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Summer Blockbuster

Two of Earth's best fighters are prepared to give their lives to save humanity - but they'll be giving their humanity, instead.


It was an unremarkable island in an unremarkable area of the South Pacific. A sizeable landmass, it had lush vegetation and a large extinct volcano. The Polynesians had never settled it, owing to its extreme remoteness. The first Portuguese sailors to discover it had found little of interest there, save for a skeletal whale carcass that had prompted them to dub it ‘Skeleton Island’. It remained a forgotten speck in atlases for three hundred years.

Of late, it had become of greater interest. First, when its long-dormant volcano became active, bubbling with molten magma. Second, when it began to produce completely inexplicable seismographic readings – less like a volcanic eruption and more like the contractions of some giant, terrible birth. And third, when giant spider-crab monsters started crawling out of the lava.

While the military had handled the first such creature, their scientists told them there were more coming – bigger ones that conventional military forces couldn’t handle. Thus was born Operation Ascalon, a joint Japanese-US operation designed to create unconventional ways to slay these monsters. A research team headed by Professor Kyoko Yuasa and General Wallace Willis soon determined that while the enemy was well-prepared to fight off conventional weaponry, it would be vulnerable to physical combat. They’d recruited the best hand-to-hand fighters in their respective countries, finally winnowing them out to two: Annie “The Annie-hilator” Petersen, American MMA champion, and Akira Nakajima, one of Japan’s top judoka.

The Amazonian American was a born competitor and a brash braggart, with a mouth almost as deadly as her fists. She had the power to back it up; her six-foot frame was packed with muscle, and all of her wins in the octagon had come via knockout. She was a knockout herself; she had a fierce beauty, with striking features, piercing blue eyes, and platinum blonde hair that she kept boyishly short.

Her Japanese counterpart was a man built for grace and speed. He had a compact swimmer’s build, and stood a full four inches shorter than the American. In contrast to the overwhelming assault of Petersen, Nakajima was subtle; his opponents sometimes didn’t even realize he’d moved before they were flat on their backs. Handsome and charming, he’d left a trail of broken hearts on all four islands of his homeland; he also took meticulous care of his appearance, and had his own popular line of skin-care products.

Aside from a dedication to combat sports, they had very little in common, and their relationship had been outright hostile at first. Akira openly stated that he had no desire to work with “that American ape”, and Annie had likewise made it clear that she wanted nothing to do with “that cold-blooded cock”. However, with the fate of humanity at stake, they had put aside their differences; they trained intensely for months, sweated and bled together, and forged an intense emotional bond that enabled them to move as one. Before long, they spoke each other’s languages, finished each other’s sentences, and were totally inseparable.

With one day remaining until the next monster incursion, they had been prepared as they would ever be. Only one thing remained to unite them.

Knowing it might be their last night on Earth, they had given into the temptation that had lingered between them since their earliest days together. With their peak physical conditioning, encyclopedic knowledge of the other’s body, and near-telepathic emotional connection, it had been the best sex either of them had ever had.

Annie savored that memory as the small, two-man boat sped them to their destination. She closed her eyes, thinking about Akira’s supple, fluid body thrusting against her muscular curves like the waves crashing against the rocky shore. Her vivid imagination got the better of her, however, and soon her nipples had become uncomfortably erect against the built-in plastic bra cups of her Exponential Suit. It was her first time wearing it, and it was surprisingly snug. A combination of stretch fabric and plastic armor topped off with a fancy motorcycle helmet, it was also pleasingly form-fitting, accentuating the musculature she’d worked so hard to perfect.

Of course, what really mattered was what it could do – according to the scientists, it was going to exponentially increase their bodies’ own natural power, putting them on an even footing with the huge monsters. It was so powerful, however, that it was apparently too dangerous to train in them without causing immense devastation. This was her first time wearing it; she hoped it worked as advertised.

The scientists had also insisted that they not wear anything under it, resulting in Annie’s current discomfort. Akira noticed her wincing, and smiled. She stuck her tongue out at him and lightly punched him in the shoulder.

