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Legacies S4 Ep 8 - Body Swap

Season 4 Episode 8 You Will Remember Me
Hope stands in Aurora's body, confused, asking what she did to her. Aurora, in Hope's body, tells her that it's obvious. She tricked her, thanks to a little magic from Agatha, who's been watching her for a long time. That is how she knew how to make the trident. Hope didn't stab her with Papa Tunde's blade. That was destroyed in order to raise the Hollow. If only Hope wasn't so ignorant and knew her history. Aurora asks if the back of her neck itches, revealing a Triad sigil. Hope believes that Aurora betrayed Triad and should have burned, but Aurora has merely manipulated Hope into killing them for her. Magic and loopholes, so it goes. Hope wants her body back. While Aurora's body is ancient and powerful by vampiric standards, she wonders if it's a match for her new tribrid body. Hope, out matched, flees from Aurora. F2F Body Swap at 38:13.
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