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Spinnerette GTS Sighting

Coming out of the shadows here to show something that I a little surprised I haven't seen be mentioned yet (Seeing as the BE thread posted a spinnerette sighting about 2 years ago) but I could also be stupid , any who.

For those who don't know what Spinnerette is, it's a superhero comic created by Krakow studio and written by Krazy Krow (real name Sean Linsday) about a girl who dreams about being a superhero and gets her wish when an experiment gives her six arms (kinda a spider-man thing but with some differences), long story short, she becomes a superhero, teams up with some locals one (This isn't DC or Marvel so no familiar faces) and does the hero stuff. The series does have a bit of a kinky side though, I mean one of the heroes that appears from time to time is called Super Milf.

Any way, side tracking again, the current chapter/issue has the return of a villain called the Hostess returns with a device that is more or less a reverse of the Micro band the Bulma created from Dragonball, currently just the cover and first 2 pages but there's some process already, something to keep an eye on for people who just like GTS.
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Re: Spinnerette GTS Sighting

Seeing how she reacted to those "catcallers" makes me want to consider going to "". I mean it's embarrassing as fuck for a man like me to be associated with spoo-hose/jack-offs like them!

...and people ask me why I got no friends.
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