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The Catalyst

Story i wrote within an hour. Took some descriptions from other stories for inspiration, but changed them to avoid plagiarism.

Credit to Sheena on the Transformation story archive and Changing on the train by Jimbo, where the transformation starts on a train.

The Gender Modulator
Prologue: Changing trains
It was an early winters evening as the old 153 class trains headed across the North of England, speeding its way towards the cities of Newcastle and Sunder land. As it was late, their were very few passengers. William Hunter relaxed as he lay back in his chair half asleep, absent-mindedly scratching an itch on the left side of his chest. A split-second later he sat up in alarm. He hadn't felt that particular itch since he left his home town. William grabbed his backpack and headed into the toilets.

"We are now approaching the Metrocentre." the voice on the tannoy said. Ignoring the tannoy, William locked himself into the toilet. Thankfully the class 153 trains had decently sized toilets he thought as he closed the automatic sliding door and pressed the lock button. The itch had moved to the right-hand side of his chest, "Can't be happening, not after all these years." he thought. He took off his coat, jumper and T-shirt and examined his reflection. On his chest, his areolae had enlarged and the nipples were engorged.

"Oh my god!" he screamed internally, "It's happening again! It hasn't happened for years"

William took a deep breath and grunted as pressure built up in the area surrounding his nipples. After several moments, the surrounding tissue begun to swell and pulsate. He clamped his hand over his mouth as a wave of intense pleasure washed over him, originating from his chest. The pulsating and swelling continued until he had a pair of small breasts. William stared at his reflecting in horror as he recalled the first time this had happened to him.

Chapter 1: 6 years ago: The Catalyst

"This is something else." William thought, as he looked at the gigantic creation that occupied the basement of his new house. He had inherited the house from his great uncle Jack. Jack had been a renowned scientist before he disappeared, and William was keen to learn more of what his uncle had built.

"Woah." He muttered, as he examined the machinery, inside was what looked like an operating table with restraints, "Could it be some kind of automated operation system? Maybe I'll fire up the computer and see what it does."

Little did he know, he was about to learn why messing with unusual machinery is a bad idea. William turned on the computer and started examining the OS.

"A 3D model of a woman?" William thought, "It must be a machine for cosmetic surgery." he thought, randomly messing with sliders, "F cup? Nah, too big. 34 DD cup." he chuckled,
"Initiate sequence?" he thought, and pressed enter. A hissing noise caught his attention, and he looked around, "What the hell was that?" he thought. A moment later, a hypodermic syringe on an arm injected him.

"What the fuck?" He yelled, and backed away from the machine, "GOD, I'M BURNING UP!" he screamed, as the unknown chemicals flooded his body. Screaming in agony, he ripped off his shirt and threw it to the floor. As a sudden wave of pain flashed through him, he passed out.

When he awoke, he realized he was strapped to the table inside the machine and naked, "What the hell happened?"

"Transmutation process initiating." a voice said and two arms moved in front of him, each fitted with what looked like miniature tesla coils, "Phase 1: Mammary growth initiation in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Initiating."

Two beams of energy emerged with the coils, a warm energy that penetrated deep into his chest. After several seconds, he became aware of what was happening to him. With every second that passed, his chest become larger and larger, as his nipples and areolae. As every second passed, his cleavage became deeper and more voluptuous the steadily increasing weight of his mammaries pulled harder and more fully against his chest.
He stared in horror, whilst not considered gigantic, they were indeed noticeable. A second later, he began to freak out and tried to escape his bonds.

"Phase 1 complete. Phase 2 initiates: genital reassessment."
"NOOOOOOOOOOO!" William screamed, as another mechanical arm descended towards his crotch.

"Initiating in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1." the voice said. The warm energy filled him again, his dick begun to engorge, becoming harder than it had ever been. The pleasure building up inside was overwhelming his own fears of what was happening to him. A second later, he orgasm ed with such ferocity, his breasts were thou rally covered in cum.

The warmth of the cum on the breasts triggered a second ejaculation, then a third, a fourth, a fifth. By the time it was over, the last of his male essence was on his breasts and stomach forming a pool. His genitals were now completely empty and begun to shift. His penis shrunk to a tiny little nub and buried itself in his crotch. Behind what remained of his penis opened up into a muscular tunnel, as his testicles disappeared completely. Deep within his stomach, womanhood sprung to life, his bladder shifted as a womb and ovaries formed. Exhausted by the intense orgasms, William didn't notice as phase 2 completed and the machine initiated phase 3.

Another arm and coil beamed energies into his head, causing his face to soften, his lips and eyes to enlarge and hair to lengthen. His fingers tingled and his nails grew out longer.

"Phase 3 Complete." the voice said. William suddenly snapped to reality.
"Oh my god." He said in disbelief. Reflected on the mirror in front of him was a young woman.

"Phase 4 Initiates." William felt a pleasurable tingling in his ass.
"It's growing." he realised as his buttocks filled out, "UGH GOD!" he cried out, as his hips suddenly widened painfully.

"Phase 4 completed. Phase 5 initiates."

A VR headset was placed over his eyes, and images begun to flash on the screen, pornographic videos of women flashed repeatedly, a hypnotic voice speaking to him. After several minutes, William relaxed and slumped in exhaustion. The images of various woman slowly shifted to males but William was aroused all the same. As he was being brainwashed by the system, the machine finished off various things, applying makeup, nail polish and shaving the body.

The VR headset lifted up and a voice announced initiation of Phase 6. William looked down as an arm approached his was a dildo. He gulped....but realised he was not shaking with fear, but anticipation. He slowly spread his legs apart. The phallus penetrated him, drawing a gasp, the artificial phallus pushed deeper and deeper into his vagina until it's entire 8 inches disappeared from sight, stimulating his clitoris with precisice force, designed to trigger the female orgasm.

William stared through the aperture of his cleavage in fascination as the phallus pumped in and out of the female flesh surrounding it, mimicking a male lover. Involuntary moans of lust filled the laboratory as William moaned and screamed as the phallus triggered his clitoris more and more. William screamed one last time, a scream of pure passion as he came before passing out.

When William awoke, he was in his bed and male. He assumed as many sane people would that what happened to him was simply a dream, until 6PM when it happened. An itch in his chest, followed by a slow transformation into a very sensual woman. Following the transformation, she went off on a prowl looking for men to seduce while William's mind was along for the ride. Following a week of nightly transformations, he realised the catalyst was 6PM on the dot. Afraid of what would happen if he was found out, or she got pregnant, William sold his house and moved to a farm outside Carlisle. After a week however, the transformations stopped. Over the last 6 years, his farm was producing a large amount of dairy to the entire north of England, but he was heading home to visit his family.

6 year later, the present day:

William was almost weeping as the transformation proceeded, the small breasts swelling to a generous DD cup, the machine itself must be transmitting the signal to transform he thought, as the transformation finished. Now female, William put on the clothes she was wearing only 20 minutes ago as a man, bulky but warm farm clothes, nobody would pay much attention to her. As soon as she opened the toilet doors, she bumped into a man. A wink was exchanged, and less then 20 minutes later, Willama Hunter was in a seedy hotel room in Newcastle having her brains fucked out.

"I'd better leave in the early hours otherwise this guy will have a heart attack." she chuckled to herself.


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Re: The Catalyst

"Took some descriptions from other stories for inspiration, but changed them to avoid plagiarism."

Uhh? Like... Changing words around? That's still kinda plagiarism
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