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Re: The Giantess's Garden: Illustrated Story

A small mole found himself digging through the ground. It was on an endless search for food and so far, had found a few worms that seemed satisfy some of his hunger. His search did bring him up to the surface as he dug up through the ground and created a small molehill. The fresh air that it could smell was pretty nice but it wasn’t going to be enough to feed him.

Just before he decided to dive back into the ground he felt something. This was something that was quite odd, there was a shudder in the ground which lasted for a few moments before subsiding. He didn’t think anything of it before he felt the shudder once again. He quickly dived back under the ground to return to safety.

No sooner did the mole do this a giant foot came down on top of the molehill. The foot was easily as large as a house but it only stayed there for a few seconds before it lifted back up into the air and then landed on the ground some distance ahead.

The foot belonged to the giantess named Rina who was currently a few hundred feet tall. Normally she would have to worry about limiting her size to thirty feet but since she was outside the town limits of Dunlin she could grow as tall as she wanted to. For the purpose of this trip she felt that her current size was perfect for the task. There was no other houses or buildings that she had to worry about so she could walk freely through these fields without much fear of stepping on people.

Rina was not alone however as she had her hand stretched out and sitting on her hand was a boy who she was taking care of named Liam. He was enjoying the view and sitting beside him was his new friend named Wendy. Like him she too was enjoying the view but she was taking it in more. This was the first time that she had been carried by a full-blown giant. Her father was a giant in his own right but he was nothing in comparison to Rina.

“Wow this is amazing,” said Wendy as she looked with an astonished look on her face. “I’ve never seen the world from so high up. I think I can even see my house from up here.”

“Well when you can grow like I can you kind of get used to these sights,” replied Rina. She looked down for a moment at the two kids before concentrating on where she was going.

“Liam told me that you can be as big as you want, is this true?”

“Yep, except if I get too big I start running into problems. One of them being that I become a danger to everyone else. Imagine that something as simple as a sneeze being like a hurricane to normal people.”

“I-I guess that’s true.” For as long as Wendy could remember she had always been taller than children her own age. She knew that she was likely going to be almost as tall as her father but seeing someone like Rina only reminded her that there was always someone bigger than her. No matter how tall she grew.

“Hey Rina can you make your hand a little bigger?” asked Liam who sat there with his feet dangling over the edge. Although he could fall to his death if he slipped forward he didn’t feel like he was in any danger. “It’s just nice to have a little more room.”

“As you wish,” replied Rina in a cheerful voice. She then concentrated on expanding her hand which began to happen relatively quickly. Wendy looked in amazement as the hand that she was standing in began to grow, she expected to see Rina growing as well but she was staying the same size. Her hand continued to grow until it was around ten percent larger than it had been a few moments earlier. “There we go, I think you should give me a big hand for my efforts.”

For the next few minutes she looked down on the ground as she was looking for the best spot for what they had come out to do. Eventually she saw a piece of flat land next to a wooded area that seemed to be perfect. She announced to the kids that they were going to stop there, thanks to this they prepared themselves for what was about to happen next.

Rina began to squat down toward the ground and she lowered her hand for both Liam and Wendy to climb off of. They did this quickly and Rina went into her pocket to pick out a giant picnic basket, it was very large in comparison to a normal basket but to her current size it seemed tiny. She placed this basket beside the children as well and they too looked at its extreme size.

When Rina was sure that everything that was needed was indeed on the ground she concentrated on shrinking herself. The children watched as the towering giantess began to lose the majority of her mighty size. She was still squatting down and they watched as she continued to shrink. Within seconds she was down to her minimum size again and as she stood back up she towered above the children at 15 feet. It was still an impressive size but nothing in comparison to what she just was.

Now at her minimum size she opened up the basket and took out a gigantic blanket that she placed down on the ground. The children did take a step back as she placed the blanket down and she made sure that it was as flat as the ground below would allow. She didn’t notice Liam beginning to look toward the wooded area that was a short distance away. Curiosity was beginning to get the better of him.

“Hey Rina can me and Wendy play in those woods over there for a few minutes?” asked Liam.

“Hmm I don’t know,” replied Rina who was taking some food out of the basket. Some of it was small enough for the kids but others were purposely big for herself.

“Please.” Wendy didn’t seem to say anything against it as she too was curious to explore a little. She had never been here before and she wanted to have a look around as well.

“Ok, but don’t go too far and come back when I call you, alright?”

“Ok.” There was some excitement in his voice as he and Wendy quickly ran over to the woods. She smiled as she was happy to see Liam with a friend. She did have a couple of worries but for now it wasn’t enough for her to act on them.

With Rina’s permission the two children quickly made their way into the wooded area. Liam couldn’t help but imagine that there were elves in these woods. He knew that there weren’t any but he was doing it all for fun. Wendy seemed to be enjoying the game as well as they tried to find evidence of tiny elves. This included finding tracks or tree stumps that would house them.

There was one point where Liam thought about grabbing an acorn that was on a branch above. This was so that he could plant it and create a new tree for the elves but he ran into a problem. The acorn was just out of his reach, even when he jumped but he saw a hand rise up and grab it. The hand belonged to his much taller friend Wendy who grabbed onto it and easily pulled it off the branch.

“Thanks Wendy,” said Liam as he was passed the acorn. He did give a sigh after she had done this. “I wish I was taller.”

“Well being tall isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be,” replied Wendy. “Although if I could I would give you some of my height. I’d love to be shorter.”

Suddenly they began to hear something that caused them to stop their conversation. At first, they didn’t think it was anything but then they heard it again. It was the sound of snapping twigs on something that sounded heavy. This scared both of the children and they watched as they saw a large figure heading toward them. Neither of them moved as they saw the figure moving closer toward them, they couldn’t see it clearly as the trees were blocking the light and they were too scared to run or even call for help. Even though Rina was a short distance away she was oblivious to the fear that the children were experiencing.
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Re: The Giantess's Garden: Illustrated Story

Liam and Wendy continued to back away from where they could see the large bush in front of them rustling. They could see something big crashing through and they were quiet with fear, a large shadowed figure approached them and they didn’t know what they should do. Their mind was telling them to run but their legs were ignoring them.

Just then the source of the noise appeared before them. It was a creature that was large and hairy. It looked dangerous enough to hurt both of them given the chance and this only caused the kids more fear. They recognised the beast as a bear and it was unusual since these creatures were not known to roam near these parts. They were normally found in forests roughly a hundred miles away. Finding one here was very usual but this only added to their fear.

“What do we do?” asked Wendy as she looked at the bear. Both of them were terrified and were not thinking straight. Even though she was taller than him she looked to Liam for protection even though there wasn’t much that he could do.

“Stay absolutely still,” replied Liam. “I saw it in a movie once.”

“I don’t think that it works on bears.”

Despite Wendy’s doubts they began to stand absolutely still in the hopes that the bear would leave them alone. The bear looked at them for a few moments before standing up on its hind legs and roared loudly. This scared them enough to cause them to scream out loudly, both of them were absolutely terrified.

Their screams carried over to Rina who was on the verge of finishing setting up the picnic. She seemed happy with what she was doing but her ears suddenly picked up the scream of the kids. She could tell that there was something very wrong so she quickly increased her size further and made her way toward where the screams were coming from.

The kids could see the bear walking closer toward them. There was still some space between them but it was decreasing and they could do nothing to prevent this rather than moving back. They thought that they were going to be seriously harmed, Liam couldn’t help but feel like this was his fault. He was the one who had asked Wendy to come to these woods and now it seemed like they were going to be hurt because of it.

Suddenly a gigantic flip flop clad foot came down right between the kids and the bear. The sudden appearance of this caught everyone by surprise. It even caused the kids to scream as they were startled. But slowly they began to look up and they could see the gigantic Rina looming over them. The bear too was taken aback as it had never seen a human the size of her.

“Are you kids alright?” asked Rina as she looked at them. Her face was filled with one of concern. Both kids were still afraid but they nodded to her to indicate that they were not physically harmed. Her gaze moved over to the bear but rather than looking concerned she had a look of anger. This caused the bear to back away but this was not the scariest thing that it saw. It suddenly saw her neck begin to grow longer and her tongue growing out of her mouth. Her nose grew and even her hands grew as well and although she looked very odd it was also terrifying.

Rina then roared and had made sure to expand her vocal cords so that the roar was both loud and terrifying. This caused the bear to turn around and run for what it thought was its life. When she was sure that it was gone she sighed and returned her over sized body parts to their proper proportions in comparison to her gigantic body. She turned toward the kids and squatted down. Her gigantic hand lowered to the ground for them to climb onto, as soon as she was sure that they were on she lifted them up and brought them over to where the picnic was set up. She placed them down on the ground and quickly shrank back down to her smallest size.

Both kids had tears in their eyes and she hugged them both. She understood that they were still in some shock over what had happened and she just hugged them until they eventually began to feel better. It was unlikely that they would never forget what happened but at least with Rina they felt safe. Wendy knew that it was best to not tell her parents about what had happened. She thought that they would forbid her from seeing Liam again and this was something that she didn’t want. They had become friends and she didn’t want that to end because of this incident.

