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Re: mind control, bimbo transformation

"Retail" and "Firehose" are my two personal faves.
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Re: mind control, bimbo transformation

Originally Posted by ederin View Post
Thanks Gatoh. I did peak in 2008.

Dorm 3B is written as a tribute to the structure in Cristina's Mounten & Mayne. It's vaguely a Calving Signs story, to the extent that it matters.

It is really hard to come up with original ideas lately!
Mounten & Mayne is such a good one. Cristina Prince hasn't posted in quite a while (at least on MCStories) so I've missed her work. It boggles my mind with what she was able to accomplish with Thick Country Sluts and Kitty and Cammi in Church Country. There's a density to her stories that really does scoop up the reader in a sort of fuck haze. Your two styles are actually quite different, but still on the same level of prowess.

Coming up with original ideas can indeed be a pain. I've been tossing around an idea for a while myself, but every time I get through it partially I hit a wall because I wind up getting to the action too soon and jumping from A to B to Q.

Personally speaking, as a fan of your work, I'd love to see more in the vain of AgraRipe. It felt like a return to your strong-suit of workplace and school settings after a string of smaller settings, which naturally allow for a story to grow into a behemoth-length work. Not to say I don't love your smaller works--Mating and Breeding had me on the edge of my seat!--but the long-form stories are where it truly feels like one can invest themselves.

Speaking of Calving Signs, that story is definitely the story of yours I have reread the most. Combing bimbos with pregnancy is a dastardly combination, especially when it leaves a writer with the ability to give us a natural point to check in on a character some time after the main storyline concludes. I can't believe it took me so long to read Slut TV. If I had known there was a sort of return of Calving Signs there I would have hopped on it much sooner.

I agree with AlphaMatrix about Retail being a favorite. You definitely captured the strange world of retail perfectly and managed to even surmise an appropriate bimbofication of it. You see a lot of weird shit in the retail world, so it's pretty satisfying to see it stricken by a bimbo virus.

Your collaborations with Dynamoob are also some of my favorites. I definitely enjoyed Buck's Bimbos and The Bimbo Merchant for how your switched mediums a little by playing through the interactive structure of a blog. PerfectU similarly did well by sort of developing and perfecting a visual element to the fictional blog, so combining your two talents in that manner was a great idea. I was happy to see Buck's Bimbos come to fruition after enjoying Dynamoob's take on Travel Buddies so much. I definitely hope to see you two collaborate again in the future. Maybe on a take on AgraRipe? Or perhaps a more simpler to render world, like Mating and Breeding?

Speaking of AgraRipe, how did you feel about toe-dipping into the world of TG transformation? Was the response what you were hoping for?

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