The boat reached the beach, and they disembarked in silence. The mission was all that mattered now.

It was a hot summer’s day, and as they moved inland, the cooling mists of the ocean subsided, leaving only the tropical heat. The suits were becoming stifling, although at least they provided protection from the fiendish-looking insects that buzzed around them. After an hour of trudging through the thick jungle, the vegetation became increasingly sparse before giving way to barren plains of black volcanic sand; soon, the volcano was within sight, sulfurous gases wafting from its top.

As their boots crunched into the basalt, their communicators beeped cheerily. This was the place. This was where their – and humanity’s – last stand would be. Man vs. monster. Metal vs. flesh. Intellect vs. instinct.

In unison, they pressed the activation button built into their suits’ chestplates.

The reaction was instantaneous and dramatic. Annie felt a prickling sensation all over her skin, followed by an intense, momentary flash of heat. Unbeknownst to her, it was the result of millions of mutagenic nano-injectors and a microburst of gamma radiation.

Thankfully, it only lasted for an instant before subsiding. Annie prepared for something – lights, sounds, energy beams – but instead received nothing. Their function complete, the suits fell to pieces, leaving both Annie and Akira completely nude.

As her helmet split in half and fell off, Annie could think of only one thing to say. “Mother…”

“…fucker!” Akira had quickly assimilated Annie’s colorful vocabulary.

Annie took a couple moments to compose herself. “No time for regrets, Akira. We are fucked beyond belief, no question. But even if we can’t kill this monster, we are gonna make it regret it ever came here. You with me?” She put up her dukes and gestured to the volcano.

“All the way.”

Annie’s usual bluster was a little hollow, and she knew Akira knew it, but her pride still drove her to keep up appearances. Ego was the one thing they’d always had in common.

She was in no shape to fight a monster – or a human – or a kitten, for that matter. She suddenly felt sick, sicker than she’d felt in her entire life. That shouldn’t have been a surprise, given the situation – but it wasn’t the acidic knot that formed in her gut before a fight. This was waves of heat surging underneath her flesh, a grinding ache in her bones, and an electric charge running up into her brain.

“Jesus, not only did it not fucking work, but it gave me a goddamn rash…oh shit!”

She unthinkingly scratched her burning arm, and she felt a patch of shaggy fur where there should have been bare flesh. She looked down in shock to see both arms were acquiring an increasingly thick coat of platinum blonde hair. As she watched, it began to sprout from her legs, and she could feel it crawling up her back. All the while, her already-toned muscles strained and throbbed, growing even larger; her aching bones thickened and grew, struggling to keep pace.

This wasn’t some kind of allergic reaction – this was a transformation. It suddenly dawned on her that the Exponential Suits had done their job, after all. Akira’s stream of Japanese invective suggested he’d come to the same conclusion.

When she turned to look at him, though, he’d fallen to his hands and knees, crying out in pain as a thick tail pushed agonizingly out of his backside. His feet were warping into the four-toed claws of some ancient reptilian predator; their talons dug into the black sand as his legs gruesomely shifted into digitigrade form.

Annie wanted to comfort him, but her own changes were coming at her with increasing speed, forcing her to collapse into the sand; her fall was cushioned by her increasingly fur- and muscle-padded ass. As hair spread all over her body, her ample breasts and sculpted abs remained bare, but they had begun to acquire a gray-blue, leathery texture, while losing none of their respective firmness or definition. As if by instinct, she copped a feel, groping at her left breast with a hand that had begun to acquire the same texture. Her overtaxed nervous system flooded her body with pleasure hormones, eliciting a startled gasp. Her toes, now elongated and finger-like, curled in the black sand.

She glanced over at Akira – his hair had fallen out, giving way to a crest of spikes that ran from the crown of his head to the tip of his thrashing tail. Dark purple scales were spreading over his flesh, making it clear that their transformations were travelling down two very different paths. She wondered if they would even recognize each other when it was all over.

