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magnus knight
Magnus Knight
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First new story in years

The Quarantine Files
By Magnus Knight

Just another day, one that seems to just blend in with all the others. Being alone in an apartment is no picnic, and being unemployed by circumstances beyond your control don’t exactly make things any better. Top that off with being single and Melissa was feeling about as small as a twenty-eight-year-old can feel.

Laying on her green sofa her brown hair was spread out all over the matching small green pillow. Its length went from shoulder to just below with all the weeks of lockdown. There was still a little bit of body to it, and some shine but that was mostly thanks to her expensive shampoo, one that soon she would be unable to afford. Melissa turned her head towards her fifty-inch tv as she reached for her remote on her small brown wooden coffee table. Her long skinny arm reached for it as her beige zip up short sleeve tunic like fleece crept a up past her elbow. Turning her long neck, she pressed the button with her dainty thumb and the tv lit up and she quickly went to the local news.

Never one who used to care for such things the current situation gave her a need to watch things now to try and stay informed. Depressing as it was her brown eyes and slim mouth would both seem to grow into a smile at the lightest fluff piece about a dog or whatever else was going on the could elicit the tiniest joy to her. Melissa wasn’t wearing any makeup or jewelry save for a pair of small silver pearl earrings that were worn more for maintain her piercing holes then to be the usual attractive accent. She sniffled slightly as seemed to be her response to any mention of the virus as if it was some kind of cue to words of illness.

Underneath her beige fleece was a plain white ribbed T-shirt, it was the style that clung just enough to help highlight her natural curves. Being a B cup wasn’t much but it was perfect for someone like Melissa who was five foot four, obviously not in heels, but accurate when she wore her leopard print slightly pointed flats like she had on now. Though it was spring the weather outside didn’t seem to know yet and her feet tended to get cold. She had one dangle off her size 7 foot playfully as she had her legs crossed and kicked up on the top of her sofa.

Melissa’s legs were firmly encased in her black leggings which showed off her natural tone and cupped her pert small rear nicely even with the fleece just ending below said buttex. Shaking her leg gently kicking motion caused the leopard print shoe to pop off if just for a brief moment. That revealed the delicate slip-on no-show sock that was beneath it, mostly there for sweat protection and added padding comfort.

Melissa picked up the errant shoe and slipped it back onto her left foot. The leaning motion caused a cramp in her lower back. Reaching behind she let out a soft “Yelp.” She sat up and reached her hands above her head to try and stretch out the muscle kink. Melissa caught the two female newscasters sharing banter, one in a blue long-sleeved dress and the other in a red wrap dress and black nylons. There was a story window in the top corner, something about a possible animal attack or other large creature. Melissa wasn’t really paying too much attention beyond that, as she was more concerned with the current back spasm.

Arms above her head and fingers sort of splayed out Melissa was wiggling her abs and kind of squirming on her sofa to relieve her lower backs kink. Feet planted firmly on the brown carpeted floor she tried to get the tension out. The only thing was that instead of feeling better she felt another kink start in her neck. Melissa started to slowly roll her head, brown locks sort of flailing about as she now tried to contend with this problem. The whole time she was doing this her feet on the carpeted floor started to rise up and down as she bent her ankles, right then left as if she was paddle pumping. Melissa didn’t even realize she was doing this though as she craned her neck up to look at her hands as she felt the need to move her fingers now as they were cramping up now,
Melissa’s breathing picked up and her heart rate increased to the pint where she felt like she was walking at a brisk pace. The back spasm passed and with all this movement her white ribbed T seemed to ride up and felt snugger around her slender shoulders. Wiggling on the sofa her leggings just felt tighter around her rear and thighs. Stealing a downward glance Melissa saw how toned her calves were, which struck her as odd seeing with the gym closings she hadn’t worked out in over a month.

Kicking off her right leopard print flat she brought her foot up and gave it a rub as now the tendons that lined it felt sore for some reason. While working the right foot her toes began to twitch a little in her left shoe. Then as tiny toes curled the bones in their little knuckles cracked, then grew, five tiny toes added a little something extra, and the no show sock stretched, fabric was pulled, and that leopard prints pointed tip rounded out ever so slightly. The same happened just then to the right but she was so busy rubbing it the feeling was negated. After a minute the cramps stopped and she slid her other shoe back on, though Melissa huffed “Hmm.” at the increased effort it took.

