by Autumn's puffy camel toe. Autumn couldn't take it--she couldn't hold on. She cried out in near erotic agony and fell back onto the yoga mat, needing to cum.

Needing more than anything to cum.

Jenny looked back at her and whispered, "If you had a cock, I'd let you cum inside."

Autumn groaned with arousal, and something happened inside her swollen pussy. It was subtle, but she could feel it like a barrier breaking. The pressure behind her thundering clitoral erection began to pulse higher, higher--and then it somehow began to change. She could feel her pussy swell a tiny bit more. Her clitoris still sang with arousal, but a deeper erotic ache began to slide down inside her, down in her pussy mound, down beneath her blushing pussy flesh.

Jenny crawled on top of Autumn and started to kiss her, letting her breasts dangle down and tickle the tops of Autumn's bigger, heaving pair. She sank her crotch down, until she was straddling Autumn, and her pussy was dripping on Autumn's tender, burning pussy lips.

As their tongues batted together, as Jenny's lube spilled onto her girlfriend's snatch, the ache in Autumn's pussy continued changing. The pressure to cum began feeling a little like actual pressure. The gay butterflies in her stomach felt as if they were pushing her organs around playfully, forcing more of the horny pressure out towards her pussy mound. She could feel the heat baking off her whole cunt. Her clitoris was so erect that it peeked out from under its hood.

Jenny broke the kiss, then whispered, "Scissor me." She moved around, getting in position, lying on her back with their legs entangled playfully. Autumn laid there, waiting for Jenny to start, concentrating mostly on her pulsing crotch. Her pussy definitely swelled a little more, becoming very slightly tender from what she imagined were engorged clitoral bulbs. She had to cum, but something was holding her back. She had to cum to relieve this pressure!

Jenny grabbed Autumn's leg, and Autumn turned up onto her side to help her girlfriend position properly. Then, slowly, with great tenderness, Jenny pressed her horny, sopping labia into Autumn's overswollen pussy. Jenny let out a little gay gasp. Autumn sucked on her lower lip and felt impossibly horny but unable to find release.

Then with increasing swiftness, Jenny started to smash and grind her pussy into Autumn's, and all that swollen cunt seemed to respond eagerly, almost as if the pressure was pushing back into Jenny, as if there was a band of flesh beneath Autumn's mound, straining towards her girlfriend's vagina. There were wet slaps, slimy whispers of rubbing labia. Their pussies glided across one another, lips catching and pulling, clits being tugged around by the stroking of their entire pussy mounds. Sometimes the hard little buttons brushed with almost painfully erotic intensity across the other girl's soft, wet labia, and it was these that made Jenny and Autumn cry out, and it was these that Jenny began to seek, finding one motion in particular, their labia crossing like an X.

Her hips slid back, her huge buttocks pressing into Autumn's damp thigh, and Jenny ground her clitoral erection across Autumn's feverish pussy lips. Then she thrust forward, smashing against her girlfriend's tremendous softness and scraping their labia together, forcing out a gush of Autumn's female lube into the hot, sticky mess between their legs. Autumn would jerk, pushing back, and take a high sharp breath, barely able to think through the storm of stimulation.

Slide, thrust. Slide, thrust! Slide, thrust, slide, thrust, slide thrust slide thrust slide thrust--

Jenny was gritting her teeth, holding onto Autumn's leg tightly, and humping faster and faster, beating clit against pussy, mashing snatch to snatch, until her hips began to shudder and her crotch felt like she would explode and suddenly, Jenny cried out, "Oh fuck, oh fuck! Autumn, oh fuck, OH FUCK, your pussy, Autumn, oh fuck, Autumn, Autumn, Autuummmmn--I'm cumming!"

And with a squeal and a burst of orgasm spreading from her clit to her entire groin, an explosion of beautiful agony, Jenny cummed on Autumn's cunt, and for the first time in her life, Jenny squirted from her urethra, blasting their vaginas in three sharp gushes of female ejaculate--sticky, translucent, and as far as she was concerned, incredibly, wildly gay.

Jenny sat there for a moment with their legs entangled, panting, feeling aftershocks of orgasm ripple through her crotch as it pressed into Autumn's shuddering pussy. Jenny would have more orgasms shortly, but she had to wait a second for her clit to calm down. She was far too sensitive right after tribbing to continue, and anyways, Autumn was making all these short, sharp gasps of arousal, clearly on edge. She'd have to help Autumn get off first. With her tongue.

She pulled apart, sat up, and looked over at Autumn, whose hands were grabbing the edges of the mat near her head and waist. Then Autumn unfolded her legs, and spread them, showing Jenny her pussy. It was blushed from rubbing, dripping with Jenny's cum, and impossibly swollen.

Throughout all Jenny's humping, Autumn had enjoyed the most intense, near orgasmic sensation as her girlfriend's vagina had mashed and battered the pressure in her pussy, and in turn, the pressure had strained back harder and harder, a sensation that encouraged thrusting back into Jenny with equal fervor. Autumn looked down with a smile and saw that her pussy mound had swollen almost an inch deep, bulging out of her crotch broadly from thigh to thigh and from the mons pubis down to her taint.

"Are you okay?" Jenny asked calmly. It didn't look normal, but Autumn was clearly happy.

"It feels amazing," Autumn said, suddenly groaning and thrusting her crotch upward. There was a sound, gently fleshy, and it seemed as if her crotch bulged a little more. Then Autumn relaxed back onto the mat and looked up at Jenny. "Your ass is changing me."


Autumn felt as if the second source of arousal, the one that'd migrated down from her clitoris, was finally settling into place just above her taint, creating a long band of pressure stretching from beneath her clit, beneath her vagina, and all the way down to a couple inches from her asshole. "Hnngh!" She strained, thrusting her crotch up again, lifting her body off the mat and supporting herself on elbows and feet. With each thrust, the thickness of that band swelled. She felt her labia bulge further, erotic pressure pulsing equally under each lip. "My pussy feels full. Hnngh!" She thrust again, swelling even more. "It feels so good, Jenny. My whole pussy is packed full!"

Something about Autumn's thrusting tickled an instinct deep in Jenny. Watching those hips rise, that bulging pussy raised high--Jenny began to feel wet again. She sat back a touch, spread her legs, and started gently rubbing her clit. "What is it?" she whispered. "What's in your pussy?"

At Jenny's encouraging words, Autumn grabbed her thighs and helped her legs split as far as she could make them. Her ruddy pussy mound was now almost an inch and a half deep. She groaned, and there was a wet, squelching sound in her pussy. "I don't know," she said between straining grunts. "It wants out." The band of pressure felt thicker still. Each labia majora was starting to balloon broader. Beneath the skin, she felt an aching, aroused, throbbing, meaty mass, and it was trapped, straining. She squeezed, trying to force it out of her tight little vaginal hole, to burst forth. She needed it to erupt from her pussy! "I can't cum until it's out!"

