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Queen for a Day [Story; M + F Humans -> M + F Insect Demons]

A wallflower gets a chance to become everything she's not - tall, confident, and sexy. Too bad she's not going to be human anymore, either...

Inspired by genyun's DemonCandy series - check out Citrus Fruits Maneater here, here, and here!


Becky rushed into the nightclub’s bathroom, the door mercifully muffling the pounding music as it swung shut behind her. Tears were welling up in her eyes behind her thick-lensed glasses.

She didn’t belong here. Everyone else on that dance floor, her friend Emma included, was model-perfect, and tall, and blonde, and graceful…and she was none of those things. Short. Awkward. Shy. Ginger, but not in a hot way.

Becky was an entomology student at the local university. She’d spent most of her college career buried in her studies, but for once, she had a free weekend, her assignments completed, her exams far off on the horizon. Emma had suggested – insisted, really – that she come out dancing with her. And like a fool, she’d agreed.

After what seemed like an eternity of searching, they’d found a dress that actually looked acceptable on Becky’s unremarkable frame. And she’d let Emma do her makeup, making her look…okay, she supposed. Not everything had been a success, though – she’d tried and tried to walk in heels, but despite Emma’s encouragement, she hadn’t managed to string more than five steps together before falling flat on her face, so she’d just worn her best hi-tops, instead.

And the thing is, Emma wasn’t wrong – Becky did want some human interaction. Interaction, affection…hell, maybe even sex. But now, she seemed as far away from any of those things as she’d ever been. She did have a bit of a crush on one of Emma’s friends, Justin. He was an art major with great hair and a dazzling smile. She’d tried to ask him to dance, but she’d barely stuttered out a couple words before Kayla, one of the many impossibly graceful creatures in Emma’s orbit, sneered “He’s not interested” and gave her a shove. Not a hard one, but enough that she’d lost her balance and faceplanted in front of everyone.

They all laughed, even Justin. Not Emma, at least – she’d tried to comfort her friend, but Becky pushed her away, making it quite clear she wanted to be alone as she dashed to the bathroom.

And now, she was here, wondering if she could just hide in a stall until last call. She tried to stifle a sob as she looked in the mirror, and failed. Suddenly, she felt a hand on her shoulder.

“I told you, Emma, I’m not – “

She turned around, expecting to see Emma, but it was someone else, entirely. She was beautiful, but in a different way than Emma’s friends were beautiful – beautiful in a way that frightened Becky, a little. Her skin almost seemed to glow in the fluorescent light, while her dark eyes were darker than they should have been. She seemed a little more sympathetic than the bitches on the dance floor, though.

She winced, empathically. “Rough night?”

“Yeah. What was your first hint?”

The woman clicked her tongue. “It’s about a boy, isn’t it. Did he do something to you?”

“No, he…he didn’t do anything, not really. He’s just obviously not into someone who’s…five-foot-nothing, blind without these Sally Jessy Raphael glasses, and can’t fucking dance!”

“I’ve been there, sister.”

She looked the statuesque blonde up and down, dubiously. “Have you?”

“You’d be surprised.” She pulled something small out of her purse and tossed it at Becky. “Here. One of these and you’ll feel like a man-eater.”

She looked at it, apprehensively. Oh god. What was this thing? Was it club drugs? She’d never actually seen a club drug, maybe this is what they looked like.

But…it did seem to be professionally-packaged, at least, with a neat little foil wrapper that read “Citrus Fruits Maneater”. So maybe this wasn’t anything illegal, but the distaff version of those sketchy boner pills they sold at gas stations.

The woman seemed to sense her doubts. “Don’t worry. It’s all-natural. It’s not going to make you high, or knock you out, or kill you. It’ll just give you a little confidence, and that’s all you need. Satisfaction guaranteed.” She headed out the door with a wave. “Good luck.”

Becky sighed, as she watched the door swing shut. “Nothing ventured…”

She popped the confection into her mouth. It was pleasant. Citrus-y. She didn’t really feel any more confident, though.

She did feel…warm, though. Really warm.

No, not just warm – hot! Hot in more ways than one, really – she bit her lip as she felt a flush of fiery arousal race through her body.

Her thoughts turned to Justin – of his naked body pressed up against hers. His lips, exploring the curves of her body. His hard cock, aching to be inside her.

She wiped a bead of sweat off her forehead, and blushed. A little confidence nothing – Jesus, this was a fucking aphrodisiac!

More images, unasked for, began filtering into her mind. Justin had been joined by Emma, Kayla – by everyone out there, all naked, all desperate to please her. She was getting more and more aroused as her erotic thoughts spiralled out of control.

