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Unread 07-23-2015   #1
Alchemical Night
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Lightbulb The Nutty Professor: Andrea to Vanessa?

Hi there,

I am not a regular of this particular forum, with some notable exceptions, though as those who might recall those posts could attest, I do have a certain appreciation for singular transformations which include weight gain, along with other potential aspects too.

Considering this, it might come as no surprise to some that certain forms of media have played their part in this interest, and of particular note has been the Eddy Murphy continuity of "The Nutty Professor" franchise. Albeit male focused in its transformations and a good deal of its narrative, I can say that a good measure of its ambiance and narrative texture has stuck with me for many years. Relative to this, I've recently been musing on an idea which takes a swing into the continuity, albeit much removed from its original focus, as found below in the portly Professor Sherman Klump and his alter-ego, the slim, charismatic - albeit dubious - Buddy Love.

In this, we find the story of one Dr. Andrea Laurie of Wellman College - a diligent, focused, ambitious researcher who's career has played out to date in the shadow of a certain esteemed predecessor known for his exceptional - perhaps legendary - work. Just a little envious and frustrated, Andrea sets out to eclipse his work by reversing his remarkable discovery: creating her own formula which promotes a change the very opposite of the professor's. The results remarkable, it remains that the big, heady and voluptuous woman known as Vanessa DeRoss is soon making quite an impression for herself - perhaps growing to think her passions beyond those of the professor and the stifled, bitter Andrea too...

Please consider below for their debut, of sorts ...


Alchemical Night.
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Unread 07-24-2015   #2
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Re: The Nutty Professor: Andrea to Vanessa?

Always watched those films, praying for some form of female expansion, but was dissapointed....although Janet Jackson was looking pretty good at that time, so it wasn't a total loss.

I think extending the storyline out further should provide unique opportunities
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Unread 08-01-2015   #3
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Re: The Nutty Professor: Andrea to Vanessa?

It's like a bizarre version of female Jeykll and Hyde.. I like it!
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