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Just a strange story idea that popped into my head

Notice: This story contains strong sexual content, gender transformation, futa and werewolf transformation. If any or none of this is your thing, please walk away.

What Drives the Change
By: ModMan

The garage door rattles as it starts to close, slowly squelching the daylight from entering the windowless garage. David steps out of his little black sports car. The tall man having to give a little extra effort as he’s almost too large for such a tiny vehicle. The stereotypical car of a single man in his early forties. Getting out he closes the door with an echoing thud, all the while he keeps his fingers clenched around a small brass key in his hand. Completing the hour long round trip to his place of work, on a Saturday no less, just to get this tool that will give him his freedom for the weekend. He intentionally left it there for exactly this reason, a deterrent not to use it. The key is the passage to a freedom that he wants all the time but has to continuously deny himself. The whole trip, there and back, constantly thinking “I really shouldn’t do this”. But it had been months and he simply couldn’t deny himself any longer.

Walking into house from the garage he places the key on the entryway table and immediately starts to remove his clothing right there. Fumbling with the buttons on his shirt, his eagerness forces him to try and go faster, but in turn simply slowing him down and keeping him from his desire for that much longer. Still only a couple feet inside his house, he finally succeeds at his task. His long, very well toned body being warmed by the sunlight coming through the entryway window. He pauses momentarily, standing there almost fully naked. His only coverage is an opaque plastic sheath covering his manhood. A chastity device which fully encompasses his shaft with a stiff downward arch, very clearly designed to deter erections. The plastic ring which wraps behind his scrotum holds the assembly closely to his body, ensuring no accidental arousal could occur. Eager to release himself from his bondage he reaches for the brass key. The sound of it dragging across the wooden table top is the only sound in the room other than his slightly elevated breathing. The key slides easily into it’s mating brass component which secures the plastic housing in place. The act of simply inserting the key into the lock pushes a wave of guilt and regret over him. In his mind he makes himself the empty promise, “I won’t let it go all the way this time.” And with that thought the lock clicks open.

The pressure from his already excited member popps the sheath away from the securing ring the moment the lock is removed. He wraps his thick fingers around the hard tube and slowly starts to slide it off of his body. The moisture caught from the hard plastic material causing it to stick slightly, making its removal slightly uncomfortable. But that brief moment of discomfort does not dissuade the building arousal. The skin slightly wrinkled from several months of confinement, but already starting to smooth out as the anticipation builds causing his penis to swell and stretch the skin once again. Dropping the sheath onto the table with a plastic thunk, David moves his attention to the retaining ring. His manhood, already half flaccid, makes manipulating the ring off harder than it should have been. Setting the plastic ring down besides its mating components, he is finally completely free. His cock revealing in its freedom after months of confinement as blood now flows freely through it, continuing to bring it to a fully rigid position.

David finally the warm sun of the entryway, but simply taking the few steps to the middle of the rusticly decorated living room. While in motion he wastes no time and wraps his thick hand around his firm member. He almost shivers from the sensation, the touch that he had denied himself for so long. A light but firm touch which causes a surge of blood making his shaft pulse. Being locked away for so long he had almost forgotten what it felt like. The skin now pulled taut but still so incredibly soft. He engorges in how nice it feels as he starts to slowly slide his hand along it.

The release of a deep breath allows the pleasure to start encompassing his body. A pleasure that he denies himself time and time again as his body starts to show the reasons why. In the first few moments of pleasure his skin is the first thing to show the change. Over his whole body it starts to soften, pores become smaller, blemishes are vanishing, frown line and wrinkles simply wash away, he already looks years younger as his manliness begins to dwindle. Hair follicles release their bonds causing his entire body to shed its thick manly coat, revealing the porcelain skin underneath. Only his short brown haircut remains. The new skin is too young for a man of his age. Folds and wrinkles disappear as it because more taut as young skin should be. So taut that it seems to almost compress his muscular bulk. His thick muscles, either compressed by the tightening skin or simply dwindling in mass on their own, he doesn’t know and doesn’t really care. All he knows is that he’s loving the sexual stimulation. Not just the sensation his groin, but the sensation that he’s feeling over his entire body. The sensation of his body shrinking is like a warm hug that is encompassing his entire body at once. This is a level of pleasure that so few others can revel in. His pleasure quickly reducing his once bulky muscular shape to one of much more feminine.