Her knees turned to jelly as a monstrous orgasm rocked her body. She flushed crimson, shuddering as thick, warm discharge gushed out of her womanhood, soaking her panties and flowing down her thighs. What was happening to her?

She snuck a peek at the damage – and almost screamed. Green, translucent slime, the same colour as the candy, was oozing out of her pussy.

No…no, it wasn’t just oozing out of her – it was seeping back into her flesh! As it did so, her skin, her muscles, her bones – they all took on its green, translucent coloration. And even more worrying, her skin was taking on a texture that was half alien, half insect – smooth in places, covered in strange ridges and crests in others.

Shocked, she clutched her chest – only to find that the same viscous goop was now trickling out of her nipples, as well, soaking through her push-up bra and her dress!

“Hallucinating. I’m hallucinating, that woman slipped me acid, I’m having a bad trip…” She kept murmuring these assertations, over and over, trying to convince herself of their veracity, even as it became increasingly clear that this was all really happening.

Her body squelched and crunched, the sugary sweet slime spreading across her torso, down her legs, over her arms. Her unremarkable body was being reshaped into that of a leggy model, with a perfectly flat stomach and flawlessly perky breasts. Her dress, which had been meant for her old body, was fitting less and less, beginning to tear at the seams. She winced, as if being seen naked was almost as bad as…whatever else was happening to her.

Within moments, her long, lean body was well over six feet tall, and still growing. She held her hands in front of her face, watching with horror as her hands and fingers melted and extended, her arms bending and folding in all the wrong places, all to form something she knew all too well from her insect anatomy classes; the serrated, raptorial forearms of a mantis.

Her feet crunched, her toes melding together as her feet shifted into a permanent pirouette, transforming into a single pointed appendage. Somehow, she was able to stay upright, her body’s new instincts keeping her perfectly, if precariously, balanced.

Two quill-like spikes emerged from her nipples, shredding her dress. She awkwardly tried to use her new insectoid arms to hold it on, but it exploded off her when two wings and a jointed, sting-tipped tail burst wetly out of her back.

She gritted her teeth as the slime hardened over her shoulders, steeling herself as she prepared to feel it race up her neck and flow over her face…but it didn’t. Her change had ended, leaving her as an eight-foot-tall insect monster – but whatever had happened to her, it was going to spare her head.

Or, perhaps, it wanted her to have a front-row seat to what was about to happen.

She was finding it harder and harder to move. It was as if her body contained some sort of instinctual, animalistic intelligence and will of its own – one entirely separate from, and not beholden to, her human mind. Within moments, she had lost total control over her body, as her serrated forearms felt up her new body, groping her breasts and caressing her long legs.

The worst part was…it felt GOOD. She was so sensitive, so nakedly sexual – and so, so horny.

Suddenly, the door swung open again.

“Becky, it’s okay, it reJESUS FUCKING CHRIST!”

It was Emma, whose expression instantly turned from one of concern to sheer mindless terror.

Becky felt her muscles tense, her wings fluttering, her stinger drip with venom. She knew exactly what was about to happen. This body was that of a predator…and Emma was its prey.

She screamed, hoping she could do anything to stop it. “No, no! Don’t, please, DON’T!”

But it was no use. She lunged forward, gripping Emma with her spiky arms. Her tail lashed forward, stinging Emma in the thigh. Hideously, she could feel an orgasmic surge of pleasure as her stinger drained its venom into her friend.

“I’m sorry, Emma, I don’t know what’s happening! I’m not in control of it!” Tears poured from her eyes, knowing that she’d just poisoned her best friend. Emma’s eyes rolled back into her skull, and she started convulsing as Becky lowered her to lie on the floor.

But it wasn’t poison. Not exactly, at least. And Emma wasn’t convulsing in pain. But maybe it was even worse.

Emma was orgasming, her body flushing with pleasure. Within moments, her own erogenous zones were oozing out candy goop that began to reshape her already-shapely body.

Becky wasn’t a killer – but she was contagious.

But the two women weren’t the same, exactly. Becky couldn’t help but notice that Emma’s new body was different from her own – no wings, and a stinger-less tail. Her form wasn’t as tall, or as regal – still gorgeous, of course, but lesser than Becky’s.

Gorgeous? Gah! She wasn’t gorgeous, she was disgusting – a demonic alien bug freak!

…wasn’t she? Increasingly, she was feeling that promised surge of confidence – and why shouldn’t she be confident? She was a queen, and Emma was only the drone in her hive. Outside that bathroom door, there was a whole club of them, aching to be released from their humanity and pressed into glorious servitude to –

Becky bit her own tongue, trying to snap out of it. But it was hard – she couldn’t help but feel a surge of arousal as she watched Emma changing. God, she even looked hot with monster slime splooging out of her tits.