Rina did contemplate on ending the picnic there and then but the kids told her that they would be alright. Because of this they had their picnic as planned but the incident had spoiled the day somewhat for them. The food that they did eat was very nice however, most of the fruit and vegetables that they had eaten were grown in Rina’s garden and it did put a nice touch on things.

With the picnic now over, they thought that it was best that they left in order to make their way back home. The kids were still shaken by what had happened but they were continuing to calm down. Eventually they would likely be fine, there was one thing that they did learn. This was that Rina could be very scary when she wanted to and with her size changing abilities she could be very dangerous. They were just glad that she was a kind-hearted person since if she were not then it was likely that nothing could stop her. They knew that her abilities could allow her to grow larger than a mountain.
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Re: The Giantess's Garden: Illustrated Story

Liam found himself walking alongside Rina who was still his legal guardian. Rather than carrying him she thought it was best to remain at her minimum size and allow him to walk alongside her. She was purposely walking at a slower pace than normal pace so that he could keep up with her.

He didn’t seem to be all that happy, it wasn’t because of where he was going. It was because of what he was wearing. He had been bathed thoroughly and was now wearing a suit that had a bow tie with it. As any boy he disliked what he was wearing and he thought that it was over the top for where he was going. On more than one occasion he had tried to convince Rina that it was best to wear his normal clothing. She wouldn’t hear anything of it and instead he was now wearing this suit.
Liam was also carrying a fairly large box in his hands. It was wrapped in yellow paper with a blue ribbon. He was being careful with how he was carrying it as he didn’t want to drop it. There was something special inside that he wanted the preserve.

“I look ridiculous,” said Liam as he continued to down the street. The giant woman walking beside him looked down with a smile on her face.

“What are you talking about?” replied Rina. “You look very handsome, you’ll be fighting the girls off with a stick.”

“But it’s only a birthday party.”

“It’s not just anyone’s party. It’s Wendy’s party, you don’t want to look messy when you go to her party now do you?”

“I-I guess not.” He still didn’t want to wear the outfit but he still wanted to look nice in front of his friend. Even after the incident with the bear she still wanted to be his friend and had even invited him to the party. To his knowledge he was the only boy who was invited and he couldn’t help but feel a little proud of that. “But there will only be girls there, I won’t fit in with them.”

“Oh, don’t be like that. Girls aren’t so bad, besides it isn’t always best to fit in. Just be yourself and everything will be fine.” She then looked toward a house that was a short distance away. She had been given the address and she was sure that she was on the right street. She saw one particular house with birthday banners in a couple of the front windows. She was more than confident that this was the right house. “Looks like we’re here.” She then bent down and just made sure that his bow tie looked properly. “Now, remember to be on your best behaviour.”

“I know Rina. You don’t have to do that.”

“Sorry, I can’t help it. When I see you like this I just want to love and kiss you all day.” She chuckled at herself while Liam rolled his eyes. “Now I’ll wait here until you go inside, then I’ll be back to pick you up in a few hours, alright?”


“Have a nice time and remember to be on your best behaviour.”

“I will.” He didn’t seem to be all that fussed as he spoke. But he knew better than to misbehave while he was at his friend’s house.

With that Liam stepped toward the door and nervously he gave it a knock. He could hear the sound of girly voices inside and when the door opened he saw a woman that he thought was Wendy. However, when he got a better look at her he realised that this wasn’t the case. She was much older than Wendy and was a few inches shorter, it took a moment for Liam to realise that this was Wendy’s mother. She smiled at him and she did notice Rina in the background but didn’t react to her.

“Hello there young man,” said Wendy’s mother. “You’re here for the party, aren’t you?” Her smile was welcoming but he still felt nervous. He nodded his head at her. “Then you’re more than welcome to come inside, we’re having a fun time with cake and games.”

“T-Thank you,” replied Liam as he stepped inside. He did look toward Rina who smiled and waved at him. He smiled back at her before going inside fully.
Wendy’s mother also waved at Rina before closing the door. The giantess began to make her way back home, she still had her garden to tend to but she would have to be careful of the Bell Flowers that were still there. She needed to remove them but also ensure that she didn’t have another allergic reaction. The last thing she wanted was to become really big and then shrink really small again. It was a situation that she would more than prefer to repeat.

As Liam stepped further inside he had a better look inside of the room where the party was taking place. There were three other girls there that he recognised from his class, he couldn’t remember their names but he had definitely seen him before. He could hear them talking amongst each other and it made him feel a little more alienated. He gave them a quiet hello before he was about to walk away.

“Hey there Liam,” said a female voice. This caused Liam to turn around and he had to crane his head up so that he could look into the eyes of his friend Wendy. He noticed that she was wearing a beautiful green dress. Her hair was as straight as ever and he expected her to wear make-up. Instead she wasn’t but he did notice that she was wearing a party hat. He couldn’t help but think that she looked a little taller as well but he assumed that it was simply because of her shoes. “I’m so glad that came.”

“T-Thank you for inviting me,” replied Liam. He was still a little nervous but now that Wendy was here. He did lift his present up toward her. “I-I bought you this.”

“Thank you, Liam, I’ll open it later with the others.” She gently took the present out of his hands and then placed it on a nearby table where there were other presents. She then gave him a hug and this was something that he wasn’t expecting. For most boys it would be odd hugging a girl who was taller than they were but with living with Rina he had become used to it. “And now that you’re here we can let the party begin.”

For the next several minutes Wendy and her party guests began their party activities which included playing a few games and dancing to some music. They were mostly left to their own devices but Wendy’s parents were not far away, they were in another room but rather than stepping in they decided to give the kids some freedom.

Liam did talk to another couple of girls there, they did seem pretty nice and it did make him smile. One game they did play was pinning the tail on a donkey, unfortunately when he tried put it in the right place he attached it very close to the donkey’s nose. This caused a small chuckle amongst the partygoers but Wendy didn’t laugh at all, she was just having a nice time.

Eventually Wendy’s parents did enter the room but it wasn’t to disturb the party. Instead Wendy’s mother was holding a birthday cake with candles that were already lit. This lit up Wendy’s face as she could see that it was a unicorn. It was placed on a clear table and everyone began to sing happy birthday to her. Even Liam joined in and he watched as his friend seemed to be genuinely happy.

This was also the first time that Liam saw Wendy’s father. He was by far the tallest man the boy had ever seen. His hair was short and a light brown colour with a moustache, his clothes looked to be neat and he had a large physique. It looked as though he worked out a fair amount and he was easily taller than the doorframe that he had been standing against. Liam was a little intimidated but he wasn’t afraid as he was the father of his friend. He could also see where Wendy got her height from.

“Ah you must be Liam,” said Wendy’s father. The large man noticed Liam standing not too far from him. “Wendy has told me all about you, I know what you’re thinking, how does a man of my age keep my physique.”

“Dad, he doesn’t want to know that,” interrupted Wendy who seemed to be a little embarrassed by what he was saying.

“I’m only joking sweetheart. But still it’s never too young to start.”


Liam stayed silent during this exchange. Seeing Wendy so happy with her parents made him feel a little sad. He still remembered having such birthday parties when they were alive, now they were gone and that part of his life was gone forever. Despite how he felt he still put on a brave face. The last thing he wanted to do was to upset his friend, he just smiled as the party continued on.

Eventually Wendy fulfilled a tradition that her parents had been doing for her since she was born. Every year she would stand against a particular doorframe in the house and then be measured. A black mark was left on the doorframe and then her age was written beside it as well. One thing that Liam noticed was that he was a little taller than Wendy was the previous year. But she had gone through a large growth spurt over the year that had made her the tallest girl in the school.

It was her father who made the mark and he chuckled when he saw how tall his daughter had become. He commented that she was taller than him at her age and that one day he would be looking up to her. Wendy brushed this off as best as she could but a small part of her was a little afraid that she would become too tall. She was already taller than the average adult woman and she still had plenty of years of growth to go.

With the measuring finished it was time for Wendy to open her presents. Presents that were given by family had already been opened earlier but those that came from the partygoers were ready to be opened. One by one they were opened and she seemed to enjoy each one of them. These included some jewellery and some nail varnish.

Liam could still see his present on the table. He was still feeling nervous as he was afraid that she wouldn’t like her gift. Rina had assured him that she would love it but he wasn’t one hundred percent sure. But he watched as Wendy picked up the present and she didn’t need to look at the tag to know that it had come from him. Carefully she began to unwrap the paper and bow and finally the present could be seen.

“Oh, what’s this?” asked Wendy as she looked at the present. A cold sweat rolled down Liam’s face as he watched on. He watched as she took the gift out of the box, it was a stuffed toy of a dog. In particular it was a pug and she couldn’t help but smile when she saw it.

“Y-You said that you were allergic to cats and dogs,” replied Liam. He was still nervous and he knew that her allergy wasn’t a secret so he spoke about it. “I know you wanted your own dog so I thought that you’d like this one.”

“I don’t like it Liam.” She chuckled for a moment. “I love it.”

