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Re: The Official "Destruction Damsels" Growth Video Thread!

@Abazaba Okay. Thanks for the info.
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Re: The Official "Destruction Damsels" Growth Video Thread!

All right, so, I'm sure you all have noticed it's been a bit quiet on my end... Starting with "A Growing Climax", I was attempting to get a new scene out every two months.

Well, as post-production on "A Growing News Story" was reaching its end, there were a lot of "false starts" on filming follow-up scenes. Conflicting schedules, script issues, and issues involving my newer "day job" getting in the way of setting up shoots.

So, while I had HOPED to release a new scene this month... it ain't happening, lol. But the GOOD news? FINALLY filmed something new today!

The model in question is new to growth, but is actually a returning Destruction Damsels model from the "pre-growth days", Lady Piedmont. As she's smaller chested than Sugargirlmodel or Canary Addison, the scene we're still filming (should be resuming in a bit over a week if all goes well) will actually have our first butt expansion in a growth scene, mainly...

If all goes well, I'm *hoping* to get this completed by the end of next month, but not confirming quite yet... either way, thank you for your patience!
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