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She's looking to get laid. He's looking for a human to convert into an alien. They're both going to get what they want...sort of.

(This resulted from a suggestion by John Hynden - it's far from what he had in mind, but he deserves credit all the same. I merely deserve the blame.)


The last thing Roxy remembered was stepping out of a dim, dingy bar, preparing to make a beeline for the tour bus of the band that had just stepped off stage. She had her eye on the bassist – she’d have less competition for his attentions than the lead singer or the guitarist, but he was still a more attractive target than the drummer. Plus he filled out his leather pants real nice. A typical Saturday night, really.

Her current situation wasn’t typical. She was confused and nude – well, that was typical for her. But the part where she was strapped to a metal table in what looked like a futuristic Apple Store was not.

She wasn’t alone, either. There was an honest-to-god alien running his four-fingered hands across the various touchscreens arranged around her. He was shaped like a trim human male, with semi-translucent pale green skin. He didn’t appear to be wearing any kind of clothing, and she gazed approvingly at his tight butt. His head was bald, and adorned with two short upward-facing antennae where a human’s ears would be.

She angled her neck down to do a quick inventory. Everything was still where she left it – her ample breasts, killer curves, and freshly-shorn womanhood, with nary a probe or alien implant marring her creamy skin. They hadn’t touched her long dark hair, either. She frowned in irritation. She wasn’t particularly ashamed of her nudity – or of anything – but she was annoyed that her favorite purple mini-dress was nowhere to be seen.

A lot of people, finding themselves in the middle of an alien abduction, would have been consumed by fear, or shock, or cosmic wonder. Roxy Jennings, however, was not a lot of people.

“What the fuck, man?”

“Oh, you have exited stasis. Greetings. You are aboard a Biosect scoutship, which is hovering at an altitude of 1000 meters, hidden in a cloudbank.” The alien turned to face her. He had huge iridescent eyes, two slits for nostrils, and a small, lipless mouth; there was a slight buzz to his voice, which made him seem more bug-like. Much to Roxy’s disappointment, his crotch was Ken-doll smooth.

“Is this important? I was kinda busy.”

“I apologize, but your human life is insignificant in the face of the needs of the Biosect Collective. I require a second labor drone to complete repairs to my star drive, and you were the first compatible lifeform my scanners detected. You will now be infused with Biosect mutagen. Please stay still.”

A long, spiralling tube descended from the ceiling and latched on to the side of her neck with a slight pinch. As she watched, a thick, electric-blue fluid drained into the tube and began flowing into her. It was cold.

She rolled her eyes. “Listen, buddy, getting injected with goo was kind of what I had planned for tonight, but this wasn’t what I had in mind.”

The alien ignored her double-entendre as his screens began to flash. “These readings are all wrong…your body is flooded with synthetic hormones!”

“Yeah, I’m on the pill, dude. I told you I was hoping to catch some D tonight.”

“And there are herbal substances in your system that I did not account for…“

“No kidding. I probably wouldn’t be so chill about getting abducted by aliens, stripped naked, and strapped to an operating table if I wasn’t high as balls.”

She was beginning to feel warm – especially in her erogenous zones.

“Fool! Don’t you realize the consequences of this?”

She shrugged. “Well, obviously not.”

“The infusion was meant to transform you into an asexual labor drone – but something has gone wrong. You are becoming a Biosect queen – a ruler, a breeder!”

“That doesn’t sound so b – oh!”

Intense heat washed over her body – first just over her skin, but then percolating deep into her core. Her pale skin became even paler, acquiring a green tint as it transitioned from opacity to translucency. Its texture shifted, too, becoming glossy and smooth, as every blemish and imperfection disappeared.

Her carefully-maintained nails melted into her fingers, leaving them perfectly smooth; next, her ring and pinky melted into each other, leaving her with four fingers per hand. As if to compensate, all four remaining fingers lengthened, gaining an extra joint. She flexed her new digits, finding that they had a greater range of motion than before.

A large bump swelled uncomfortably on either side of her ribcage, only to provide a cool sensation of relief as they ‘popped’ into new arms, giving her four in total; each ended in four-fingered hands identical to those on her original arms. She flexed them experimentally, and, as they were unshackled, took the opportunity to run them down her altered torso. Her new lustrousness excited her.