This also made Liam smile as he felt Wendy hug him once again. He couldn’t help but hug her back and everyone watched on. His fears were completely melted away and he began to feel that he was a normal child once again. In his mind he was the happiest that he had been since his parents had been alive.
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Re: The Giantess's Garden: Illustrated Story

By Monday morning Liam was having to start the school routine once again. It began with an early wake up call followed by getting washed and changed. After that Rina would make him breakfast and she made sure not to give him anything too sugary. It wasn’t banned all together, she just made sure that he didn’t have too much.

After breakfast Liam picked up his bags and began to walk to school. He did give his giant adoptive mother a hug and a kiss before he left. She told him to have a nice day and he soon left, since it was only a short walk to the school he didn’t think that he needed her to be with him.

Within a few minutes Liam arrived at school and was able to play a game of football with a few other boys before the bell rung for classes to start. The classes themselves were pretty uneventful and before he knew it the bell rung again. This time it was to signal that it was break time. This allowed the students of the school to have a snack and play around before lessons started again.

Liam was walking down a corridor when he noticed something on the noticeboard. It was bright and colourful which quickly drew his attention. It was a piece of card that was pink in colour and had some words written on it along with some random music notes that were in the corners. The writing was in a bright blue colour and really made the notice stand out amongst the others.

The sign was about a school dance that was taking place a couple of weeks later. It was indicating which group of students would go on which day and how much each would have to pay in order to go. This gave him a lot of thoughts and he knew that it was customary to ask someone to go to a dance with them. In his mind he didn’t have to think too long to know who he was going to ask.

By coincidence his friend Wendy was just walking by as she was about to buy herself a snack. It took a moment for Liam to notice her but since she was head and shoulders above practically everyone else it was easy enough for him to spot her. She noticed him too and gave him a small smile as she walked over to him. As she had been running late to school that day she had not had a chance to see him yet.

“Hey Liam what’s up?” asked Wendy as she approached Liam. She was genuinely happy to see him and she even chuckled a little.

“Have you seen this Wendy?” replied Liam as he pointed toward the sign. He watched as she looked at it and began to read it. “They’re doing a dance, doesn’t that sound fun?”

“Y-Yeah sounds great.” There was some hesitation in her voice but he didn’t pick it up. He just seemed to be quite excited for the dance.

They stayed there for another couple of minutes before they walked away, there was still a little time left in order to have a snack before break time ended. Every now and again Liam would mention about the dance every now and again. He didn’t notice that Wendy acted a little hesitant toward what he was saying. The only thing that would truly stop him from going was if Rina said no. The dance still needed the child’s parent or legal guardian to give their permission. In his mind there was no reason why she would say no.

By the end of the school day the normal custom of the children returning home happened as it did practically every weekday. All the children were happy to be going home and many amongst them already had plans to go and play outside. This was something that Liam wasn’t planning. Unfortunately, since he had entered the school year fairly late he was having to do extra work in order to catch up with the other students.

This was something that he didn’t particularly like but he had already accepted this. Rina would often help him with his work although she wouldn’t do it for him. As he arrived home he found her in her usual place of her garden. She was maintaining it and as Liam approached her he saw that she was attempting to pull out a weed. She was around twenty feet tall and she seemed to be pulling at the weed, it was much larger than a normal weed and this caught the young boy by surprise.

At first it didn’t seem like Rina noticed that he was there as her focus was on the task at hand. She knew that she could simply make herself bigger and make the job easier but she was determined to do it at her current size. Liam stood there for several moments as she continued to pull. Eventually he felt like he had to say something or else he would be standing there for the rest of the day.

“Hey Rina,” said Liam. His voice was a little louder than it normally was as he wanted her to hear him. This seemed to snap her out of her concentration and she turned to look at him. She quickly gave him a smile.

“Hi sweetie,” replied Rina. Her voice was cheerful and she seemed genuinely happy to see him. “How was school today?”

“It was fine but there’s something that I need to ask you.”

“Sure, what is it?” She seemed curious, for a moment she thought that he might have gotten into trouble again. It couldn’t have been too serious as she had not received a phone call that day.

“T-There’s a dance taking place at my school soon and I was just wondering if you’d allow me to go.”

“A dance?” She began to giggle a little to herself. “They do so many nowadays.” She pulled a little at the weed. “Oh, this darn weed, I take my eye off of my garden for one day and a weed decides to move in.”

“Can’t you just cut it?”

“Yes, but if the root remains then it’ll just grow back.” She began to pull even harder than she did before. There was a look of strain on her face and Liam noticed that the ground beneath the weed was beginning to move. It took one more rush of strength for her to pull it out completely, she gave a small sigh and then a smile.
“There we go, that naughty weed took more effort than I expected. Now what did you ask?”

“Can I go to the dance? I was thinking that I could ask Wendy to go with me.” He felt a little nervous saying this last part but it simply made Rina giggle again.

“If you want to go to the dance that’s fine with me. Just don’t get stepping on anyone’s feet when you’re dancing, alright?”

Liam smiled at her and nodded. The thought of going to the dance with Wendy made him happy. She was his best friend at school and didn’t seem to mind the fact that he had a giant woman for a guardian. He just thought that it would be something very nice and that he would be able to look forward to it.

Several hours later Wendy was preparing to go to bed, she did her usual things such as cleaning her teeth. She had put on a pair of pink pyjamas and was having to have a fairly early night since she still had school the next morning. She climbed into bed but there was something else that she had with her, it was the large stuffed toy that Liam had given her for her birthday. She had named him Pancakes and she kept him close to her whenever she went to sleep now. However, this night would present her with something that had been in her subconscious for some time now. It was about to manifest itself in a way that she couldn’t entirely control.
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Re: The Giantess's Garden: Illustrated Story

The next thing Wendy knew she was in the hall at her school. She was wearing a pretty dress and standing before her was Liam. Around her she noticed that there were other students there, most of them she recognised. A few of them seemed to be alien to her but she didn’t really focus on them.

When she saw Liam in front of her, she could see that he was wearing fairly fancy clothing as well. He was standing closer than he normally would to her and this was when she realised that they were at the dance together. She found it odd that she couldn’t remember how she had gotten there but it was still something that she didn’t really think about too much.

Something else that was odd was the fact that everyone was dancing even though there wasn’t any music playing. Also, both she and Liam were dancing better than they seemed to have before. They were close and even holding hands as they danced. One thing that Wendy did notice was the fact that a few people were looking at her.

She thought that it was odd for them to be dancing like this. She was a lot taller than him and she knew that it wasn’t the norm. She tried to ignore this and continued to dance with her friend. They seemed to be performing dancing techniques that she had seen before but she couldn’t put her finger on it.

“Are you having a nice time tonight?” asked Liam as he looked up into the eyes of his much taller friend and dance partner.

“Yes, I am,” replied Wendy. “And spending it with you makes it so much better.” She smiled at him and she could see him smile back.

“You’ve been a great friend to me, ever since I first came here. You’re more than I could have asked for.”

“T-Thank you.” The next thing she saw surprised her as she could see that Liam and moved his lips so that she could give him a kiss. She looked at him for a few moments before leaning forward and giving him a small kiss. This caused them both to blush and Wendy could feel a warm feeling through her body. “That was nice.”

“Yeah, nothing could spoil this moment for us.” They both looked at each other but Wendy noticed something. It seemed that Liam had just gotten shorter right in front of her. This made her take a step back for a moment as they looked at one another. “Wendy did you just grow taller?”

“N-No that’s impossible.” She hadn’t realised that she had just sprouted an extra few inches and was now standing at around six feet tall. No sooner had she said this that she sprouted by another half a foot. “L-Liam what’s happening to me?” No sooner had she said this she suddenly grew several more inches. She was now over seven feet tall and she was frantically looking at herself.

Wendy’s body had stretched up making her very, very tall. She was close to panicking as she was trying to figure out what had just happened. Before she could say another word, she felt herself grow again. Now she was so tall that she would probably hit her head on the ceiling of a normal room.

By now Wendy’s height had been noticed by the other students. Rather than moving away in fear or even trying to run. Instead they pointed at her and began to laugh. She was looking around at them as she continued to grow taller once every few seconds. She was beginning to become upset and as she looked down at Liam, he was looking up at her with a worried look on her face.

As she continued to grow taller and taller the laughter from the other students only grew louder. She could hear them calling her a freak and she looked up and saw that the ceiling of the hall was very close to her head. She wanted to cry about what was happening but no tears would come.

“STOP LAUGHING AT ME!” shouted Wendy at the top of her lungs. This did nothing to stop the children from laughing at her. But she felt a thud on her head as she had finally grown so tall that her head was pushing against the ceiling.

She hoped that it would stop there but she could still feel herself growing taller. She could hear a loud cracking sound as her body was still pushing up again. Eventually the ceiling began to give way and her head poked up through it with the rest of her body still in the hall below. The laughing continued and all she could do was scream in both sadness and utter shame.

Wendy’s eyes began to open and she saw that it was still dark. She was in a lot of confusion but she began to realise that what she had experienced was a nightmare. She was still her normal height and the humiliation and growth spurt that she had just experienced had never actually happened. This was a relief for her but she still felt sad about the entire ordeal.

