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Evangelion AP/AR/BE - fanfic+image

Putting down her drink, Misato leaned back in her chair with a sigh as she enjoyed a rare moment of peace. Shinji was out with his friends and Asuka was supposed to be on a date. she actually had the apartment to herself for a change.

Taking another sip of her drink, she was just considering running a nice, hot bath for herself when she heard keys fumbling in the lock. not bothering to rise, she frowned as the front door opened, then closed with a slam.

Twisting in her seat, Misato wasn't surprised to see Asuka storm down the hall and into her bedroom. Misato debated with herself before a string of German curses filled the air. Sighing, she got up and walked towards the room.

"Asuka?" Knocking on the door, Misato didn't wait for a reply before opening it and walking inside.

"Misato, what are you doing!" Asuka gasped, trying to cover herself up. She'd clearly been getting changed, the fancy yellow dress she'd been wearing was currently tangled up with her hair.

it's just us girls here," she said with a laugh, "besides, you saw more of me in that hot spring. Now, turn around and let me help."

Not letting Asuka argue, she put a hand on the girl's shoulders and gave her a gentle push.

Huffing, Asuka none-the-less complied, turning her back to Misato and crossing her arms.

"Bad date?" carefully, Misato started trying to untangle Asuka's long red hair from the buttons on her dress.

"He was a total loser!" Asuka snapped, gesturing with her arms. "All he spoke about were the important people he knew! I just wanted to shout at him and ask what about him? what has he ever done?" she hissed as Misato tugged a little too hard on her hair.

"And that's when he wasn't just trying to look down my dress. I mean, really? Even Shinji has the good grace to at least try and avoid getting caught!"

Misatos fingers stilled, her lips twitching, "Shinji looks?"

"Oh please, Shinji's a wimp, but he's not dead." Auska glared at her reflection in a nearby mirror but there was no real heat to it. "even with you parading around in those tops, I still catch him looking from time to time. maybe you should consider covering up some more, before you give him ideas?"

"I'll have you know, before you two moved in, I didn't bother covering up at all." Misato laughed long and hard at the horrified expression on Asuka's face.

Calming down, Misato finished untangling the dress and threw it on the bed. "Actually, now that I have this chance, I wanted to ask you something?"

"What?" Asuka asked warily as Misato put her hands on the girl's shoulders to keep her from escaping or turning.

"Your plug suit. I don't remember those orange panels being part of the design?"

"I... it was some perv in Germany and no one noticed until the suits had been made. They fired him..."

Misato kept eye contact with Asukas reflection, "oh really? and yet you wear them anyway? we can change them you know. Your all growing teens, we had to broaden the shoulders on Shinji's recently and Rei had more 'upper support' added to hers last week after all."

"I...just got used to it!"

"uh-huh..." Misatos grin was downright evil now. "So if I check with Berlin, they aren't going to tell me that you made those changes? maybe in an attempt to get people to notice your 'figure'?"

Asuka's face was nearly as red as her hair, her eyes wide and shoulders hunched in shame. "N-No!"

Leaning forward, Misato pressed her chest into Asuka's back, her hands snaking round to cover the girl's braless chest.

"Misato!" Askua screeched, trying to push her away but Misato refused to budge, her fingers giving the girl a quick squeeze.

"Hmm... perky, but not particularly large. Give it some time and you should have a nice handful."

Befor she could let Asuka go, Misato felt something pass through her body, her thoughts becoming hazy as she felt Asukas body shifting underneith her...


If you enjoy my content, please consider leaving a tip: seriously, im buying a home and every scrap helps.

just a little something i threw together the other day and thought you might enjoy. The fic/snip came first and inspired the drawing.
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Re: Evangelion AP/AR/BE - fanfic+image

I loved it!
Thank you for sharing!
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