As he continues to massage himself, it starts to feel as if someone new has taken over. His once thick sausage fingers become more slender, his whole hand reducing in size becoming so much more delicate. The sensation on his cock elevated, driven by what is in all essence a foreign hand now taking control. The change begins to progress up his arms. His body already reduced muscularly, now being reduced in overall size. His wrists and forearms decreasing in diameter, even shortening in length. This shifting and changing starts to sweep across his entire body. With every stroke of his cock his body warms as blood flow increases, pushing the pleasure and the change to every inch of his body. His now smaller heart beats faster, his breath quickens. The reforming biomass as stimulating as his touch on his own penis. But even the sensation of his penins is starting to change. His member, still thick and pulsing, but even it has begun to take on a softer appearance. Veins less defined, its color more porcelain with smooth skin, now matches seamlessly with the rest of his body. But conversely to the rest of his bodily changes, the already well sized appendage increases slightly. Now thicker and longer, his very dainty hand is at its maximum to be able to wrap his fingers around it completely. Although a bit of a contradiction, he now has a rather large but very feminine penins. And with every stroke downward he feels the tightening sensation as his testicles retract into his abdomen. The pleasurable change dissolving them in the feminine takeover. His groin now as smooth as the rest of his body, devoid of any signs that he ever had a scrotum at all.

With a deep moan brought on by a ripple of pleasure which rolls through his entire body, it encourages his face and head to catch up with the rest of his body. First the jawline begins to retract while cheekbones push outward and the nose reducing in size. Within moments he presents the face of a beautiful young woman of her early 20’s sporting the super short boyish haircut. The face of an already attractive woman, but the look of intense pleasure on the innocent features, makes the look indescribably alluring. The transformation nears its completion as his torso is the last thing to change. His deep throaty moan transitioning to the high pitched sound of a woman in rapture as his ribcage collapses in on his already reduced sized organs. Pectoral muscles are starting to become less defined as fat begins to accumulate over them causing his breasts to swell. He can’t help but to bring his free hand up and encompass one of the growing mounds. Massaging the nipple creates a cascade effect. The nipple becoming more sensitive, massaging it causing more pleasure which speeds the change and making it more sensitive. His hand feels the swelling occurring under it. The skin stretching to accommodate as it goes from an A cup, to a B and finally achieving stability at a perfectly shaped C.

Now standing in the middle of the room is an incredibly striking woman. Tall, slender with exceptional muscle tone. Her incredibly soft and feminine facial features easily working with the mannish hairstyle still atop her head. Her soft creamy skin glowing in the sun which is now pouring down through the skylight. A form that could easily be classified as a perfect female specimen, maybe, if not for the above average and still very erect cock which she was still slowly massaging. The form once known as David was now gone. When she had the strength and will power, which was exceptionally rare, to stay in this form, she called herself Debbie. But the willpower is almost always lacking for Debbie. She knew she had hit the pinnacle of her transformation. The sensation of pleasure was starting to dwindle as it started to progress to orgasmic. It was the pleasure that drove the change and now that it has peeked she knew she had to stop. She starts to slow her self pleasuring massage, but not managing to stop. This is where she promised herself she would stop, she knows this is where she should stop. It was simple, accept the moment of pleasure and enjoy the next couple days in her new feminine futa form until the rush of chemicals and hormones that transformed her escape her body and she returns back to her normal boring male form. She actually loved her time as a young woman. She always enjoyed being out, taking in the attention that a striking young woman receives, even flirting with the boys from time to time. But her hand continues to stroke her soft feminine cock. Maybe if she goes slow enough she can maintain the pleasure and not fall over the edge, but she has never succeeded with that path. And with the first twinge of a tightening muscle she knows she just went too far. Her swollen member now aches for release. The very early stages of orgasm have started to build and no matter what she does, it’s impossible to stop now.

The tightness starts in her thighs. The more the muscles tense the more they start to expand. They become thick and muscular but holding to her feminine frame. The muscular tension continues to trickle down her legs causing her calves to thicken and swell. The tense muscles pulling hard on her Achilles, making it feel like they want to snap. But her body reacts to the force as her joints start to reform to accommodate the new tendons. She clenches her feet, almost losing her balance as they begin to elongate. Bending her knees to compensate as her heels lift up off the ground. The new geometry of joints supported by thick muscles and long strong tendons cause her to stand on her thickening toes. The toes elongating to help increase the contact patch with the ground giving her some stability. The toes widen and stretch to the same length as her pinky toe simply gets engulfed by the change. Toenails give way and sheed off her body, giving way to thick dark claws that push up from underneath. Her new digitigrade legs now shaped like that of an animal clearly designed for running and with claws to aid in the traction.

Her newly transformed legs still tense with the increasing sensation of orgasm. She can feel it building more and more. The intense and arousing sensation of tension rippling up her back causing those muscles swell as well. She moans in pleasure as the developing muscle mass pulls on her spine, causing the vertebrae to pop into their new location. Starting at the very base of the spine, one by one the joints reverse direction from their original orientation and pushing outward on the skin, all the way to the base of her skull giving her back a smooth continuous arc. With deep breaths she flexes the muscles of her upper back. A failed attempt to release some of the muscular pressure, only succeeding at accelerating their expansion as they ripple around her scapula. Her rib cage expanding slightly, giving the muscles more definition. In contrast, a stroke of her cock fills her with more sexual lust and causes her abdominal muscle to clench with a ferocity. The action acting like a corset making her already slender waist more narrow and producing a muscle ripped abdomen. She glides her free hand along her firm abdomen, turned on even more by caressing her own body. The new form making it feel like she’s touching a stranger. Even as a man she never had abdominal muscles so ripped and tight. This combination of changes married with her now thicker thigh muscles presents an impressive and almost more sensual hourglass figure. She wished she had chosen to do her transformation in front of a mirror so she could enjoy the sight of perfect melding of human and animal forms.