As she looked at her clock, she could still see that she had a few hours before she had to get up for school. She grabbed onto Pancakes and gave him a hug as she was feeling pretty low. The dream had more or less confirmed something that she had been worried about, she was simply too tall to dance with Liam.
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Re: The Giantess's Garden: Illustrated Story

A few miles away Liam was going through the same morning routines as Wendy. Where she had both her parents looking out for her, he only had Rina who had woken earlier in order to make a cooked breakfast. She believed that a decent breakfast was the best way to start the day and would help until it was time to go to bed.

Liam always enjoyed the breakfasts that she would make for him as it would usually consist of items such as sausages, bacon, baked beans, toast, eggs and a few other items. She would cook a large quantity for herself and then a smaller portion for him, it was enough to feed him and he would always thank her for the meal.

Like most mornings he found himself sitting at his own table while Rina ate at a much larger one. Thanks to her extreme size she couldn’t eat at the same table as him but they would remain close nonetheless. It was very rare that any of the food went to waste as they would often clean their plates.

“Did you want anymore?” asked Rina as she could see that Liam was close to finishing. Her higher vantage point allowed her to see his plate with some ease.

“N-No I’m stuffed Rina,” replied Liam as he took a bite out of the last piece of toast that he had.

“That’s fine, I just want to make sure that you have all the energy that you need for the day ahead. My mother always told me that a bad breakfast normally leads to a bad day.” She chuckled for a moment. “Too bad she couldn’t cook.”

“If you don’t mind me asking, who was your mother?” Asking Rina this did make him think about his own mother but he was genuinely curious. Since he had begun living with her, she hadn’t mentioned anything about her family.

“She was a kind woman who did what she could for me. Unfortunately, she was a little old when she gave birth to me so our time together was shorter than one might think. But still there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about her.” She looked at a clock that was on a wall nearby and she realised the time. “Oh my, you better hurry or else you’re going to be late for school.” She still smiled at him as she began to get up from her chair. “We’ll talk more about it later.”

Liam did quickly get off his chair and picked up his coat and school bag. He walked toward the front door that Rina opened for him, before he could leave, she bent down and gave him a hug and a small kiss on his forehead She hoped that he would have a nice day and she watched as he walked away from the house. He waved goodbye to her and she waved back to him.

Rina was always a little saddened to see him go to school as it meant that she would be in the house alone again. However, she knew how important his education was and so she didn’t mind her loneliness. This was nothing compared to the day that she feared, this was the day that one of Liam’s family members arrived and took him away since she was only his temporary guardian. When that day came, she didn’t know exactly how she was going to react as she now began to view the young boy as her own son.

A short time later Liam had completed his first couple of lessons and was on his break. It was too soon for lunch so he merely ate a chocolate bar in order to take the edge off his hunger. Throughout the morning he had been meaning to talk to Wendy but both of them had been so busy in their schoolwork that they hadn’t had time to speak to one another.

He was standing in the playground and eating his chocolate bar when he noticed Wendy not too far from him. Thanks to her height she was easy to pick out and like him she too was also eating a little something. This was a bag of sweets which gather her the calories that she needed.

Liam approached his taller friend and at first, she didn’t notice him. Instead she carried on eating and it wasn’t until he said hi to her that she realised that she was even there. He smiled at her and he could see a worried look on her face. Not only that but he also noticed that she began to slouch as well, this was something that she didn’t do very often.

“Oh, hi Liam,” said Wendy.

“There’s something that I’ve been meaning to ask you,” replied Liam who had his hopes up fairly high.

“W-What’s that?” There was a sense of dread in his voice, it was like she already knew what he was going to ask.

“Well you know the dance that’s coming up, I was just wondering.” He got a little nervous but he tried to keep his composure. “Do you want to go to the dance with me?” He seemed quite happy when he was done asking and he was thought that she would be more than happy to say yes. Instead he could see that she was still nervous and even a little sad.

“I don’t know Liam, it’s just that…”

“Did I do something wrong?” He was worried that he was going to lose his only friend in the school. “If I have, I’m really sorry.”

“No, it’s not you, it’s me.” She gave a sigh. “It’s just that at dances when boys and girls dance together.” She paused for a moment as she realised that she wasn’t explaining it correctly. But she decided to stop as she knew that she wasn’t doing it correctly, in the end she thought it was best to ask him straight up. “D-Do you think I’m too tall?”

“What are you talking about?”

“I mean look at me, I’m taller than practically every kid in school and even some of the teachers. I’ve always been a little taller than normal but recently I’ve been growing really fast and now I’m like this. I’m still growing as well and I’m afraid that I’m going to be as tall if not taller than my dad.” Liam remembered seeing Wendy’s father at her birthday party, he was the tallest man that he had ever seen and for the moment he did think about what if she did become as tall. “You wouldn’t want to be friends with a girl who makes you look short, no boy would.”

“Don’t be silly Wendy.” He placed her hand on her shoulder and for a moment she looked away before she looked at him. “I don’t care how tall you become, even if you become the tallest girl in the world it doesn’t mean that we can’t be friends. I was taught that it doesn’t matter what friends look like, it is what they do that makes them friends. You helped me adjust here when I first came and ever since then I’ve always considered us as friends.” He smiled at her as he saw a tear rolling down her face. “Besides, tall girls are awesome.” Before he could say anything else, he felt Wendy embrace him in a hug. He didn’t try to resist and just hugged her back. His friend was in need of his attention and he was going to give her as much as she needed.

“Thank you, Liam, that means more to me then you can imagine.”

“N-No problem.” They continued to hug for a few more moments and Liam did notice that she was standing to her full height again. She even rested her chin a little on top of his head which he didn’t mind at all.

The hug was broken off when they heard the bell ringing. This indicated that break time was over and that they needed to return to class. Rather than walking straight away Liam smiled at Wendy and held out his hand to her. She took a moment or two to gently grab onto his hand and they walked back to class hand in hand. Even though there were still a couple of tears rolling down her face she still couldn’t help but break a smile.
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Re: The Giantess's Garden: Illustrated Story

It was the night of the school dance and Rina was carefully combing Liam’s hair. He was already wearing some smart looking clothing that was similar to that he wore when it was Wendy’s birthday. He was a little annoyed as he continued to sit there, his giant legal guardian continued to brush his hair and was even humming a little. Even though she was much larger than him she was still able perform the task.

He had already been sprayed with relatively expensive aftershave and had been given a warm bath. Like Rina he knew that tonight was an important night but he still thought that she was going a little overboard. In his mind she was making too much of a fuss about all of this and he just wanted her to be done.

‘You know you don’t have to do all this Rina,” said Liam as he looked up at Rina. He was sitting on a table while she was kneeling down and combing his hair. “I look fine as I am.”

“Oh, Liam you can’t go to the dance until you look absolutely perfect,” replied Rina. She continued combing the hair and although she knew how much he wanted her to stop she still felt that it was something that needed to be done. “Besides, I’m done now anyway.” She chuckled and put the comb down. “Ok, stand up and turn to me.” In silence he did what he was told as he turned around for her. She put her hands together with glee as she continued to look at him. “Oh Liam, you are the most handsome little man in all the world.” Carefully she pinched his cheek which he seemed to be embarrassed about. “I could just eat you up right now.”

“I feel like an idiot.” He felt her release his cheek but the smile was still on her face. “Everyone’s going to laugh at me.”

“Nonsense, everyone’s going to be dressed up just like you. Besides, you want to look handsome for Wendy, now don’t you?”

“I-I guess.” He thought about his friend and dancing with her was something that he was looking forward to. Even though he couldn’t dance very well.

Within a few minutes Liam found himself sitting on Rina’s shoulder as she had increased her size to thirty feet in height. She was on the way to Wendy’s home and she could tell that he was a little nervous. It was a big night for him and she just assured him to remain calm and enjoy himself. But before the conversation could continue any further, they arrived at their destination.

Liam was the one who had knocked on her door and when Wendy opened it, he was taken aback by her. She was wearing a beautiful green dress along with a pair of strapped sandals, she had also applied a small amount of make-up on her face. She had found the right balance which made it seem that she hadn’t put too much on. In his mind he had never seen her so beautiful and it made him blush a little. She too thought that he looked handsome and she too began to blush.

It was only a few minutes later when Rina finally dropped the pair off at the school. She promised to pick them up a few hours later and she also told them to have a nice time. One thing that she thought was cute was how Liam and Wendy looked together. She thought that they would make the cutest couple although she knew that for now, they were just friends.

Wendy looked at the school and she couldn’t help but feel nervous. She felt warmer than she normally did and she began to fear that something terrible would happen. They walked close to each other as they went inside, they could see that the hall was full of other students who were dancing and having fun. On a table to the side was some refreshments were located. The place looked crowded and this only made her feel even more nervous.

But these thoughts were put to one side as she saw Liam holding her hand up to her. He too was nervous but he still broke a smile as he looked up to her. She could tell that he wasn’t too comfortable but with the music playing she knew what he was about to say.

“W-Would you like to dance?” asked Liam with a nervous voice. He thought that she would say no but he felt her larger hand gently grab onto his and she smiled back at him.

“I’d love to,” replied Wendy.

