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Misc. TF movie: The ABCs of Death 2

Now, I haven't had time to watch this whole thing yet, but there are definitely plenty of weird transformations in the movie The ABCs of Death 2 and I didn't find it when I did a search on the forum.

It's the second entry of an anthology film series where a whole bunch of directors make horror shorts for every letter of the alphabet. (The only one of them I've heard of this time is Julian Barratt, AKA Howard Moon from the surreal UK comedy series The Mighty Boosh.) To give you a sample, here is Y is for Youth, which (spoilers!) features a woman being attacked by a giant penis and getting her head impregnated with little monster baby things. So, yeah, you might say this movie is kind of NSFW.

More info on the Wikipedia page. It looks like all of the segments are on Youtube individually.
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Re: Misc. TF movie: The ABCs of Death 2

Meh, there are some weird bits in it and the first one, (both available via netflix). None of them are really that process-y that I recall.

Z is for Zygote in the first one has a bit more potential.

Both worth a watch - some feature directors do some really good short pieces here and there, but some of the individual clips are quite skippable.
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