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Zero King
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Looking for horse TF story

(Moved to request forum)

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Re: Looking for horse TF story

Originally Posted by Nothingman View Post
I posted this over on Doc's Lab but didn't get any response so I thought I would try the Forum.

I'm looking for a story I thought was pretty awesome. It is pretty short but it is about a girl who just got out of the hospital because of being a were-horse and she goes to a club. She starts dancing with a girl and starts to turn into a were horse. She grows a dick and starts having sex with the girl she's dancing with right there on the dance floor which turns the girl into a horse as well. I think it ends with the insinuation that other people in the club are also starting to transform.

Sound familiar to anyone?

I appreciate any help finding this one!
As a rule of thumb, use the thread sticked in the upper part of the forum, it is its primary function .
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