Beginning with the next song the pair held each other’s hands and began to dance with one another. Neither of them could dance very well and if anyone was watching they would think that they were watching a car crash in motion. Both of them could feel the other accidentally stepping on the feet of the other. Each gave small grunts of pain but it seemed like their lack of skill didn’t bother either of them. If anything, it made them feel perfect for one another during this dance.
Unfortunately, every now and again they would accidentally knock into someone else but they did sorry before carrying on. Song after song they continued to dance and they chuckled to one another each time they stepped on the other’s foot. There was a good chance that each would have bruises on their although neither of them minded.

“Are you having a nice time?” asked Liam as he continued to look up at Wendy. He knew that it would seem odd for anyone looking seeing a girl as tall as her dancing with someone like him. But he could see that she was still smiling.

“I’m having a lovely time thank you,” replied Wendy. She then looked down to her feet for a moment before looking back at him. “Although I do wish that I wore different shoes.”

“Oh, sorry about that.” He felt a little guilty about this and he looked down for a moment before he felt her hand come under his chin and he found himself looking up into her eyes again.

“It’s alright Liam, you don’t have to worry about anything.” Before she knew it, she found herself bending down to him and she placed her lips on his forehead for a moment before standing back up again.

Both of them stood there in silence as they processed exactly what had happened. Liam wasn’t sure exactly how to react but he couldn’t help but feel happy about what had happened. It caused him to smile again and he could still feel her hand underneath his chin.

Wendy too seemed to be smiling and didn’t seem to regret what had happened. Since they had started their friendship, they had been growing closer every day and she felt that there was nothing that she couldn’t talk to him about. In her mind everything was going to be alright and nothing could go wrong.

But she suddenly felt something odd running through her body. Like a burst of energy that seemed alien to her. She couldn’t explain it but she felt the energy focus in her hand and suddenly she saw Liam’s head be thrust back for the moment. The suddenness of it caught them both by surprise and he staggered back.

Wendy tried to think of an explanation but when she looked at her hand, she saw that there was something off about it. As she continued to look at it, she noticed that it looked bigger than it did before. At first, she thought that she was going insane but as she continued to look at it, she could see that it was around fifty percent bigger than it had been before. This caused her eyes to widen but as she looked over to Liam, she could see him recovering and she quickly put her enlarged hand behind her back.

“Why did you do that?” asked Liam who began to feel like he had been betrayed by her. Thoughts were flooding in that all of this supposed friendship of hers was to merely make a fool of him.

“I-I,” replied Wendy who was desperately trying to get an answer for what had happened. It almost seemed like her nightmare was coming true but she thought that it was impossible. “I need some air!”

Quickly Wendy darted out of the school and soon found herself outside. There were some plants close to her but she didn’t notice this at all. Instead she just brought her hand in front of her and she looked at it again. It was still much larger than it should have been and she even touched it with her still normal hand, she could feel it and this panicked her even more than she was before.

“W-What’s happening to me?” asked Wendy to herself.

“Wendy!” shouted a familiar voice. This made the tall girl turn around and once again hide her enlarged hand behind her back. As she looked, she could see Liam approaching her, he had a confused look on his face and he knew that there was something not right about her. He quickly went up to her and he could see how nervous she looked. “What was that back there Wendy? First you kiss me and then you push me away like that.”

“I’m so sorry Liam, I didn’t mean to do that.”

“If you didn’t mean to do it then why did you do it?” He was still feeling betrayed by what happened and he could see a couple of tears in her eyes.

“I don’t know, I don’t know what’s happening.” Just then she felt the surge of energy run through her again. She mainly felt it in her legs that suddenly sprouted longer and this had not gone unnoticed by Liam who now saw that he was having to look up a little more at his taller friend.

“D-Did you just grow taller?” Like her he was trying to think of how this was possible but they were witnessing.

Before Wendy could say another word, she felt the energy run through her body once again. She watched as Liam seemingly began to shrink in front of her but as she looked at herself, she was horrified to see that it was her that was growing taller. Both were completely speechless as the process continued on.

Her other hand had grown to match the enlarged one but now it was her entire body that was growing. Liam looked at her with a combination of confusion and horror as his best friend was growing larger before his very eyes. She looked toward the school and she could see it was getting lower and lower, she wanted to say something, something to make sense of what was happening but nothing seemed to be normalising the situation.

But just as suddenly as the growth spurt had happened it suddenly stopped. But when Wendy looked down at Liam, he looked tiny in comparison, almost as if he was some kind of doll but she knew that it wasn’t him who had shrunk. Instead it was her that was bigger, even her feet were larger than him and she soon realised that she had become a towering giantess just like she had in her nightmare.

However, in her dream it had been different, she had stretched taller in the dream making her look like a beanpole. This time she had grown in proportion making her look like an enlarged version of her five-foot nine self. She didn’t know how tall she was now but one thing she knew was that she was much taller than Rina’s minimum height. This was by far one of the scariest moments of her life.

“W-Wendy,” said Liam with a stutter in his voice. “Y-You’re huge!”

“Liam,” replied Wendy as she seemed to be on the verge of crying. It was taking all of her willpower to prevent herself from causing a flood of tears. She was looking at her hands and then looking at the shrunken world around her. “Help me!”
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Re: The Giantess's Garden: Illustrated Story

Liam couldn’t help but look up at his now gigantic best friend. A few moments ago, Wendy had gone from being an above average height girl to a towering giantess. Neither of them could explain what was going on but they both experienced a great amount of fear. Even though he was the small one in this situation it was Wendy who was the most terrified as she feared that she would be like this for the rest of her life.

“Why is this happening to me?” asked Wendy as she was still in a confused and panicked state. “This can’t be real, this still has to be part of my dream.”

“T-This isn’t a dream Wendy,” replied Liam who was also trying to make sense of the situation. “This is real.”

“No, don’t say that!” She was fighting back the tears as best as she could but this was a losing battle for her. Her voice was also louder than she expected which caused Liam to nervously shush her.

“Keep your voice down, you don’t want to panic everyone.”

“But what are we going to do?” The giant girl quickly went down to her knees and looked at the seemingly tiny boy standing before her. “My mom and dad can’t see me like this!”

“Rina!” It suddenly came as a realisation and he almost felt stupid for not thinking of it earlier. “Rina will know what’s happening, Wendy we need to go back to my house right now.”

“Yes, Rina will know what to do.” She was saying this more out of hope rather than being convinced that Liam’s adoptive mother could actually help her. She did quickly wrap her now enormous hands around Liam and easily lift him off the ground. This caught him by surprise and she also stood up to her full height as well.

“Wendy.” It looked as though he was in a small amount of discomfort. “You’re holding me too tight!”

“Sorry.” She slightly loosened her hands but she made sure that she didn’t accidentally drop him. “I’ve never held someone like this before.”

“Let’s just get to Rina before anyone sees you.”

Wendy didn’t need to be told twice as she quickly made her way towards the home that Liam shared with Rina. Thankfully it was quite dark so not many people would be able to see the now gigantic girl. Even if they did in the darkness, they would probably assume that it was merely Rina running some kind of errand.

One problem that they did run into was the fact that Wendy was now dealing with a world that was much smaller than she was used to. This made traversing the once familiar town of Dunlin now more difficult, she also had the worry of holding onto Liam. If he were to get hurt because of her she would never forgive herself. But having to make her way by such everyday things as lampposts and even a few fences only made things more difficult for the gigantic girl.

Meanwhile Rina was simply spending a little bit of the alone time that she had reading more of her book. She did wonder if Liam was having a nice time at the dance but she was also sure to keep her eye on the time. Since she had plenty of time, she thought that she could maybe finish what she was reading.

The book itself wasn’t as good as she had expected. She had heard from a few sources that the story was great and that it might even lead her to a new way of thinking. However, this was something that she couldn’t see and, in her mind, it was a bit of a bore with characters who were more often than not too into themselves.

Eventually Rina heard a knocking sound coming from her front door. This was something that she didn’t expect but she simply put her book down and began to make her way to the door. She still had her reading glasses on but a smile did appear on her face. She thought it was Liam returning from the dance, she assumed that another parent had given him a ride back home.

“Oh, you’re back earlier than I expected,” said Rina as she approached the door. She grabbed onto the handle and began to open it. “Did you have a nice…” Just before she could finish the sentence, she opened the door and what she saw absolutely shocked her. Her mouth was wide open as she saw the gigantic Wendy having to stoop down to see under the door. She was almost twice as tall as Rina and she still had the same panicked look on her face. Rina also noticed Liam in Wendy’s hands. “Time?”

“Ms Rina you have to help me,” begged Wendy. Tears were now rolling down her cheeks. “Something terrible has happened to me.”

“Come inside quickly.” She had a serious look on her face as she realised that the situation at hand was dire.

Wendy had to bend down to get through the door and she did place Liam down onto the ground. He was relieved that his feet were now on the floor again but he looked up at Wendy and watched her raise to her full height again. Unfortunately, she felt a sharp impact as her head struck the ceiling of the room. This was followed by a quick ouch sound from the scared giantess.