Going to lay back down on the sofa as Melissa tilted her head back “Plop. Plop.” Went a soft sound as to small things fell off one onto the green pillow and the other onto that brown floor. “What is that?” she asked as reaching down she picked the one off the pillow and the other off the floor. Holding them she furrowed her brow as her brown eyes brought them into focus. “How in the world…” Melissa trailed off as the objects she was holding were the erring’s she had in said ears. Now she lost earrings before but usually they would look broken or the clip would have come undone, but these were intact, twinkling in her hand. Reaching up she slid her fingers around the left lobe and felt the piercing hole, but it felt too large for what it was supposed to be, and with everything else going on this was one problem she didn’t need.

“Okay, what’s going on here.” Melissa said to her self as she rolled her shoulders, her bra straps were feeling a little too tight now. “Err” the sound of canvas and leather stretching, and looking down Melissa saw what appeared to be a now less pointed and much more rounded toed leopard print shoes. “Ow.” Another spasm in her hands, and she dropped the earrings, as they hit the floor her knuckles cracked, wrists twisted, and her slender fingers seemed to thicken, then elongate, getting longer, larger, yet still retaining their feminine shape. “Pfft!” she went blowing out a puff of air to move her bangs from in front of her eyes. She knew she hadn’t been to a salon in months but her bangs weren’t that long, at least no this morning. A lump formed in her throat, Melissa swallowed, and tilted her head. She watched as the zip up beige fleece’s sleeve once again crept up past her elbow, only this time she wasn’t exactly moving her arms. Melissa slid her feet back towards her green sofa and the black leggings slid an inch up her calves. The sofa’s springs creaked ominously, her ass sank in deeper, thighs pressing more against her soft stretchy leggings.

Melissa brought her hands down by her side pressing the widening palms into her sofa’s soft cushions, and with little effort they sank in. Her knuckles gripped tightly as fingers curled and lengthened over the edges. Feeling her leggings tighten and creep up her smooth teardrop calves was an odd sensation, as was her feet filling up her leopard print flats. The sensation of her heels slipping out of the thin no show socks as her toes tugged them forward as they went from a size seven to eight to eight and a half was unreal.

The sofa’s cushions sank further as her weight was increasing pound by pound, but not because of usual reasons for such things. The beige fleece was getting tighter on her back and around the shoulders as the bottom hem rose higher now ending at her abs fully exposing her rear inside the leggings to her couch. The sleeves of her fleece rose up past her elbows towards the shoulders. “Shrip! SHRip!” she shrugged uncomfortably. The short sleeves of the ribbed white T were creeping up her arms as well, and the shoulder seams tightened to the point that the material was being torn. The nice stitching was coming undone, and as it opened up her shoulders forced them selves out, tugging on her tight bra, with its white straps now rubbing against the fleece material.

“Oh… what’s, what’s happening to me?” Melissa asked herself as she felt a draft on her back after another tearing sound. The T split open down her back, splitting into a diamond shape. The beige fleece was pulling tighter on her enlarging frame, and it now was rising up to revel her flat belly, not particularly well defined, but soft, smooth, only moving with every breath, and as every breath grew more pronounced as she did, it pushed in and out more and more.

Sharp pains brought the young woman’s eyes to her feet. Though she wasn’t consciously doing it her toes were still flexing and curling, growing, expanding into the flats, pulling the cheaply made socks that encased them apart. The material was so flimsy no sound was made, but the sensations were felt judging by her grimacing face. Her eyes rolled back a little as the cotton material split open, and her toes made way for the fronts of the leopard flats. They assaulted the fronts, jutting into the material, forcing the tips to round, the toes plumping into larger forms of their former selves. “Oh my, this is starting to hurt.” Melissa said as her shoes looked like a more deformed version of the once pretty printed shell they once were. Larger they swelled until the fronts and backs began to give, her heels assaulting them just as hard as her toes were doing. “POP! CRACK!!” the fronts toe cap cracked open at the fronts, her toes just pushing out the splitting material shoving torn cotton of her sock out first before they triumphantly blew out next. The tops of the toe caps just burst apart, and in this jagged T shape the fronts just blew apart. The heels not wanting to miss out took on the task of splitting the vertical seam and coming out into the world on their own. The once little piggy’s wiggled and grew free and slid under the coffee table.