She struggles to keep presence of mind as the combination of self pleasure and the unnaturally sensual sensation of the transformation reach mind numbing levels. But she no longer needs to keep the presence of mind to continue the pleasure. The sensation on her futa cock now changing again. Her long slender fingers, that came into existence only moments ago, now start to dissolve away as they shorten and rough dark pads begin to develop on her palms. Her fingers and hands reshaping to the point that humanity is dwindling away with the loss of opposable thumbs. As with her toes, fingernails quickly shed from her body giving way to thick claws. No longer having the ability to wrap her fingers around her cock, she’s forced to stop pleasuring herself, but that’s irrelevant at this point. She had hit the precipice of orgasm some time ago. Any normal human would have orgasmed and fully released well before now. But the change keeps her body locked on the edge, muscles tensed, engulfed in pleasure, every nerve ending in her body is tingling, she can feel a huge load at the base of her cock ready to explode out of her but she continues to be denied her final release. Where pleasure drove the change to a woman, orgasm would soon bring out the animal. One would need to be an animal to withstand the sensation of your entire body being clenched down in orgasam for this long, unable to climax.

The intense change continuing to reshape her body directed by her new DNA. Continuing from her now paw like hands, the transformation migrates up her arms, thickening them to ballance with the rest of her body. Her back remaining clenched as her neck bulges with new muscles. Her whole back thick and firm, made to support walking on all fours. Her porcelain skin now transitions to a light gray. The short brown hair finally yielding as it falls to the floor and scatters. Its departure revealing enlarge ears that now come to a point. The elongation pulling the skin making her earlobes disappear giving them a smooth transition into her head.

Even with all of these strange transformations they do not engulf her femininity, but are exemplifying it. Even as her chest muscles swell, her pert ample breast remain. Adding to it, two more sets begin developing below her already fully engorged mounds. Her new breasts just as firm and perfectly shaped as the originals, each set just a bit smaller than the ones above them. The incredible pleasure of her body shifting and reshaping causes her to try and moan, but it produces more of a low growl.

Her body trying to release the orgasmic tension makes her want to thrust her hips. Natural instincts making her want to ride her non-existent mate until she finally explodes in release. But the minute pelvic action has a very different affect. Her already incredibly erect member stands more upright as her foreskin sheath pulls itself closer to her body. The smooth dome tip of her penis reshaping to more of a point. Like the rest of her, it now presents more canine than human. The new position much more suited for procreation down on all fours than any upright mammal. The sensation of this change making her clench her teeth as the sensitivity of the change hits an all time high.

Her low growling continuing as the final stages approach. The quintessential canine feature finally starts to appear as her human tailbone begins to stack new vertebre onto the tip. The growth stretching her skin accordingly creating a short, fleshy gray tail. Her once blue eyes now a bright gold with irises that stretch to the very edge of the eye eliminating the white of her scleras.The already enlarged ears migrate slightly higher on her head. She can now hear her own flesh shifting on her body. Finally her teeth starting to elongate and sharpen. As they start to space apart her jaw responds in kind as the cute doll face gives way to a short muzzle. Drawing her nose forward in turn,as the tip becomes moist and dark. With one final push her face finalizes its transformation and a rush of blood flows over her entire body. She rears back and howls up to the ceiling and upon completion she falls forward to stand on what can barley be called arms at this point. Her huge teeth show bright as she snarls from the pleasurable pain, stretching and elongating her legs behind her as all of her muscles spasm. A huge jet of cum to shoot from her throbbing cock, spraying the floor in front of her. She pants heavily as waves of muscular seizures wash over her, continuing to produce smaller and smaller squirts. The thick white liquid now just bubbling out and dribbling down her cock. The release that has been denied for so long marks the completion of the transformation.

The floor under her now covered heavily in her cum. Slowly her breathing begins to return to a normal level. Her mind is so cloudy now. There are human thoughts in there, but they’re very muddied by much more animalistic instincts. She slowly stands upright again. Balancing up on toes that are a half breed, not really made for standing upright but still capable of doing the job. Standing upright makes her feel like she still has held onto a certain level of her humanity. But the actions which just occured have shown that her willpower is weak and the logic of humanity isn’t going to win the battle on this day. The unnatural pleasure which brought out this animal form still needed real satisfaction. And that isn’t going to occur until her seed has been delivered to some unsuspecting soul and another futa werecreature has brought into this world.
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