Rina led Wendy into the main room and sat her down on a sofa that she had just been occupying. There was a creaking noise as the giant sofa adjusted to Wendy’s weight and this was just another reminder that she was big. Liam followed behind her and also sat himself down next to Wendy. He didn’t think that he could help but he wanted to let her know that he was there for her.

“Ok tell me exactly what happened,” said Rina. She was calm in this situation unlike the two kids sitting in front of her.

“We don’t know,” replied Liam. “One minute we were dancing like everyone else and the next minute Wendy began growing.”

“Did anyone see you?”

“N-No I don’t think so. We went outside shortly after it started and then she suddenly grew until she was this big.”

“T-Tell me that there is something that you can do to help me Ms Rina,” added Wendy who was in a state of panic. “I don’t want to be like this for the rest of my life.”

“The first thing I’m going to tell you to do is to calm down Wendy,” replied Rina. She was being somewhat stern as she knew a gentler approach wouldn’t get the job done. “The worst thing you can do in a situation like this is to panic.”

“But why is this happening to me?”

“I have an idea but the most important thing right now is to try and force your body to shrink back to its normal size. Would you like some hot chocolate, would that calm you down?”

This got a nod from both Liam and Wendy, this caused Rina to step out of the room and go to the kitchen. Quickly she made two mugs of hot chocolate. One was perfectly sized for a normal person while the other was in a much larger mug. It was up to her scale but it would see small to Wendy at her current size, but right now this was as big of a mug that she could get.

A couple of minutes later both Liam and Wendy were drinking their hot chocolate. It seemed like it was calming them down a little and Rina was still thinking about what was happening. It was true in her mind that she would never see Wendy the same way that she did ever again. Their lives would now be tied together and it seemed obvious that they were more connected than she had realised.

“Do you feel better now?” asked Rina. This got another nod from the two kids. “Ok good, this might sound a little silly but Wendy, I need you to think small.”
“W-What do you mean Ms Rina?” replied Wendy.

“I mean that you need to think yourself smaller. Imagine yourself being as small as a mouse, then your body will respond by shrinking itself. Then you should shrink back down to your normal size.”

“But what if it doesn’t work?”

“Then I’ll think of something else. Just remain calm and imagine yourself shrinking. I promise you that you’ll be back to normal.” She gave Wendy a smile in the hopes that it would make her think that everything was going to be alright.

Wendy soon put down her now empty mug and did what she was told. She sat there in silence and even closed her eyes. Liam could do nothing but sit and look up at her, he was still a little worried but he was glad that she was going to shrink in a moment. She could feel the energy running through her body again and she thought that it was working.

It was Rina who was the first one to realise that something was amiss when she saw Wendy beginning to change size again. However rather than getting smaller Wendy seemed to be growing even bigger. Even Liam began to notice as her body was pushing against him, it forced him to get off the sofa.

The last person to notice was Wendy who quickly opened her eyes and realised that she was getting bigger. The panic that she had experienced before seemed to be nothing in comparison to this. She gave out a scream as the sofa buckled under her weight and cracked in two.

This did nothing to stop her growth and she felt her growing body beginning to push the furniture away. It wasn’t long before her head was hitting the ceiling even though she was sitting down. Rina was being pinned against one of the walls while Liam was being forced further and further back, he was next to one of her enormous feet that were now much larger than him and still growing.

“Wendy stop growing!” stated Rina in a small amount of panic. She began to fear that Wendy might burst out of the house. She feared for Liam’s safety and that Wendy might become too big to be around normal people.

“I’m sorry Ms Rina,” replied Wendy in a panicked tone. “I can’t stop!”

She continued to grow and there were even some creaking noises as it seemed to that she was on the verge of bursting out of the room. Her foot was already in kitchen and was continuing to stretch further. But just as they thought that the house was done for the growth spurt suddenly stopped.

Unfortunately, Wendy now took up the entire room with Rina pinned to the wall. Thankfully she had used her own abilities to elongate her neck so that she could still breathe or else her face would be stuck in the fabric of Wendy’s dress. Too had his back to the wall but he was not pinned there. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any room for him to move either as Wendy’s foot was right in front of him.

The next thing they heard was Wendy beginning to cry. The recent events had become too much for her and she couldn’t keep her tears in any longer. The giant girl continued to cry and Rina knew that she needed to do something and fast.

“Wendy can you hear me?” asked Rina. The crying giant girl looked over to the head of Rina that was now attached to a super long and almost snake like neck. “It’s alright, you don’t need to cry, I know this is scary for you. I remember when I first began growing like this, all you need to know is that you’ll get through this and you’ll unlock a side of you that you didn’t even know was there. This is not a curse but a blessing, now please try again.”

Using what little room, she had Wendy wiped the tears away from her eyes and looked over to Liam. He was a little scared but he waved at her to show that he was fine, even if he could he wouldn’t leave her side through this ordeal. He just wanted his friend to be alright and back to her happy self.

Wendy gave a sigh as she once again concentrated on shrinking herself. There were a few moments nothing seemed to happen but Rina did feel a small sensation. This was of her body not being pinned on the wall anymore and as she looked, she could see that Wendy was beginning to shrink.

This was a huge relief for all three of them as Wendy’s body continued to shrink smaller and smaller. It was only a few seconds that she was back down to the height that she had been after her growth spurt at the dance. She continued to shrink smaller she found herself able to stand up in the room and she continued to see the world continuing to grow around her. She knew that it wouldn’t be long before she was back down to her normal size.

Liam began to walk closer to his friend and a smile was on his face. This caused her to smile as well and she looked at him. But there was something different about him, it was a few moments that she realised that she was looking eye to eye with him. This was something that he noticed as well but this didn’t last long as she soon had to look up at him.

This was when the three of them realised that Wendy was shrinking below her normal size. This caused a new panic to overtake her as she continued to shrink even smaller. Liam now looked to be twice as tall as her and he was seemingly growing before his eyes.

“I’m still shrinking!” shouted Wendy in a panicked voice. It was true as she went down below two feet and still going.

“Wendy you need to stop,” stated Liam as he went down to one knee. He felt unable to help his friend as she was shrinking smaller and smaller. Rina also approached and she could see what was happening.

“I can’t stop.” Tears were rolling down her face again as she went down to below a foot. “I’m going to keep shrinking smaller and smaller until I disappear!”

“Don’t say that Wendy, you’re one of the strongest people I know. You can do it, I know you can. You’re the first person in school to show me kindness and I know that a girl like that has a gentle soul. Because of that you will be able to stop shrinking.”

Wendy looked at the now seemingly gigantic Liam and she felt lucky to have a friend like him. She also looked up at Rina who now seemed even bigger than she normally did, Rina looked like a true colossus next to her. She could see the concerned look on the white-haired giantesses face and it was then that it happened.

The shrinkage suddenly stopped but by now Wendy was only a few inches tall. The world now looked gigantic in comparison to her and she couldn’t help but feel scared. She did see a giant hand come down and pick her up and mere moments later she found herself face to face with Liam. Like he had been she was now feeling a little scared, but he gave her a smile and this seemed to force a smile on her face as well. The situation was not over but at least now she wasn’t bursting out of the house.
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Re: The Giantess's Garden: Illustrated Story

Liam looked at the tiny girl sitting on the ground in front of him. It was hard for him to believe that a few moments ago Wendy had been so enormous that she almost burst out of a house that was designed for a fifteen foot tall woman. Wendy herself was still flabbergasted about what had happened. Her entire world had been turned upside down and she couldn’t help but cry.

The next thing she felt was a giant hand come down towards her. In her depression she did nothing to stop it as she felt herself get picked up off of her feet and lifted into the air. She opened her eyes and she could see the face of Liam, she could see how concerned he looked and as she looked up further he could see Rina looming over them. The fifteen foot giantess looked even more gigantic than normal in comparison to the tiny girl.

Wendy looked at the face of Liam who still seemed to be concerned about her. He had been genuinely afraid that she would have shrunk to nothingness but seeing her this size was a relief. But he did fear that she would be stuck like this for the rest of her life.

“Wendy are you alright?” asked Liam. His voice seemed different to her now. It sounded louder and it only added to her confusion. She looked at him but remained quiet as she was too overcome with what had happened.

But suddenly she began to feel lightheaded and her body felt heavy. Before she could do or say a single word as she began to black out. The last thing she saw was the panicked look on Liam’s face and then everything went black. This had not gone unnoticed by Rina who began to squat down and look at the tiny girl. She could see that Wendy had fallen into unconsciousness.

“Rina is she…” asked Liam as he began to fear the worst for his friend. He was being as careful as he could with her but he feared that he might have harmed her.

“It’s alright Liam,” replied Rina. “She’s only unconscious, her body isn’t used to such size extremes.”

“But what do we do? We can’t leave her like this.” He was still panicked and as he looked up he could see his adoptive mother smile down at him. This did put him at some ease but didn’t fully remove the fear that he had.

“For now there’s nothing we can do for her. She just needs to rest for the time being. Don’t worry, when all of this blows over she’ll be fine.”

“B-But what if she starts growing and shrinking again?” He began to imagine her being so tall that her head would stick up above the treeline.

