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Re: Non-Con B.E. and GTS Stories

It makes sense why this isn't very commonplace, but I agree that we don't see this often. I know we are talking about fetish content here, but sometimes it's nice to have characters that have relatable problems and try to remedy them. Boobs are great, but for many it would be a natural reaction to be displeased with having to be stuck looking that way.
One of my favorite pieces of BE content is the long lost Oppai Wand Comic submitted to Matsu-Sensei's Oppai contest back in '07. It's pretty much lost to time except for one or two pages, so unfortunately I've never read the whole comic, but the last page can still be found through the Wayback Machine. In the last page the character who underwent BE learns how big boobs can be enjoyable, but she still wants to turn back to her old figure. At the time I had never seen such a thing in the BE community (at least for me personally, which is why after all these years I still want to read the rest of the pages in between).
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