Becky pulled Kayla up on her pointed feet, pushing their faces together. Becky was a little bi, but she’d never really thought about Emma that way, and didn’t cooperate. But Emma was so overwhelmed by the lust of the change that she did most of the work for both of them. And it did feel nice, having Emma’s soft lips pressed up against her own, feeling her tongue slip ever-so-subtly into her mouth…

But her body had decided that she could have Emma later – first, there was work to be done. It released the other woman and crashed through the door, revealing its presence to the assembled clubgoers.

Her pussy tingled, her body sensing the collective lust in the air. It wanted men. Women. Anyone.

She managed to shout out a warning. “Please, get out of here! I can’t stop myself! Don’t let me get you!”

Soon, the club descended into pandemonium. There was screaming. Running. Crying. But Becky was strong, fast, and determined to convert as many drones as she could. She grabbed fictim after fictim with her forearms, stinging them with her tail or her nipple-stingers.

She didn’t know their names, but she recognized their faces as she infected them – she tried to shout out apologies, but it was drowned out in the din of the club. The Indian-American mean girl she’d bumped into at the cafeteria. The indie movie nerd she’d tried to talk to about Koyaanisqatsi. That white scene kid with the ear gauges and the purple undercut who always smelled like clove cigarettes. All of them, screaming in pain and pleasure as they transformed, sugary slime coating their new bodies as they were reborn as her drones.

Then, she saw Justin, paralyzed in a fugue state of incomprehensible horror. She grabbed him, pressing him close to her body, like in her dream. But this time, two stingers lanced out of her breasts, injecting him with her venom. He cried out, still too terrified to truly understand what was happening.

She set him down, gently, as he began to orgasm. Green slime erupted from his cock, changing his body into an insectoid abomination like hers. He quickly tore out of his clothes, revealing a slender, inhuman, but still masculine physique – and most importantly to her, a spiky green phallus rising from his crotch.

He began to stalk towards her, shaky as a newborn faun, on his new legs.

“Becky…I’m sorry, I can’t…I can’t stop…”

“It’s okay. I…I want you. Even like this.” She paused, her new instincts welling up in her mind. “Especially like this.”

The dancefloor had been transformed into a giant hive-orgy of demonic insects as the creatures began to mate in every conceivable permutation of pairings and positions. That bro-tastic jock who was definitely straight an hour ago, when he made a grotesquely vulgar pass at Emma, was getting pounded in his bug ass by that mumbly emo kid with the lazy eye. Two rival med students who openly loathed each other were now 69ing like there was more tomorrow. And Emma herself was on all fours, her lips wrapped around a glistening green cock as another woman went down on her from behind.

Becky could feel them all inside her mind – their fear at their horrific new bodies slowly but surely being overwhelmed as they surrendered to lust.

Justin was the same. More and more, he wanted this – to be Becky’s best drone, to be her mate of choice, to be the one who she favoured above all. He thrust into her with wild abandon, his ridged, spiky cock plunging into her slimy womanhood as his body stimulated her clit. His forearms scrabbled clumsily against her torso, their spikes grazing her breasts in a way that was, inexplicably, pleasurable.

She locked lips with him, more confidently than she had with Emma. Maybe this wasn’t so bad. Maybe it wasn’t so bad to be loved, and serviced, and worshipped. Maybe it was good to have your lover inside you, begging to please you, desperate to bless you with his hot, sticky cum…

Justin came, blasting so much jizz into her it could be seen through her semi-translucent flesh; she came, too, her body massaging his member for all it could give her. Soon he collapsed, falling spent to the floor as Becky’s body absorbed the fluids he’d left inside her. She could feel herself drawing sustenance from it, the strength and power suffusing her monstrous body.

But she wasn’t sated. Not by a long shot.

She waved one of her forearms, beckoning the nearest creature to come closer. Becky was shocked when she realized it was an extremely distraught Kayla, her salon-perfect hair sweaty and mussed, her makeup streaked with tears. She barely remembered infecting her.

Like the others, Kayla’s body was betraying her, approaching her queen with the intention to mate – and Becky’s was happy to accommodate her. Becky’s body hopped up on a table, and spready her spike-ended legs. She hooked her forearms around Kayla’s shoulders, and began pulling the girl towards her; the result was that Kayla’s unchanged human head was moving inexorably closer to Becky’s crotch.

“Becky, you fucking bitch! What the fuck did you do? I don’t want to eat your nasty bug pussy!”

“I…I don’t want you to, either!”