“That most likely won’t happen.” She sat down next to him and her warm expression did prevent him from going into a panic. “You see, her abilities have only just manifested and for now they’re unstable. But when they stabilize she should have a small amount of control and her size won’t fluctuate to such extremes like that again. You’ve been very brave today, but come morning Wendy is going to need you. Can you do that for me?”

“I-I guess.”

“Good.” She then lowered her hand and stretched out her hand. “I’ll take Wendy from here, you just go to bed and try and get some sleep. Tomorrow is going to be quite an eventful day.”

“O-Ok Rina.” Under normal circumstances he wouldn’t give Wendy over to anyone. But he trusted Rina completely and he knew that she would do nothing to harm his friend. He placed her on Rina’s giant hand and began to walk to his room. He looked back at them and Rina’s warm expression continued to make him feel more eased into the situation but he wasn’t sure if he would be able to sleep that night.

With Liam gone Rina gave a small sigh and she stood up, she looked at the tiny Wendy in her hand. She did feel some sympathy for the shrunken girl but there was some happiness as well. She knew now that she wasn’t alone in her size changing abilities but before she could plan anything to truly help Wendy she placed her down on a table and used a small piece of cloth to act as a blanket.

Next Rina called Rina’s parents and gave them a small white lie and informed them that their daughter would be stopping over the night. Since nothing seemed to be abnormal Wendy’s mother agreed to this and in her mind this was just a nice sleepover. She had no idea about the size changing chaos that had happened just a few moments ago.

By the next morning Wendy began to open her eyes and at first she was confused as she wasn’t in her room. However she began to remember what happened the previous night and this caused her to suddenly sit up. A small amount of panic overtook her but she felt something fall into her lap. When she looked down she could see a small piece of cloth and she picked it up and looked at it for a moment.

As she looked around she could see that the world around her seemed gigantic but this was nothing new as she remembered that she was in Rina’s home. However in her mind things looked more normal than they did the night before. Nothing seemed to be bigger or smaller than it did the previous night. This was a great relief for her and she did see Rina beginning to approach her.

It was late morning and Wendy had slept for more than twelve hours. She saw that Rina had something in her hand and as she leaned down she seemed happy that the young girl was awake. Wendy was still confused but at least happy to be a more normal size.

“Ah you’re awake,” said Rina. “I thought that I was going to have to use a horn to wake you up.” She smiled at her as she lowered the object in her hand. It was a small bowl with some cereal inside. “You must be hungry, when you’re finished I’ll try and explain everything.”

“W-Where’s Liam?” replied Wendy who was worried that she might have scared her friend away and that he didn’t want to see her again.

“He’s just doing a little bit of homework, I’ll tell him that you’ve woken up, he’s been very worried about you.”

“He has?” She couldn’t help but feel honoured that Liam had been so concerned about her. It did melt away some of her fears.

“Of course you’re his best friend. Now eat up, you need all of your strength.”

Within minutes Wendy had eaten her cereal, it wasn’t the brand that she was used to but she still ate it nonetheless. Not too long after that she was reunited with Liam who gave her a big hug and there were a few tears as both were just happy that the insanity of the night before was seemingly over.

But there was one thing that both of them had noticed, Wendy hadn’t quite grown up to her normal size as she was a good few inches shorter than Liam. It would seem odd but her lost size made her look like an average height girl rather than the tall girl that she had been just a day before.

They soon found themselves sitting on the ground not too far away from one of Rina’s giant sofas. It had been moved back to its original position after Wendy’s growing body had pushed it against the wall. Rina did make her way towards them and she squatted down so that she didn’t seem to be as big for them. She was glad that things had returned to normalcy to some degree.

“There is a lot I need to explain,” said Rina. The two kids didn’t respond as they simply sat there and listened. They wanted to know everything and interrupting her would only make the process slower. “You could say that we’re family Wendy.”

“Family, but how? Are we some kind next step in human evolution or something like that?” This was one of the things that she could think about but she also thought that it sounded a little silly as well.

“Oh no, nothing like that.” She chuckled for a moment before continuing. “Let me start from the beginning, my mother was named Jessica Snape and when she was born she was inflicted with a terrible illness. One that would have taken her life if not for an elixir which miraculously cured her. Everything seemed fine at first but she began to grow at a much faster rate than normal, before long she was too big to fit into a normal house and eventually became a towering giant. If not for an enchanted dress she would have been stuck at that size, but thankfully with the dress she was able to shrink to around eight feet.”

“There’s magic Rina?” asked Liam with confusion.

“Yes, at one point there was magic in the world. But now it is so minute that many people don’t even know it exists. Anyway, she eventually fell in love with a knight named Sir Tucker Martel and they eventually married. From this marriage they produced two sons and five daughters. I was their youngest child and although their sons were average their daughters were anything but that. Each one were much taller than an average person. For example, my eldest sister Maxine was over nine feet tall and strong enough to lift up a horse. Not only that but they also possessed the ability to grow in size as well.”

“Horses, knights?” Wendy was still quiet but Liam was more confused then he was before. “How old are you Rina?”

“You know it’s rude to ask a woman of her age.” She smiled at them and chuckled. “Let’s just say that I look really good for my age. Now, it turned out that the magic that had given my mother her gigantism had been passed down to her daughters. Her sons weren’t larger but it was still in their genes. Over time with each passing generation the genes of my mother became more diluted until eventually it seemed like it had disappeared entirely. That’s where you come in Wendy, you’re the first person in generations to demonstrate size changing abilities which means you are a descendant of my mother.”

“So we’re blood related?” asked Wendy who was beginning to make a little sense of what was being explained.

“Yes, you’re my great times a fair few amounts niece. You’re the descendant of one of my siblings, which one I’m not sure of. I kept track of my nieces and nephews at first but as time went on it became harder and harder to keep track of all of them. Eventually there became too many of them for me to full track down, in fact there could be hundreds if not thousands of people who are either my niece or nephew. One of your parents is related to me and thus that’s how my mother’s genes got into you.”

There seemed to be a lot more that needed to be explained but for now Liam and Wendy were realising what was happening but they didn’t know where it was going to lead them.
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Re: The Giantess's Garden: Illustrated Story

Wendy was still taken aback by what Rina had told her. Twenty-Four hours ago, she thought that she was just a normal girl who was taller than the average for her age. Now she learned that she could change her size and that she was a distant relation to the kind giantess. It was a lot for someone of her age to process but the fact that she had her best friend Liam by her side she didn’t feel as bad as she could have.

Rina was still sitting next to the two kids as she had finished what she needed to explain for the time being. There was more but she thought that it would be better to explain with Wendy’s parents. They needed to know what was happening as well as they had no idea what had happened. All that mattered she just needed to make sure that Wendy was alright after her sudden growth then shrink spurts.

“I know that it is to take in,” said Rina. She smiled down at both Liam and Wendy who continued to look up at the giant woman. “But it’s important that you know about all these things. After we’re done here then I’ll give your mom and dad a call and they can come and pick you up. I’ll explain a few things to them as well.”

“What will they say when they find out what I can do?” replied Wendy. “What if they don’t want me anymore?” There was some panic in her voice but she calmed a little when Liam placed his hand on her shoulder. For him it was still a little odd in his mind that she was currently shorter than him.

“Don’t say such a thing, your parents love you dearly and will accept you no matter what you are.” She smiled again. “Your body has almost stabilised so all that growing and shrinking to such extremes shouldn’t occur. When that happens then I can start teaching you about your abilities. You’ll gain full control before you know it.”

“So, does that mean that Wendy will be coming here more often?” asked Liam who was hoping to see his friend more often.

“Well we wouldn’t train here of course, we wouldn’t want any accidents to occur, now would we?” Wendy blushed a little as she remembered how she grew to where she almost burst out of Rina’s house. “We’d be training out somewhere outside the town limits, that way we have space and not have to worry about the thirty-foot limit. You might never know Wendy, while we’re going through your training you might unlock a sub growth ability.”

“Sub growth?” replied Wendy who was a little confused by what she had just heard. “What’s that?”

“Hmm, how to explain?” Rina fell quiet for a moment as she began to think. “Well, you know how I can grow and then shrink myself to this size?”

“Yeah.” Both Liam and Wendy said this as they took particular interest in what Rina was saying.

“A sub growth ability is something that is another dimension of growth rather than being something completely different. I’ll show you a few examples.”
Rina quickly got up to her feet and took a few steps away from the two children who were still sitting on the ground. Before she started, she carefully led them to the nearby sofa and helped to sit them both on it. Since the sofa itself was made for someone who was fifteen feet tall it made them both look very small.

When she made sure that they were seated properly Rina stepped away from them as she was about to demonstrate what she had been talking about. Liam and Wendy eagerly sat there as they wanted to see what she could do. He did know about some of her sub growth abilities but he didn’t know about them all.

“To tell you the truth with what I’m about to show you,” said Rina as she raised her right hand. There seemed to be nothing particularly special about the hand although it was in proportion to her large body. Suddenly the children noticed it beginning to grow, her body stayed the same as her hand continued to grow. Within a few seconds her right hand was bigger than her head. It looked comically large in comparison to the rest of her and this made Wendy chuckle a little. “Why don’t you give me a big hand?”