"Are you having trouble?" Jenny asked.

Autumn nodded. She clenched, she strained, she tried to make her pussy explode--but it wouldn't come out! Despite the rising pressure, she couldn't disgorge the hefty contents packed in her cunt.

There was a shape to Autumn's pussy, a suspicion in Jenny's heart, almost a superstition. This wasn't wrong. No, this was the beginning of something beyond everything they'd experienced so far. This was right. She got down on her stomach and brought her mouth in close to Autumn's bulging... package. Her massive, swollen human pussy.

Autumn was straining to cum. Out, out, out!

Jenny licked from the bottom of Autumn's bulge, straight over her straining labia, tasting sweat and pussy and her own sweet-salty cum, straight up to Autumn's jutting little clitoris.

Autumn let go of her legs, grabbed her tits and tugged on her own nipples, making wordless cries of pleasure as Jenny's tongue pressed so gently into the pressure, and in return, the pressure exploded. One pulse, and Autumn's bulge was two inches thick, her distended human pussy mound straining over something with shape. One bulge down the middle, pushing out in an arc, fighting against her skin. Two other bulges, one to each side, round and huge and pushing to force her labia apart.

Jenny licked again, and Autumn screamed, "Oh fuck, Jenny, FUCK YES!"

She swelled again, feeling three distinct pressures. One, longing to straighten, to become turgid, trapped down the middle, reacting to every clench and force. The other two, heavy, aching to release, filling out her massive, bulging crotch. Her human pussy was on edge, but everything inside that swollen mound was horny. Her human pussy was filled to the brim with something that felt pleasure, something that could cum, something born from aching lesbian lust!

Jenny pulled back, looking at the shape, almost certain in some animal way that Autumn was about to become something else, something that Jenny wanted even more than what they'd already shared. "What will make this huge pussy cum?" she whispered, lust in her eyes.

"It feels like I'm about to explode," Autumn said, her voice straining with erotic agony. "It's so big... Hnngh!" She clenched, her impossibly full pussy throbbing, all the aroused pressure straining to force its way out of one tiny little girly vagina. "I can't," she said, "I shouldn't. My pussy is too small. It'll rip--hnngh!"

"Rip then," Jenny said, reaching between her legs and quickly rubbing her hard clit. "Stop fighting it. Give in. What will make your pussy cum?"

Autumn had only one answer. The same thing that'd summoned the lesbian out of her would make her giant, bulging, overstretched crotch cum. And she wanted to cum. She had to cum, there was no stopping this, she knew. So fuck it. Jenny was right. Jenny would summon this out of her too. She looked her girlfriend in the eyes and said, "Show me your asshole."

A massive grin spread across Jenny's face, and she quickly hopped up, turned around, and squatted between Autumn's spread legs, just in front of her distended human pussy. Her huge, round buttocks and wide hips filled Autumn's world. They were everything in her mind. There were the freckles, the round heart shape of her muscular ass, the hint of her pussy below...

The throbbing contents of Autumn's full pussy pulsed from her clit to taint, straining.

Then Jenny bent over a bit, grabbed her ass cheeks with her hands, and spread them apart. "How's this?" she asked, as she bared a tight, rosy red asshole for the first time to her girlfriend's hungry eyes and horny genitals, a star of pink over a mountain of Autumn's bulging human cunt.

Autumn cried out as one more pulse of growth swelled beneath her human pussy, filling it to the absolute limit. Each of the two fat masses, one to either side, were half the size of her fist. Her labia were filled enough to be forced apart, spreading her pussy open a little in front of Jenny's asshole. Down between the labia minora, down in the middle of the pinkness that was full of everything that ached inside Autumn, her vagina was stretched open, and a hint of dark grey, bulging, veiny flesh was straining to push through a female orifice that was entirely too small. Feeling the air touch the tiniest patch of everything packed inside her pussy, Autumn shuddered.

"Does this help?" Jenny asked, her voice eager to please. She reached in with her right hand, settled her palm across her fat buttock, and brushed her middle finger against her cute gay sphincter. Then slowly, sensuously, she fingered her ass.

Autumn was flooded with anal lesbian lust, a surge of unstoppable pressure in her painfully overfilled human pussy. The entire band of flesh from clit to taint stiffened. She squeezed, clenching, trying to force the throbbing contents of her pussy out of her orgasmic snatch. Her vagina stretched wider, as wide as it could go, filling up with a curve of that bulging, veiny grey flesh, and she shouted as she gave into the urge to cum, "Fuck, Jenny, I'm cumming!"

Jenny pulled her finger out and swept around, just in time to watch.

Slowly, brutally, Autumn felt her vagina give up the ghost with a volcanic orgasm, the last time her pussy would ever cum. Starting at her tiny girly hole, her pussy flesh began slowly tearing along the seam, fuzzy human labia cumming apart joyfully. "Yes, yes!" she screamed, "Rip!"

"Oh my God!" Jenny shouted.

The sounds of wet, meaty ripping genitals filled the locker room. Autumn's pink pussy lips slowly split over her blooming bulge as she forced the throbbing contents of her cunt to crown her cumming vagina. Peeking between her bulging, overfilled lips, an aching, giant werewolf cock was curled down over two massive, furry balls. She pushed, moaning as she felt the fullness inside her cunt bloom, the terrible pressure of a swelling erection sundering her pussy lips, disgorging this huge, horny beast package from within her cumming human snatch. She rode through waves of orgasm, feeling her torn labia slowly spreading open for the birth of her huge cock and balls.

Jenny kneeled between Autumn's legs, watching with delight.

Autumn's pussy lips peeled apart suddenly, ripping open loudly, her slimy dickhead bursting through the seam at the bottom of her snatch, followed instantly by the mass of her huge, furry girlballs. Her human clit sang with orgasm while aching testicles squeezed out of her spreading vagina, her heavy lesbian scrotum wet with pussy lube and flopping between her thighs. Her thick grey cockshaft swelled to full erection, ripping the rest of her pussy in half right through her clit, which cummed its annihilation. Autumn convulsed, screeching wordlessly with pleasure, and she felt the final shock of her pussygasm arcing up her thick, full erection from the massive base of her lesbian penis to the swollen, flared head jutting out of her foreskin--over a foot of wrist-thick girl penis arcing up over her belly button--and her new werewolf cock cummed.

Autumn felt her animal balls tightening, her aching cockhead erupting, and in full view of her girlfriend--who had fingered her ass and triggered the birth of an asshungry dickgirl--Autumn started jizzing ropes of white semen into the air, spraying spatters and lines across her naked body. The first pulses painted her belly and huge breasts in hot, sticky ejaculate, but she grabbed the base of her ladycock to aim it, closed her eyes and stuck out her tongue, and cummed the rest of her massive load on her own face and chin, cockhead pulsing with repeat orgasm, a hot wet smelly bukkake from her own dick, catching plenty of her own jizz in her mouth and tasting cum's salty-sweetness.

