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Illegal Shrink Ray Dealer
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Shrink Ray Fight! [Forum Game]

This is modeled after one of my previous threads, with improvements made based on how things went last time.
The current round started on Monday, August 13th and will end on Sunday, September 1st.

The rules:

Who Can Be Shrunk
Everybody gets 3 batteries for their Shrink Ray. You can zap anyone from the Process you'd like to shrink (excluding yourself), using more than one charge on the same person if you want. If that person wants to be zapped, they post on this topic with their starting height. If they don't want to, they can post that the shots aimed at them missed and distribute the charges meant for them to anyone except the one who zapped them. Participants can opt to stop shrinking whenever they like, and zapping someone who's opted out always misses. If your target does not respond with a hit or miss within 1 week of the post date, I will distribute the charges to whomever has shrunk the least. They're obviously the biggest targets!

Residual Charge
If you're one of the people shrinking, you're the whole reason this thread is fun! So you get a prize. When you're zapped, it can recharge your Shrink Ray. Every second time you're zapped your Shrink Ray gains a bonus charge.

Shrink By How Much?
Each charge will reduce a person by 5% of their original height. After 95%, each additional vote halves their remaining size. So they'd be shrunk by 97.5%, 98.75%, 99.375%, etc....

Last game everybody tried to use their shrink rays to make my boobs bigger! Or OhZone's! So the new model Shrink Rays have an extra feature: when you shrink someone, you don't have to shrink their boobs. Every time you shrink someone, but not their boobs, they gain 1 cup size (proportional to their new scale). Participants can opt out of this, meaning their boobs always shrink with the rest of them. But they can't opt in. Someone has to choose not to shrink your boobs.

Rewards for Next Game!
Persistent Shrink: Participants who shrank the least this game are allowed to carry their shrinking over to the next game if they like! You'll start with some zaps already (meaning you're closer to hitting that 20th vote / OhZone-speed shrinking). Players can always submit any starting height they'd like for new rounds, but you won't be able to use your Persistent Shrink bonus if you do.

Shrink Ray Batteries: You earn extra batteries for future rounds from how many you use this round!

Special Gadget: Whoever shrank the most will get the choice of a single special item for the next game. Those devices come from this list:
  • Shrink Field Remote: At the end of each round, unused Shrink Batteries (votes) charge the Shrink Field Generator. Pushing the button on this remote will overload it and evenly distribute those charges to everyone shrinking in the game. Any that can't be distributed stay and recharge the field.
    Single-Use; Current charge: 11
  • Shrink Ray Intensifier: This collar can be put on another player (not yourself) and doubles all effects the wearer experiences this game (one zap is now 10% shrinking, retroactive for all previous effects). Throwing the collar can miss (see "Who Can Be Shrunk" in the new thread).
  • Shrinkzooka!: Instantly zap one person with the charge of 10 shrink batteries.
  • Reflector Field: When someone shrinks you, there's a 1 in 5 chance it shrinks them too. All rolls handled by ArcaneBEFan.
    Remains Equipped All Game