“You can make your hands bigger?” replied Wendy. She had seen something similar when Rina had chased off the bear a while back but she was seeing it up close.

“Not just my hand, I can increase the size of any part of my body without enlarging the rest of it. But that’s not all I can do.” Suddenly the hand shrank back to its regular size but they both noticed that she was growing again but this time in a different way. The muscle mass of her body was increasing at a rapid rate, her height remained the same but with her muscles growing bigger the children couldn’t help but watch in wonder. There was a loud creaking sound as her muscles continued to expand but she soon stopped when she thought that she was large enough. By then her muscles were incredibly larger, even bigger than that of a professional bodybuilder. Rather than trying to intimidate the children she smiled at them. “When I’m like this no pickle jar that I can’t open.”

“Wow.” Both the children said this at the same time. They were used to seeing her figure as being relatively normal for her size. Seeing her like this made her look big in every sense of the word. With her size and muscles, it looked like she could move a mountain.

“Yeah wow, as you can see, I’ve been able to increase the muscle mass in my body without the need to grow any taller. That can be helpful when I need a lot of strength but have limited space.” She posed a little and showed off her incredible physique.

“Can I do that?” asked Wendy. She imagined herself being incredibly muscular. Even though it was just a thought she didn’t think that she’d like having such large muscles.

“Maybe, I guess when I train you, we can find out. But there are still a couple of things I need to show you.” With that Rina’s body began to change again, her impressive muscles seemed to be melting away. However, rather than rescinding back into her body the mass remained but rather than becoming muscle instead turned to fat. It was not just in her arms where it was noticeable but also in the rest of her body as it began to swell. However rather than going upwards it just went outwards as her body piled on the pounds. Growing this way looked completely abnormal and the two children were completely speechless. “Guess I have to stop those between meal snacks.” By then it looked like she would be several hundred pounds if she were average size. Her clothes had grown to fit her obese figure. “It is fun being like this from time to time but I don’t find much use for it.”

“R-Rina you’re huge!” said Liam as he looked in disbelief. This was definitely not one of her abilities that he had ever seen before. He had seen her grow before but not like this.

“Hey, it’s not nice talking about a lady’s weight.” She wobbled her large belly with her hands for a few moments and the kids could see the excess flesh begin to wobble as she moved. “Maybe I should finish off with this.”

With that Rina began to grow taller, however rather just growing larger like she normally did her body was stretching up. Almost like a rubber band as her body stretched upwards, her excess weight seemed to be disappearing before their eyes as she continued to stretch taller. All of her body parts were also stretching as well but her head still remained the same size. The process continued on until her head finally struck the thirty-foot ceiling above her. By then her body and limbs all looked super long as if she would be freakishly tall if she were normal size.

“Saying that I’m tall isn’t that much of a stretch,” said Rina as she giggled. It reminded her a little of when her body became unstable after her allergic reaction. For Wendy it reminded her of the dream that she had the other night. Just seeing it like this really took her aback. “Again, this is a nice form but I don’t see too much use for it.”

“Wow, you’re just like something I saw in a book,” said Liam. Just as he said this, he saw Rina beginning to shrink shorter. Rather than showing off another of her sub growth abilities she decided to return to her normal form. This was still gigantic but in comparison to what she had just been it looked very small.

“Hopefully it wasn’t a horror book as when I grow like that, I do accidentally creep some people out.” She took a few steps forward and squatted down to both of them. “See, maybe you’ll have one of those abilities when you start training Wendy. Maybe you might even be able to do something that I can’t.”

For the moment Wendy didn’t say anything as she was blown back by what she was seeing. The thought of not only making herself gigantic but she could do something like that as well. Although she was still scared, she couldn’t help but feel excited as well. Her body might have changed in a way that she could never expect but she was actually looking forward to seeing what she could do. Not only would Rina be the adoptive mother of her best friend but also her teacher as well. One thing that she was certain of was that things would never be the same again.
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Re: The Giantess's Garden: Illustrated Story

After seeing Rina demonstrate her sub-growth abilities both Liam and Wendy were still sitting there in amazement. But with the woman back to her normal form there was something very important was that she needed to do. Quickly she stepped towards the phone and began to dial a number that she had written down. Thankfully the phone had been specially made for her to use as her fingers would be too big for the normal size buttons on a regular phone.

The children could only sit there and listen to Rina as she spoke on the phone. It only took them a few moments to realise that they she was speaking to one of Wendy’s parents. This caused the young girl to become afraid, she wasn’t sure exactly how her parents would react to her new abilities. Rina had given her some reassurance but there was still a small amount of fear that remained.

As the phone call ended the children noticed that Rina had not mentioned about Wendy’s growth episodes. All she had said was that something had happened the previous night and that they both needed to come over. She had informed them that Wendy was fine and that she would explain everything when they arrived.

This caused Wendy to climb down from the giant sofa and she was quickly followed by Liam. They both walked toward Rina as she put the phone down, she noticed their arrival and she squatted down to them. Even when she did this, she was still much taller than the average person, but at least she didn’t seem so gigantic to the children.

“Your mom and dad are on their way Wendy,” said Rina. “I’ll tell them about what happened and decide what we’re going to do about it. I should be able to teach you how to use your abilities more competently. Of course, I’ll need permission from them before we can push forward with anything.”

“But my parents can’t see me like this,” replied Wendy. She briefly looked at Liam who was still taller than her.

“Why? What’s the problem?”

“Can’t you tell, I’m shorter than I used to be.” This was when Rina looked at both Liam and Wendy and that was when she noticed the height difference. She chuckled to herself at this mistake.

“Oh, silly me, when you’re as tall as me you don’t tend to notice things like that.”

“What are we going to do? My parents are going to freak out when they see that I’m so short.”

“Actually, I’d say you’re average rather than short Wendy,” added Liam in an attempt to make his friend feel better.

“They’re used to seeing me as tall and right now I’m not.”

“In that case there’s only one thing that we can do,” said Rina. “You’ll just have to grow back to your normal height.”

“What?” This was stated by both Liam and Wendy who were taken somewhat aback by the statement. “You want me to grow again?”

“Of course, well not as big as you were last night. That way you can be as tall as your parents expect and it’ll be one less hurdle to worry about.”

“B-But I can’t grow just like that.”

“Of course, you can, it’s easy.” She smiled down at both of them and her warm expression did make them feel like this insane situation was within norm. “All you need to do is imagine yourself being taller and it’ll work. Since you only need to go up by a few inches it shouldn’t be too difficult.”

“Just relax and I’m sure that you can do it Wendy,” said Liam. He held onto her hand and smiled at her. “You just need to believe in yourself, just like I do?” He saw her worried expression but he saw her beginning to smile as well as at him.

“O-Ok, I’ll give it a try. Just take a few steps back please, if anything goes wrong, I don’t want you to get hurt. Wouldn’t look good if I hurt my best friend.”

This caused them both to chuckle and Liam did as Wendy requested as he took a few steps away from Wendy. Even Rina stood up to her full height but even then, Wendy didn’t think that it was enough as she stepped away from the pair. There was still some fear within her body but it was quickly being overridden with confidence.

Like Rina had instructed her Wendy began to imagine herself being taller. It seemed like something that was a little silly when she stopped to think about it but much to her surprise, she did feel a stretchy feeling in her body. Before she knew it, she was beginning to grow taller, roughly an inch every few seconds. The process was slow but it was exactly what she wanted.

“You’re doing it!” stated Liam in excitement. The fact that things seemed to be going their way made him feel like everything was going to be alright.

“There you go Wendy,” said Rina who wanted to encourage her potential student. “Keep it slow and steady.”
Wendy listened to these words and kept on growing, with each passing moment she was inching closer to her regular height. However, disaster struck when she was less than an inch of her normal size. Her growth suddenly skyrocketed as her body shot up much faster than anyone expected. In mere moments she went from being above average height into a full-blown giant.

There was a loud thud as Wendy’s head struck the ceiling that was thirty feet above the ground. Only then did her body stop growing but by then she was bending down a little as she was too tall to stand up straight in the giant room. Rina and Liam could only watch in surprise as the gigantic girl towered above them both. Everything had gone wrong for her and now she felt pain from where her head had struck the ceiling.

“Oh dear,” said Rina as she looked up at the girl who was now a little over twice her own mighty size.

“You overdid it Wendy!” stated Liam at his gigantic friend.

Despite what was said Wendy didn’t respond. Instead her eyes began to well up, thanks to a combination of the impact and her feeling of hopelessness the giant girl began to cry. Slowly she sat down on the ground and began to cry into her hands. This caused both Rina and Liam to step towards her but for the moment she didn’t notice them.

Rina began to increase her size as she walked towards Wendy until she was roughly the same size as her. She reassured her that everything was going to be alright but for Liam he wasn’t sure what he could do. Both his mother figure and best friend were giants and he felt like he was in a world that was too big for him. He almost felt a little useless in this situation but despite this he refused to leave the side of Wendy.

When he was having a difficult time fitting into the school, she had been there to help him. If it hadn’t been for her kindness, he didn’t know what he would have done. Despite the fact that he was just a normal boy he was more than determined to help her in whatever way he could. Even if it was something as simple as him being there for her.
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