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Post SW Story: Stale Meal

This was my first SW Story so dont be to harsh, but constructive criticism is welcome! This is also a stand alone story, I tried to make a part 2 but decided it was too sucky.

My name is Jessica Triton, Its 5 PM and I have an hour until my friends wedding party, im already in a nice black dress without straps. Nice black shoes and a ponytail on my hair! It really complements my black straight hair! But if my friend isn't a giant cheapsake! She only had chips and salsa at the party! Looks like I gotta get some here at home!

*time passes*

All I found is some old meatloaf, hopefully it dosent make my breath stink, I fucking hate brushing my teeth and I sure as hell dont wanna do it again.

*takes a bite*

Oh my god! This is as stale as a fucking zombie corpse! Ugh! But I'd rather eat this slop then go hungry. Ugggghhh, damn you aging food!

5:24 PM

That, my dear reader, was my little diary entries of the incident, the rest of this story will be in the 3rd person, I was too busy puking to write it down!
And yeah, I threw up a ton, like over 5 minutes of it. It was awful! My stomach felt like a living alien walked right inside and took a giant shit on my organs. As I lie down on my couch, my roommate walks in, she's wearing a normal short sleeve white shirt, some skinny jeans and some sneakers that completely go against her dirty blond hair.

"Oh my god! Jessica! Whats wrong?"

"That... fucking meatloaf in the fridge is way out of date, where did we even get that thing?"

"Wait, did you say meatloaf?"

"What? Was it fucking poisoned or some shit?"

"That thing is from 2011..."

"Why the fuck was it in our fridge?"

"Why the fuck did you eat it?"

"I was hungry!"

*groans* "Whatever..." *walks away*

I should have made her stay...

5:47 PM

Well, it appears I'm not going to the party, I call my friend and tell her I can't go, she's sad but understands. I barely was able to talk, for stale meatloaf it really makes you feel like shit.

What the hell? Whats with my heel? It was tight as a button now I can move my foot around, odd. Must have stretched it out. I decide to go to my room and I plop on my bed and stair at the ceiling. A few minutes later I realized I should take my shoes off, but instead of the usual me having to untie the buckle, I was able to slip them off easy. Also my dress feels baggy...

6:02 PM

I can't relax, my fucking dress is all over the place, its falling off! What the hell is going on? I decide to go take some medicine to make myself feel better, and because my roommate hates "feet on granite floors" I threw my shoes on and walked down to the kitchen. Just as I reached the kitchen, I tripped 'cause my shoe fell off and I landed face first on granite. Fuck it hurt...
As I got up to put my shoe on, my other shoe fell off. I put that on. This time getting really confused. My head starts hurting again, and I walked back to my room...

As I walk to my room, I open the door and my dress starts falling off!

"What the fuck?"

I pull it back up, and I find that the dress is too big for me. That's when I got the thought that maybe I was too small for the dress. I shook it off immediately and walked inside my room and turned on the light, I look down and see the bottom of my toes poking out of where my shoe should be, It reminded me of when my roommate would always tell me to paint my toes, but I never did. Then I realize that my heel should block up the space, I never see my toes wearing these shoes! And then I see it, I see my toes coming out of my shoe and I felt my dress get bigger. I was shrinking...

I started to panic and in the process I tripped on my right shoe and was caught in my dress, I stood up and felt my dress touch the floor, I was holding it up with my hand so I wasn't butt naked. But I found myself getting so small I could barely hold the dress, I then felt my ponytail fall off my hair! I was in a panic and I had no idea what to do. I wanted to cry for help but no words came out, before I knew it I saw my dress consume me as I fell into it. Holding back tears, I fought my way threw the dress getting smaller in the process, eventually I was the size of what was my big toe. I went back into the dress and grabbed my underwear and some hanging cloth, I ripped it off the dress and ripped parts of my underwear. I threw myself together some clothes, really only to cover myself up.

I went out of the dress and found myself struggling to walk through the fibers on my carpet! My tears vanished as fear and instinct took over. I walked for what seemed like hours until I got to my door. Oh shit, why did I close it? I had to crawl under the bottom and I got a long cut on my back in the process. I got outside and I stood in terror for what I encountered, a rat, looking for food to eat.

Before I could think of what to do, the little fuck spotted me, he was 3 times the size of me. shit! I started to run but he chased me down, as he jumped on me I placed my hands on his mouth and pushed him back with all my strength. He didn't go without a fight. He started scratching me which as the size I am at, became painful deep cuts. I came up with an idea, I threw my hand on the ground of fibers and found a small, hanging metal piece, I tore it off and proceeded to stab the little rat shit in the eyes, he ran away instantly. I fell down unconscious, bleeding out my tiny, shrunken, blood.

Like the story? Be sure to let me know! And Ill keep working on it! It was a ton of fun to make - whyamihere

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Re: SW Story: Stale Meal [Part 1/?]

Pretty good for a first attempt! as far as I'm concerned any slow shrinking stories are welcomed. Thanks for the read
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Re: SW Story: Stale Meal [Part 1/?]

Originally Posted by Knightstable View Post
Pretty good for a first attempt! as far as I'm concerned any slow shrinking stories are welcomed. Thanks for the read
Thanks! I was wondering if people liked this, Ill probably make a part 2
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