Jenny watched with rapture. Her own clit was thundering with arousal. This was hot!

The last of Autumn's spurts splashed short, landing between her breasts and dribbling onto her stomach. Autumn swallowed her load, released her erection to bob against her belly, and started wiping the cum from her cheeks and forehead with her hands.

Jenny laughed happily. "Holy shit. What happened? Look at your skin!"

"I saw your asshole." Autumn shuddered, feeling a wave of pressure ripple beneath her human skin, from her toes to the tip of her nose, lingering with pulses of fading energy in her nipples, asshole, and mouth. She smeared her cummy hands across her breasts, painting her nipples, slathering her underboobs, then moving down onto her belly and over her hips, rubbing her body with cum. It felt so good, so filthy. She could feel swallowed jizz burning in her stomach. Her new dick was still so hard, so horny for Jenny's fine behind. It all felt so right. The base of her cock was where her clit used to be--where the inner flesh must've begun growing down and over her her nascent sack. She touched the shed ruins of her ripped labia beside her balls, wiggled her hips and felt her massive penis wagging back and forth over her belly, her nutsack swaying between her legs. Her pussy was gone forever, but her erection measured about a foot of happiness with becoming a big, thick, veiny girl. She smiled fiendishly. "You give me such a ladyboner."

"What can I say?" Jenny smiled back, encouraged by some twisted instinct. "I have a hot ass."

Autumn pushed up into a sitting position, grinning hungrily. Her cock fell forward, the flared grey cockhead bobbing out towards her knees. "This is your fault. You made me big-dicked and gay."

"Guilty as charged," Jenny said, standing and offering a hand to her girlfriend.

Autumn took it and was lifted into a standing position. Once on her feet, she immediately threw her arms about Jenny's shoulders, pulled herself tight to her beloved, and pressed her sticky, slimy dick into Jenny's hard stomach. Jenny hugged back, holding onto Autumn's hips.

Jenny giggled gently. "Hey, big girl. Real big."

Autumn whispered huskily with her head pinned below Jenny's chin, "Do you still want me?"

Jenny positioned Autumn so they could look eye to eye. "What do you think?" She kissed Autumn, tasting the lightest trace of salty-sweet ejaculate on Autumn's lips.

When they broke their kiss, Autumn was breathing heavily. Sweat was breaking out on her skin anew. She could feel her blood pulsing up the underside of her dick. She was sure Jenny could feel it too, even through her foreskin--thunderous arousal. "Anal now?" she asked tersely.

Jenny gently kissed Autumn on her forehead, then whispered, "Bang me."

Autumn grabbed Jenny's hand and pulled her back onto the yoga mats. "On all fours," she commanded, standing aside and watching, eyes wide, as her best friend kneeled, stretched, and then sensuously bent over to rest on her elbows. Any other time, Autumn would've requested her first blowjob, but right now a heavy layer of her human pussy juice was still slicking the length of her newly born monster cock, and even though Jenny's asshole was well-practiced with a huge dildo, Autumn's thicker dick would be more fun with excess lube.

Jenny readied herself, bringing her knees in as close to her belly as she could manage, pushing her ass up and out towards her girlfriend. She relaxed her asshole and brought her head down near her hands, her breasts gently touching to the yoga mat. She felt so incredibly vulnerable with the shadow of her bestie looming over her naked rear. In this position, her buttocks were spread and her anus was straightened. There was enough room up her ass for a comfortable buttfuck, even though Autumn had a sledgehammer swinging between her legs. Gently, she felt Autumn's tiny hands touch her fat buttocks.

Oh God, yes, Jenny thought, this is real! I'm about to be buttfucked by my best friend, a woman! My ass made her gay. My ass made her grow huge balls and a hot dick!

Autumn groped Jenny's buttocks with increasing pressure, cupping them, rolling them, pushing into them, and feeling the beautiful tightness and muscle inside them. And between them, that rosy little sphincter waited, still shiny with a little lube from earlier tonight. Her werewolf erection was bobbing against her belly button, too stiff to naturally fall on Jenny's ass.

Jenny moaned impatiently. "Put it in!"

Autumn grabbed her cock at the base, huge and veiny, and she angled her penis down to push between Jenny's thick, freckly buttocks, down into her asscrack, feeling her flared, sensitive cockhead push gently against the hot, soft resistance of Jenny's asshole.

Jenny gasped.

Autumn hesitated. "You okay?"

"You're bigger than Michael," she whispered, but her asshole only grew softer, more pliant, and Autumn pushed again with her hips. Slowly, with a wet sound of flesh on flesh, she felt the ring of Jenny's asshole rub and slip over her aching, tender cockhead and tighten briefly on the wide shaft behind, trapping her massive glans in hot, tight, wet ass. Then, crying out with pleasure, she sank her cock into Jenny's behind, peeling back her tender foreskin, watching her own penis disappear smoothly up her girlfriend's horny asshole, inch after inch of thick hard girlmeat filling up hungry rear until Autumn felt her pelvis slap on Jenny's round butt. Her full balls swayed gently between her thighs, and she leaned over Jenny's soft ass, cupping it with her crotch, holding the sensation of sheathing a woman's huge penis up another woman's tight asshole.

Jenny shivered with pleasure. "Hold my hips," she whispered tautly.

Autumn grunted and grabbed hold of her girlfriend's broad hips, lifting up her weight onto her knees and Jenny's weight onto her hands. "Is that..." She felt Jenny's sphincter tighten at the base of her dick. "Hnngh, is that good?"

Jenny was melting with arousal, her pussy dripping. "Yesss," she hissed. She felt so insanely full of Autumn, holding ten inches of hot stiff cock in her ass, reamed up to the hilt. She could feel Autumn's thundering pulse where her sphincter pressed into the underside of her dick. This erection was for her! She felt so hot, so fucking incredibly beautiful. She felt like a sexual goddess, because her best friend was this aroused for her ass! This mighty fucking erection! Yes!

Autumn pulled back three inches, tugging at Jenny's sphincter. Then she thrust in again, this time with a little more force. Her furry balls lapped against Jenny's damp pussy. Both of them let out little coos and grunts of pleasure. Autumn pulled back again, thrust again, her girlfriend's wet asscheeks gliding back and forth over her thick penis.

"Oh fuck, you're so slick," Jenny murmured. Again, pull, and Jenny's moan raised into a lilt of pleasure, her sphincter singing as her asshole was forcibly emptied, followed by a thrust, and the white hot pleasure of her rear filling up again. Over and over.

Autumn was staring at Jenny's incredible ass as it slid over her ladycock and into her crotch. It was so beautiful--the heart shape of her wide hips and freckly round buttocks, the blushing, dripping pussy mound just below, the way her cheeks enveloped Autumn's girth--the sweaty, slapping softness of ass jamming against her groin--it filled Autumn with a breathtaking lust, powering an erection like hot lesbian steel.