Further separating them from the humans they had once been, they were growing to an absolutely colossal size. Annie looked down at the remnants of their suits, which looked like discarded action figure accessories. She had to be twenty feet tall now, and Akira wasn’t far behind – it looked like she would remain the taller of the two, which gave her a strange sense of satisfaction.

She felt the fur crawl up her neck, joining with her hairline. The change had reached her face, and it took on the same tough texture as her remaining bare flesh. Her nose turned up and sunk into her head, leaving her with two prominent nostrils; they flared as she filled her huge lungs with air. Her jaw cracked forward as her teeth grew and sharpened, giving her a short simian muzzle filled with fearsome fangs. Her piercing ice-blue eyes remained, still shining with fierce intelligence beneath her brow ridge.

As her tongue thickened and her vocal cords devolved, she grunted out one last word, hoping that there was enough left of her lover to understand it: “Uh…kee…ruhhh.”

He hiss-growled in reply, “Hhhhhhnnnnnnneeeee.”

Akira had fallen even further down the evolutionary ladder than she had, ending up somewhere between man and dinosaur. While he had the clawed, digitigrade legs and tail of a massive theropod, his scaly torso and arms were largely human-shaped, although his hands now consisted of three fingers and a thumb, with elastic webbing between them and wicked claws on their tips. His face, now dominated by a short, blunt, tooth-lined reptilian snout, still retained some vestiges of humanity; although his slit-pupiled eyes now glowed a vibrant green, she swore she could still recognize them as Akira’s.

Annie thought he was magnificent.

Her mind reeled inside her thickened skull; she knew, on some level, that she was not supposed to find giant dinosaur-men attractive, but her body disagreed, judging by the gallons of hormones her mutated glands were producing.

She could feel them percolating inside her, sending a pleasurable tingle to every inch of her humungous frame. Annie braced herself, expecting her mind go the way of her humanity. Instead, as her new body pumped alien chemicals into her brain, she merely gained…a new perspective.

This wasn’t the body she’d wanted; she’d already had that one before. She’d dreamed of it for years, before sculpting it into reality with conditioning, diet, and sheer willpower. She had no hang-ups about vanity; loving her body was merely an appreciation of her own hard work and commitment. She’d even masturbated herself to completion just looking at herself in a full-length mirror.

And now here she was, her perfect body desecrated with the features of a colossal ape. It was a monstrosity that melded her powerful femininity with something primal and bestial that humanity had left behind long ago. She should have hated it…but how could she hate something that made her feel this fucking good?

Because she felt great. This was better than winning a title belt. Better than a porterhouse steak. Better than sex.

This was body she needed. The body that would let her kill and eat and fuck anything or anyone she wanted. The body that made her Queen of the Motherfucking Monsters.

She stood up to her full height and bellowed. It didn’t matter who had turned her into this, or why; what mattered was that nothing would ever stand in her way again.

Akira, too, had seemingly made his peace with his new body, as his emerald eyes glowed with determination and he stretched out, head to tail, to his full length. Although she knew who he was, she was unsure where they would go from here; was he an enemy? A rival? A mate?

There would be time to decide that later. The volcano rumbled, and spindly, chitinous legs began to emerge from its caldera. A hideous head, with eyes and mouthparts and antennae seemingly scattered on it at random, peered over its edge. When it saw the two interlopers, it shrieked and began to scuttle down the mountain towards them.

The two new monsters turned to face each other. They were ready.

The battle was over in minutes. Annie had battered the creature with her fists, cracking its outer shell; with the monster dazed, Akira blasted it with a stream of nuclear fire from his toothy maw, roasting it alive. Their foe defeated, the two creatures roared in triumph; Annie beat her giant breasts while Akira let off another burst of atomic flame to the heavens.

Soon, the moment of victory passed, and Annie eyed Akira warily. It was a big island, but was it big enough for the both of them?