She looked down at herself. Everything was green and smooth now, but it was pretty much all where she left it. And she could see two hearts beating in unison through their semi-translucent green flesh. She wiggled her toes – four on each foot now, with the same missing nails and extra joint as her fingers. Her actual foot seemed much shorter, however, so the whole thing was about the same length, even with her longer toes.

A sudden wave of pleasure told her that big things were happening downtown. Craning her neck, which felt a little longer now, she could see her full reproductive system through her semi-translucent abdomen. She was no expert, but she’d spent plenty of time at the gynecologist, and the diagrams on Dr. Rochelle’s walls sure didn’t look like what she had going on down there now. It was more like a…drunk octopus. The whole apparatus twitched, and she shuddered with ecstasy.

She could feel things happening to her face – her field of vision altering, her nose disappearing out of view, the sensation of something poking through her hair – but she could see none of it.

“Could I get a mirror over here?” Obeying her command, the tube that had conveyed the mutagen flattened out and acquired a silvery sheen, giving her a full view of her new face.

She had the alien’s large, iridescent eyes and her nose was gone, leaving only two vertical slits behind. Her human mouth was still there, full lips and all – now tinted an avocado green. She stuck out her thin tongue, which unfurled a solid foot out of her mouth. Pleasingly, she’d kept her hair, although it was now a shocking hot pink. Her ears were gone, replaced with antennae – but much longer and thicker ones than her captor’s, with a joint in the middle of them and large blunt ends.

“Still hot.” Her voice had an alien buzz to it. She liked it.

Her antennae began to twitch, and her brain was flooded with new sensations. She could sense the ship around her, and found that she knew what it knew. She could sense her captor’s fear and confusion, and knew that he was no longer in control her. One thing dominated his thoughts – something he feared most of all…

Her bottom right arm was now actively groping her firm green tits, while her bottom left began to explore her needy womanhood. She was so smooth, so shiny…so sexy. “Mmm. I think this new bod needs a test drive. You hiding a dick in there, Slim? I bet I could coax it out of you...and into me.”

He had stopped flailing at his touchscreens, and now simply stared at her, his hands in front of him as if planning to fend off an attack. “No…I was not sent to begin a new colony. I cannot defy the orders of homeworld…”

She smirked. “Oh, but you have to listen to me, don’t you.” She twitched her antennae.

He suddenly convulsed in pain. “No! Your pheromones are forcing my transformation into a breeding drone!”

“I like the sound of that.”

Indeed, his featureless crotch was swelling outwards into a smooth, cylindrical phallus, with four lines running down its sides, dividing it into neat quarters like a long citrus fruit. She could see purplish oval-shaped organs, presumably testicles, forming at its base beneath the surface of his see-through flesh. They swelled to the size of kiwis, and visibly throbbed.

He looked down at it in dismay. “How…hideous.”

“I’ve seen worse.”

The alien hung his head. “My shame is complete. I have no choice but to do as you command.”

“Awesome. Well, first order of business: fuck me.”

He sounded defeated, but his penis, already at attention, began to pulse with a soft blue glow, with pulses of light travelling down the lines like an airport runway at night. “Do…do you wish me to free you of your restraints first, my queen?”

“Nah. I’m in a Fifty Shades mood.”

He softly stroked the side of her face, his touch making her crackle with delight. He palmed her breasts, then tilted his head in confusion, looking to her for guidance. “My instincts are telling me that these are desirable, but I am unsure…what to do with them.”

“Forget it, I’ll explain foreplay later. Just put that fucked-up alien cock in me.”

He clutched her original, topmost hands with his own as he gingerly lowered himself down on her. His glowing organ slid into her, stretching her elastic new vagina to its limit. She could feel him inside her with pinpoint detail – every subtle movement was as clear to her as if it was happening in her hands. She felt his penis dividing into four probing tentacles, each extending into a different passage of her bizarre reproductive system.

Their antennae clacked together, sending jolts of rapture into her brain. She soon realized she was feeling her paramour’s thoughts – his confused pleasure as his alien genitals burrowed deeper into her moist depths, the dull throb of his testicles as they swelled with semen, and even the confused warmth he felt from holding her hands in his.