She felt an animal impulse and bent further over her girlfriend's rear, keeping her grip on Jenny's hips and spreading her legs to stabilize her stance. "Babe, can I hump--"

"Drill me into the mat until you strike oil," Jenny said hotly.

Autumn let her instincts go, and with incredible skill as a swordswoman, she started thrusting hard, fast, slamming her cock deep into Jenny's ass with each stroke. The arc of her huge penis swept down into Jenny's rosy, stretched butthole, scything in and out. Her fat girlballs swung to and fro, full and heavy with cum, aching delightfully as they gently slapped into Jenny's buttocks.

Faster, faster, faster! Jenny was moaning with pleasure, but her voice didn't drown out the hard slaps of flesh on flesh, the wet slimy sound of beastly ladycock rubbing against lubed, airtight sphincter. Her asshole pulsed with anal pleasure, her behind full, empty, full, empty. A massive veiny shaft of warm living flesh invading her rear, over and over, and never leaving. She welcomed Autumn into her body in a way that she hadn't really felt with Michael.

Autumn's massive, fertile tits were swollen and swinging on her chest, sweeping over Jenny's back without touching her. As the pleasure grew in her massive dick, the pressure also grew in Autumn's grand gay breasts, her nipples thickening and swelling and pushing out further and further. She knew her boobs were growing heavier, firmer, and larger. They already dwarfed her head, and it was as if pumping Jenny's ass was also pumping up her horny, sensitive chest.

It was about the time that her erect nipples began to hurt with an aroused pressure that Autumn felt something new. In her own, bent over rear, there was a soft noise, and it felt as if something swung loose behind her pelvis, unfusing inside her. It was the same sort of feeling that'd filled her human pussy with pressure, leading to the cunt-bursting birth of her cock and balls.

Her tailbone began to change behind the rump over her ass, and it felt good. No, better than that--it felt like an integral part of the orgasm she was about to unleash. The cum in her nuts felt increasingly potent, and the desire to jizz inside Jenny became more and more urgent. Though the dick was her own manifested desire for having anal sex with Jenny, the fur, the beastly fur--that was the power that'd possessed her--and it was that animal power building up in her cum, the power that turned a straight blonde into a lesbian dickgirl, the power that would change them and free them from human constraints permanently.

Autumn gritted her teeth and slammed harder, thrusting, thrusting, fucking the tight soft ass, feeling her cockhead rub through all that hot wet Jenny. The pressure in her balls was growing in sync with the pleasure of her flared glans. And in turn, there was the continued feeling in her own ass. Her changing tailbone grew from the back of her pelvis and began sliding down from her rump. Between her own buttocks, she could feel a kind of tense, living energy drilling under her skin, slipping beneath her humanity towards her own naked asshole.

"Oh, oh, Autumn!" Jenny yelled, otherwise crying out with each thrust, "Autumn, I'm close!"

Autumn's bleached blonde hair was swishing over her face. Her breasts were heaving, sloshing and swinging as she humped her best friend's big sexy butt with wild, almost violent abandon. She could hardly hear her girlfriend anymore. She needed to nut inside the woman she loved. It had to be in Jenny, she had to fill Jenny with all the gay, sticky heat in her furry balls! She needed this amazing ass to make her jizz now, now, now! Thrust thrust thrust thrust thrust!

"Keep going! Almost!" Jenny shouted, and her voice was shaken into screams of pleasure. Her entire rear end was throbbing with an intense, pre-orgasmic ache. She could feel the glands that'd made her squirt filling once more. She could feel an assgasm looming like a wave ready to break, and every buttfucking thrust was piling more orgasmic force behind it.

Autumn felt her own asshole pulse. There was a massive, sudden rising pressure in her anus. There was something up her ass, seeking release through her asshole just as her penis had strained to erupt from her vagina. Something beastly, something real! Something to be born through her butthole. She had to let it out. She had to become everything she could truly be. She only had to push it out of this tight, hot, constricting wrap of flesh--

She thrust into Jenny's asshole, and she felt it matched by a thrust of something against her asshole, tenting it from within. She pulled and thrust again, and her asshole was pushed out to a literal peak of stretched sphincter, an intensity of anal pressure that was beyond compare. She was bursting with arousal. She was about to cum from everything at once. Her breasts were about to cum. Her nipples were electric with tension. Her huge dick was about to blast a load into Jenny. And all at once, she knew something animal and gay would rip out of her straight rear, anally cumming, and she wanted it all!

"YES! YES! YES!" Jenny screamed.

Autumn thrust into her horny girlfriend one final time, feeling every bit the big-dicked dominant female, and she strained to burst from cock, nipple and asshole, wished for it, and felt that feral power boil up out of her chest in a wordless sound that she didn't fully understand but felt so right to make. Burying her shaft as deep as it would go up Jenny's fat ass, Autumn hunched over Jenny's rear, threw her head back, cummed explosively, and howled.

One foot of thick cumming penis. Her fat cockhead bursting, pulses of pressure and release, jizzing over and over. She could feel her semen jetting in thick, strong gushes deep up Jenny's asshole, a lesbian anal creampie to be measured in cups of cum. Jenny began to cum in turn, a screaming buttgasm, her pretty pussy squirting sticky girlcum all over her girlfriend's nutsack.

Autumn's massive breasts, fertile and heavy. Two painfully erect tits, and the feeling of pressure pouring down through tender, bulging flesh. Slowly, the pinholes of her straining pink nipples opening under pressure, dilating. With wet jerks, even stiffer, longer, puffier shewolf nipples thrust out of the cumming tips of her tender titties, forced out of her human nips by the growing pressure within her skin. Unleashed, they began cumming hot, sweet milk onto Jenny's bare back.

And from behind, she could feel every orgasmic inch of her big, round dickgirl ass. Her asscheeks were pale, supple, and coated in sweat. Yet between her legs and rooted in the ruins of a sundered pink vagina, her huge grey penis arced down to disappear up Jenny's ruddy, spread rear. Where her labia used to be, two huge balls jiggled in her black fuzzy sack with every twitch of orgasm. And just above her fat cock and balls, her once hetero, tenting butthole, rosy red and bared to the air, forcefully bloomed open and cummed.

Her howl redoubled. In one wet eruption of anal orgasm and relief, she pushed four inches of stiff, furry wolf tail out of her cumming asshole. Another pulse of pleasure, another spurt of jizz up her girlfriend's ass, another spray of milk on Jenny's back, and another buttfucking inch of beast tail born. Over and over, she cummed into Jenny's tight wet butt and felt her tail slowly, wetly pushing through her jiggling asscheeks. Any doubts or confusions were gone. She'd once been a straight woman with a vagina, but the promise of hot gay anal sex had awakened a lesbian werewolf with a huge dick, and piece by piece, her humanity was cumming apart to birth that gay monster.