Suddenly, the two creatures collided. They grappled briefly, but before long their clutch became a surprisingly tender embrace. Their faces nuzzled together, and they both growled in satisfaction. Their monstrous paws explored their bodies, feeling out what had changed and what had remained the same. The embrace grew ever tighter, as their bestial groans grew stronger. As the creatures’ arousal heightened, the island’s atmosphere was becoming saturated with their powerful pheromones.

Slowly but surely, a penis the size of a king-size sofa emerged from Akira’s genital slit. Annie’s lips curled up in a smile, exposing her alarmingly large teeth. It still bore some resemblance to the organ she’d spent so much time with last night, although it now was studded with scales and spikes – not to mention that it was a deep violet, marred only by a few faintly-glowing green veins.

She thought it was beautiful.

Their embrace drew closer still, and Annie could feel the colossal member between her sensitive inner thighs; soon, its pointed tip was teasing her leathery labia. She adjusted her hips, letting the slick appendage fully slide into her.

As he began to thrust into her, Akira brought his long, prehensile tail into action. It wrapped around Annie’s lower torso and slid between her heaving breasts, allowing its tip to gently caress her face. She hooted in pleasure as Akira adjusted its coils to make its ridged scales stimulate her engorged clitoris; in response, she slapped his toned, scaly ass, resulting in a thunderous clap that shook the entire island.

He clawed at her mountainous breasts, and licked her rough nipples with his thick, forked tongue. All the while, his scale-studded cock raked her insides, driving her into a feral fury; already, the fur of her inner thighs was soaked with their intermingled juices.

After ten minutes of seismic pounding, their lovemaking reached a crescendo; Annie’s steely Kegel muscles clamped down on Akira’s reptilian member with bone-crushing force, triggering his climax. Hot, radioactive semen gushed into her muscular passageway; instead of scalding pain, however, the massive she-ape felt only the fires of ecstasy.

The King and Queen of the Monsters roared in simultaneous orgasm. They had just marked Skeleton Island as theirs – and woe to anything else that dared set foot on it.

They sat at the base of the volcano for some time, regaining their strength and enjoying being in each other’s presence. Before long, however, a different hunger seized at them. They tore apart the remains of the volcano creature, and began devouring its nuclear-broiled flesh. They would soon need the energy.

The Operation Ascalon command centre had fallen deathly silent as scores of technicians watched in shock, bewilderment, and, for a select few, hidden arousal. The true nature of the Exponential Suits had been a well-kept secret, known only to the Professor and the General. And even of those two, the aged Professor alone had maintained her composure, calmly sipping a cup of tea as she jotted down notes; he, on the other hand, had apparently not grasped the enormity – literally – of his compatriot’s plans.

He had blanched when she laid it out for him, all those months ago. He had insisted that this was a military operation, not a “Monster Mash”, or some other impenetrable Americanism. She had explained that only a living weapon stood a chance against such implacably alien creatures, and thus their salvation lay in bioengineering, not military hardware. Furthermore, she defended her choice to deceive the subjects about the true nature of Operation Ascalon – many would willingly sacrifice their lives to save others, but few would sacrifice their humanity. However, despite her lengthy explanations, it seemed that the General was still somewhat taken aback seeing their “living weapons” in living color.

Shielding himself from the monitors by pulling his peaked cap down over his eyes, he barked, “What in the Legend of the Overfiend is going on here, Professor? You just turned this military operation into some kinda anime porno!”

She set down her tea to look at him with amusement; with his eyes hidden, all she could see of him was his square jaw and comical salt-and-pepper moustache. “Hormones, animal instincts, the summer heat…this was all anticipated. Surely you would not deny them their celebration?”

“Now, nobody’s ever gonna say that General Wallace W. Willis has anything against a little postgame poontang, but if Tap A fits into Slot B, we’re gonna be neck-deep in gorillasauruses!”

She smiled. “A problem for another day, perhaps. But until then – let them fuck.”
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Re: Summer Blockbuster

Very nice!
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Re: Summer Blockbuster

Originally Posted by Amahain View Post
Very nice!
Thank you! Coming from a writer as accomplished as yourself, that's high praise.
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