She knew, despite being tied down, that she had all the power here – that this creature now lived only to serve and pleasure her. It only turned her on more, and her body responded with a gush of lubricant, which was now oozing out of her and onto the slab.

“That’s the fucking stuff, dude! Probe me! Inject me! Fuck an alien baby into me!”

She could feel herself clamping down on his genitals as the alien let out a strangled gasp. With one final spasm, they erupted into her, her tubes and passages greedily sucking down his juices like a milkshake through a straw. She thrashed against her restraints as ecstasy saturated her new body, and screamed out in orgasm.

His penis retracted out of her and he slumped to the ground. He groaned, softly.

“You okay down there?”

“I require…regeneration. I am physically and mentally depleted. Too many new sensations…I am unable to process them.”

“Well, it was good for me, too. I’d ask for a cigarette, but they were in my purse and I’m not even sure I have lungs anymore anyway.”
“Our respiratory system is – “

“I don’t actually care.”

Her abdomen rumbled. It was swelling, and she could see a large dark mass forming within it. She felt a worrying sensation in her backside.

“Listen, I don’t know how to say this, but my butt…uh…”

“The ovipositor!” He stood up, and rushed to the control panel. The upright table morphed, like that evil cop from the killer robot movie, into a reclining throne, releasing her upper arms from their shackles. With her legs still in restraints, the base of the slab split, sending her legs into a Y-shape. Between them, it extended a third protrusion, terminating in a large funnel that ran down into the floor.

A long tail, as thick as one of her arms and as long as her legs, extended from her posterior, and rested itself on the third branch. The dark mass slid out of her abdomen, and into the tail – she could see its rounded outline travelling down it. She felt a pleasurable little jolt, and a translucent purple egg the shape and size of a cantaloupe extruded out of the tip. It rolled down the chute and disappeared down the collection hole.

Roxy’s face contorted in disgust. “Oh, that is fucked up.”

“Have no fear, my queen. That egg will be conveyed to a maturation chamber where it will be bathed in a nutrient solution until it is ready to hatch and serve you.” The male had a cheerier tone to his voice now. “Despite my shame and horror at my failure, and the lifetime of disgusting sexual congress I am now condemned to, I must admit I feel pride, knowing that my genetic material was worthy of taking root within your verdant depths.”

“Lifetime? I thought maybe I could pop out a few of these and hitch a ride back home.”

“No, the transition is irreversible. Alas, so is mine.” The alien hung his head again.

Roxy paused and thought. The permanent loss of her human life and human body was sobering…for a minute. The prospect of constant mind-blowing alien sex and being waited on hand and foot seemed a lot more attractive than going back to her day job at the Gas-N-Gulp, even if it meant she also had to be a space bug squirting out space bug eggs. No more truckers leering at her, no more Mike skimming off her tips, no more unflattering uniforms…no, not bad at all.

She patted the slumped alien on the shoulder. “Aw, buck up. Nobody loves their first time. You aren’t even crying, so you’re already one up on the dude I dated in tenth grade. It’s only gonna get better from here. Once I teach you a few things, we’ll be rocking this UFO day and night.”

“Oh no, this craft will soon be stationary. I must find a location to set it down so we can establish the colony.”

“Okay, sure, whatever. I have any, like, duties? Plan an invasion of Earth or fix that…whatever the thing was that you brought me here to fix in the first place?”

“At the moment, the colony is nascent; your sole duty will be to breed frequently.”

“Aw yeah. That’s me, queen of the space sluts.” She sexily tousled her magenta hair and sighed. “I tell you, man, you abducted the right chick. I could show a dude a good time before, but now I’ve got four hands and a foot-long tongue…you’d be worshipping me even if I wasn’t your queen.” She rubbed her abdomen, where another egg had started to develop. “So how do these colonies work? Is it just me and you until these start hatching?”

“No, several breeding drones are needed to ensure proper genetic diversity. I can target specific individuals for abduction and conversion, if you so command.” The alien positioned himself at the controls again, as a large map appeared on the main screen.

She rubbed her two pairs of hands together and grinned. “Sweet. Get some more goo ready – we’ve got a tour bus to find.”
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