Ten inches of tail. Another burst of release, and fourteen inches. She felt every tender jerk of furry tail rubbing her sensitive little sphincter, extending her assgasm. In turn, her tail was shuddering and stiff, the fur spreading out as it rubbed through her buttocks. Her howl died away, and her voice descended into a bestial groan, a rumbling burning up out of her throat. She needed all of her tail pushed out of her butthole. She needed to destroy her human rear!

Jenny was pinned beneath Autumn. She was panting, dripping with sweat, feeling the heat of milk running off her back and breasts. She felt Autumn's hips and legs pushed tight against her bare skin. She felt that furry nutsack shaking against her labia, and that still cumming cock buried fuck deep up her asshole. She felt aftershocks of orgasm, and she waited for Autumn to finish transforming again. She didn't know exactly what was happening, but she sincerely didn't care. The gist was obvious. Autumn was becoming something else, and it was big and horny and wanted to fuck, and Jenny wanted to get fucked. She'd fantasized often about trans women she'd known. Her girlfriend was the same to her now--a woman with a penis, horny and hot.

Autumn strained to push her tail out of her ass, clenching everything in her groin and rear at once. Obligingly, with a crack of bone, another length of black wolf's tail thrust violently out of her asshole, stiff as a flag pole, casting its shadow over her round ass and her heavy girlballs. She gasped, voice lilting briefly, and tried burying her erection deeper into Jenny, thrusting her hips hard down towards the yoga mat, forcing Jenny down onto her elbows with a cry of pleasure.

The werewolf's tail was almost three feet long, and with all its strength, it was straining against the top of her human sphincter. The feeling of anal pressure was intense, building rapidly towards a second orgasm even more violent than the first one that'd rocked her ass. Her butthole was gaping from the strain, and peering into that stretched hole, one could've seen a black furry taint leading into a furry asscrack, with momentary peeks at the inner beast's true asshole.

Autumn thrust into her own messy creampie once, and she felt her prostate straining beneath the base of her cock! The pressure on her sphincter was turning white hot. The monster's tail was trying to split her skin from her asshole up through her rump, and she was straining to make it rip, tear, explode, be born through her horny human behind, this dickgirl monster!

Jenny shook with multiple orgasms, lightly cumming and whispering, "Autumn, oh, Autumn..."

A second thrust! Autumn cried out, her whole body shuddering with strain. She was flexing her tail. She was wrapped tight in this cumming cocoon of flesh, but no longer. No longer! Her asshole was about to burst, the absolute limit reached. Beyond this point, annihilation. Rebirth!

Jenny pushed her ass up over Autumn's werewolf cock, impatient for one last buttfuck, and she felt that giant, cummy, semen-slathered penis slime down into the depths of her rear, and she cried out, limbs shuddering, and cummed again.

Autumn's prostate released one last gush of jizz, her newborn balls emptying, and with a massive, meaty rip, her asshole exploded, skin flapping apart from sphincter to rump, tail straightening and standing tall over her bottom as she bent over further and further, pushing her ass back into the tear and feeling the skin split like sundered latex pants. Wet, sticky pale human flesh peeled open, revealing gorgeous, fat, black-furred buttocks. The relief of anal release and primal orgasm blended seamlessly into the erotic pleasure of feeling her naked, animal butt thrusting through the ruins of her human ass. Still ripping, the bottom of her human sphincter tore open, connecting to the rip of her old pussy, and with a gentle snap and a wet slurp, the skin flapped off her genitals and slipped up her hips towards her waist or down towards her thighs, bunching like old clothes, and she finished baring her cumming werewolf ass to the world.

Autumn held her position for a second, letting her heart relax, letting Jenny's shivering stop. She could envision their coupling. Her big, black-furred rear, female and fuckable, fanned by her gently wagging tail. Her inviting asshole, to be teased and fingered. Her massive sack hanging below her fuzzy taint, dominant and fertile. And her fat grey erection, buried in her girlfriend.

Then slowly, tenderly, she pushed herself back off Jenny and pulled out the full foot of her cock. A dollop of hot cum spilled onto Jenny's rear and dribbled over her pussy, pulled out by Autumn's flared cockhead. Then slowly, Jenny's gape closed, and she laid down on the sticky, wet mess that they'd sprayed all over the yoga mat.

Jenny turned over to look at her beloved Autumn. That was the best fuck of her life, and it hadn't even been vaginal. When Autumn's huge tits had milked on her bare skin? Shocking, gross, and shamefully hot. Autumn's anal creampie? Equally filthy and arousing.

And looking at it now, Autumn's werewolf cock, a half-erect curve of thick pipe, dangling between her furry thighs. Jenny wanted Autumn to smash her pussy next. She was a lesbian now, but that wouldn't stop her from having some big penis packed up her vagina, at least once Autumn was hard again. Given the way Autumn was twitching and clenching her fists though, Jenny imagined it wouldn't be long until the last of her humanity was shed. Soon enough, the horny shewolf would deep dick her beloved pussygirl. She only needed to finish becoming her inner beast.

Autumn turned around, reached down and grabbed the remains of her human vagina and ripped the skin back from either side of her cummy cock and balls, peeling back the flesh along her waist and up over her hips, then tearing it away in sticky sheets. The weight of it tumbled down on the skin still caught on her lower thighs. She grabbed handfuls of smooth, pale skin and yanked down, forcing the skin of her human legs to separate from her body, baring slimy, furry black werewolf legs. She lifted one leg, pulling her werewolf foot out of a sucking rubbery sock of human hide, becoming more animal in shape once it was released from her wet, empty flesh. She flexed her toes, and with a soft crack, her claws slid forward and out, her ankle shifting a little to put most of her weight on the ball of her longer werewolf foot. Then she pulled the skin off her other leg, revealing her other beastly foot before dropping the torn lower half of her human skin on the floor like a pair of ruined pants. From the waist on down, Autumn's werewolf body was fully nude. Her human skin resumed only above her tail, above her hips and a couple inches above her big penis.

She flipped her hair about her shoulders and looked back over at Jenny, who was gently rubbing her clit and looking up at Autumn's fine behind. "Nice ass," she said.

Autumn shuddered very slightly, feeling her spine gently changing beneath her skin. She was growing taller, little by little. Pressure was starting to build behind her face, in her nose, her mouth and lips and teeth. "Do you feel my cum?"

Jenny gently bit her lower lip and nodded. "I'll become a monster too."

"Are you growing a dick?" Autumn asked, genuinely curious.

Jenny shook her head. "No, and I don't want one. I'll ride yours though."

"I'm glad." Autumn grabbed her cock near the base and shook it gently, causing several inches of half-erect penis to flop around on her thighs. "I have enough cock for both of us."

