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Unread 09-09-2021   #1
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Rolling AMA

Ok, these are fun, but it's a rolling AMA, or "Ask me Anything" what that would be is a thread where when you post. You can ask the user above, whatever you want (Within reason, I'll detail it later) and they answer. But asking a question lets someone AMA you, and so on, and so forth.

Example flow:
User A posts (In this case I am user A)
User B can ask her anything. User B, by asking a question, may be asked a thing by anyone
User A answers, and ergo is able to now ask a query, but in asking, becomes open to another AMA, and so on.

Things to avoid
  • Asking people's names or personal info IRL
  • Anything aggressive or mean, but your probably know that
  • yes or no questions, they're too easy to answer

Well, this will hopefully be fun.
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