People Shrinking (so far):
List generated from the last game's participants! New players can join at any time, and existing players can opt out or update any info they like. Zaps listed in parenthesis, like (+2), are shrinking they received in a previous round and got to carry over to this round.
  • ArcaneBEFan, 21 zaps (1 = 3.3in)
    Start Height: 5ft 6in; C-cups
    % Reduced: 98.75%; +11
    New Height: 2.1cm; N-Cups
    *squeaks!* "No more! I'm too tiny already! Okay. Seriously this time." <3
  • Anotherfetishguy, 3 zaps (1 = 3.25in)
    Start Height: 5ft 5in
    % Reduced: 15%
    New Height: 4ft 7in
  • Dolan Drumpf, 15 zaps (1 = ?in)
    Start Height: ?ft ?in; B-cups (default size)
    % Reduced: 75%; +1
    New Height: --Awaiting Approval--; C-cups
  • Dwindling-Iva, 13 (+7) zaps (1 = 3.5in)
    Start Height: 5ft 10in
    % Reduced: 97.5%
    New Height: 1.75in
  • I T, 4 (+6) zaps (1 = 3.25in)
    Start Height: 5ft 5in; B-cups (default size)
    % Reduced: 50% ; +1 (+1)
    New Height: 2ft 9in; C-cups
  • Janus Steel, 2 (+7) zaps (1 = 3.5in)
    Start Height: 5ft 10in
    % Reduced: 55%
    New Height: 2ft 9in
  • Meapmasta, 11 zaps (1 = 3.45in)
    Start Height: 5ft 9in; B-cups (default size)
    % Reduced: 55%; +4
    New Height: 2ft 7in; F-cups
  • OhZone, 31 zaps (1 = 3.45in)
    Start Height: 5ft 9in; D-cups
    % Reduced: 99.9987793%; +7
    New Height: 21 micrometers; J-cups
  • Potion Victim, 12 (+4) zaps (1= 3.2in)
    Start Height: 5ft 4in
    % Reduced: 80%
    New Height: 1ft 1in
  • Prof_Sai, 21 zaps (1 = 3in)
    Start Height: 5ft; C-cups
    % Reduced: 98.75%; +6
    New Height: 1.9cm; I-cups
  • qzar9999:, 14 zaps (1 = 3.45in)
    Start Height: 5ft 9in; B-cups
    % Reduced: 70%; +4
    New Height: 1ft 9in; F-cups
  • theangelofdeath1986:, 15 zaps (1 = 3.3in)
    Start Height: 5ft 6in; B-cups
    % Reduced: 75%; +10
    New Height: 1ft 4in; L-cups
  • TrunKated:, 14 zaps (1 = 3.55in)
    Start Height: 5ft 11in; B-cups
    % Reduced: 70%; +7
    New Height: 1ft 9in; I-cups
  • Vicky Mouse, 14 zaps (1 = 3.2in)
    Start Height: 5ft 4in; ?-cups
    % Reduced: 70%; +4 cup size
    New Height: 1ft 7in; ?-cups
  • vincent_richter, 13 (+2) zaps (1 = 3.7in)
    Starting Height: 6ft 2in; flat
    % Reduced: 75%; +3 (+2)
    Reduced Height: 1ft 7in; F-cups
  • zdarkness, 9 (+9) zaps (1 = 3.6in)
    Start Height: 6ft; B-cups (default size)
    % Reduced: 90%; +4 (+1) cup sizes
    New Height: 7.2in; F-cups

Inactive Players
  • LuciPyewacket, 4 zaps (1 = ?in)
    Start Height: ?
    % Reduced: 20%
    New Height: --Awaiting Approval--
  • shrunkensandra25, 1 (+1) zaps
    Start Height: --
    % Reduced: 10%
    New Height: --Awaiting Approval--

This list shows total remaining Shrink Ray Batteries, including bonuses earned from being shrunk. New participants can join at any time!
  • ArcaneBEFan: Charges: 0/11 + 0/10
  • bw121212: Charges: 3/10
  • Dolan Drumpf Charges: 6/6 + 6/6
  • Meapmasta: Charges: 0/8 + 5/5
  • OhZone: Charges: 3/13 + 4/16; Reflector Gizmo
  • Potion Victim: Charges: 3/10 + 5/6
  • Prof_Sai: Charges: 2/11 + 4/10
  • qzar999: Charges: 0/10 + 0/5
  • theangelofdeath1986: Charges: 0/9 + 0/7
  • travis365: Charges: 0/10
  • TrunKated: Charges: 3/10 + 3/6
  • Vicky Mouse: Charges: 6/11 + 6/7
  • vincent_richter: Charges: 0/9 + 0/6
  • zdarkness: Charges: 0/11 + 0/4
Inactive Players:
  • Anotherfetishguy: Charges: 6/7 +1/1
  • Dwindling-Iva: Charges: 4/4 + 6/6
  • I T: Charges: 3/3 + 2/2
  • Janus Steel: Charges: 3/3 +1/1
  • LuciPyewacket: Charges: 3/3 +1/1
  • sally_g: Charges: 4/4
  • scidram: Charges: 4/4
  • shrunkensandra25: Charges: 3/3
I clicked on it by accident in yellowbelt's signature... but it was fun so now I have one!

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