Jenny spread her pussy lips with her right hand. Hot, wet pink snatch was bared at Autumn's rear. "And I have enough tight cunt. Did you ever imagine that? Pumping your best friend's gay pussy?"

Autumn smiled, genuinely happy. "I'm so glad," she said, momentarily setting aside the dirty talk. "I feel so much more natural with a penis and a girlfriend. I feel like I was born to fuck a woman."

"You totally were," Jenny said, "you just needed to figure it out. You know, inside?" She smiled wryly and rubbed her clit again. "You're turning me on with that round ass girl. Get down on your hands and knees, and I'll help you finish. Then you can help me... strip down."

Just the notion that Jenny wanted to play with her rear made Autumn's cock fatten up a bit again, getting a little more erect. She walked over, cock swinging, and got down on hands and knees on the yoga mat. Jenny kissed her gently on the lips, then got up and circled around to kneel behind Autumn's thick ass. It was only a second later that she could feel Jenny's soft, warm fingers squeezing the softness of her buttocks, rubbing along her hips, and tracing down her ass crack to pet her werewolf asshole and her taint. Autumn moaned happily, and Jenny gently slapped her butt. Then her fingers slid along the seam of Autumn's taint, down to her heavy furry balls.

"My girlfriend has a big, sexy sack." She gently cupped Autumn's testicles, holding them up. Autumn's cock stiffened further beneath her belly, and Jenny kept whispering to Autumn's behind. "I was so turned on when I saw you push these big girls out of your vag."

Jenny leaned in, lifting Autumn's sack up and behind her thighs. Her messy hair brushed lightly across Autumn's asscheeks, and her soft, wet lips gently brushed one testicle, then the other.

"Oh my Gooood," Autumn muttered, feeling her cock harden, almost fully erect now and bobbing beneath her stomach. "Suck--"

Before she could finish asking, Jenny already drew one ball into her mouth and sucked on its heavy mass, tugging on Autumn's furry scrotum. Then she let it fall from her mouth with a wet pop and sucked on the other, breathing heavily once she was done tasting her girlfriend's sack. "My squirt was soaking your fur," she said with fervent arousal. "That's so gay."

Autumn heard a crack of bone as her spine shifted heavily, arching up against her too small human skin. She was definitely taller now. She felt pressure along her back, up through her shoulders and into her scalp, all of it pulled tighter on the beast within. She could feel Jenny's hand tickling over her sack, then up onto the underside of her thick, hard girlcock.

Jenny kissed Autumn's left buttock, then her right one. She pressed one cheek to her girlfriend's furry ass and gently started to jack her huge cock, pulling back her foreskin and running her fingers through the sticky cum that plastered that turgid foot of stiff dick. "Michael wouldn't let me do this," she said, "even though I begged, and I told him how good it'd feel and everything. His ass wasn't nice either. It wasn't soft and round like a girl's."

There was another crack of bone, and Autumn clenched her jaw, feeling her teeth grinding, growing in pressure, slowly scything into fangs behind her closed lips. It was turning her on so much, feeling Jenny play with her rear, worshipping her ass and her cock and balls. She felt like she was going to burst right out of the rest of this skin if Jenny kept tugging at her erection.

Jenny let go of Autumn's hard member and grabbed both ass cheeks with her hands, spreading Autumn's ass from balls to tail. Jenny whispered, "This is gay, and animal, and so goddamn fucking hot. Take off the rest, you big-dicked butt slut. Show me the rest of the big furry bitch you really are." She slapped both of Autumn's buttocks and spread them again. "Once you're naked, I'm going to ride your huge fucking cock, you big-titted ass monster."

The pressure in Autumn's huge, heavy tits grew one last time. Her skull cracked again, her human muzzle bulging beneath her sweaty face, her lips growing taut beneath closed eyes and flattening nose. Blonde hair cascaded around her face as she shook her head, feeling the bones adjust, shift, push forward slowly but inevitably. It would take only a little more, only a touch--

Jenny stuck out her tongue, pressed it into the soft, hot weight of Autumn's werewolf nutsack, and started one long, wet hard lick. Up over her taint, scraping, up between her buttocks, lapping over and over. Autumn's cock slapped into her belly, twitching, fully erect, the tip bobbing only inches away from her swaying, massive breasts. Jenny pushed her face between Autumn's soft, enveloping buttocks, and she French-kissed her girlfriend's absolutely clean werewolf asshole, forcing her tongue up Autumn's ass over and over in slow, wet thrusts. Autumn's prostate clenched. Her asshole winked around the tight, writhing tongue. Anal pleasure crawled up her spine, expansive, thrusting from within, pushing her shoulders up and out. She groaned with erotic agony, tilting her head as the bone violently cracked, tenting her muzzle, thrusting, distorting her face, pulling her lips tight like thinning rubber bands over an increasingly lupine skull.

Jenny licked a woman's ass with cock and balls, getting the best of all her fantasies in one disgusting act, and Autumn's butthole was perfectly new and clean and didn't require any of the extra effort that spoiled the fantasy. It was, for this moment, the one time she knew with utter certainty that she could enjoy this act without preparation, and that purity made it transformative. She could feel her own asshole pulsing in time to the lapping of her own tongue. She could feel the cum up her rear changing her body, spreading heat into her like a disease, and she welcomed it, encouraged it, clenched muscles and stretched and rushed to join her girlfriend in beasthood. She arched her back and pushed her own freckly butt into the open air, supporting her weight on Autumn's hips while she feasted. She could feel her own spine unfurling, muscles changing, a spear of life sliding between her buttocks and down towards her aroused human sphincter. A lesbian werewolf dick had gone up her butt only minutes ago. Now a lesbian werewolf tail would be born out of her rear. The anal pressure continued to grow.

Autumn rolled her hips from side to side, pressing her buttocks into Jenny's face with delight. She would have to sit on Jenny again, some other night. She would get her ass eaten and jack off onto Jenny's tits. She would lick Jenny's pussy and fuck her face after. She would--hnnngh!

Jenny was close, but she could tell Autumn was closer. She reached down again, found her girlfriend's cock and started jacking. Cum, she thought, pressing and licking harder. Cum, you ass slut. Cum and become everything you've ever really wanted to be, deep inside!

The sticky sounds of her meat being beat off. The tightness and warmth of her girlfriend's tongue. Taking it up the ass as a dickgirl. Her face, straining, shaking. Her cockhead aching. Another anal orgasm, another transformation. Autumn was nearly overwhelmed by it all. The sensation spreading out from her fat butt, balls and dick. If she cummed, oh God!

Slowly, brutally, Autumn's overstretched lips began to part over the growing shape of her inner wolf, and in her stretched human mouth, a sticky, wet black furry muzzle was thrusting forward, her teeth bared, white and scything. Her lips pushed open, wider, wider. Her empty human nose collapsed as her face folded up her skull, a mask over the monster. A wolf's nose, her wolf lips, her massive fangs--on the edge of cumming, she felt her human mouth stretch open and the werewolf within push a lengthening muzzle out of her shaking, sweating human face!

