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Bazonga Pills

Bazonga Pills!

Lina was excited! The semester had ended and the summer had arrived.

With glee she softly pounded each and every lettered button on her phone, while her computer was loading up. Her text read....

Keisha, what are we going to do this summer girl!

Keisha responded with....

Everyone on campus is going to beach for a party!

"A beach party sounds nice." she said to herself. "Sun, relaxation, hanging out with friends". After she finished that sentence, her glee began to slowly fade as she thought about Keisha's more. She texted another message to Keisha for clarification.

Did you say everyone on campus is going?

Everyone, even Janine unfortunately.

She sighed with annoyance. "Fucking Janine" she muttered with full spitefulness as she put her phone down.

Lina always thought the word "bitch" was always being used too liberally these days. She believed the term should be reserved for those that so fit the label like a glove.

Janine was one of them. Janine was the type of girl who never got out of that phase of shallowness and the need to be popular that persisted in the days of High school.

She and her group of friends would belittle any one, regardless of gender, race, or orientation that she encountered.

One thing she prided over was her natural Double D tits, for which every boy went gaga over whilst ignoring her toxic personality.

Lina looked at her flat chest in shame and embarrassment. The prospect of being belittled and teased by a bikini clad Janine made her glum.

Her attention was then caught by a ringing sound emitting from her computer. "Britney must be calling me!"

Trying her best to hide her gloominess, she answered Britney's skype call.

The video picture showed a Britney that was different from the one she met last week.

Britney had miraculously grown two cup sizes, as she was now as big as Janine. She wore a grey tank top the showed off a nice valley of cleavage.

Lina was flabbergasted.

"Hey Lina, what are you starring at ?"

"Those!" she pointed at her chest.

Britney had looked down an chuckled.

"My boyfriend gave me a link to a company that sells pills that make your tits bigger, I thought it was a scam at first but I decided to give it a shot and well...I got these!" She clenched her bosoms with her hands.

Her curiosity had gone the way of Alice. She now had a way out of her Dilemma!

"Can you link me to this site?"

Two days later, a brown package had arrived at her doorstep. She picked it up off of her patio and shut the door as she walked to her green couch in the living room. Now sitting down and with package in hand, she read label on the package.

"Bazonga Pills!" she read, her eyes and face lighting up in excitement. The excitement she felt two days ago had returned.

She opened up the small package, to reveal a white pillbox that had the picture of a big set of breasts, not to different from Janine or Britney, in a black bra. In read cartoon like font, it read Bazonga Pills!

She further examine the contents of the box. The back side had instructions.

"One pill will grow a cup size." She read. "So the last time I say Britney in person she was a B cup, so that means she took three pills in order to get those Double Ds of hers" she thought.

"What if I took all the pills?" "I would be the bustier then Janine and Britney combined!".

She had gotten a glass of water that she sat down on the coffee table that was in front of her couch.

She unscrewed the cap off and poured all eleven pills onto her right palm. They were oval shaped and colored blue.

"Well, here goes nothing" she said before gulping down all of the pills down. She gagged as she swallowed them all and drank a large pint of water.

Her stomach began to growl like a wild beast. She placed her left hand on her tummy in order to feel the pressure.

"I hope I made the right choice" she stated.

The growling grew louder and louder, like nothing she ever felt before.

"I'm feeling funny." she said as she felt her stomach dancing.

Then it stopped. She sighed in relief but then she switched to confusion.

"What happens now?"

Suddenly, her chest began to throb as her nipples hardened.

"Is it happening?" she stated as she felt of her chest.

Two mounds were forming from her chest.

"There growing!" she exclaimed in excitement.

Her eyes looked in astonishment as her flat chest was replaced with an average build. "I hope they get bigger!"

The two mounds kept rising under her grey plaid shirt. She now had the build of Janine and Britney.

"Oh this is perfect!" she gushed. " I can finally wear some more revealing tops with these babies!" she briefly groped her still growing bosoms.

More and more, she was getting built like an Anime character or a comic book superheroine. The buttons of her top began to weaken and strain as surpassed Janine and Britney's Double Ds and into full blown G cups.

"How big are they going to get?" she wondered. "I'm going to have to find a bra or a bikini that would even fit me!"

Tit flesh began to show in the cracks of her top. "Come on girls, I want you to burst this top open!"

Her buttons were struggling to survive, but the power of tits was greater.

After growing four more cup sizes, the growing ceased and her nipples softened back up. The buttons couldn't take it any longer and her huge breasts began bursting out of her plaid top.

"There huge!" She exclaimed in pure wanderlust as she caressed her new breasts.

"Oh man, I can only imagine the back pain, but seeing Janine's reaction makes it worthwhile."

Her obsolete shirt had rendered her topless so she took it off and unleashed her tits.

"But first things first, find a bra and a bikini."

Five days later, Lina was strolling through the mall with her new voluptuous figure being revealed by her dark blue top with a new bra underneath the she bought on Amazon. Every step she took, a guy was checking her out.

She entered a bikini store, Bikini At-All! it was named.

"How can I help you?" she asked Lina.

"Do you have anything for a 32K cup?"

"Damn girl, your stacked!" The clerk was impressed by her new buxom figure.

"I know, I get that a lot" she smiled.

She had found a bikini that was befitting of her rack. It was pink with leopard stripes painted on it.

Perfect!" she grinned in utter satisfaction with her new figure. "Wait till Janine gets a load of me!

The end?
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