But increasingly, that was a lie – for both of them. Although their minds had remained unchanged, powerful demonic hormones were pumping into them, fogging them with lust. As unthinkable as it would have been for Kayla to go down on Becky mere minutes ago, it was quickly becoming a biological imperative.

“Fuck you, I’m not gonna do anything while I’m down there! I don’t know what the fuck you did to everybody, but I – mmmph!”

Kayla might have tried to deny it to Becky, and herself, but her brain was boiling in too many hormones to resist. At first tentatively, but with more and more enthusiasm, her tongue began to explore Becky’s alien womanhood.

And Becky gloried in the sensation of the mean girl’s tongue – not just for the girl’s adequate oral skills, but for what it represented. An hour ago, Kayla had been the queen bee of the social scene, and Becky had been a peasant, worthy of nothing more than her scorn. And now, she was supplicating herself between Becky’s legs. Maybe, on some unconscious level, Becky’s body was doing her bidding…

She didn’t know what the future held – if they would be like this forever, or if they’d become human again – but she knew that Kayla would never hear Becky’s name again without remembering the sticky sweet taste of her cunt.

The human inhabitants of the club had all fled – all that remained were her drones, all engaged in furious, inhuman coitus. The music was still playing, its bone-shaking beats now a soundtrack to the thrusting, the licking, the sucking that was happening all around the two of them. Becky stroked Kayla’s hair, feeling herself coming close…

She came again with a moan, splattering Kayla’s face with her slimy fluids. Kayla moaned herself, glorying in her own degradation, and in the unfathomable pleasure of having served her queen.

Becky surveyed her subjects, and allowed herself to fully surrender to her new persona, her new confidence.

“Who wants to be next?”

Eventually, they’d collapsed into a huge, sticky pile of genitals and insect limbs, where they found themselves the next morning – just as sticky, but now entirely human. The incident was reported to the authorities by those who’d escaped in time, but the whole thing was written off as the side effect of some bad club drugs. Their key evidence was a number of seemingly citrus-flavoured candies they’d found strewn about the club; they promptly gathered them up and put them into evidence storage, to be forgotten.

But for those who had been part of it, it was not so easily dismissed.

The people who’d been stung by Becky on the dance floor that night remained bonded together on a deep, primal level. During the week, they were able to maintain normal lives, albeit with heightened sex drives. But by the time the weekend rolled around, they couldn’t control it any more. They congregated together at a place of Becky’s choosing, lapsing into an orgiastic frenzy as they worshipped her body.

They were forever a hive – and Becky was their queen.

Becky had everything she wanted now. Maybe she wasn’t tall, or curvy, or gorgeous…but she was confident. She could have anyone she wanted now, having gained a bit of a reputation as the campus maneater – and womaneater. The ones she really liked, she added to her hive.

She only wished she had the power to take on the insectoid form she’d had that night, but she’d only retained a few features, all of them easily retracted into her human body – claws on her fingers and toes, and her nipple-stingers. They added a little thrill to her lovemaking, for sure.

It was Friday now, and Becky’s hive was buzzing with anticipation, helped out by the gorgeous spring weather. Some of her drones had already congregated in her presence on the school quad, hanging on her every word as they helped her study for her biochem midterm beneath a shady oak. Emma and Justin were there – her sub-queen and her mate were constantly by her side, and were always her most favoured bedmates.

Her nose twitched as she sensed a familiar suite of pheromones. Kayla. Never her most vocally enthusiastic drone, but that resistance crumbled once her clothes came off. And with her…something unfamiliar, cloaked in arrogance and body spray.

She looked up to see him – Kayla’s boyfriend, seemingly. She didn’t know him, but she knew his type. Business school frat boy douchebag. He wasn’t happy, either.

He didn’t even bother to kneel down to look her in the eye. “Kayla’s busy this weekend. I don’t know if you’re blackmailing her or what, but she’s not going to whatever…Dungeons and Dragons shit you nerds are getting up to.”

Kalya was apologetic, her eyes pleading with Becky to not do what she knew her queen was about to do. “Becky, he doesn’t know what she’s talking about – “

She gave Kayla a knowing smile. “He will.”

With insectile quickness, her arms shot out, grabbing Ray and pulling him down to the ground with her. A spike lanced out of her nipple, piercing his chest and injecting him with her venom. His eyes rolled back in his head as he instantly became visibly hard through his pants. She kissed him, long and hard, letting the chemicals in her saliva soak into his brain. She gently squeezed his thigh, and he came in his designer slacks.

She pushed him away from her, and he staggered, shakily, to his feet. Kayla kept him upright, glaring at Becky with a mixture of hatred and admiration.

Becky licked her lips. “See you this weekend, Kayla. Bring your friend.”

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