Melissa’s legs were getting longer and longer, filling her leggings like a sausage casing almost. The lycra and cotton that made them up meant they were still holding together, but the material only had so much stretch to it, and the dark black looked more faded s it was forced to hold back swelling growing flesh. Her panties beneath though were not as stretchy, but they still had enough elastic to hang in there, but they were slowly being forced into certain cracks and crevices that they were more a costume to cover and not so much floss ad slide, filling, caressing. “Mmph. Mmph.” With lips squeezed tight she grunted out.

Her brown hair was getting longer, now looking like its been a year since her last salon visit. The bottom was growing tangled, and her brow was gaining a sheen from perspiration. Her nose was still square on her face, and lips thin, but at her current height of over six feet it looked larger than they once were. Melissa began to stand up, the green sofa almost releasing a sigh, though it was just a series of springs being relieved of their once burdensome pressure. The C cups of her chest heaved as she stood, and the ribbed T’s white material split open in the front, and rags of the material were now pinned between her skin and the beige fleece. The front zipper of the fleece began to slide down, only she wasn’t touching it, the ongoing heaving movement of her chest was pushing it down. As the descent continued her breasts swelled and the fleece tightened around her shoulders, bottom hem lifted higher, and sleeves crept up to her shoulder’s whereabouts. The white of her bra was coming into view, and the cups runneth over with her fleshy soft pert orbs. The back clasped tight was pulling and straining, the shoulder straps digging in.

Melissa tried to take a step forward, but her newly expanding appendages made her movements awkward, and clumsy. “Ouch!” she yelped as she stepped and stubbed her toe on the coffee table. Bringing up her knee jerking her left leg caused a small run to appear on the thigh of her leggings. It was a thinning and small rend, a start to what was to come. Stumbling back, she fell onto her ass, which sent the sofa back and with a “CRACK!” there was now some damage to the wall behind it. “Shit! There goes my security deposit.” But in all honesty that was the least of her problems now.

The good news is that when she fell it saved her ceiling for now, as her head approached eight feet and the ceiling above was only nine. The bad news is she felt another strong leg cramp come on causing her to kick up both feet, which in turn sent the coffee table sliding forward towards the TV. The black leggings were no longer the deep black they were made as but now a pale almost sheer like nylons, and more like capris as they were just above mid-calf now, and as those calves grew wider and longer with a “Shrip” soft in sound but not effect they tore, almost fashionably putting slits in them.

The clasps on her bra fought a good fight but it was always a loosing battle, “PLINK!, SNAP! POP!” and they broke apart, not that it mattered as the front cups had now been filled past D and the soft velvety material was ripping around the outer shell, and her pert nipples after rising from the stimulation of cup rubbing for an intense two minutes were poking so hard they were teraing theor way out. Melissa’s whiole body was undergoing such intense rapid changes I doubt she could have time for her brain to interpret every sensation as her nerves fired.

Failure of the bra was increasing at a steady pace and the shoulder straps snapping with a loud “Thwip!” sound was a death nell to the lingerie. Pushed out and to the sides as her body grew the zipper of the fleece deseneded more and as it dropped the beige fleece seemed to throw up shredded white material from the front, remains of the aforementioned bra and ribbed white T. The bottom of the fleece gre tight round her midsection and with one mighty breth the zipper broke all together, letting the last white rags held inside plop onto the carpeted floor and now open her smooth chest, slick with a sheen of perspiration form effort exerted was revealed. Looking down her brown hair flopped forward to cover her chest but only for a moment as she thre her head back uttering “Oh my god, look at theses things now!” sending her hair back over her back and shouders. Doing so she briefly tensed her back and the fleece with a “SHRIP!” split open in the back.

