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Unread 02-06-2023   #1
Shrinking Giantess
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Yoga Class Perv Shrunk

This clip includes: Bad boyfriend is creeping and peeking on girlfriend following her everywhere. He gets busted by yoga instructor and realizes only way to sneak and watch his girlfriend is to shrink himself. Girlfriend gets out of bet (POV from tiny man's perspective ) Her gigantic steps are loud and shake the entire room, Girlfriend is bothered by something on foot when she realizes that it was him stuck on ht bottom of her foot. Giantess turns vore by gently popping him in her mouth but not swallowing him, Feet close ups, toes close up, She bounces her huge ass and tits on him and torments her tiny prey-SFX-VFX for Giantess sounds and ground shaking effect, smothered by huge ass, smothered by big tits,licked, put into mouth, POV face sitting. Includes both Giantess POV and Shrunken man POV with light Vore and close ups of shiny lip gloss covered lips. Mouth close ups and mor

Buddah has such a jerk for a boyfriend. She is ready to dump him because he is so insecure and wants to spend every waking moment with her. He spies on her and is always creeping around to see where she is at and what she is doing.

When confronted by Buddah’s Yoga instructor her realizes that he must take drastic matters and shrink himself so that he can find a way to get in her pocket so that he will go wherever she does.

Buddah wakes up and stretches while she yawns and prepares to start her new day. Her normal, average day steps are like tiny earthquakes to the creepy tiny boyfriend.

She turns on her coffee and lights an incense as she does every morning before she begins her yoga class.

The instructor is running late so Buddah anxiously taps her huge feet. She is SO close to you and nearly blows you over from the wind off her huge feet and toes. You have always loved her feet and are contemplating a way to make it to her feet.

Buddah lifts up her foot and checks to see if there is anything on it since she has been feeling like there is something crawling on it. She doesn’t even see that you are stuck to the bottom of her wrinkled sole or when you transfer to her big toe.

Finally! Buddah catches a glimpse of you and becomes very angry. She takes in a deep breath and blows you down as she laughs. She is going to teach you a lesson. She pounds you with her mountainous big tits and then smothers you with her ass. She doesn’t even realize that you had cut out the crotch of her shorts the day before so that you would be able to see her pussy!

She threatens to gobble you up but instead she licks you, outs you on her lips and then pops you into her mouth for a few seconds. She would eat you….but she has so much in store for you that she is not letting you off the hook that easy!

Licked, drooled on, crushed, smothered by huge ass, smothered by big tits….This IS NOT turning out the way that you had planned it to!
You can check out this clip here:

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Unread 02-07-2023   #2
TB Tabby
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Re: Yoga Class Perv Shrunk

Female shrinking only here. Take it to Everything else.
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shrink, shrinking fetish, shrinking man

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