Jenny's pussy was literally dribbling fluid down her thighs. She needed to fill her crotch with Autumn's werewolf cock. The pressure behind her sphincter was growing to an unimagined extreme. If she could just get on this dick, the real Jenny's anal birth would begin! But first Autumn, cum, cum, cum, cum! She tugged and licked and felt Autumn's ass clench--

Autumn's mouth--her real mouth, the werewolf mouth, stretched open, tearing apart her human face at the corners of her mouth, ripping apart her thinning cheeks, baring lines of teeth going back--and she threw her head back, felt her fat butt orgasm, felt her nuts tighten, felt her cock burst, and howled again as she cummed her humanity to oblivion.

Jizz roped out of her huge dick and sprayed the underside of her own massive, milking titties.

The skin above her tail started to tear, loudly, and the rip shot up her rolling spine, splitting open the skin up her back like an overfilled jacket as she curled through the tear, baring foot after foot of black werewolf fur where it'd been hidden beneath skin, reaching the nape of her neck--

And howling, she thrust her face forward, and her lips snapped, her nose tore in two, her chin ripped in twain, and the cumming human Autumn felt her tender, beautiful face ripping in half, painfully and orgasmically all at once, her cheeks sliding away, her closed eyes becoming lifeless and empty holes in meaningless flesh. Claws violently scythed from her fingertips as she grabbed hold of her scalp, hooking her flesh in several places and pulling at her beautiful head of blonde hair. With a deafening rip, she pulled her human head apart, tear instantly going over her scalp and down to her nape, feeling all her humanity fall away into two empty halves.

A bob of shining, raven black hair tumbled down her head, wet and gorgeous, and she opened her shining blue eyes and threw her head back further, redoubling her howl in celebration, her fully formed werewolf face finally revealed. Look at her long ears, her smooth muzzle and whiskers, everything perfect and real and finally free--

She pulled, taking the lifeless surprised halves of human Autumn's head and tugging them apart, over her shoulders, tearing open the skin on her throat, down to her chest, down across the cummy mess between her titties and onto her belly where she'd jizzed excitedly on herself once again. The skin came apart with ease like a splitting rubber shirt, and her huge black-furred breasts tumbled out of the flapping white flesh, spurting tiny gushes of milk onto the mat with every bounce and jiggle. Her nipples were big, beautiful and erect. Yes!

She pulled her human skin fully apart, yanked it off each arm, and dropped it on the locker room floor. The halved face of the straight human Autumn looked up at the big gay werewolf that'd come ripping out of her body dick first to replace her. Autumn relaxed into silence, feeling the final aftershocks of orgasm, of Jenny pulling away with a line of saliva drawn across Autumn's ass, and she was glad to rid herself of that prissy, uptight straight woman. Better to be the lesbian beast in love with her girlfriend. Why had she ever imagined Jenny as anything else?

Her erection was still raging. She turned to look at Jenny, to say something, anything that would explain this explosion of feeling in her chest. She was in love with her. They were meant for each other. They were meant to be rid of these pale, weak lies--

Jenny pushed Autumn onto the sticky mat with a soft thump, and the look on her face said there wasn't a need for any more words. Jenny was about to show Autumn how much she shared this feeling, this experience, this newfound freedom!

Autumn felt her breasts bouncing, heavy and soft, as she squirmed and angled her hips to help her beloved. Jenny lifted her huge dick up and guided the flared, cum-slathered head to touch on her tender, puffy pussy lips. Then, with one easy, super wet slide, Jenny sank down around Autumn's dick, filling up her eager cunt right down to the hilt.

Autumn cried out, her voice as sweet and lilting as ever, and she said, "Jenny, oh my God, Jenny."

"Fuck yes," Jenny said, "oh my God, you're so big."

"Your pussy, Jenny!"

Jenny got down on top of Autumn, pressing her smaller chest into Autumn's huge, furry breasts, and she kissed Autumn, seeking to share every intimacy at once. Autumn pressed back, filling Jenny's mouth with thick, heavy werewolf tongue. Their genitals were matched like lock and key. She could feel their sensitive nipples brushing together, grinding and wet with Autumn's milk. Jenny's vaginal walls were clenching. Her clitoral bulbs were stretched tight and thundering around the base of Autumn's cock. Her clit was grinding into Autumn's pubic bone. Her g-spot was pressed with every throbbing, pulsing erect inch of that massive female cock.

Jenny was going to cum instantly and become instantly, and she didn't want to wait another second to show her true self to her beloved wife, Autumn!

Autumn pushed her hips up, thrusting into Jenny's pussy, making her inner labia tug and shake with all that cockflesh rubbing smoothly inside her vagina, making Jenny's clitoral bulbs thunder with pleasure. Her dick would cum soon, she was sure of it!

Jenny groaned and felt her pussy alight with the blast of orgasm. Electricity shot up through her, every inch of her cumming, cumming, cumming with lesbian orgasm, spreading out from the erotic star of her cumming clitoris! Her butthole, rosy and beautiful, cummed violently in turn, exploding. Clenching rhythmically with buttgasm, she squirted several pulses of Autumn's thick, hot sperm out of her asshole and onto the floor behind her.

Autumn was holding onto Jenny's shoulders, watching the expressions of pleasure and pain rolling across her perfect freckled face.

Momentarily stopped, blocked. No more cum out of her asshole. Then, squeezing, reaching the next round of orgasm, Jenny's asshole tented, stretched, and in a long, violent thrust, she humped her girlfriend's cock and forced the first part of her werewolf body to be born from her jizz-coated rear. Cum-slathered, red-furred tail slimed out of her anus in one long, gay anal orgasm. No pausing, no hesitation. She made it grow relentlessly as she fucked her wife relentlessly, and within fifteen seconds, she forced her butthole to rip open, splitting her skin up her cumming freckly rear and letting all three feet of her dirty tail straighten above her horny rump.

Autumn licked Jenny on the face, over and over, an instinct she barely understood. Jenny kept moaning, squirming, humping, transforming while riding Autumn's werewolf cock!

Jenny's feet ripped open, lengthening, toes bearing claws, red-furred muscles bulging and destroying the too-tiny human skin that'd contained them.

Autumn grabbed Jenny's buttocks and pulled the flesh apart, spreading the tear to reveal her bulbous red-furred ass. Still, Jenny humped and cummed!

Jenny's hands ripped apart, long fingers scything, hands bursting into tatters like overfilled gloves. Her arm muscles thickened, feminine but strong, shredding the skinny human girl that'd dared to contain this strong lesbian monster.

