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Re: [Paid] Zoe Brown's 'Werewoman Adventures' Stories on Amazon

Available on Amazon Kindle and Kindle Unlimited!
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One week to the day before his twenty-first birthday, fourth-year Columbia University student Daniel Galloway receives an ominous warning from the estranged mother he has not heard from in three-and-a-half-years: on his twenty-first birthday, he is 'fated,' by means of a four-hundred-year-old family curse, to turn into a girl.

Scornfully dismissive of this warning at first (even in spite of his mother producing a seventeenth-century colonial settler's diary which records the earliest occurrences of the magical curse which, according to her, has transformed each of the last thirteen generations of the only-sons produced by their family line into girls upon the occasion of their twenty-first birthdays), Daniel refuses to hear her warnings, or to believe a thing she has to say to him, and carries on with his life as normal over the next several days, hanging out with his friends on campus (including both his best friend, twenty-three-year-old graduate student Cole Gillingham, and his recurring 'casual' hook-up partner, the stunning hot blonde and fellow fourth-year upperclasswoman Mallory Hendricks), going to class, doing his homework, and preparing to celebrate his birthday in style with an outing to the famously celebrated Lion's Head Tavern, just a few short blocks away from campus.

But when Daniel shows up at the bar on the night of his birthday and discovers, to his profound horror and sense of shock, that he has suddenly developed an intense attraction to several of his closest male friends from University, the reality of his mother's warnings soon comes crashing down on him, and as he staggers home from the Tavern later that night with the shapely and seductive Mallory on his arm, only to swiftly begin undergoing some startlingly sensual physical and bodily alterations upon their return to his dorm room, he is reluctantly forced to concede, at last, that he is indeed Fated to be Female.

At just over 40,000 words, Fated to be Female (Part One) is the first installment in a brand new, on-going serial story from Zoe Brown involving Steamy Romance and Featuring Gender Transformation via an Inherited Magical Curse. I hope you enjoy yourselves!
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