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Size Con thoughts

I got to thinking about something. Someone in one of the chat areas was a little leery about “coming out” to a public area like Size Con. I don’t blame the person and I think I can explain why.

We’ve all at one time or another felt something when we see or hear something that is related to our “secret” fetish or kink. But we’ve never expressed it out loud to others in fear of being judged as a pervert or a weirdo. Sometimes we feel embarrassed about and worry the feedback from others who don’t understand it would shame us more into hiding it.

Later this year of 2020 I’ll be fifty-eight years old and I’ve seen many things that have become mainstream or close to it that use to be hidden away in our closet, basements and other areas of “safety”. Back in the Dark Ages of the Internet, you could use an IRC program to access chat channels and find others who might share your interests. Just scrolling down the list of channels that were out there (and some might still be there in one form or another), you could see fetishes on parade. Some titles were self-explanatory while others you had to read the “banner” to see if it was a channel you wanted to venture into.

I’ll admit that I was very shy about the fetish/kink that I found out was deem micro/macrophilia
. I know as a child something kind of click when I saw a scene from the movie Captain Sinbad starring Guy Williams. The heroine was shrunk and turned into a bird to go out to meet Sinbad upon his return from an adventure. When she returned to the wizard who changed her, the villain of the movie broke in and saw her change back. But first, she was almost doll size and was picked up by him. To see her struggle in this giant’s hand as he looked at her just clicked.

Since then as I got older, I would fantasize about it. King Kong 70’s remake where breasts were exposed on-screen, seeing Attack of the Puppet People on TV and so many other things starting waking a part of me when I reached that certain age of discovering women.

I kept it to myself. Never explain to my friends why I liked those types of movies. Just living my life with my secret intact.

In the mid-’90s, we started to get America Online CD-ROMs all over the place. If you had a computer, modem and a phone line you could access the internet. It was primitive compared to what we have now but back then it was a new frontier. Exploring places you never knew existed, finding out about people and things without leaving your house.

Finding out about the dark corner of the Net came by coming across a picture of a tiny lady on a desk. You clicked on the picture and took you to a website that had links to forums and chat places called BBSes. I followed those links and find out that I wasn’t alone in finding the tiny women who were exciting in a sexual way.

Over the years, I made friends, exchanged ideas and stories, role played via chats of various types and just plain come out to those in this secret world. I wrote my dreams and ideas of what I might like to happen to a tiny woman in story form then shared it with others. We were a tight community in private.

About five or more years back, someone suggested that we meet up at a place in New York. A chance for face to face contact with the screen names of these people I’ve known. I couldn’t back then because of health reasons and a fear of what would happen if I was made fun of because of my fetish/kink. I just lived through the stories and pictures that were posted of the event.

The event grew more and more until someone suggested to make it into a convention. Rent a space, make it a two-day event and have people come here to share our love of this. Once again, I missed the first one but enjoyed the stories that came out from it.

In 2017, I took a chance and decided to go to the Size Con in New York. I was a bit fearful and shy about it. I didn’t know what to expect. I had been to some comic book conventions and even then felt a bit out of place because I just didn’t have a built-in safe zone to go to if I felt threatened. I arrived and walked around the small room that was the sales floor looking for names of the people I knew that would be there to go over and say “hi”. I introduced myself under my screen name and a number of people recognized the name. I felt a bit welcome and some pride. Still shy and intimidated by the surroundings, I kept going around until I came to one table and met this guy selling tiny cage necklaces to keep your tiny person in. I introduced myself to him and I’ve never had this reaction before from meeting people. His mouth opened and he called his girlfriend over to introduce us then telling her that I was the guy he told her about from my stories. I was blushing inward and felt good to know that someone liked my stuff. The rest of the Con it was the same when people found out who I was they would tell me how I was the first one whose stories they read and how much they liked it. By the end of the Con, I was willing to come back to the following year to help out and more.

2018 brought in some more people who felt like I did the year before and they, by the end of the Con, were amazed by the feeling of warmth, friendship and welcomeness they felt being generated by all that were there. A professional adult performer, who was there for the videos he did, was waiting for the shuttle like I was back to the airport. We talked while we waited. He told me about how he travels the country to conventions to sell his wares and take part but this was the first one where he felt so relaxed and welcome. No completion between other presenters just a friendly atmosphere and he loved it. He was a big hit during one of the little “shows” that we had.

If you’re thinking about coming to this year’s or a future one but are a little awkward about your kink, don’t be. Come by and see us all. This is the most friendly group you’ll ever run across. You’ll find out stuff and see that the people behind the videos, pictures, and stories that you love are just like you. A little weird but so welcoming to have you there and want you to share with us what you are and like.

Since the last two, I’ve come out and admitted to some people that I wrote fetish stories and the convention I travel to the New York area is a fetish convention but I don’t care what they think about it. They do know that this all makes me happy and they’re glad that I’m not shutting myself out of life for one reason or another.

So come out into the light and enjoy your time there. You might go back into hiding after you leave but I think you’ll take with you a little bit of pride and self-worthiness to get you through to new things to try in your life. And know that you have a new group of friends that won’t judge you on your weirdness because we’re just as weird and in some cases weirder than you think.

If you're in the NY/NJ area February 15-16 and would like to come, go to and buy your tickets. No tickets will be sold at the door. It is at the Radisson Piscataway in New Jersey. You can meet many people from all parts of the Size community. Some of them are here on the forum. I hope to see you there.
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Re: Size Con thoughts

Thank you for this post. I found much in common between your micro/macrophilia experience and my own history. Size Con is just too far away for me to go, but I'm very glad that Jitensha set it up! Of course, props to the many others that also support Size Con and make it happen.
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Re: Size Con thoughts

My first year was '17 as well, and it was an amazingly freeing experience. I remember something along the lines of "....It's so weird to just be able to TALK about this stuff, isn't it?" coming up at least a dozen times over the weekend.
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