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Unread 12-28-2017   #1
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Brother Complex by N647 Xmas Special.

-Delurks from the shadows-

So I have stalked, patiently, and I have not seen this get posted yet. I hope this is worth exposing my position...

Anywho, I feel a small warning is in order


...if that matters to... anyone...

Ok, so our dear old friend, talented artist and beloved content creator of olde, N647 has put their Web-comic series "Brother Complex" hosted here:
onto a brief holiday break but not without a fun treat for those of us who love the naughty....

Single Comic, Simple expansion Dream Sequence, scene.
Contains: AP, Height, Leg, Ass, But Most Prominently Breast Expansion!
So it must be brought before you all to enjoy!

Edit: I urge you to enjoy the full comic and story if you do not already, however. It contains no actual process, aside from a flashback sequence in the intro arch. It is more an after-expansion and the reuniting of siblings. So it will not suite everyone who frequents here. It is, however, a very charming and well written/Drawn/storyboard by N647 and is well worth taking the time to read. Thank you!

Happy Holidays one and all!

-Vanishes into the Winter's Veil, light snow to cover tracks by the morning-

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Unread 12-28-2017   #2
The AP Ninja
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Re: Brother Complex by N647 Xmas Special.

I think this rather belongs in the AP forum...but yeah.
It's amazing how most people who skip process in this kind of comics didn't have this idea before. This shows how dedicated is night to his fandom and that he knows we would have liked actual process of what happened to Rose.

Sigh, I wish more animes/movies sorta did that as some sort of bonus content in the DVD releases or something XD
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