Autumn held onto Jenny's furry hips while Jenny pushed up into a cowgirl position, eyes still closed, pussy still riding that massive dick. Autumn could feel it in her big fuzzy nutsack. The sensation of all that hot wet cunt on her cock was too much. She could, somehow, cum one more time. She just needed a little more. She kept thrusting--

Jenny's face cracked, her nascent muzzle forming, her teeth being pushed forward in her grimace. Her breasts were swelling on her chest, rapidly pushing up and out, but her human skin wasn't stretching as easily as it had for Autumn. Clearly, her huge werewolf breasts were being bunched underneath her human flesh, as if she was wearing a latex shirt pulled tight over a massive pair of double-D breasts. Her nipples were stretched into odd shapes, meaningless patterns. Her inner nipples formed outlines visible through the tight skin. She growled, helping Autumn fuck, lifting her hips and slamming down over and over on her woman's sexy dick.

Jenny was at the end. She had to be out. She had to cum as the real Jenny inside, the Jenny that Autumn's jizz had summoned out of her flesh. She had to be a werewolf too!

Autumn was getting close, her bob of hair flapping over her eyes, her tongue lolling with strain. Fuck, fuck, show me those big tits you hot sexy slut Jenny oh my God fucking FUCK ME "FUCK ME JENNY! FUCK ME HARD YOU BIG TITTED SLUT! I'M FUCKING CUMMING!"

Jenny slammed down as deep as she could go. Autumn screamed with pleasure, jizzing deep into Jenny's pussy, and that hot sticky gush of a woman's werewolf semen filling up her tight, overstretched pussy was exactly what she needed to cum to oblivion! She reached down with her werewolf claws, grabbed her thundering, cumming labia, and hooking her pussy lips with both hands, she yanked violently. A howl ripped up out of her chest, bursting from her face--

With a wet, meaty sound of ripping pussy flesh, Jenny tore her pussy mound in two, a moment of destruction that was also ultimate orgasm, snapping her skin from her asshole and ripping it up through her belly. Out of her tiny, bare human pussy, Jenny unleashed a fatter, furrier, cumming werewolf cunt crowned with a massive wet bush of fiery red pubic hair. Her urethra gushed, squirting girlcum through her fat pussy lips and all over the smash of pussy and cock between them. Her g-spot was unleashing everything it had. Her clit was sensitive beyond reason, cumming and cumming while Autumn's pulsing fat dick thrust through Jenny's clitoral bulbs and made her feel every pulse of the gay cum filling up deep inside her snatch.

Jenny's chest ripped open at the same time, her skin splitting open naturally as she squirmed, her massive furry red breasts pushing wetly out of the gap and flopping with huge pink nipples right in Autumn's view, triggering her girlfriend to keep pumping sperm out of her huge fuzzy balls.

Jenny's skin split up her back. The tear rolled down from her chest to meet where it rose up from her pussy, and she kept pulling, pulling, yanking her humanity in half from the waist on up. Her bare belly was covered in fur, but even so her six-pack of muscles was visible. Her back, muscular and powerful, flexed as she expanded into her final form, free of the little woman but still slender in proportion, a mix of power and femininity that Autumn thought perfect.

Autumn stopped cumming, twitching, but left her hard dick inside Jenny, her werewolf girlfriend.

Jenny's howl died away and she cummed her last, clenching all the muscles she could in her vagina, milking that lovely cock her girlfriend had grown because of her ass. She felt complete, though her face was still hidden behind a human mask. Little had been said, but she felt with every fiber of her being that they were now wives, their marriage consummated with hot gay sex in a locker room. The seal of their promise was their shared transformation.

"Jenny?" Autumn asked, panting from the exertion of their repeated sex.

Jenny let go of the flaps of her destroyed human pussy lips, reached up to her pained, tenting face, and she grabbed ahold of her human face, handfuls of cheek and scalp, and she cut into her human visage with pale claws.


With a nasty, wet rip, she tore her human face roughly in half and pulled her human scalp back like a hood, sweeping her human self off her fully formed werewolf head like she was taking off a cheap costume of flesh. Long, waving locks of wet red hair fell about her pointed werewolf ears. She opened her eyes to look at Autumn. They were a bright, beautiful green, like summer light shining through a leaf. Her cute, black nose flared as she breathed, trying to relax. Her tongue panted between her lips. Then slowly, she pulled apart the human flesh through her neck and dropped it to either side, the empty tatters not even recognizable as a face anymore. She'd torn off her humanity too violently, too fast. But while humping Autumn, she'd freed herself.

"I'm okay," Jenny said.

"You kind of exploded," Autumn said, not unhappy with the eagerness of Jenny's transformation.

"I didn't want to wait," Jenny said, "Not for my wife." She smiled, waiting for Autumn's reaction.

Autumn was softening inside Jenny, but she rolled her hips gently and purred, sliding her dick up and down a little inside Jenny's warm pussy. "I don't have a ring," she whispered, "but I'll happily marry the most beautiful woman I've ever seen."

Jenny leaned down and kissed Autumn. This time, it felt symmetrical, easy. Their lupine tongues slipped into each other's mouths and rubbed, long and slow.

Then Jenny pushed off Autumn's cock, and she rose, stretching her stiff limbs. "Let's turn on the showers. I need to clean my fur. Your cum is all over my tail"

Autumn sat up and felt her penis softening and compacting. It'd be about six inches long flaccid, but it wasn't uncomfortably large and definitely wasn't in the way. Her breasts began to dry up, to shrink a little as the milk disappeared. They too felt compact and firm, and easy to handle. But nothing else changed. There wasn't a reversion to humanity. She knew without questioning it that she was a werewolf now and forever, a permanent transformation into a beastly lesbian.

"Autumn?" Jenny asked, testing the water at one of the locker showers with her hand.

"Sorry," Autumn said, "I'm just thinking about what we are."

"We're ourselves," Jenny said succinctly. "And we've just had a shitload of sex. Let's get clean, dry off, and then pack up all this shit to throw in the dumpster."

"What happens after that?" Autumn asked.

"We run away. We'll take the car until dawn." Jenny stepped into the stream, shivering with delight and rubbing her fur to clear at the mess of fluids. She ran a hand over her pussy lips, cleaning off the sticky cum. "Then we'll run away. Into the mountains maybe. Are you worried?"

Autumn smiled and stood. "No, I'm actually very happy." She walked over to Jenny, grabbing her girlfriend's hips and pulling in close to snuggle in the hot water. "I'm just a little shocked."

"I've wanted this a long time," Jenny said, "Not exactly this, but something. Anything."

"I think I wanted this too," Autumn said, pulling in closer until their breasts were heaped together in a warm snuggle, their arms wrapped, her cock pushed into Jenny's thigh, their bodies rocking back and forth in an intimate embrace. "I'm just shocked because I didn't realize it until now."

And then, once again, blue eyes and green met, and slowly, lovingly, Autumn and Jenny kissed.
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