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I Am Jake's Mom (TG TF)

"He reached for the red fabric of the bathing suit with both hands, grabbing it from above with his fingers, which were tiny and topped with long nails that glimmered with a thick coat of fresh, white polish. He took another breath. Fabric parted from skin, revealing a clear division between tan exposed skin and pale orbs of flesh hidden beneath. Skin hidden from the sun, season after season. Brandon continued to tug at the nylon, the globes of flesh relaxing forward at the release of compression and the weight on his back steadily increasing. They were large; there was a lot of ground to cover until they were fully exposed. He pulled, gradually uncovering another change in color: the circular flesh of areoles that capped the generous round breasts and led the rest of the distance to two prominent nipples, the sight of which made him immediately release the material in shock. It snapped back, containing the sizable breasts with a jiggle. The nipples suddenly stimulated and grew firm. He felt them pushing forward; they were a part of him. They lengthened as they swelled, making hard protrusions in the fabric."

Once a path is chosen, can you ever go back?
Mike, Chad, and Brandon have desired their friend Jake’s mom for as long as they could remember – but when a mysterious black stone is found in Mrs. Moore’s pool, their desires take on a whole new dimension. I Am Jake’s Mom is the hot new tale of detailed mind change and transformation by BL Quick (BQNK) out NOW.

Out today at


"They had borrowed the pool a few times over the summer, and each had, in the back of their minds, looked forward to seeing Mrs. Moore in her bathing suit, lazing next to the pool. Facets of her beauty had been discovered over time, pieced together with stolen glances: Her hourglass figure. Her thighs. The way the crotch of her bathing suit cut over her pelvis. Her breasts defying both gravity and age – though, to be fair, she had given birth to their friend at the age of sixteen, making her a good ten years younger than their own mothers. They would inevitably act out and joke, each doing their best to make her laugh, unconsciously searching for her approval. Mrs. Moore just rolled her eyes. Boys. "

"He kicked frantically. His hand clenched around the stone, gripping harder and harder, until his nails dug into his palm painfully. The muscles of his body stiffened and convulsed as the bottom of the pool, the wood floor, turned into a black void."

"A darkness was spreading in the strip of red nylon that cut between her thighs. The fabric was saturated and wet, as if she had taken a dip in the pool. She relaxed her legs. Spread them. The suit cut uncomfortably around her crotch, accentuating a prominent camel toe. It needs to come off. As if responding to her assessment, his left hand released her nipple and inched lower, over her body, stroking down her side and over her thigh. Tucking his hand into the space between her thigh and pubic mound, he hooked two fingers beneath the fabric of her bathing suit bottoms. He pulled the fabric out. Then over."
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