Melissa went t stand up again but could only crouch as now moving up past nine feet she was out of ceiling realestate. Placing her hands up above her in a bracing pattern her fleece’s shoulder seams tore open, letting more flesh free itself. Squatting down she heard mare then felt a louder “SHRIP!” as her ass rent the material useless exposing her thinning white panties. Even with all the other newly exposed skin she still blushed a bright red, her cheeks darkening as she let out a loud huff. The leggings were just tightening and creeping up her legs, thighs can calve so wide now the material looked like they were hanging on for dear life. Though they were designed to move and stretch with the wearer they were never meant to endure the pressure of pure growth fed by rushing blood inside her flooded by growth hormones and whatever else was fueling the massive change. Sheer and tight they looked like shorts, and the forgiving material was running out of forgiveness.

Beige fleece tore apart, and creamy my skin made use of these new exits to free themselves from the soft prison that dared to hold it back. The ceiling above was cracking, and floor below creaking as she hit the ten-foot mark. Melissa tried to step forward, to move in any way as she needed t make her way to the door now, while she may still have a small chance to squeeze out. Turning to move caused more rips and runs in her leggings, and even the lightest attempted step made loud footfalls and ominous creaks. As she completed her turn the calf and thigh on the right side split open “RIP!” and the newly exposed leg meat checked into the coffee table with enough force to send it sliding across the floor into the opposite wall. The vibrations caused the TV to shake and slip from its mounting. As it was about to crash to the floor Melissa reached across the room and was able to catch the fifty inchers with one large hand, though the step she took caused her size sixteen foot to put a pothole in the floor.

“CRAP!” she yelled and this time the room shook with the booming of her voice. Melissa let the TV down and reached for the door, pulling it off its hinges. Trying to squeeze out the door proved difficult. On her hands and knees, she dug her hands into the carpet to yank her self out the door. Her swelling ass didn’t help any as the tugging and pulling and twisting added pressure to the already failing garment. With out solid seams it just tore on her thighs in random places. Turning corner, she pulled hard almost falling down the stairs, but at now twelve feet it didn’t leave room to really fall as just slide a foot. Her body the length and width of said hall.

Making a fist Melissa punched the front door as frustration grew at her current predicament, and that knocked it down and out with a “THUD.” Neighbors began to come out of their doors at this growing noise, and what they saw was a sight of both awe and confusion. A large almost naked brown-haired woman shimmying her way out onto the yard. As Melissa cleared the frame, she stood at her new height of sixteen feet. Being freed her body seemed to sense it and she surged a final four feet in height. The remains of her leggings seemed to melt off of what was left they covered and revealed strained, holy, panties. Reaching up to run her hands through her brown hair that seemed to flow down her backside to buttex was a sight. “What the hell is happening to me. I can’t…” she trailed off as a look of pain and arousal flashed across her face. Reaching down she went to pull on the taught material of her degenerating underwear, and with a loud “SNAP!” they tore in her hand and she threw them onto the grass below.

Looking around Melissa saw the roofs of all the surrounding buildings, and the tiniest people all gathering around her naked form. Some gawked while others pulled out their cell phones and she saw tiny flashes of light. Melissa tried to cover up best she could, first with her hands, then with a pair of bushes she yanked out of the ground with ease. “Umm, hi there, please go away.” She asked the crowd as she thought of the irony of trying to cover a small bush with a larger bush. Sirens were heard in the distance, and as police and fire arrived soon after did a news van. As the van opened up she looked down at the tiniest woman, at least to her now, and recognized her from the broadcast she was watching earlier.
What I write, is a bit intense for most.

The story is the moment. The turn on is imagination.

I create the story. I control the imagination. I am the Knight.

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Re: First new story in years

Love it, the growth is always more of a turn on for me then the end result, and it’s very hard to find stories where it is the focus.

Not to mention well written ones at that too, the character description flows nicely with the scene rather then being just exposition. The third person perspective is maintained even in describing her what she is feeling without having to slip into first person.

I’d say I’d rate this as one of my new top five. A bit of polish on word choice and overall flow and I’d even give it #1, but that would be simply on its technical merit. Plot wise it’s a gem.
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